Finding Relief at a Party

by Gimiwan

Copyright© 2017 by Gimiwan

Fiction Story: Ann was at a party thrown by her best friend. She desperately needed to pee, but the line to the bathroom was far too long. Then a wicked idea enters her head.

Caution: This Fiction Story contains strong sexual content, including Teenagers   Masturbation   Water Sports   Public Sex   .

God, Jen would not shut up! She just kept going on and on about her recent trip to Europe. Now, Jen was Ann’s best friend. Normally Ann would love to hear all about it, but she badly needed to pee. To make matters worse, she could hardly hear Jen over the music and the crowd. She wasn’t getting anything out of this conversation, and it was keeping her from the bathroom. Three times she tried to interject, but Jen just talked right over her.

Ann was on the verge of having to dance just to keep from wetting herself. She couldn’t wait anymore. She grabbed Jen’s arm and pulled her close so she could speak directly into Jen’s ear. “I gotta pee!” she said quietly enough that no one else but Jen would hear her. Jen laughed and pushed her away. “Go!”

Ann weaved her way through the crowd. Each bump along the way made her wince and stop. She wouldn’t continue on until she was sure that bump hadn’t caused her to wet herself. She tried her best to maintain a composed appearance while also not pissing her panties. She passed through the kitchen to dump the last of her drink out before she entered the hallway to the bathroom.

Then she saw the line. Eight girls and one guy. There’s no way she could wait through that. She walked straight past that line toward the stairs. Surely, the 2nd stairs bathroom wouldn’t have such a long line. Well, it didn’t, but a line six deep was still far too long for Ann. She knew Jen’s house well. There was a toilet in the basement that she doubted anyone else would have known about, but could she make it all the way down there in time?

It was then that a wicked thought crossed her mind. But she couldn’t do that to Jen. She tried to talk herself out if it, but the more she tried, the more the heat in her loins grew. The door to the master bedroom was right around the corner. She made sure no one saw her as she slipped out of sight.

The door was locked. Fuck! But it was just a pinhole lock. Ann started looking through her purse for something slim enough to fit in the lock. She wasn’t having much luck when she remembered something from the first time she babysat for Jen’s kid brother. Jen’s parents were wary of little boys’ tendencies to lock themselves in rooms. They informed Ann that they kept a key near each lock just in case. Ann looked around and noticed a small glint at the top of the door frame. She reached up on her tippy toes, but was still too short to properly grab the key. She fumbled around a bit with her fingertips and eventually the key fell to the ground. Crap!

Ann had hoped to catch the key. She didn’t exactly trust herself to bend over or squat down without pissing herself. But she soon had a plan. She slipped out of one of her shoes. She grabbed the key between her toes. Then she lifted her foot up to her ass where she could reach the key with her hand. Clever girl, she thought. A moment later she was in Jen’s parent’s bedroom.

She thought a moment about the consequences of getting caught doing what she was about to do. Jen would never speak to her again. She would be totally ostracized by everyone at school. Her parents would probably ground her forever, but that wouldn’t be too bad considering she wouldn’t want to show her face in public. It was because of all this that it was imperative she not get caught. And perhaps it was because of all this that she was so turned on at that moment.

She didn’t dare turn on the lights for fear some might escape through the crack under the door. She used her phone to light her way instead. She walked over to the bed and kicked off her shoes. She slipped off her panties and tossed them in her purse, feeling a wet spot as she did so. She peeled the blanket back from the bed then climbed aboard. Ann hiked up her skirt. She was really going to do this. She squatted over one of the pillows, but immediately stood up before she had a chance to start.

No, that wouldn’t be messy enough, she thought. Instead she slipped her feet under the pillows, leaned back, propped herself up with one hand and spread her legs wide. But she stopped herself again. It occurred to her that her phone was more than just a flashlight, it was a camera as well. A few taps and swipes later and she was good to go.

She let her stream fly, or at least she intended to. Instead, the stream just kind of dribbled down her ass. But she couldn’t stop now. Oh no! She dropped her phone to free up a hand. She spread her lips wide and could hear a satisfying splatter indicating a nice thick stream was splashing on the pillows. She tentatively pulled her hand away until she was certain her lips wouldn’t get in the way again. Then she grabbed her phone and tried to find a sexy angle to record from.

Now that things were finally going as planned she was able to properly enjoy the relief from her overfilled bladder. The feel of that liquid rushing through her was nearly enough to make her come right then. The sight of her piss soaking into the pillow drove her mad. She began to sway her hips back and forth in an effort to thoroughly wet each and every pillow on the bed.

Ann now had a new urgent need, although with no free hands, she was unable to satisfy it. She considered dropping her phone, but she really wanted to watch all of this again. Eventually her lust overcame her and she fell backwards, freeing up the hand she had used to prop herself up. With the means now available, she went to town. She could no longer see where she was peeing, and she didn’t rightly care anymore. She just hoped that she was capturing a good angle with her phone.

Despite the loud music masking every sound she made, she still felt need to stifle her moans. She was getting close when she noticed that she had stopped pissing. She wanted to finish up, but the thought of getting caught would not leave her. As much as it pained her, she decided to stop and clean up.

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