Using Gabriel 4: the Country Lord

by ChrisCross

Copyright© 2017 by ChrisCross

Erotica Sex Story: In the fourth installment of the sinking of golden-haired, fourteen-year-old English-American patrician Gabriel Beaventon into sexual depravity, his mentor and controller, Austrian baron Wilhelm von Sternburg, takes him to England to help influence a crueler sexual fetisher Lord Haynesworth on a deal to supply munitions to the British War Ministry in a Europe preparing for war.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/mt   Consensual   Gay   Fiction   Historical   BDSM   DomSub   MaleDom   Light Bond   Rough   Sadistic   Orgy   Anal Sex   Fisting   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Sex Toys   Size   Prostitution   .

The boy and the man sat astride their horses at the line of trees of a copse on top of the hill, watching the huntsmen pursue a stag across the North Yorkshire estate of the country lord and War Ministry official near Harrogate. Seeing the two on the rise nearby, Lord Roger Haynesworth broke away from the chase and cantered his horse up to the top of the hill. He and the man, the Austrian munitions manufacturer Baron Wilhelm von Sternburg, conversed briefly, the two often looking over at the fourteen-year-old boy, Gabriel Beaventon, during the conversation. Gabriel, who was introduced to Lord Haynesworth only as the baron’s protégé, lowered his head of blond curls and looked diffidently down. He looked small, delicate, and vulnerable in the saddle of the muscular horse, although his diminutive, slim body did have good muscle tone.

At length Haynesworth brought his horse over close by the boy’s, lifted the boy’s chin up with a gloved hand to peer into his beautiful, soft-blue-eyed face for a long moment. After this brief pause to gauge the appeal of the boy, Haynesworth leaned into him and took the boy’s lips into a soft kiss. Gabriel readily yielded to him. Finding no resistance to the soft kiss, the lord gripped the back of the boy’s head and became more cruel with the kiss. The boy yielded him this, as well, raising a hand to the arm of the man’s hunting jacket merely to steady himself, not to try to push the man away. Even when the man forced his tongue between the boy’s lips, the boy yielded to him.

Gabriel was bent backward in the saddle from the strength of the embrace and Haynesworth had to put an arm around the boy’s waist to keep him from falling off the horse. Gabriel raised his arms, placing his hands on the man’s biceps, accepting the possessiveness of the kiss.

Baron von Sternburg sat, passively, in his saddle, staring off into the distance, his eyes following the stragglers in the hunt on the plain below.

Haynesworth released his embrace of Gabriel and turned in the saddle to exchange a few words with Sternburg. Satisfied, he turned back and spoke gruffly to Gabriel, who just lowered his head and nodded. Gabriel looked up in surprise and a second of fright, though, when his horse lurched, jerked its head up, and launched itself down the slope of the hill. The lord had lashed out at the horse’s rump with his riding crop. The boy knew how to ride a horse, though, and sank down in the saddle, allowing the horse its head, and pressed his knees into the beast’s flanks.

Haynesworth wheeled his horse around and took after Gabriel’s steed. Sternburg remained astride the saddle on the hilltop, watching Gabriel’s horse gallop off toward the estate stables, with the lord of the manor now in slower pursuit. Gabriel was headed where the lord wanted him to be.

When Haynesworth dismounted at the door of the horse barn and handed his horse off to a groom, the groom already was holding the reins of Gabriel’s horse and immediately turned to lead the horses away toward the nearby stable. Entering the dimly lit horse barn, Haynesworth found Gabriel sitting demurely on a hay bale, his eyes again downcast.

The lord’s spurs clanked as he walked over to the hay bale, lifted Gabriel up, encircled the boy’s waist with an arm, lifted his chin with the hand of the other arm, and took Gabriel’s mouth into a brutal kiss. Gabriel yielded all to the lord, his slight body slowly being enveloped in the lord’s overpowering one. The lord was much taller than Gabriel, and the boy was lifted off the ground. He raised his knees to hug the older man’s hips with them.

