The Den
Chapter 1

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Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A man stuck in retirement reflects on his life and women in it.

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Alice had left their bed when the TV in the bedroom stopped working. Its failure didn’t unduly bother Doug, he was more of a reader than a watcher, although he had to admit it was good to catch the late news and for those nights he couldn’t sleep. Many a morning, he awoke to the sound of some cartoon character’s voice on the station when he fell asleep watching mayhem and naked women the night before.

Doug replaced the TV but Alice didn’t return. She had moved to the family room with the big TV and now slept on the sofa using an afghan for cover. The TV in the family room was now on almost twenty-four hours a day. Doug would turn it off when he came down in the morning as Alice was still sleeping. He would fix his tea and go to his den where he spent most days since his retirement three years ago. There was a closet and small chest where he kept everyday clothes such as pants, shirts, shorts, socks and a few pairs of shoes and his penis pump. He had given up wearing underwear several years ago. It seemed such a bother. He no longer worried about having clean underwear if he was in an accident. He smiled at the thought of underwear. Years ago Alice had liked for him to wear her bikini underwear. She liked the way his dick felt in them. She used to rub it through the fabric and watch it grow. For some reason his dick always looked bigger to him with Alice’s panties on. Maybe that’s what Alice liked.

There was a bathroom a few steps down the hall from his den where he now showered. He would come out of the bathroom naked and walk down the hall the short distance to his den to dress. If you asked him when he had started this routine he would only be able to tell you that it was sometime after Alice moved to the sofa in the family room.

In the den there was a large six foot desk where Doug spent much of his time. Occupying a significant portion was a desktop computer with its twenty-four inch monitor and the attendant all in one printer/ copy machine. There was a cordless keyboard and mouse and a little vertical box-like thing that held pens, scissors, nail files and markers. Also his container of chocolate covered almonds and his blood pressure machine had their place. Although Doug kept his appointments on 30 Box on his computer he still kept a calendar in his desk that he maintained manually. He liked the feel of what he considered the real thing.

One wall of the den was covered with bookcases and cupboards except for a portion between the bookcases where there was a window with a comfortable recliner beneath. The chair was navy blue with ivory piping and had the indentation of his ever spreading ass firmly in the cushion as evidence of its frequent use. There was a TV on the wall opposite the chair and a seven foot couch on the wall opposite the desk upon which Doug occasionally napped. There was lighting from three lamps which gave the room a pleasant warmth. The pictures and prints were of campus scenes at the University of North Carolina and of Doug and Alice at frat parties and various other spots on campus. Identically framed pictures of the four lacrosse teams that Doug had played on. Above the desk was a large framed print of the “Skater” and on a back corner of the desk a framed picture of a younger Alice.

There was no doubt that this was a man’s room; the dark sturdy furniture, the pictures, the cherry bookcases, chair rail, and wainscoting on the lower half of the walls, the books on various wars, the spy novels, the books by Hemingway, Fitzgerald and James sprinkled among classics and pop fiction. The walls above the cherry wainscoting were lacquered pale blue. Next to the chair was a dog eared copy of To Kill a Mockingbird, in Doug’s opinion, the finest fiction novel ever written. It was far superior to the very good movie as was usually the case with good books.

Doug and Alice lived in a big old house. Much more than they needed with the children gone and the grandchildren no longer under foot. The only time the house got full use was when they were all gathered. Usually they were all there for Thanksgiving and those who were not too distant came on Christmas but it had been some time since everyone had been there for Christmas what with Pigeon and Charlie with children in college and the others spread around the country. They really should move to a smaller place but whenever they discussed it, selling the house and moving just seemed more than they were up for. So they stayed and rattled around in the twelve room house just the two of them.

They had lived on Fair Oaks Drive in Carter’s Grove, Virginia for forty of their forty-three years of marriage and the thought of moving was more than either of them could bear. When they moved in, there was only Pigeon and the newly arrived Charlie. Pigeon had been christened Paige Irene Greene after two aunts, one from each side of the family. When picking the names Doug and Alice had not stopped to think what the initials spelled. Once it dawned on them they knew what other children would call her and since they couldn’t very well change her name after the munificent birth and Baptismal gifts from the aunts in question, they decided to beat everyone to the punch and at Alice’s suggestion they called her Pigeon which took care of the initials problem.

