Keepin Busy

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2017 by Tony Tiger

Sex Story: Farmer's wife has things she likes to do

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Farming   Slut Wife   .

“Hi Shorty. I’d like some company if yer available. Good. The door’s open.” Them were the code words for my pussy was wet and ready. It also meant that I’d be in bed nekkid when he got here.

All the housework was done and I didn’t have much to do the rest of the day. So I ordered in some entertainment like city folks does Chinese food. Now Shorty don’t stand real tall but his pecker stretches my cunt all the way deep.

After taking off his boots and dropping his Big Smiths on the floor he took a lick of my twat. “Tastes like someone’s been there already.”

“Only my husband. He’s out workin the back forty all day. Now I want you to till my garden.”

Shorty knew his way around my body and stopped off at all the feel-good places with his fingers and mouth before stretching my tender tissues with his tool.

“That’s it big guy.” He liked to be called that. “You know it’s easier to get it in when I’ve just been fucked. Does that help yer wife too?”

He laughed, “Yer right. Sluts are always the easiest to git into.”

I got the double meaning. I liked his wife and she probably guessed he was fuckin me since we disappeared at barn dances. But she was pretty easy herself and always had been.

I urged him on, “Gimme Shorty’s seed. Fill me up fer the next cock.” That usually got him going even more cause he couldn’t tell if I was serious or not. The thought made that big thing in me throb and he pushed deep to flood my womb. I cried out as my body tingled, “I love them baby makers! Gimme all you got.” He shore did, then pulled up his Big Smith’s and skedaddled.

My phone was in one hand and some tissues in the other. Don’t like to leave pecker tracks on the furniture. Hubby don’t care but company might.

“Hi Slim.” My next call began. “Yew gonna be out this way today? Yeah, the door’s open. OK, see you in a few.” Slim is twenty years older than me but you couldn’t tell it from his pecker. I think it gets plenty of exercise even though he ain’t never been married.

I just barely had time to change the towel that I throw on the bed to keep down the wet spots. I was still nekkid of course, so when I heard him I didn’t even turn around. He came up behind me and put those big rough hands on my titties. He could cup em real nice. He slid that thick rod of his right between my legs and the head stuck out front like it was mine. I moved my hips to run my pussy along its top side then pulled away and bent over. He popped it in and Shorty’s cum started droolin down my leg.

I pulled off. “You was here so quick I didn’t even have time to pee.” I sat on the toilet and he followed me in. I opened my mouth after I sat down and his sloppy dick just fit. I let my vagina drain after my pee stopped.

Slim smiled, “Do you like Shorty’s stuff? I passed him at the end of the driveway and he said yer hubby was workin and you were in a good mood.”

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