Two Sisters Altogether

by Salahuddin Rehmaan

Copyright© 2017 by Salahuddin Rehmaan

Romantic Sex Story: Getting involved in affair with elder sister but circumstance involved her younger sister also.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including True Story   Rough   Group Sex   First   Indian Erotica   .

This isn’t my story but submitted to me by one of my reader, he mailed me the whole story and I’m submitting it on behalf of him, you can mail me on rehmaan, writer do not want to get contacted directly. So his story goes in his word...

The story began when I was working for a Computer Teaching Institute. Let me introduce myself first, my name is something else but people call me Nishu, it was a pet name for me but when whole city inherited it I was known as this name only and people actually forgot my real name. Anyways coming back to the story, I was a tough teacher and my students were very fond of me, girls usually tried to flirt with me but I wasn’t interested in anyone of them. Until one day a receptionist got introduced to my branch. Her name was Bhama Chouhan and she was hell beautiful, around 5 feet few inches, thick thighs, thick waist, beautiful face and beautiful smile. She talked politely and everyone was impressed with her. I was searching a perfect time to express my intention towards her. But couldn’t do it, another staff of our institute proposed her and she took it as assault and resigned immediately. I came to know about it next day; the person who proposed her was good friend of mine. So I barked at him, he was surprised to know that I was interested in her and felt sorry for it. It wasn’t his fault so I just smiled and said it was absolutely fine. I was disheartened but yet it was nothing I could do about it. So I just thought it to my bad luck and forget it forever.

A month later I got sick and doctor suggested me to get bed rest for at least 15 days. I took leave and went to rest. Two days later I received call from Bhama Chouhan, I don’t know how she managed to get my number but she did call me. She was having some pending salary at the institute so she wanted help from my side. I assured her that I’ll help her and called few students of mine to talk to director. The director released the salary immediately and handed that student with a slip to get it signed from Bhama. The student went to her house and handed her the salary and got the slip signed. She was graceful for me that I helped her and so she asked that guy how I was. He looked amazed and said that I was seriously ill and on bed rest, he thought she already knows it. She wasn’t so after he left, she started to text me. She texted me and asked about my wellness and asked me to keep texting her whenever I like. She would surely like to company me in this period. So we started to text jokes, phrases and sometimes personal talks. I was gaining confidence to propose her now, she didn’t mind my light flirts and enjoyed it. But for thick flirts she always warned me and said that I’m going too far and she won’t talk now. But after few minutes she again texted with some other topics and our text started again. I recovered in the designated time, we always texted never talked cause my family didn’t liked me talking with any girl, my family upbringing are too conservative. So when I was released from bed and house, doctor declared me fit so I was out of house. It was around seven in the evening so instead of texting her I called her. The phone belongs to her elder sister but fortunately she picked up the phone and we talked. Talked on 1000’s of topic and don’t know when 7 turned to 8 then 9 then 10 and then 10:30. Her sister was on fire and scolded her well but she said that she likes talking to me. These words developed confidence and hope for her.

Next day I called her again, around 7 pm at evening, her sister picked the phone and I desired to talk with Bhama. She handed her the phone and again we talked till 10:30 PM. She was scolded again by her sister but she didn’t mind at all. Next day I called her again, this time her sister was on fire, she scolded me that I was trying on her sister and was trying to build an affair with her. I assured her that it wasn’t trying on her sister and we just talked friendly. She wasn’t satisfied with my explanation; she was tempered that if it was just a friendly talk then why and what we talked till 3-4 hours. I said it was general things but she wasn’t convinced. She asked me not to call her again on her number and not to talk with her sister ever. She was gone again; my hope to propose her was lost again. Shit I should have proposed her already but it was no use now. Next day her sister called me again. She desired to see me; her sister said that Bhama was furious what she said to me. So to clear up doubts she wanted to meet me. I was doubtful that she may hit me so meeting in her public was very risky. So I insisted her to visit me at a Gomuti, Gomati is actually a slum tea and snack shop with tin sheet as wall and roof. I knew a person owning a Gomati, actually that person I met few months ago, he was nice guy so I helped him financially and so he started a Gomati, tea snacks and cigarettes were free at his place for me. So I called him and asked that is that possible to keep the Gomati empty from 7 PM to 8 PM. He said it wasn’t possible but he’ll still manage. He asked me the reason and I said I wanted to meet someone in private. He assured me that next day the place will be empty from 6 to 9 PM. I called Bhama’s sister and confirmed her place; she hesitated a little but then said OK.

