Wow! What a Beauty!

by Salahuddin Rehmaan

Copyright© 2017 by Salahuddin Rehmaan

Erotica Sex Story: Story about my girl friend who got accidentally involved with my two friends and later been used by one of them and few others.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Teenagers   True Story   Group Sex   Indian Erotica   .

Myself Salahuddin Rehmaan, I’m working as a back office executive in a MNC finance company having lots of branch around the globe. We often have conversations with peoples of same designation or pay scale being in other branches around. Some of them are on company payroll and few are on temporary basis. As generally happen some college girls join the company on temporary basis with low pay scale so there were few in our nearby branches. I usually had conversations with few of them and often exchanged pictures and mobile numbers too. Among all of them there was a girl named Sandhya Relwani, she was a Sindhi by origin and I don’t think there is word required to define the Sindhi beauties. As per her jeans she was marvellous, having nice pair of boobs, balanced thighs, and extraordinary face-cut and sweet voice. She always talked politely and in such a manner that everyone got attracted toward her. I was also not an exception; I was having a crush on her and so started to flirt with her. Eventually she started to open up with me and I started to approach her directly. She never minded my words and seems to enjoy my conversations also.

We was having a boyfriend and was having a bitter relationship with him, he would always try to spy on her and would always be rash with her both physically and on calls and conversations. And so with so much emotional force she resigned the job and few days later she broke up her relation with the guy. We were always been in touch and so as soon as she had a breakup her conversations and attitude grew hotter and bolder than before. Previously she enjoyed my approaches and conversations but now she started to participate equally. So after few month of jolly time on phones I decided to meet her in personal. So on one file holiday I managed to travel over her place and called to meet her. At first she was denying meeting but after few minutes agreed and came to see me up. As she arrived I was stunned to see her beauty. She was wearing a skin tight chuddidaar salwar and tight fitting sameez. Her boobs must have been 36 in size and as she stopped her Activa in front of me I was nearly ogling at them. She smiled and asked me to drive the Activa. I looked at her in question mark manner and said that I don’t know to drive. She smiled again and said to sit behind her. I asked if it would look awkward that a girl is driving and a guy sitting behind. She smiled and said that it’s common in her area and wouldn’t look awkward at all. So I climbed over her vehicle and we started to drive towards a mall for some entertainment stuff.

In the way I found the entire road was highly isolated. So I grabbed some courage and preceded my hands from below her arms and grabbed her both boobs. I saw her expression in the rear mirror of Activa and found a broad smile on her face so I started to squeeze her both globes with aggression. They were very soft and so I was enjoying it a lot, but a stream of pain occurred on her face and she whispered, “Easy.” After I was satisfied with the pleasure I descended my hands and inserted in her salwar. It was not a tied knot salwar but was of elastic one so my hands easily slipped inside with no resistance. I found she was not wearing any panties and so I found the cut and inserted my fingers inside. She was in pleasure and the face expression in the rear mirror was showing the same. She was having a jolly good time but suddenly I saw the road started to flood up, I think the mall was near so I withdrew my hands. She again smiled and whispered, “Poor guy.” We reached the mall and watched the movie, while returning to the parking lot, we were all alone in the lift so I grabbed her in my arms and started to kissed her desperately. I asked her that I want to achieve her fully which she said, “I’m not sure about it, I would think about it on your next visit.” After that I departed back for my city.

In the coming days I started to force her to share her exhibit pictures and after much force and pleading she shared few. In bra and panties, wow she was looking excellent. So I copied them in mobile and kept it safe. A week later I planned for another visit for the city, I called Sandhya and asked her plans. She denied for it as she would be out of city on that day and following days. I was having a work at that place so it was compulsory for me to go, so I just asked one of my fellows an owner of Cyber Cafe name Rahul to accompany me there. He too was having a work over there but he asked me to arrive in the afternoon and to have a one night stay over there, then to visit some places like malls and others. He was planning to have fun over there and then return in the afternoon on next afternoon. So we planned it well and reached there. In the way he asked my real purpose of visiting the city, so I showed him the pictures of Sandhya and told him that I was planning to lay hand over her. He asked me that whether I was having serious affair with her and I denied the thought. So he declared that he was also having a crush on her seeing her beauty and pictures. I assured him that I would introduce him with her and he can try his luck too. We were new for the city so we first of all booked a room for us, a double bed room for both of us. It was a cheap hotel with hardly any customer; the receptionists usually went away in the hall leaving the reception on God’s mercy. We too found it very difficult to find him up and we didn’t blame him for that, as he expected customer very less in that season. We went to the room and freshened up. Now the problem was about roads as we were unaware about it, so we managed to call one of our buddies named Kabir to accompany us for that. Kabir was a playboy having two friends over there with the same nature. One was Avinash and other was Sameer, so he asked that should he bring them along which I denied we were not in the hunt of girls, work was important. So he arrived and we started to have chit-chat. He asked me about our arrival and purpose of stay. Rahul invaded and told him that I was especially here to lay hand on a girl but the plan was ruined due to non availability of the girl. He continued and said that I was having her exhibit pictures of the girl and he himself was stunned to see her pictures and started to have crush for her. So after some valuable request I showed him the pictures. He was also excited with the show and he too accepted the thought which Rahul did. Sharing picture of Sandhya with Kabir was very risky as he was a playboy but on the other hand he had always treated me very well, performed all legal and illegal works for my favour in my past history. He was like a brother to me so sharing Sandhya herself with him was not an issue from my side; beside this I was not interested in her for long time affair. Kabir said that he was having a car with him and so he could take us anywhere we want. I told him that the work which I came here was postponed as the person whom I want to meet was having some work on personal terms so I wouldn’t be going out. So Rahul went away with him, around 6 in the evening. I was not having any work on the day so I planned to roam in the city on next day. I just relaxed and was watching TV but there were no good channels so I called the receptionists and inquired about it. He told me to switch to channel 99; I did the same and was amazed to see Blue Film running over it. He told me that it’s a special service limited to the hotel premises itself.

I was busy looking the stuff when I received a call from Sandhya itself. She asked me about the hotel I was staying and the room number. I inquired about it and she told me that she has given a gift for me to a friend who would deliver it to me. I told her the location and the room number. After 10 minutes she called me again and told that her friend was on the reception but the receptionist was missing. I told her the direction for my room and to ask her friend to directly come to the room. After 2 minutes I got a knock on the gate and so I asked to come in. It was a surprise for me, there was standing Sandhya herself, she announced, “Here is your gift, how did you like that.” I smiled and asked about it. She said that her plans were postponed and she was free today along with tomorrow, and if I would like she can stay tonight too. She has said some fake reasons to her family and could stay outside for the entire night. I was on heaven so I decided that I would shift Rahul to another room as soon as he would come from his work. I quickly got off the bed and started to disarray her cloths. She stopped me and asked, “What the hell you are doing?” I said, “Unwrapping the cover of my gift.” She smiled and let loose her hands. Soon she was out of her wares and so I backed off few steps and stared at her beauty. Spot less body with huge globes with pinkish centre, nice waist and wonderful butts. She had shaved the valley on the very own day so it was also glowing. Soon I deposited her on bed and was all over her kissing and licking everywhere. She was enjoying every moment and at last I decided to inject in her. As soon as she realized what I was up to she whispered, “Let me ride you, believe me you would enjoy a lot.” So I was lying on the bed and she came on me, the pole was inside her and she started to ride me up. I was an extraordinary feeling and my eyes just closed. Just then the biggest tragedy happened, I can’t say it as tragedy as it wasn’t a tragedy for me but for Sandhya, hell it was a tragedy at that time, later I can’t say.

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