Balling Brazilian Boys

by ChrisCross

Copyright© 2017 by ChrisCross

Erotica Sex Story: After an American tourist does a flip-flop with a Brazilian male prostitute on a fishing yacht, a fourteen-year-old Brazilian boy, claiming that fourteen is the age of consent in Brazil, lets the American tourist ball him too in exchange for a fake gold Rollex watch. The tourist comes back to Brazil with a dozen fake gold Rollex watches and proceeds to have a ball balling fourteen-year-old Brazilian boys.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Ma   Ma/mt   Consensual   Gay   Fiction   MaleDom   Rough   Interracial   Black Male   White Male   Anal Sex   First   Oral Sex   Size   Prostitution   .

Alvon, the fourteen-year-old Pretos boy was the one who put it into my mind immediately. Ethnic groups were divided into three categories in Brazil, a former Portuguese colony that had a rich history of immigrants from everywhere in addition to the indigenous native base that originally had lived there. Later there was an influx of Africans, Europeans, and Chinese, all of which intermarried, making for an interesting mix of origins that, generally, had arrived at very attractive people. Alvon was a successful mix of the races, leaning heavily on the African, which had given him his ebony skin. He also had the mark of aristocratic European and inscrutable Chinese, though.

He had come with the fishing boat crew that had taken Peter, Ted, Frank, and me off Brazil’s Bahia coast to act like we wanted to catch a marlin or something else big. The boy didn’t seem to have duties on the boat that were all that meaningful or necessary, as he never seemed to be doing anything but watching me. I found his small, perfectly formed body, clad only in a white loincloth, forever standing around, giving me and the other guys the eye.

I didn’t mind all that much. What he gave me was a hard on. I have a fetish for fourteen-year-old boys, starting to develop into men, but still tender and ripe for it. He was merely a slip of a boy, but he had me half hard while I cast a line out into the sea even though I’d quickly learned that I didn’t have much interest in catching anything that came out of the ocean. That wasn’t what we really were out here for anyway.

Peter, Ted, Frank, and I were all members of the Manhattan Gay Man’s Chorus. Many of those in the chorus were old, over-the-hill codgers. The other three and I weren’t. We were all in our late twenties and still cruising hard. We also were money makers in our own fields and thus able to pay for our fetishes. It wasn’t long before we were cruising and gyming together. Now we were vacationing together--this week at a gay-friendly beach resort, O’Ba Morere, on the coast of Brazil’s northeastern province of Bahia.

I’d felt a strike on my line and had a brief, scary moment of “now what?” when Peter slid into the deck chair beside me, gave me a smile, wagged his eyebrows at me, and said, “Next.” With a sigh of relief and a lurch of my cock, I handed the fishing pole off to him and went below.

The deck below had a general sitting and dining space with a kitchenette set on one wall. A narrow corridor led back to two snug sleeping cabins on each side and a head at the end.

The eighteen-year-old Branco whore, Ronaldo, was waiting for me on the bunk in the second cabin back on the port side. Brancos, descended mostly from aristocratic Portuguese stock and making up almost half of Brazil’s population, were primarily Caucasian, with a tinting of the other ethnicities. Ronaldo was a particularly handsome representative of the group, slender, well tanned and with dark hair, seen in his silky, shoulder-length head hair, his close-cropped mustache and beard, and the downy hair on his forearms, thighs, and swirling around his pecs and descending down in a thin line into his trimmed bush. He had a colorful tattoo that covered his left pec and his left shoulder blade and continued down his left arm to his elbow. Other than that he was unmarked. His cock was somewhat longer than half a foot in semierection, promising to fill out even more. His eyes were green and his gleaming-toothed smile was sexy.

Who wouldn’t want to fuck or be fucked by that?

The guys and I had gone in together to buy a young male whore to take out on the boat with us. Ronaldo had answered the call.