I reached at Gomati next day around 6:30 PM, as expected the entire place was empty, the Gomati had a six tables with four chairs each. I took the corner table, tea and snack were served and I started to wait. 7 passed 7:15 passed and 7:30 passed but she didn’t showed up, I was relieved that she won’t show up now, indeed I was nerves. Just I was about to leave a girl entered the Gomati, she was slim, with tight clothes on, she had covered her face with a scarf, but in terms of figure which was been exposed in her tight dress, she was awesome. I could figure out her entire curves and her height was around 5.7, long hair, her hair was long thick and till her waist. Her palms were fair and white with glowing texture of skin. She was beautiful I considered even without seeing her face. She asked something from the Gomati owner and he pointed towards me. I understood she was Bhama’s sister. I pretended to be relaxed and she opened her scarf. My goodness, she was awesome, one of the most beautiful girl I had seen in my life. Beautiful face, pointed nose, pink and thin lips, round eyes, spotless face, thin eyebrow, thick eye lashes, oval face. Wow she was hell beautiful. I kept on staring at her face when she said, “Priydarshini.” I said, “What?” She said again, “Priydarshini.” I nodded my head in negative so she said again, “Priydarshini Chouhan, I’m Bhama sister.” I said, “Sorry, I thought it’s a place, please sit.” I ordered tea and some biscuits which arrived immediately. She took tea and then we started to talk. She told about her family, that they were only two sisters and as she was older, she was responsible to take care of her younger sister. She herself was against any love relationship and was expecting same from Bhama. She warned me that if I ever try something with Bhama she will screw me up. I was hell interested in Bhama but after seeing Priydarshini my mind set changed. She was more beautiful than Bhama.

To take an opinion, I asked her that what her sister said to her. She said that Bhama has taken oath that she wasn’t in affair with me and she doesn’t think about me in such a way. I said that the matter is finished. She said that she wasn’t convinced yet. I said if she doesn’t believe me it was fine but at least she should believe her sister, she herself had filled her with ethics and she doubt her own ethics now. She looked at me angrily and said that she was sorry. She told me that she was trust her sister but still had a doubt so came to confirm. She excused herself and took my leave and went off. But I couldn’t remove her from my eyes, she was stuck in my imagination and I dreamt her all night. Whenever I tried to think about Bhama Priydarshini took it over, Bhama image faded and I always got clear image of Priydarshini only. I called her next day to meet me at the same place. She said that she was clear about me now and she don’t think there is something left to be cleared about. I told her that I wanted to tell her something important and it was good if she comes. She said ok and told me that she’ll reach around 7 in evening. I was again there around 6:30 pm and waited there for quite long hours. She reached there around 8 pm making me impatient. She said sorry about it as she stuck in office. I said that it was fine and we had few snacks and tea. After it she asked what the matter was so I said that I think I love her. She turned furious and howled at me. She scolded me that how could I think about it. I asked her to calm down and told her several reasons for it. I told her that she was beautiful & self-confident, so she hit my heart. She said she thinks I’m mad, and she doesn’t want to continue this discussion. She got up and left immediately cursing me up.

I thought the matter is over now but it wasn’t easy, her images were haunting me up. I called her next day, she was so irritated she didn’t picked the call, disconnected several times and after 19 tries, ultimately she picked the call and barked at me, “What is it, why the hell you’re torturing me up.” I asked her to meet me again; she shouted at me that she isn’t meeting me again. I told her that I will be waiting at same place; she said that she won’t come and disconnected the phone. Still I went to the place and kept waiting. She showed up around 8 pm. She was looking hell angry. She came and sat so I offered her tea. She refused so I asked why she came. She turned more angry and said she came for the last time to tell me that she won’t talk with me every again, neither she will meet me ever again. I smiled back and said what her reply about my proposal is? She stood up and said that she came here to make me understand that she wasn’t interested. I said that I think she is interested and that’s why she showed up today. She stood up and said that she thinks I was mad and she was leaving. She stood up and turned to go away. She walked two steps and so I got up, pulled her by her arms, settled her back on the tin wall. I moved my face near her face, pretending to kiss her. She immediately closed her eyes tightly. I thought she would turn her face but unexpectedly she didn’t turn her face at all. Lips shivering, body shivering, I wanted to kiss her but didn’t. She was looking so cute, innocently beautiful. She was expecting me to kiss her, her lips turned and twisted that way. But I didn’t kiss her at all. A minute later she opened her eyes, she looked at me questioningly and I smiled back. She was frustrated so she said to leave her and let her go. I smiled and said, I wasn’t holding her at all. She looked towards her body and found I wasn’t holding her at all. Her eyes were down and then slowly she raised her eyes. Tear drops grew in her eyes, she moved aside and picked up her bag. She moved out wiping her tears up.

