Maira Matters

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2017 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: A shy Latino girl with a poor self-image becomes a hottie.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Teenagers   Hispanic Female   First   .

The glow in my genitals which had been slowly growing finally reached its peak and that wonderful pulsing of my penis throbbed out a small amount of man juice. Being in my 70s, I didn’t shoot too much anymore which made cleanup easier but didn’t give my partner as much of a thrill feeling it spraying on her insides.

I removed my mouth from her nearest breast and gave her a long and tender kiss. She was on her back and I was on my side with my legs under hers. After about 10 minutes of pounding on top, I got tired and moved to this position for the considerable length of time it takes me to reach my finish. I also liked this arrangement because she was short and it was hard to reach her full soft breasts when on top.

Maira had come once and was partway to her next one when I ran out of energy. Usually in this situation I would employ my tongue to stimulate her to completion but tonight I had a different idea. “Sweetheart, I would like to suggest something that might be even more fun than my tongue. I think my grandson is a virgin so I’d like you to go and take care of that condition. I doubt you’ve ever had one of those so this is an opportunity you will regret if you don’t take it.”

Her eyes opened wide, “Are you serious? Are you sure that would be all right? I don’t know if I can do that!”

With a slightly smiling face I looked right at her, “I’m completely serious. It is alright because his 16th birthday was a couple of weeks ago. I know you can do it. You told me that you fucked guys you didn’t even know as well as him and you’re a lot better in bed than when you and I started.”

I felt her pussy clench my softened shaft which pushed it out. “Go on hottie! Give him a time to remember.” I gently eased her out of the bed. As she leaned over to kiss my wilted willy adieu, her soft full breasts hung down and their hardened nipples scraped my thighs. I watched her cute little ass jiggle when she headed for the door. She stopped, turned her head towards me with a big grin and said, “This might take a while and I might not be back till morning. Don’t wait UP for me!”

Even though Maira left both bedroom doors open, I fell asleep before any interesting sounds were generated. She later told me that he was awfully anxious so she went slow but had a really good time being the “expert” for a change.

We met at a company that I did some consulting for. There was one of those undefinable attractions and I made it a point to visit with her each time I was there. No matter that I am at least 40 years older than she, we just seem to hit it off. Finally, I decided to ask her out for dinner and, after some reluctance, she agreed. I had no expectations beyond that but I felt like a little kid again going out on a date. We got to talking and I kept asking questions which seem to really mean a lot to her. She was the youngest of 10 children; all the others boys. She was pretty well dominated by them and had become quite an introvert. Having a body like her mother’s, short and somewhat plump, didn’t get her much interest from boys in high school even though her facial features were quite attractive with an interesting dusky brown complexion.

Not having a lot of social distractions helped her to focus on studies and being quite bright got her good grades and a modest scholarship to the community college. There she met a different class of men and began dating.

I enjoyed her company and she said likewise so we set up a regular date for Friday nights. On the third one she invited me to the apartment she shared with another girl. Cooking was a skill she had developed in her large family and it was delicious.

My personal history was a white, middle-class, well-educated guy. I’d been married once but single for a long time. Maira admitted to not having a boyfriend for a while either.

The next week I offered to bring the ingredients and would help her cook our meal at her place. She thought that would be fun and emailed me the shopping list. It was enjoyable and we worked well together. I’d brought some wine so we sipped it and watched a movie. Her roommate returned with a guy in tow, we were introduced, and they disappeared into her bedroom. It was soon evident that they were not watching a movie!

When the thumping and screeching got too loud to ignore, Maira looked embarrassed but I reassured her it was quite interesting and something I hadn’t had any of in a long time. Her dark complexion actually got a pink undertone as she haltingly asked if I would like to hear her make those kinds of noises too. My answer was a long and deep kiss and she led me to her bedroom.