He was reclining on the bunk when I reached the door of the cabin, his head propped up on the palm of one of his hands, his elbow bent. His beautiful, slim body was streaming down to the other end of the bunk. He was on his side, facing the cabin door, his left leg bent, with the foot flat on the bunk, his uncut cock, that and his balls being darker than the rest of him, thanks, no doubt, to some Pretos ancestor, was flopped over onto the bunch.

He was dirty magazine posing just for me--for me to take the first long intake of breath when I saw him. I took in a long breath when I saw him. I’d seen him get out of the cab on the dock, of course, but he wasn’t naked then. He was naked now, and he was mine to play with until I was ready to go topside and say “next.”

He patted the space on the bunk beside him. I took a moment to peel off my Speedo, and then I sat on the bed. He sat up in the bunk as I came down, turned over to his other side, and, just like that, his head was in my lap, and his mouth was coming down on my already half-hard cock. He’d whispered, “Oo la la, magnificento,” when he’d gotten my cock in front of his eyes. He rubbed it on his cheek before putting his lips over it. I was pleased that he was impressed--or claimed to be. He was big; I am bigger.

His arms embraced my waist. We were getting right to it. He brought up a hand and nudged my shoulder. I understood and reclined along the bunk, his body stretched out between me and the cabin door. I nestled my face between his luscious thighs, pushed his foreskin off his cock head with my lips, and we sixty-nined each other.

I don’t know when the boy, Alvon, came to the cabin door, but it was sometime before Ronaldo tensed, arched his back, took his mouth off my cock and creamed my cheek as I pulled off his shaft. Ten minutes later, he was riding my cock, reverse cowboy style, my legs raised and bent and he, facing away from me, hugging my knees and doing the work of rising and falling on my cock. To his credit, he took all of my shaft deep, and rode it by rowing his body on it in all directions. He was good, very, very good, albeit only eighteen. The guys and I liked them young, but an eighteen-year-old in the States generally wasn’t this good. He pulled the cum out of me and milked me hard with very talented passage wall muscles.

It was only after I’d shot my load that I noticed that Alvon was still standing in the doorway, watching.

Ronaldo pulled himself off my cock and turned and lowered his body on my chest. His face leaned into mine and we kissed, our hands roaming each other’s bodies. As male whores go, he was really, really good.

We were still panting lightly, regaining arousal as our bodies rubbed on each other’s and we kissed. Ronaldo moved one of his hands down, coaxing my left leg to widen its stance and for me to bend my knee and place my foot flat on the bunk. He did the same with the other leg, and I understood what we were doing. That was all right with me. I did flip-flop occasionally--all four of us buddies did--even though I preferred to top--and to top young guys. Ronaldo was a beautiful young man, virile and vibrant. Eighteen years old.

I raised my pelvis a bit, leveraging off my feet, as a signal of surrender and to give the thick cock a good penetration angle. He was big, big enough to make me gasp and pant hard as he entered me. His hands glided up my arms and he grasped my wrists, went deep inside me, my walls only reluctantly giving way to him, not used to being the one invaded. I moaned a “Oh, god, yes. Do me,” as he slowly started to pump.

For the next several minutes I could think of nothing but the cock moving inside me and with moving my body to take the greatest advantage from the stroking, ever striving to open wider to accommodate the thickness of him and the ever-deeper depth he was achieving. He kissed me on the lips and I opened mine to his tongue. He tensed, his body jerked, he came, and he lowered his body on mine, with a sigh.

“Like that? It’s good for you, no?” he murmured.

“It’s good for me, yes. Very, very ... Oh, fuck! Do that again!”

Only then did I turn my face to the door to see that the Pretos boy was gone.

When I came back up to the open deck, I went over to where Ted was sitting in a chair, drinking beer, and lazily swishing his fishing line around in the water. His face lit up when I put a hand on his shoulder and said, “Next.” I wagged my eyebrows just as Peter had done for me.

“Good?” he asked, hopefully.

“Good, very good,” I said and took his place in the deck chair when he left it.