She went off and I knew she has a corner for me. Around 12:30 AM she started to drop SMS on my number. Just one liner message “I hate you.” She dropped that message 100 times till morning. I didn’t reply back nor called her next day. I wanted to give her some time to think about it. Next day around 7:30 the owner of the Gomati called me. He said that the girl I saw few times in last few days was sitting there in the Gomati since 5 PM. He said that whenever he suggested that he should call you she denied. I rushed to the Gomati and reached there in 5 minutes. I entered the place and sat in front of her. She was amazed to see me there, so I asked what she was doing here. She howled, that whether she needs permission to sit over here. I smiled and said absolutely not. She picked up her bag and took few steps so I pulled her again and settled her over the tin wall. She closed her eyes immediately. I thought it’s now or never. I kissed her immediately, sucking her lips, biting on her lips. She didn’t responded well but didn’t resisted as well. I kissed her full 5 minutes and then left her. She opened her eyes and scolded me that I was a sick guy and just wanted this only, this was the only definition of love for me and she hated me. She left immediately so I called her after an hour. She picked the call immediately and said not to say sorry and she hated me. She dropped the call and I didn’t called her back. Next day I called her around 1 pm, she picked immediately and shouted at me, “What the hell you think, I’m always free or what?” I said that I thought we could have lunch together at blah blah place. She said that wasn’t interested and disconnected the call. I was sitting at that place, so ordered lunch for myself. While I was in middle of my meal, she showed up, came inside the cabin, sat in front of me and pulled my plate. She started to have food from the plate. I looked at her astonished but she didn’t look at me at all. I got up and washed my hands, came back to the seat. She was eating heartedly, she even didn’t look at me.

I crawled my hand under the table and kept my hand on her inner thigh. She responded immediately, her hands stopped before her mouth. But then she resumed her meal. I kept on playing with her thighs but she didn’t seemed too disturbed. As her meal was over, she washed her hands in the plate itself. She turned her face up and said that these cheap tricks don’t work on me. I said that how many had tried these tricks with her. She slapped me immediately, abused me and stood up to leave. I pushed her to the wall and said, not before kissing you. I kissed her and roam my hands all over her body, measured her thighs, bums, boobs and waist. When I left her she said that whether I was compensating her lunch. I said that I loved her but she said she hated me to core. Next day I called her around 1 pm, she picked the call and said, “Same place?” I laughed and she dropped the call. She came in time, wearing a top and a long skirt. We had lunch together, this time properly. She got up and proceeded her hands towards her bag, then looked at me and said that she don’t think I’ll let her go without kissing. She deposited herself on wall and I kissed her. I tried to raise her top but she stopped my hands. I even tried to raise her skirt but she stopped me from doing that too. When I left her, she scolded me. Never do that ever again, don’t try to get in my clothes at public place ever. I immediately asked then where? She looked at me and abused me and then smiled, my home or your home. She said that and left. I wanted to see her naked, wanted to have her, and was very impatient to it.

I called her around 11 PM. She howled at me, I said that it was ok for her place. She laughed for the first time. She said that if I manage to come to her place, she’ll let me do anything. I said to open the balcony door and let me in. She was hell shocked, started to abuse me as soon as she opened the gate. Why the hell I was there, she asked me. I told her that I was expecting that she’ll show me something. She barked, what the hell I was thinking, did I think she was a slut or what. She said me to get out of the house. I said ok and moved towards the bedroom gate. She said that where the hell I was going. I said to the front door to get the hell out of here. She pulled me back and made me sit on the bed. She was looking frustrated and was looking at my face angrily. I looked her back, she was in the same dress so I proceeded my hands, caught the lower edge of her tops and started to pull it upwards. She closed her eyes immediately but didn’t tried to stop my hands, within seconds I managed to take the top completely off. Wow she wasn’t wearing any bra and those boobs were wonderful. I looked at them rather stared at them. She opened her eyes and saw where I was staring. She clutched her hands over her boobs and said, scoundrel. I smiled and started to pull her skirt down. She closed her eyes again and I managed to get her out of her skirt in second. She was indeed beautiful and inviting. She opened her eyes again and looked at me and said again, scoundrel. I pulled her and let her lie on the bed. I kissed her, pressed her boobs, thighs and bums. I was pinching her nipples and boobs continuously and was biting all over face, lips, and neck. She was lying like a log with eye closed. I managed to get rid of my clothes.

