The Den
Chapter 8

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Sex Story: Chapter 8 - A man stuck in retirement reflects on his life and women in it.

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“Come on in. It’s open.”

Doug turned the knob and pushed the door open. He didn’t see anyone and was hesitant to enter until he heard Shirley Ann call, “I’ll be out in a minute. Put the beer in the fridge.” It had never entered Doug’s mind not to bring the beer but he noted that Shirley Ann was certainly sure of herself.

Doug set the case of beer on the kitchen counter. He had gotten a case from the cooler at the store, not because he thought they would drink a case but because he didn’t want to be seen as cheap, and he might get invited back. Doug put ten bottles in the huge refrigerator and left the others on the counter. Just as he turned, Shirley Ann came around the corner. She was tall and shapely, with shiny black hair and dark liquid eyes.

“You must think I really drink a lot. I had in mind one or two six packs, not a case.’’

“I thought you might want some, another time.”

“And you thought that you might help me drink it, another time.”

“That of course is up to you but yes that would be nice and I wouldn’t have to stop to get any,” Doug said with a smile.

“Maybe I’ll want something else, if there is another time. Exactly what are you expecting this time, if I may be so bold as to ask?”

Doug hemmed and hawed and scuffed the toe of his shoe and finally said, “What you said the other night.”

“Oh, you came seeking pussy,” Shirley Ann said as she watched Doug turn beet red.

Doug just stood mouth agape unable to breathe. He could feel the heat from his face spreading down his neck and onto his chest and stomach.

Finally Shirley Ann said, “Douggie, take a breath before you pass out Sugar.”

Once Doug was breathing again, Shirley Ann smiled and said, “That is, what you are here for isn’t it, Sugar? Don’t tell me I got all revved up for some fucking and you came for something else. Let’s have a beer and sit by the fire and try to figure this thing out. There’s an opener in that drawer there. I’ll get glasses. I don’t like drinking out of the bottle, unless there are no glasses,” she said with a wicked laugh.

Doug, dutifully opened the beers and brought them to the couch where Shirley Ann was seated with two glasses. “I like foreplay Sugar. You know what foreplay is, don’t you?”

“Kissing and touching and stuff like that.”

“Before we get into that, tell me something about school. Who are you dating? Are you dating anyone or am I your best girl?” Shirley Ann teased.

“I’m not seeing anyone special right now,” Doug said, feeling the heat from his reddening face once again.

“So, I’m it huh? That’s not good Sugar. You should have a girlfriend. If this thing between us is more than a one night deal, you will think about me too much if you don’t have another girl. You need someone you can take to parties, and ball games, and drink beer with in the afternoons. You can hardly do that with me, now can you? How about getting us another beer?”

On their third beer as Doug’s polite conversation was losing steam, Shirley Ann moved things along by rubbing her hand up and down on Doug’s thigh. It sent shivers through his groin. She looked him directly in the eye as she lightly rubbed over the length of Doug’s hardening dick. Doug could only moan with pleasure. “You like that, don’t you, sugar? Good, because I like it and it feels good,” she said as she, with the help of her other hand, unzipped Doug’s pants and slid her hand into the opening, managing to grip the end three inches of his dick. “Sugar, I think maybe we need to move this to the bedroom,” she said as she stood. “Bring your beer and follow me.”

The bedroom was large, with a queen-sized bed already turned down in anticipation of their presence. The other furnishings were a chest of drawers, dresser, bedside tables, with a chaise lounge in one corner under a window. On the dresser was a picture of a young boy perhaps Doug’s age along with a jewelry box and various nick-knacks. The tables each held a lamp, one of which was on, and a coaster. There was a book on one of the tables. Once in the bedroom Shirley Ann undressed Doug placing his clothes on the chaise lounge. As she stooped to take off his shorts Doug’s dick popped into the open. “Oh, Sugar, that is a really nice cock,” she said as she held it with both hands. “No wonder I told you to call me.”

Doug, not sure what to do, just stood there as Shirley Ann ran her hands up and down the length of his dick examining its full length and then took it into her warm mouth. As she sucked it, Doug knew this was not a good idea and told her that if she continued he was going to cum.

“Oh, Sugar, so soon. We’re going to have to work on that, so you can enjoy it without blowing your wad right away. If you do it’s okay because I can get you up again.” Noticing Doug’s quizzical look, Shirley Ann said, “Don’t worry Sugar, I have my ways. You just get in bed on that side.” When Doug was in the bed Shirley Ann let her silk robe slip from her shoulders and fall to the floor, revealing her long shapely body. Doug’s eyes were immediately drawn to her pussy which was covered by a neatly trimmed bush and to her breasts which were full and upright. “You like,” she asked?

“Oh yes, I like very much. Just looking at you makes me want to cum.”

“I think we can take care of that, Sugar. Turn that light on,” Shirley Ann said, as she turned the lamp on her table off. The bulb in Doug’s lamp was red and gave the room an eerie glow. When he looked at Shirley Ann, her hair and bush had a glow to them, and her face and breasts stood out in some indescribable way, as if they were calling him to her. As he stared, she reached for him and pulled his face onto the breast closest to him. Doug’s mouth opened without volition and sucked the breast deep into his mouth where his tongue, as if by design excited the nipple into full erection. As Doug sucked and licked, Shirley Ann posed the rhetorical question, “Sugar, are you sure you haven’t done this lots before? Try the other one.”

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