Sally the Comfort Maid

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2017 by Tony Tiger

Fiction Sex Story: How colonial black slave women served their masters

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Slavery   Historical   Interracial   .

“Mister George is here!” exclaimed my comfort maid Sally as she hurried to greet him at the door. She directed the other servants to take his belongings from the carriage to the guest room and then ushered him to me.

“Welcome George. You must be tired from your long trip. Sally will show you to your room and give you a bath to wash off the dirt from your travels. She will comfort you and then we shall meet to go over these important documents.”

Later Sally returned my guest looking refreshed and served us both tea and crumpets. “I trust you rested well.” I inquired.

Thomas replied, “Yes, your comfort maid took very good care of me. You have trained her well. It was a delight to view her naked brown body as she scrubbed me in the tub. She knows quite well how to pay proper attention to each part. Her skill in relaxing sore muscles is excellent. And especially that muscle that hangs between our legs.”

“Sally is my favorite. She has taken training very well and, even after three children, has retained her womanly figure quite nicely. She is now pregnant with her fourth but I doubt that you even noticed. Her children have a variety of colors. Her husband may even have fathered one of them. Enough of that. Let us get to work.”

Later that evening, after a delicious dinner, we were sipping brandy and smoking cigars in front of the fireplace when George asked me, “I would like some more comforting from Sally tonight if that is possible.”

I smiled. Her excellent services were often requested by my male guests. “Certainly. I shall have her visit you for a while. My wife is indisposed and so I would like to have her services but guests come first.”

Sally came to me, still by the fire, after she comforted our guest. She knew that I especially enjoyed her at these times. We went to my quarters and she undressed me and then removed her own evening robe. Her body was strong from many years in the field, and quite female from motherhood. Those matronly breasts were just nicely pendulous and her womanly parts shrouded by an abundance of black curly hair. Kneeling down before me she kissed and then began taking my ready weapon into her mouth. “This one is my favorite,” she said. “It is almost always larger and more eager than any of my other visitors.”

She was always pleased to present her body in a freshly inseminated condition. I knew she enjoyed that process of preparing it for me. If it had been too long since we had any guests she would employ her husband to fill her quim just before coming to me. It was good that he also enjoyed his wife freshly planted with seed, sometimes just mine and sometimes with one or more guests in addition.

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