It wasn’t long before Alvon was there, close beside me. He was fiddling with my watch, a flashy gold fake Rollex that I’d bought in an alley in Manhattan. I had a real Rollex and liked the familiar feel of one on my wrist, but I didn’t take it on cruising vacations to remote areas of the world. I had this fake one to bring to Brazil with me. The clock ran just fine.

Alvon was fascinated by it.

“You like the watch?” I said.

“Very much, yes,” Alvon said, looking hard into my eyes. He was a beautiful boy. I was going hard. He knew I was because he was touching the head of my dick through the material of the Speedo with one of his fingers. “You give me the watch and you can fuck me,” he said, “like you fucked that whore.”

That surprised me. “You’re just a boy, Alvon. And this is an expensive watch.” Well, $75 three years ago, but there’s no reason the boy needed to know that.

“I’m fourteen.”

“Yeah. you’re fourteen. Just a boy.” I couldn’t tell him I didn’t fuck young men. He’d watched me fuck an eighteen-year-old whore. I didn’t know if he’d watch the whore fuck me. Other than that, I’d love to fuck a nubile little fourteen-year-old boy.

“Fourteen is old enough in Brazil,” he said.

“I know we’re in international waters,” I said, “but--”

“No. The age, the age of...”

“Consent?” I filled in when he seemed uncertain of the word.

“Yes, the age of consent in Brazil is fourteen. I’ve given consent many times.”

“You’ve been fucked by a man before?”

“Yes, sure.”

I fucked him on the bunk in the second cabin down the corridor on the starboard side. Ted and Ronaldo were having noisy sex in the cabin across the corridor. Ted was always the one to be enthusiastically vocal during sex. If I’d stood outside the door, I’d know every action they were taking without needing to look in the doorway. Someone was being fucked royally in there. I admit that, a little jealous, I wondered if Ronaldo liked how one of the other guys fucked him better than I did.

I sat on the side of the bunk, palming the small Pretos’s hips and both of his buttocks cheeks, with him crouched in my lap on his haunches, his arms around my chest, and rising and falling on my cock. He had been tight and it had taken time to stuff it in, but I found that incredibly arousing and wanted to do it again and again. He hadn’t given me any resistance. It was obvious that he had, indeed, been fucked before.

I’d gathered him into my lap, being afraid of crushing him otherwise. He’d gasped when he’d seen the size of my erection, but he’d taken it like a trooper--other than needing a long time to handle it all initially. He opened up enough for a tight slide, though, and his channel walls rippled nicely over the shaft as he stroked himself on it.

When passion went into overdrive, he was reclining back toward the deck between my thighs, his cheek resting on the deck, his arms flung over his head, his legs flared around and behind me, his eyes with a glazed expression on it, his tongue hanging out, his mouth blowing bubbles, and murmuring to himself as, grasping his hips, I pushed and pulled him on and off my cock. He had already come. When I did, I just held him there, looking down at his beautiful small, ebony body streaming away from my groin. I loved the look of the root of my thick cock stuffed in what initially had been a tiny hole. His hole puckered around the base of my cock, still pulsating. I ran my finger around the root of my cock as it entered his hole, and he shuddered and moaned for me.

God, I loved the look of the root of my cock stretching his anus open.

The gold watch on the boy’s wrist gleamed in a ray of light coming in from a porthole. We held there, both panting and bringing ourselves back under control, both of us staring into the eyes of the other, both of us still brimming over with lust. Me not yet satiated, suddenly lost in the charms of a small-bodied boy and the exhilaration of conquering a small hole and tight passage.

Alvon wasn’t satiated either. “More,” he begged.

I gave him no consideration on size and weight this time, I lay between his legs, pinning him to the bunk, and pounded and pounded and pounded his ass. Grabbing a strap on the wall at the head of the bunk with his hands and wrapping his legs around me, rubbing his heels on my calves, he took it all, his eyes moving between mine and the gold fake Rollex on his wrist.