When Haynesworth undid and pealed down Gabriel’s riding breeches, Gabriel let his legs dangle and gave him that. When the lord unbuttoned himself, pulled his erection out, and forced Gabriel to his knees and Gabriel’s mouth to his cock, the fourteen-year-old boy gave him that as well.

And Gabriel offered no resistance as Haynesworth, throbbing with need, lifted him up and hoisted him into a saddle draped over the top of a nearby stall dividing wall. The boy merely whimpered as the lord used leather strips to bind Gabriel’s wrists to either side of the wall in a position that forced the boy’s torso forward and down to the top of the wall in front of the English saddle. His ankles were tied to hooks on either side of the wall behind.

Haynesworth pulled himself up onto the top of the wall--quite deftly for a man of his age, something late in his fifties and with his not quite obese but sturdy and muscular build. He slipped his feet into the stirrups of the saddle and crouched over Gabriel’s bound body. The boy cried out as Haynesworth forced the fat head of his cock into the puckered hole of the boy’s anal passage and thrust up. The boy jerked and gasped, but took it. Gabriel’s tight, but now well-used passage, slowly opened up to take the cock inside, as the lord impatiently stuffed it into the channel. The lord gave the boy nearly seven inches of hard cock, and, with a few gasps, moans, and groans Gabriel yielded to it like the conditioned boy whore that he was.

Then, mounted high on Gabriel’s bare buttocks, the lord was off and riding Gabriel’s ass. And riding it and riding it in a bouncy, long, deep-stroke ride, which included, as the boy whimpered and moaned and groaned with the fuck, strokes on the buttocks and thighs with the riding crop. Panting hard, Gabriel writhed under the brutal thrustings of the man riding him hard, but he took it. He knew there was more to come, and in some ways he couldn’t wait to know what that “more” was going to be.

The man rode him for nearly a half hour, going stiff whenever he approached an ejaculation, edging Gabriel expertly, getting every bit of pleasure he could while mounted on and riding the boy.

When he’d finally ejaculated, the lord dismounted, released Gabriel’s bindings, and helped the boy lower himself to his knees on the straw-strewn floor. Then Lord Haynesworth just turned and walked out of the barn and up to his palace on the hill. The baron had made it down to the yard outside the barn. When the lord had passed him, nodded, and muttered, “He will do nicely,” Sternburg went into the barn and helped Gabriel to his feet and back into his riding breeches.

He nodded and murmured a terse, “Good job. He’s pleased. He will want you again in an hour or so. Remember that, with him, your surname is Hardy, not Beaventon.”

Earlier that month, Gabriel’s father, Lord Beaventon, had tracked Gabriel’s American heiress mother, Katherine Hardy, down with the ultimatum of returning Gabriel to England to start at Beaventon’s chosen school for the fourteen-year-old lad, Rugby, in Warwickshire, in the fall or suffer seizure of the Hardy family’s holdings in England. Katherine had no doubt her divorced husband could and would do that and the loss of the family’s English holdings would bankrupt them. She cabled back her assent.

Katherine didn’t think she could handle the demands of her former husband alone, though, and she turned to her current lover, Baron Wilhelm von Sternburg, for help and support. The baron was more than happy to aid her--or to make appearances of doing so. He had business to do in England himself. War was brewing in Europe in the mid 1930s. Sternburg had munitions to sell. He was doing well with the Italians and Germans. He wanted to do just as well with the English. He already had established connections with Lord Roger Haynesworth, an English country lord and high up in the British War Ministry. Haynesworth held sway over the arming of Britain’s army.

Haynesworth and Sternburg had initially met in a Paris male brothel, where they shared notes on their mutual fetishes for the charms of fourteen-year-old boys. Sternburg’s liaison with Katherine Hardy wasn’t built so much on the charms of Katherine, although she was a beautiful and willing woman, as it was with the beauty and malleability of her fourteen-year-old son, Gabriel. Sternburg had seduced and initiated the boy and over the past two months had used him as a pawn in munitions deals with Italy and Germany.