Alice was soon pregnant with Jack followed by Sarah, Bette and Ted. Only in the last year had Ted moved from home when IBM transferred him to their London office. For a while Doug and Alice thought maybe Ted was going to retire with them. Of all the children Ted was the least interested in leaving home. He liked his parents as well as loved them; he watched sports and played golf with his dad and even enjoyed watching tear jerkers with his mother. He had the good life and he knew it. His mom did his laundry, changed his bed, cooked his favorite meals and he never had to worry about girls wanting to stay over at his place. Maybe Pangloss had been right after all.

Cranking up his computer Doug first checked the weather for the day. Then he skimmed the online editions of the New York Times and the Washington Post. He couldn’t stand the tendentiousness of either but they generally reported the facts accurately and they still had overseas bureaus. Next he checked his emails. Nothing much on two of his three accounts just a bunch of people wanting to sell them God knows what. On the third it looked like it was going to be a good day. No one was trying to sell him anything as far as he could see but all were trying to give him something. Hal had sent him a picture purporting to be Hal posing in black crotchless panty hose and black patent leather high heels with a white satin blouse. Hal had on what appeared to be real pearls and matching ear rings and a pearl ring on his left hand. The focal point of the picture was Hal’s hanging dick. It was at least six inches in the flaccid state. In the message box was typed, “How would you like some of this baby?” Doug hit the reply button and typed, “Very nice indeed. Could I just lick the icing?” and clicked send.

There were two from Bruce. One asking for pictures and another giving the location of a get together this Saturday. It was a pool party on a secluded estate and the group was limited to mature men except for six Arab boys that were being flown in from Morocco for the occasion. Doug had no interest in such business and clicked delete.

Mary sent pictures of her giving a blow job. He could tell from the several pictures that the male had a sizable dick and Mary was hungrily sucking it down. She hinted that she could do as much for Doug if he liked such things. He saved the email and went to Helen’s who said she was pleased that he had written and that when she broke up with the guy she was currently fucking she would send him an email. Doug didn’t know if he would reply but nonetheless he saved Helen’s. He had a number of archived emails and messages that he retained for various reasons.

The last message was from Shirley Ann. “I see from your email that your problem remains more or less the same. You should come see me for a few days and you will forget you ever had a problem.”

“Same old Shirley Ann, she must be in her eighties,” Doug had last seen her at least ten years ago. Doug had not been able to get an erection for some years. The doctors said it was probably connected to his high blood pressure. Erectile dysfunction being one of the side effects. He had tried Viagra and Cialis with little success. The pump was more effective but Alice didn’t like it. She said that it might go down at any minute like a balloon with a hole in it. And in fact it only held an erection for a short time before he started getting limp. This was very bad for foreplay which he greatly enjoyed even if he couldn’t get it up. As a result their sex dwindled to nothing. Doug had thought about an implant but Alice was not too keen on that either and he just let it go. Even though he couldn’t perform Doug still had strong urges to have sex and he still wanted to fuck someone, preferably Alice. Now that he couldn’t, he thought about it more than he ever had before. So Doug hit the internet and found the friends and buddies sites.

He had been a member of several for about a year now and so far he had never done more than email and chat. He registered as straight seeking women but included leaning bi curious. This was acceptable to nearly all the women and the men had no problems at all. Through his emails and chats he had progressed to adult story sites and after much reading had decided to try his hand at writing a story himself but first consulted some books on how to be a writer. Those that provided instruction on writing adult content had advised that the most important thing was creating female characters with large breasts and males with big penises.

He had published three stories following this formula but was not satisfied with the results. His stories were just about sex and didn’t have any plot or character development. He decided to try a new approach and not worry about the sex and just let it surface naturally in the story where it would in real life; although Doug knew from personal experience that sex came into a person’s life at unexpected times and places. Doug decided that he would start with this approach after his morning shower.

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