There was no doubt that he’d been fucked before.

I was hooked. For two weeks afterward, working in a skyscraper in cold, damp, dreary Manhattan, I kept surfacing the vision in my mind: the small, brown body, streaming down to the boat deck between my thighs, and the root of my thick cock, buried in the pulsating hole that only a half hour previously had been so tiny, challenging, seemingly denying the impossibility of me penetrating it. But I had penetrated it, and it had opened for me. I was long and thick. The initial penetration had been agonizingly difficult--but exhilarating. I had fucked a small, fourteen-year-old boy. And I had done it legally--in Brazil. Or so I was willing to believe without going to see a lawyer.

A couple of weeks later I was laid out on a pool bed between the terrace of my O’Ba Morere beach resort bungalow room and the sand of the beach on the ocean off the Bahia, Brazil, coastline. I wore a fake gold Rollex on my wrist. It was one of ten I’d managed to get into the country. I had come with a dozen. Slipping two of those to Brazilian customs agents had freed the other ten to come into the country with me.

I was watching a group of boys playing a basic form of soccer down on the beach. Alvon was one of the boys. When he saw me, he broke away from the other boys and came up to me. He was wearing the fake Rollex he had earned from me.

“You’re back,” he said. He was smiling and fingering his watch.


“Nice watch. You have another one,” he said, chuckling.

“Yes. You have a watch now. But if you have a friend who likes your watch and would like to have a watch, I might give him this one.”

“I have many friends who like my watch. But, as you say, I already have my watch.”

“He would have to be fourteen, and small like you. He’d have to beautiful, like you, and he’d have to be tight--a virgin would be best--and he’d have to be willing. Do you have any such friends?”

“Yes. But me. What about me?”

“As we’ve both said, you have a watch now.”

“Yes, I do. I need a new skateboard, though.”

“I’d pay you, of course. And I’d pay you more for ... well, you know.” My dick was already coming alive at the memory of the root of it stretching Alvon’s hole.

Alvon did, indeed, know. I lay on my back on the bed in the bungalow and he rode my cock, like a professional, rising and falling on it as he faced me, his palms on my pecs, his eyes looking down intently into mine, his gold watch flashing in the rays of the sun coming in the terrace door, and me grasping his waist between my hands and slamming him up and down on my cock. I reveled in the tightness of him and his gasping and groaning and I slowly opened him up. And occasionally I stopped his bouncing on the cock to press his body back, away from my groin, exposing the root of my cock in his puckered hole, and marveled at how something that large could have opened up a hole that tiny.

God, I loved fucking a fourteen-year-old boy--and being able to do it legally in Brazil--or so I choose to believe.

His name was Odom. He was a Pardos--the in-between medium brown category of Brazilians--and he was even smaller, more lithe of body than Alvon was. I wondered if his hole was smaller than Alvon’s had been. Alvon definitely hadn’t been a virgin; this one possibly was. He was a beautiful, boy, embodying all of the comely aspects of the separate Brazilian ethnic groups. He came with a certificate declaring him to be fourteen--just. He was nervous enough that I could readily believe Alvon when he said he was a virgin. The way his eyes went from the gold fake Rollex on Alvon’s wrist to the one on mine helped me to believe he was willing. He nearly melted when I took mine off and put it down on the nightstand beside the bed, and said, “If you are a good boy, that will be yours.” He gave Alvon a panicked look when the Pretos boy turned and left the beach resort room.

It took me almost an hour to bury my cock inside him. I enjoyed every minute of it. Odom, not so much--but he persevered. He never backed out of the deal. The most difficult part of the process was getting the first two inches inside him. I took him with him bent over the bed, feet on the floor, arms flung out, and him with his eyes glued to the reward--the gold watch he now wore on his wrist. It helped when I kissed and rimmed and tongued his puckered little hole and when I rubbed my thumb over it. He opened a little then--and he did a lot of moaning and groaning, with little idea of what came after that.

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