The need to bring Gabriel back to England for school upon the boy’s father’s demands and Katherine’s begging for Sternburg’s help had neatly fallen into place with Sternburg’s plans to use Gabriel in yet another round of business negotiations. There was time between the return to England and the need to turn Gabriel over to his father for Gabriel to be of use in the baron’s negotiations with Haynesworth. Gabriel was malleable, being a slave to the baron’s cock and willing to do the baron’s bidding to remain in Sternburg’s good graces.

The boy increasingly was addicted to cock and would lay down for almost anyone the baron pointed to.

Katherine was blind to the true relationship between Sternburg and her son and was only too happy to turn the boy over to her lover to hide from his father for a couple of weeks. Sternburg subsequently had promised Haynesworth the use of Gabriel in any way he saw fit for a week of that time. He knew that Haynesworth had some kinky and extreme fetishes. It was time for Gabriel to enlarge his realm of sexual experience.

The yielding young Gabriel was willing to do whatever the baron wanted him to do.

Lying on his back, legs bent and spread on the four-poster bed of Lord Haynesworth, Gabriel steeled himself to take the last, largest, of the graduated, tear-drop-shaped balls Haynesworth was forcing into his ass. He’d had his eyes shut tight at the effort but opened them when the last ball, a good four inches across at the widest, was going in. The boy pushed up on his feet, raising his pelvis and yawning his knees out to give a good angle and opening to the ball. He arched his back and groaned as the ball went in, but, stoically, he fought back the scream that was gripping at him. His wrists were tied off at the headboard overhead as were his ankles to the footboard below, and he could no more than writhe, pant, arch his back, and cry out, as appropriate and needed.

From the sounds Haynesworth was making, Gabriel thought that the man seemed disappointed that he hadn’t screamed.

Four inches wasn’t that bad. As the afternoon wore on Haynesworth was likely to get around to fisting Gabriel’s ass. The baron had said he would. There was an open can of grease next to the bed, ready for this. And his knuckles were more than four inches across.

Haynesworth, tall, grizzled, ugly as sin, had risen from the bed and stood there momentarily, facing the reclining and trussed-up boy. All of the country lord’s fetishes were new to Gabriel. All were taxing for the boy. Most, though, were something Gabriel had wondered and dreamed about. What had gone before was getting to be vanilla. He was curious about what else there was a man could do to a boy. He was finding that out now.

Roger Haynesworth represented the greatest demand Baron von Sternburg, biding his time in the library below, had made of Gabriel, as was evident now as the man stood, naked, beside the bed. He was monstrously hung, and one of the few sufferers of polyorchidism, He had three balls, two hanging low, seemingly the size of tennis balls at the bottom of a drooping ball sac, and a third, ping pong-ball sized one tucked up into his scrotum. One of Haynesworth’ fetishes that boy whores like Gabriel had to satisfy was teasing out, distending, and sucking the third ball with his mouth. Before the day was out Gabriel would be an expert in this. The reward was that the testicle fired on its own and could do so between recoveries of the other two. Beyond that, Haynesworth’ uncut cock was a slab of meat two-thirds of a foot long and nearly three-inches wide in repose.

The upshot of the condition was that Haynesworth produced a prodigious amount of semen--often, almost constantly--and required frequent servicing by a sex partner who could accommodate his requirements. Once a session started, Haynesworth could fuck a boy into the grave if he didn’t control himself. For that reason, more often than not Haynesworth turned to professionals who were trained for endurance. Gabriel was not a professional, but the lord had been counseled by the baron and he would run along the edge with Gabriel, exacting his pleasure but not ruining the boy.

He had plans for Gabriel for this week that went beyond his own pleasure, and Baron von Sternburg was accommodating him in return for a favorable report on his bid to supply England with munitions. Lord Haynesworth had his own favors to exchange.

This was to be a hunting week Haynesworth put together occasionally for men of prominence who wanted to exercise their fetishes away from the inquiring press. Haynesworth was active in exchanging favor for favors. He kept this activity--and those engaged in it--quite private though. To Haynesworth and his well-placed male friends, leaders in government and society, all of whom fed Haynesworth off-the-record secrets in exchange for invitations to his hunting weeks, a hunting week at this estate involved the hunting of fourteen-year-old boys.

