Bailee's Prom Date

by Mystic47

Copyright© 2017 by Mystic47

Fiction Sex Story: My sister was made up for the hottest date her boyfriend would ever have but he disappointed her after the Prom.

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Fiction   Incest   Brother   Sister   Group Sex   Double Penetration   Oral Sex   .

“Hey,” she stood before me holding her smartphone, “take my picture.” I looked up at my sister, she was ready for the school dance, cleaned up, made up and dressed up for her date to the last big Prom of the year. I never saw my sister as anything but my sister, you know, part of the environment never noticed or appreciated but the young woman standing in front of me with the phone in her outstretched hand caught my attention. I checked her from hair to heels then back to her face, I was impressed. I never looked at Bailee as a real female before but the alluring feminine creature standing in front of me peaked my interest on several levels, some of which were below the baseline for decent.

Her shoulder length honey colored hair was done up as a loose updo held in place by a rhinestone comb at the back of her head. The carefully done style looked as if she had just stepped in from a wind and had nonchalantly swept her hair up with her fingers. She was made up with light blue eyeliner which boldly contrasted with naturally long curled lashes, nothing fake there. Bailee’s face was made up with blushes and creams that enhanced the high cheekbones, Greek nose and full bodied Brandy Wine glossed lips. She was stunning, and that was just her face.

The semi-formal chintz dress hugged her like a dark red skin from shoulders to knees, the skirt which molded tightly around her ass and thighs was split on the left side not only to give her freedom to walk but show off half her thigh. The neckline plunged from her shoulders revealing a deep chasm of cleavage. A large golden arrowhead hung from a chain around her neck, the tip of it needlessly directing my eyes to the view of her half naked breasts. 3” spiked heels caused her calves to stretch making her much taller than her normal 5’8”, two narrow straps wrapped in figure eights around each ankle kept the red hi-heels in place. Jeez, my sister had a lot of very shapely legs. A quick vision of where those legs ended at the top of her thighs teased my mind’s eye. I was thinking that her boyfriend Heath was going to have a very enjoyable evening.

I managed to tear my eyes off her long enough to take the camera and stand but I had to say “Christ Bailee, does dad know about that dress? He’s letting you wear it?”

She smiled at me “He’s seen it on the rack, but not on me yet.”

“Yeah, well, when he sees your rack he’s gonna flip out, you’re showing a lot of skin, across your chest and up your legs.”

Bailee stepped around to get a background of a large potted plant and began to pose for the camera, “This isn’t for dad, Heath is my date tonight.”

“And he’s not going to have too much material to get around to grab you in a few strategic places.”

As she stretched her left leg forward giving the lens a good view of the lace garter holding her stocking high on her thigh she sighed, “I hope not.”

I shot three different angles of her posed, bared leg then stepped in closer to get a few of her cleavage. She didn’t protest when I concentrated on just tit shots, the camera just inches from her bust. I was going to get closeups of what she was showing then back off and get a few full length; proper pictures she could post on social media without drawing criticism from jealous friends. I moved behind her then dropped to my knees so her butt was directly in my face and clicked off more shots, I made sure the picture properly conveyed the curves of her waist and ass under the tight red dress. Once I was done taking a dozen or so closeups of her body I moved to involve her face. Bailee grinned, smiled and pouted from several angles and poses while I filled her memory stick with digital images. The final images I took were full head and body from a proper distance away while she stood beside the plant. The only conversation we had for five minutes was my directing her how to move, stand or show more skin.

Once I was done Bailee stepped to my side to watch as I clicked trough the gallery. We managed to view maybe six or seven before Heath showed up at the front door, ready to escort her to the dance. Our father who hadn’t seen Bailee made up yet came into the room to announce her boyfriend’s presence but stopped as if he had run into a glass door. He rebounded from the sight of his daughter but it was too late to object, he stood there staring at her for a few seconds the cautioned her “Bailee, you better be damn careful how you sit or move in that dress.” Just then mom came in, “Oh Bailee, you are absolutely stunning!”

‘Stunning’ was a mother’s word, as a 20 year old male with a nut load of testosterone I would use the phrase ‘fucking thermal’.

Bailee went to meet her date forgetting I still held her phone. I hustled to my lap top, hooked up the USB cable then as fast as I could downloaded all the pictures I had just taken. When done I returned the phone to my sister who was just headed out the door. “OH, thanks, I almost forgot.”