Though I hadn’t planned to take her virginity by then but the situation she was in, I didn’t wanted to lose that opportunity. As soon as I spread her legs apart, she opened her eyes and looked at me questioningly. I placed the tip of my dick on her pussy, she soon understood what I was about to do. Her eyes turned round in terror and just then I shot my dick inside her pussy, I noticed myself breaking her hymen and it was in completely. She capped her mouth with her hands to stop from screaming but she was weeping. I waited until she uncapped her mouth, kissed her again and started to hit her violently. She started to relax minute after minute and when I reached to hilt, she was loose as gel. So I shot inside her, and she shook in terror. She pushed me and got up, ran to attached bathroom and closed the door behind. I just rolled on bed and was relaxing there. She came out of bathroom in 15 minutes, all nude. She reached to me, pulled me by my hairs and said, this isn’t your home or I’m not your slut, get the fuck out of here. I pulled her in my arms, kissed her and said that I loved her. She said that she told me earlier that she hates me. I got up and got dressed, went to bedroom gate and she pulled me back, what the hell you are thinking, get out from where you got in. I said that I will leave in early morning, where would I go in the middle of night. She wasn’t happy but I got down on bed and slept, she was roaming in the room all naked, she got in nighty and then was down on bed beside me. I wasn’t sleeping just pretending to, she was just staring at my face with different type of face expressions. When I tried to open my eyes, she immediately closed hers. In the morning around 4:30, she really went in deep sleep, I kissed on her lips, lightly, didn’t woke her up, went out and came back to my place.

I took a very heap step and so I thought to leave her alone for a week or so, so didn’t called her at all. She didn’t called me back either. Around 5 days after it on Sunday, our family was been invited for a marriage ceremony. I was in no mood to go but my family forced me to come along. I went to the function and as soon as I entered the dinner hall, I was excited to see both Bhama and Priydarshini with their parents. Bhama was looking good in traditional clothes but Priydarshini was looking awesome. She had light pink lipstick with heavy gloss on her lips and she was looking darn beautiful. Bhama was excited to see me, she rushed to me as soon as I went near them, she started to talk, many questions, many topics and Priydarshini was just standing few feet away, staring at me making faces. I looked at her and moved my eyebrow, what? She turned her face away. We had dinner and then I went to have some water. It was at the end of the hall in the corner but when I was returning back I saw Priydarshini coming that way. So I hid myself behind a wall. She came there had water, washed her hands and was about to leave when I pulled her by her arms behind the wall. She was hell shocked and was about to slap me when she saw my face. I smiled she stopped her hand but abused me. I said she was looking hell beautiful, she asked that did she like girls with clothes or should she get nude to impress me. She was always on fire and I like that the most. She said to leave her and left her go. I said just a kiss. She scolded me again, do you think I keep my makeup box with me. What the hell I’m going to explain that how I lost my lipstick and gloss. I looked at her angry face but didn’t say anything. I pulled her Ghaghara up, she caught my hand, and I said this place isn’t meant to be shown to anyone. She left my hand to I managed to raise it completely up and pushed my finger in her pussy. She bit her lower lips, I pulled my finger out and rearranged her Ghaghara, and it was not good to fuck her at place like this. I said to go, she said to leave her first. I said that I hadn’t caught her since I pulled here. She looked around her body to find it true. She looked at me and said that she hates me and went off. We stayed there for one more hour and all the time she was staring at me. I was feeling so uncomfortable sometimes. Once I joint my palms and made sign to look somewhere else.

She was leaving and she just passed beside me, wiping her tears. I looked at her confused and she went off. My parents were leaving so they asked me to come along. I told them I will come after some times. They said ok and left. I rushed to her house, climbed the balcony, pushed the gate and luckily it was open. I went inside and sat on the bed. She wasn’t home yet, but just then heard the gate opening. She came inside the bedroom, locked the gate and then switched on the light. She opened the clip of her hairs and was about to start opening her clothes when I said that will she mind if I did that. She was hell shocked and turned around immediately. She looked at me and pulled me by my arms. She asked me to leave. I said, not without getting my need. She stood relaxed and so I kissed her, delicious. I started to get rid of my clothes first and then her clothes. She was nude and so I pushed her to the table. Turned her upside down and pulled a Vaseline gel bottle. I applied it on my dick and managed to search her butt hole. She was confused and looked back at me. I forced it in and the head vanished inside. She was in fire, hurting, paining, all mix expression. She cupped her mouth again and I started to push more and more inside her. She was shaking her head in negative and was trying to push me out. I caught her both hands from back and kept on pushing it until I was in completely. I announced at her ears, I’m in. She turned towards me and said that I must be nominated for gallantry award. She said to do it fast as it’s hurting a lot. I started to push in and out but the tight hole was giving me full pleasure, I flooded her inside soon. As soon as I was out of her, she said to leave her house. I pulled her in my arms, rolled on the bed, she under me and myself over her. I grabbed her both hands and started to kiss her. I kept on kissing her until she stopped resisting and started to participate in kiss. She encircled her hands around my back and relaxed, closing her eyes and soon dozed off to sleep. She shook me in the morning when it was around down, my dick was near her pussy, she was all sweating, maybe I had grabbed her hard. I just shifted my position and with single shot I was in. She jumped in horror, but her hands were gripped in my hands. She tried to free herself but as I started to hit, she relaxed. She relaxed completely until I flooded her and got up. I dressed myself and she got up, she pulled me by my ears and said that she woke me up cause it was dawn, just get out hurriedly and don’t get caught. I moved to my house.

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