Stalking Demons in Hell

by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2017 by Ka Hmnd

Fantasy Sex Story: Two years and I was extremely good at surviving hell and the horrors that lived in it. When a new terror begins to hunt soldiers I am offered a chance to earn a great deal plus my children being exempt from the draft. The new terrors are demons or creatures very much like them. Now I most use my skills and knowledge to hunt them and survive.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   .

The latest horrors in Hell were demons. I had completed a year and six months as a scout and stalker. Some of us that had earned a reputation were approached by senior officers. They wanted men that could move through Hell to hunt demons. The bonuses and incentives were a lot, including our children being exempt from the draft.

I had nothing and no one except what had come out of Hell so I joined. I was close to the north end of Hell and moved out of the tiny hut I had been in. I had a lot of pelts and hides and the new house was more than large enough to use them. It was on the far side of the base and to one side of the small city.

Instead of a normal rifle I asked for and got a fourteen millimeter double rifle. The round had a length of ten centimeters and was extremely powerful. I only carried ten rounds in special slots on my vest. The rifle was an over and under and I put it on a sling that went over my right shoulder and under my left arm. It rested across my chest and was always in easy reach.

I still carried my carbine and pistol but the new weapon was for the demon. I slipped into Hell alone and headed west and after several hours I turned south. The last report of a demon was in that direction and in this area. Being alone I did not attract the monsters as easily. I saw several and managed to avoid them or go around.

It was midday when I saw the pair of drakes. They were feeding on a dead snake that looked large enough to eat one of them. I could almost feel something else and did not move as I searched for it. One of the drakes lifted its head and sniffed and looked around. The little breeze there was came to me so I knew it was not smelling me.

The Demon just seemed to appear from one side. The huge claws on one hand slashed out and ripped the throat out of the first drake. The second leaped but the demon caught it by the throat with its other hand. It twisted and yanked and than sank its fangs into the drake. The first drake was down struggling as its blood poured out of its throat.

From what I could see the demon was eating or drinking the blood of the other. When the drake went still I silently slipped through the bushes and moved closer. I held my carbine in my left hand and lifted the over and under rifle. I pointed and extended it as much as I could before I fired. You can only imagine the power of a rifle that strong.

The barrel leaped up with fire reaching all the way to the demon’s head. The round struck the head which exploded out the other side. It stiffened and fell and began to writhe around. I slung the carbine and held the over and under with both hands. I pointed and fired into its chest and then looked around and went to check the drakes.

I used my bush knife to cut off their heads and then hacked and did the same to the demon. I took the hands and pulled out the fangs and finally pulled out a narrow saw to cut off the horns. I also cut open the drakes to get the stones. When I was done I reloaded the double rifle and slipped into the forest and headed east.

The bones in my right hand ached and so did the wrist and forearm. The sun was on the horizon when I walked out and headed to our positions. A sergeant frowned when he saw me, “where is your unit?”

I smiled, “we work alone.”

He snorted, “no one works alone in Hell.”

I removed my pack and gestured and he came closer and looked in when I opened it. He stared and then looked at me, “that is from a demon.”

I nodded as I closed it up and put it on, “I hunt them.”

He hissed, “you are crazy!”

I grinned as I started walking, “not as crazy as the mages.”

I caught a ride to the headquarters and walked in. I strode into the commander’s office and he looked up and sat back, “you need something?”

I removed my pack, “I am Nick York. I am one of the Demon hunters.”

I pulled out the demon hands, the fangs and then the horns. I set everything on his desk, “you can send the bounty to me tomorrow. Let me know when you have another sighting.”

I put the pack on while he stared with his mouth open. I saluted and turned to head for the door, “have a good night sir.”

I tried to catch a ride but had to walk most of the way home. I took a cool shower and cleaned the gems before I went to sleep. The next morning I got dressed and went to find the base dining area to have breakfast. When I returned to my house I found a colonel and mage at the door with a girl.

She had silver hair and pale skin and was looking around and smelling like she had never been outside. She was clutching a large cloth bag like it was the most important thing she owned. The officer grinned, “excellent job sergeant.”

I blinked because the last I knew I was still a corporal. The mage turned and gestured to the girl, “this is Kylie. She is from the far east. She is your comforter.”

The colonel nodded and held out a voucher, “your bonus.”

I accepted it, “that was quick.”

He grinned, “lets just say you surprised us for the better. Everyone thought the demons could not be killed so easily.”

I snorted as I turned towards the door, “who said it was easy?”

I unlocked the door and looked at the girl as I held it open, “I blew half its head off and then shot it in the heart and still had to cut the head off completely.”

They shook their heads as the girl entered the house and I followed, “let me know when you have another sighting.”

I closed the door and moved around the girl and headed to the bedroom. I set the voucher on my dresser as I began to change into comfortable clothes, “I am Nick.”

She smiled, “Kylie.”

I gestured to the dresser and the room, “you can make yourself comfortable.”

I did not put on my boots as I finished and headed for the door, “I will be out back.”

I had a plan and went out and began to dig the large shallow pond I was going to put in. I knew where I could get Koi and some water plants. I looked up a little later to see Kylie looking at me from the patio. I hesitated and she moved closer, “what are you doing?”

I grinned, “making a pond for Koi.”

She smiled and moved to one side, “with a waterfall?”

I looked at that end, “maybe if I can find a small enough mage pump.”

She almost whispered, “I can help.”

I looked at her and then at the shovel I held, “I do not have another shovel.”

She looked down and I sighed, “on the patio table is the drawing I made. Look at it and add the waterfall. If you see anything else bring it to me. Once I have the hole dug I have to go buy the liners and use a torch to mold it into place. After that we have to clean it and then we can go buy the plants and Koi.”

She nodded and moved to the table and I went back to digging. I was using the dirt from the hole to raise the yard so I could put in a tiny gurgling creek that would filter the water. Before I knew it she was on her knees spreading and packing the dirt and looked happy doing it. It was noon before I finished and climbed out.

I looked at the area she had made and grinned, “perfect.”

I held out my hand, “we need to wash before going out.”

She slipped her hand into mine and I led her in and to the bedroom. I stripped and she hesitated before removing her dress. I looked at her naked body and then shook myself. I pulled her out and to the bathing room and started the shower. I pulled her in and under the water and started to wash her and she smiled as she reached out to do me.

She looked at my cock and stroked it and giggled when I groaned. When we were clean she pulled me out and we dried off before she pulled me to my bed. I hesitated as she pressed against me and then backed onto the bed. I moved after and over her and gave her another kiss while her hand guided my cock and she pulled on my hips.

I pushed into her tight pussy and she shifted and hugged me. I buried my cock and started to press and grind and she shivered and moaned. I kept it up for a couple of minutes before I pulled back and started to fuck her. She clutched me and her pussy clenched, “aaaahhhh!”

I kept kissing her and used long thrusts while she shuddered and clung to me. She moaned and her pussy kept grasping, “mmmm!”

Several minutes later she was thrashing and I was trying to hold back. I groaned and shoved into her hard. She hugged me tight as I kept pushing and started to gush and spew sperm, “yyyeeeesssss!”

When I was done I relaxed and she grinned and twisted and rolled. She sat up and put her hands on my chest and started to thrust back and forth. We fucked several times before stopping and taking another shower. We got dressed and held hands as we left the house. We went to a well guarded shop and I sold the drake stones.

After that I took her to get the liner, torch and food for lunch and dinner. The last she took into the house when we came back. I was careful fitting the liner in the hole and the bottom of where the creek would go. I cut it as needed and Kylie brought me a sandwich. After I ate she helped as I used the torch to mold the liner.

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