After she left I returned to my computer to finish reviewing her pictures.

I had taken 18 pictures of my sister, most of them tight shots of some part of her body. When I opened the folder with the pictures I saw that there were a lot more than 18. The count at the bottom of my screen announced 39 objects. I had inadvertently downloaded 21 extra pictures. Curious, I opened my picture viewer and started at the first. It was a shot of the red dress hanging on the back of her closet door. After that she moved it to the bed, spread it out and took two more. The next few pictures included the rest of her clothing for the night starting with the shoes then she placed her lingerie on the bed, stockings and jewelry last. The final shot in that series of ten was a picture of everything she had on before she left. I focused on then enlarged the picture that had her underwear laid over the dress just where they would be when she had them on. The brief panties couldn’t quite qualify as a thong, there was too much material in the back. The small satin garment was the same deep red as the dress. There was no bra in any shot.

Following that first set of images were selfies that my sister took as she got ready for her date. I had to stop, enlarge, and thoroughly investigate the first. Bailee was standing in front of a full length mirror, face made up, hair done but without any clothes on. She was holding the camera up to get a full frontal nude shot of her self. Her firm standing breasts were larger than a handful, the nipples were perfectly centered in slightly puckered areolae the color of milk chocolate. Her body was smooth and flat from her tits down to the broad expanse of her lower stomach which narrowed to the pubis mons at the junction of her thighs. She had trimmed her dark pubic hair so that no stray curls would peak from the sides of her panties. I was fixated on the top of her cunt but her thighs were too close together to give me a full pussy view. The next picture was taken over her shoulder to show off her firm round ass and narrow waist, she had dimples at the top of her cheeks, just where her back became butt. I judged those cheeks to be about hand sized, my hand sized. After the nude shots she took a selfie after putting on each article of clothing until she was dressed. At the end of those bedroom selfies is where the pictures I took started. By the time I was done looking at all the pictures I had half a hard-on and my thoughts were that she was entirely too hot for a date with seventeen year old. At the level of sophistication and dazzle she was displaying she could have hung on the arm of someone much older and not looked out of place or illegal. Again the words ‘fucking thermal’ came into my head. She was, with or without the clothing.

My head was full of Bailee, I had never seen her made up that way before and I kept thinking about how her transformation from girl to woman had escaped me until that night. I never paid much attention until she handed me her camera. Well, she had certainly gotten my attention then. I thought about her boyfriend who was seventeen also. I wondered if he were man enough to handle my sister, or if she even wanted to be handled by him. I imagined that he standing with her, dancing with her, would look like a fawning servant attending to a royal.

Later that night as I was resting between my girlfriend’s thighs an image of my sister lying on her back with Heath between her legs kept creeping into my mind. I wondered if he were up to the task of satisfying the hot young girl. I didn’t even consider she could still be virgin, she didn’t radiate purity or chastity in any of the pictures. She didn’t hesitate with timidity when I was taking closeups of her tits, ass and legs. The girl was fuckable for sure. Thinking about Bailee getting laid had a direct effect on my cock which solidified again to the great delight of the college co-ed I was naked with just then.

I came back to the house about 12:30, my parents were cozy in their bedroom, dad snoring, mom with plugs in her ears. I couldn’t resist the urge to peek into my sister’s room, I wanted to check her out again, to see if she looked as good asleep as she did earlier. I eased open her door and saw an empty bed, an empty room, Bailee wasn’t home from the Prom yet. Again it flashed into my mind that she was getting screwed, probably in the back seat of Heath’s small Toyota. I left Bailee’s room, went to the kitchen for a beer then settled down on the sofa to relax before going to bed.

I had half a bottle of beer in my hand when headlight beams swept across the darkened room as Heath’s car pulled into the driveway. I got up and went to the window to see, there were no lights on so Bailee and Heath wouldn’t see me watching them. The yard light beside the house illuminated the interior of the car enough I could see what they were doing. Heath grabbed my sister and pulled her in for a kiss. Bailee put her hands on his chest then pushed him away, it looked like she was pissed about something. She slammed open her door scrambled out then banged the door closed with enough force I could hear it. I got to tell you, even from where I stood I could tell she was angry. She stood in the drive glaring at the car until Heath pulled out and drove away.

I stepped back from the window and waited for my sister to come into the house, she was a lot quieter with the front door than she was with the car door. When she came in I was standing in the arch to the kitchen with the light on so she wouldn’t be startled by meeting me in the dark. She looked up, “Oh, hi, I didn’t think anybody would be still up.”