Gabriel was one of this week’s boys--the premier one. The others were obtained from the streets of the large cities or from remote farms. Gabriel was a patrician. All of the boys were consenting. Not all of them had been before Haynesworth had previously acquired, deflowered, and manhandled them, though.

Each of Haynesworth’s guests was invited either to bring his own partner, who had to be a fourteen-year-old boy, or to vie for the use of one of the fresh fourteen-year-old boys Haynesworth provided. Then, other than meals, and gathering after dinner, they were left to hunt as they pleased. Some were known to become so engrossed in the hunt that they missed meals.

Gabriel was there to participate in the hunt, but not until Haynesworth had used him. Baron von Sternburg knew that Haynesworth would take his time enjoying Gabriel’s body for the entire afternoon. Haynesworth’s demands were high, but the value of the deal Sternburg was after was also high. They were in the program for the long haul today. Haynesworth had made no bones about wanting to go for a record of ejaculations this afternoon. He had recently turned sixty and he quite evidently was beginning to worry how much longer he would, literally, be able to keep it up. He was almost obsessed with the need to exercise it to hang on to the ability to harden.

That was the issue now, as he stood by the bed. He had gone flaccid. And this after only four ejaculations. For most men his age this would be natural--indeed, the four ejaculations would have been a memorable miracle. Not so for Haynesworth. He had already fucked Gabriel twice, jacked off once, and been sucked off once. But this wouldn’t do for Haynesworth. He was reverting to toys to help him keep it up. Thus the titillation of feeding the graduated glass balls into Gabriel’s ass to bring on the next hard on. It hadn’t worked, though. The largest dildo they made at the time was laying beside Gabriel’s leg ready for use, but Haynesworth opted to retreat across the room and pick up what was then a new invention, a suction erection tube.

The two men maintained eye contact, as Haynesworth worked his cock up. He’d had to order a special one to fit him.

“Come here and set me free,” Gabriel said. “I can do that. I can make you hard again.”

Haynesworth raised an eyebrow. The boys he used were usually completely cowed by now. They didn’t often volunteer to enable the lord’s fetishes.

Haynesworth pulled the tube off. The cock was in half erection. Even at half, it was monstrous. He came over to the bed and freed the boy’s wrists and ankles. Gabriel, turning onto his side, facing Haynesworth, moved his arm around the older man’s slim hips, cupped a butt cheek, and drew Haynesworth’ crotch to him. One after the other Gabriel took the two distended balls in his mouth, sucked them, and gave the balls a hummer. Haynesworth was harder. He was harder yet when Gabriel managed to tongue the third ball out of his nut sac, get it in his mouth and roll and suck it. The dick was on the rise, and Gabriel, with effort, took it in his mouth while he still could. He rimmed Haynesworth’s asshole with a finger, as the older man groaned, and worked it into the passage, searching for, and finding, the prostate. Haynesworth’s cock filled out more and, gagging, Gabriel was forced to pull his mouth back to the tip of the cock, with his lips pushing the foreskin off the bulbous knob, which he sucked hard, flicking his tongue on the leaking piss slit. It had only taken Gabriel four months to learn all of the tricks.

Haynesworth grabbed Gabriel’s head, running his hands through the luxurious blond curls, and moaned deeply, as Gabriel’s mouth left the cock and started working under the balls, tonguing up into the scrotum to tease out the third ball again. When he had gotten it to drop, he sucked it into his mouth, rolled it around, and started to hum.

With a grunt, Haynesworth shot off beside Gabriel’s cheek. Gabriel let loose of the third ball, and Haynesworth leaned down, kissed him passionate on the lips, and licked his own cum off Gabriel’s face and up into his hairline.

Satisfied for the moment then, he knelt on the bed, and, as Gabriel huffed and puffed, worked the last of the graduated balls around in Gabriel’s passage. He grasped Gabriel’s hard cock with the other hand and stroked it. As he slowly pulled the balls out and then reinserted them, Gabriel shuddered, moaned, provided a whispered commentary on the effect of the attention, and, when he was about to explode, requested permission to come. Laughing, Haynesworth slapped Gabriel’s dick, erasing the urge to shot, at least for now, and slowly pulled the balls out.