I took my time undressing and exploring her body. Long before I got to the Y, I picked up the scent of a woman aroused. We alternated exploring each other’s body and she lingered over my pale circumcised cock for quite a while. She murmured, “All the ones I have had so far were brown. This looks different and I’m ready to see how it feels.”

At my urging she got on top and carefully positioned her darkly furred pussy over my rod and guided herself down to engulf it. The texture of her vagina seemed different than other women I had screwed. It seemed like it was lined with many tiny crossways ridges as if it were corduroy, rather than the smooth and velvety texture I’d felt with others. It was warm and wet like a good pussy should be though.

I reached out and cupped her soft and swinging bosom. Even though she was small each breast more than filled my hands and she moaned when I tweaked her nipples.

By this time the noises from her roommate’s room had died out and Maira’s began to fill the apartment. She began bucking her hips against me faster and faster, harder and harder, and let out a stream of Spanish words as her pussy clenched me and she shook all over. Her arms gave way and she laid on my chest.

When she raised her head she whispered, “You didn’t squirt. Do you want me to give you a blow job?”

I replied softly, “It is not easy for me to get off that way so let’s just roll over and I think that will work.” We did and it did and she climaxed again when she felt me ejaculating.

A few minutes later I inquired, “I didn’t ask about birth control. Are you okay?”

She smiled with a dreamy look on her face, “Not on it now but think today is safe.”

I smiled back and said, “I’ll go that one better. I’ve had a vasectomy so every day would be a safe day!” She hugged me and gave me a big kiss hearing that.

The next Friday night I treated dinner at my place and she stayed over, screwing me several times before she had to go visit her family. That became a regular thing with us, alternating whose place the action was.

She pretty openly answered my questions as I dug into her sexual history. That I was even interested in her life was very flattering to her. When she got her own place and was attending college she began having a sex life. Many of her choices weren’t very good and they quickly discovered she could be easily dominated thanks to the conditioning her brothers had given her. Many of her sexual experiences had been with reluctance although thankfully none were actual rape. Realizing that I was nonjudgmental, she revealed that some of her boyfriends would “loan” her to some of their buddies. She had not always been able to terminate those relationships as quickly as she ought to have.

Tears bubbled to the surface as she told me about some of the situations she’d been in and also revealed that my caring was helping heal much of that pain.

So now I was friend, lover, and mentor to this young woman. She was flourishing in her schoolwork and even her coworkers noticed a change for the better, she reported.

Getting back to the present, I had sent her off on a new and different sexual mission. I was optimistic, but damn curious, about how it was going to work out.

My dreams were interrupted by a hot young body getting under my covers at snuggling close to me, hands reaching for my love handle. Seeing in the dawn’s light that I was awakening, she chortled, “I fucked his balls off! Well, not really but they sure are drained. My pussy was a swamp. I’d forgotten how juicy younger men are! I cleaned up a bit in case you are ready again for me. Interested in a well-ridden woman?”

You’re damn right I was! Sloppy seconds have been a rare treat in my life. “On top, young lady!” I fondled those well-handled funbags while her well-used pussy caressed my eager erection. That silky feeling was unmistakable, even after much of that male lubrication had been drained out. I humped back, squeezed her nipples, and took some hot tongue kisses as we fucked.

When she came again, she muttered, “Wow, I didn’t think I had any left in me!” Then I came too and we rolled on our sides still connected. We were both breathing very hard. Sleep didn’t sneak up on us, it just grabbed us.

Maira fixed a late breakfast still naked and when the teenager rolled out of his bed and came looking for grub, he was surprised. I was naked too and said, “You’re overdressed, considering.” Seeing the cute woman he’d repeatedly fucked moving around the kitchen with all her parts on display quickly refilled his young pecker. When Maira passed by him she reached down and gave a squeeze. He glanced over me and I gave him a big smile.

As breakfast finished I addressed him, “It looks like your equipment has been recharged and I don’t think Maira ever wears out, so you might ask her politely if she wants to have some more fun. I’ll clean up the kitchen.”

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