“Mom and dad are dead to the world, it’s just me.”

Bailee checked the clock on the wall, “I told mom I’d be home by 1:00, I guess she didn’t’ want to wait up for me.” As she was talking she stepped close, took the beer from my hand and in three swallows emptied the bottle. Apparently my sister wasn’t a stranger to beer either. She held the bottle up, tipped it over to let two drops dribble to the floor and asked, “Is there any more?” I pulled two more out of the fridge, handed one to Bailee then went to sit on the sofa again, she followed me.

I was leaning one end of the sofa and Bailee sat at the other, rested back on the arm then curled her long legs under her butt. The split skirt rode up high on her left leg almost to her hip, the garter at the top of her stocking was a nice accessory to her leg, she was showing a lot of thigh and I wasn’t avoiding the view. She took a hit of beer, sighed, then rested her head on the back of the couch which caused her neck to stretch and her tits to stand out further. Man, the girl was sexy!

“I watched you come in, you looked like you were fighting with Heath, what happened?”

She raised her head, studied me as if judging my need to know then said, “He let me down.”

“Uh, how?”

She hesitated, she was deciding if she should tell me or not. She made up her mind, “After the dance we went to dinner then he drove out to Lake Shardon where we could be alone. All night we’d been making out, playing around, teasing and I was getting turned on like never before.” She took another pull off the beer, “When we parked we started necking like crazy his hands were all over me, I didn’t think I could get hotter but I was cooking from the inside out. I opened his pants and grabbed his boner and he lost it. He fucking shot his nuts all over my hand and his pants!” In those two sentences her voice rose a couple of decibels. She quieted, looked over her shoulder to make sure our parents weren’t standing near, “I got kind of frustrated and he was embarrassed as hell but we kept kissing and stuff until he got another hard-on. We got into the back seat and he laid over me with his cock rubbing on my panties. Would you believe it, he did it again. Almost as soon as the end of his useless dick touched me he came. He came all over my panties and dress!” Bailee lifted her ass off the couch then pulled her skirt up to her waist, “Look at the goddamn mess he made!” I was looking at her crotch covered by the dark red materiel which was splotched with big spots of dried cum. Bailee muttered in frustration, “Goddamn him, I wanted him to fuck me all night but he couldn’t control his nuts.”

As I was getting turned on by my sister’s display she tipped up the bottle and finished it. She waved the empty at me, “Can I have another?”

I handed her my half full bottle, “Well at least you won’t get knocked up, that was safe sex, at least for him.”

“I’m not in the mood for safe sex, I’m in the mood for a lot of sex.”

“Didn’t you two ever do it before, I mean you could have overloaded him with his first time combined with how hot you look.”

“We did it before.” she confessed as she pulled her skirt back to a more modest location. My cock was reacting to my sister as she vented about her useless date. I’d screwed my girlfriend twice but my body was quickly getting ready for another encounter. I was about ready to call her and tell her I was on my way back to her dorm room when Bailee got off the far end of the sofa and stood in front of me. She bent over giving me a magnificent view of her tits while her hands went to my belt. In moments my sister opened the belt, the waist button then unzipped me. My cock lunged into open space where she gripped it strongly. She looked into my eyes “Sit back.” When I did she lifted her dress up to her waist, put her knees on the cushion on either side of my hips, pulled her panties to one side with a hand then jostled around until the head of my erection was nestled in the opening of her body. Bailee moved her hand then lowered herself on me. She put her hands on my arms, rested her head on my shoulder then started rolling her hips. She was taking from me what her boyfriend couldn’t give her.

She may have been the most needy girl I had ever encountered. My sister was moaning quietly through clenched teeth as the passion she had stored up began to flow through her body. She was tensing, I could feel her muscles begin to tighten and cramp, she lifted her lips to my ear and offered as a whisper “I need sex, and it doesn’t have to be safe sex.” Her head banged back down as she began to convulse but I managed to hold off the end until she was ready. I mean cumming into a girl while she is cramping is good, but if I can hold off until she is done bouncing then she can feel me when I finish. Bailee calmed enough that the time was right, I breathed into her ear, “Now Bailee, I’m cumming now!” My words and the surges into her set my sister on her second flight of rhapsody. She dug trenches in my shoulders as her body vibrated and shook.

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