He entered Gabriel’s ass with four fingers and teased him into thinking fisting time had arrived. Gabriel groaned deeply and began to pant hard, but Haynesworth laughed and pulled the fingers out.

Gabriel was well aware that they had all afternoon for this and that Haynesworth was a master at the sexual tease and torture. He played Gabriel’s ass for a while with the oversized dildo, marveling at Gabriel’s ability to bottom it and to move his pelvis on the hard, glass cock as Haynesworth held it steady. Haynesworth was masturbating himself and Gabriel could see that he would be ready for release soon himself. And then, quickly pulling the dildo out, Haynesworth wanted to bury his cock. He scrambled between Gabriel’s spread legs, pushed his knees under the younger man’s buttocks, and penetrated Gabriel with one long slide. Gabriel brought his torso up and the two hugged each other, chest plastered to chest, arms encircling backs, mouth sucking on mouth, as they rocked back and forth, moving Haynesworth’s cock deep inside Gabriel’s passage, the boy set the muscles of his passage to undulate over the invading, throbbing staff, enticing the two men to ejaculate in a flood of cum nearly simultaneously.

“Five!” Haynesworth yelled out. He was keeping count.

The shared cry of the two men reverberated in echo through the corridors of the castle, reaching down to the library, where, smiling, Baron von Sternburg paused in his reading about the hot poker death of King Edward II, took a sip of his brandy, and returned to his reading.

Haynesworth and Gabriel lay there for several minutes on the bed in the lord’s bedroom, panting and recovering. Then, at Haynesworth’ signal they took a break, went for a piss and a towel off, and Haynesworth called for beer. The two stood at the window overlooking the rolling countryside of Haynesworth’s estate. Haynesworth laughed to see one of his guests, an admiral, running down the guest he’d brought, one of his own stable hands; trapping the boy in a gazebo and, after frenziedly readjusting clothing, bending him over a chair and fucking him. Finished, the guest rose, adjusted his clothing and departed, only to be replaced by another guest, who had been standing by and watching. He turned the stable hand onto his back on the chair, grabbed the boy’s legs and raised them, and commenced fucking him hard.

“Isn’t even Nevile’s guest,” Haynesworth said, with a laugh. “Wonder who’s fucking the boy I rented for him. Matthew is his name, I think. Willing boy. Not as good as you. Not nearly as good. Tell me, where did you come from? How did Wilhelm manage to acquire you? How can you seem so fresh and innocent but be so wanton? What does Wilhelm have to control you to yield to such as I have done to you?”

Gabriel shrugged. “I like to be fucked. I especially like to be fucked by the baron.”

“He fucks better than I do?”

Gabriel just shrugged and gave a little smile.

In a hoarse voice, Haynesworth commanded Gabriel to return to the bed. He bound Gabriel’s wrists and with the headboard leads again. Already hard, not needing any toys or assists now, he moved between Gabriel’s spread legs on his knees and fucked him hard and long. When Gabriel had come, Haynesworth moved a hand between the boy’s knees. Gabriel’s eyes popped open and his mouth opened to a silent scream, as Haynesworth laced his fingers around the root of Gabriel’s balls, distended them, and patted them. Gabriel writhed as best he could as Haynesworth closed his fist over the balls and squeezed them. Before Gabriel’s screams could go vocal, however, the older man let loose of the balls, thrust his cock inside Gabriel, and started pumping his ass hard again.

“Does the baron fuck you this good, or am I better?” he asked.

Gabriel turned his head to the side and didn’t answer. Haynesworth came in another flood of come, calling out, “Six!” He pulled his cock out and then Gabriel did scream in surprise as the lord replaced his cock with four bunched and greased fingers of a hand and pressed in.

“Yes, yes,” Gabriel cried out. “You are better than the baron.” He sobbed as the hand went deeper.

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