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Incest Sex Story: a girl becomes a woman

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including School   Brother   Sister   Anal Sex   Oral Sex   .

It was another two hours until my parents would pick me up for our annual family vacation. I was sitting in class daydreaming about the boy I met at church last week. It’s hard to meet boys since St. Ann’s is an all-girls school. I will admit that they tried to give us some help in meeting the boys. Once a year they had a dance with St. Patrick’s school for boys but that was so well chaperoned that you couldn’t even press up against a boy because “the proper dance position is six inches between you and your partner.” My daydreaming was interrupted by a loud bang. Some kid got ahold of a firecracker I thought. That thought went away quickly when the classroom door slammed open and a lot of big black men came into the room.

“Just be quiet and we won’t hurt you,” said the biggest and apparently the leader. Miss Jones our teacher said, “Get out of here right now. You don’t belong here.” I saw one of the thugs point his gun at her but the leader said, “let her live for now, we can have some fun with her later.”

We were all bound hand and foot and placed on a waiting bus. Miss Jones, always the teacher, said, “Don’t be afraid children. I’m sure the police will rescue us shortly and...”. Whatever else she was going to say was stopped when one of our captors punched her in the stomach. When I saw that I couldn’t remain quiet, “Leave her alone. You’re nothing but a bully who isn’t good enough to kiss her butt.” He started toward me but the leader stopped him from continuing.

“I can hardly wait to tear you apart with my cock,” he snarled. It was then I knew that I shouldn’t have brought attention to myself.

I could feel that the bus was stopped. We were hustled onto a huge plane and took off headed to who knows where?

I don’t know how long we flew but it seemed like it must have been at least five hours but it may be more or less. We were untied and led into what looked a lot like a high school cafeteria. This didn’t make any sense, at least to me. What was going on?

A nice looking black man in a suit walked into the middle of the room. “Welcome to Black World,” he said. “I know most of you are wondering what is going to happen to you. Well, it’s like this. If you behave and do everything you are told we probably won’t hurt you a lot. Disobey and we’ll strip you and whip you in front of all the rest of you. This is what you did to our people so now it’s our turn.

Now for the day, you’ll have the time to consider how you’ll react. So eat well and have a good night’s sleep because tomorrow is going to be a long day.” With that he walked out of the room and the women came in with our meal. Surprisingly, the food was quite good.

I, surprisingly, was finally was able to fall asleep. It was hard because the mattress was lumpy and several of the other girls were weeping and then our position would get to them and they would start wailing. I wasn’t crying because I figured that whatever happened would probably make me cry anyway and since there was nothing I could do about it I’d save my tears for later.

The overhead light came on and a rough male voice barked out, “time to get up sluts and I mean now. You are due in class in a half an hour. “What about breakfast,” asked one of the younger girls in our group. He just laughed, “Why eat when you’d just throw it back up within a couple of minutes.”

We got up to get dressed and discovered our clothes had been removed. In its place, we each had a short (very short) plaid skirt and a see-through white blouse. Where is our underwear someone asked? He laughed again. “When we were your slaves you never allowed our women to wear anything under their holey shift so why should we give you any.”

Being nearly naked we were walked to a “classroom.” It looked a lot like any other classroom I had been in, it had student desks all in rows and an old fashioned black chalkboard on one wall. “Take a seat,” barked the asshole who had brought us here. “Any seat.”

I took a seat about three rows back thinking it might make me less noticeable. A few naked black men came in and handcuffed us to our seat. That gave me a little hope since there was no way we could be raped in the student desk which was bolted to the floor.

A slim black woman entered the room. She was dressed in an, obviously expensive, business suit. “I am Mistress Paine,” she said. “I will be your teacher for the next few weeks. Before we begin instruction, however, we have a demonstration to show you what can happen if you do not exactly as you are told.” With that she sat down behind the desk and looking at the naked black men said quietly, “you may begin.”

The biggest of the naked black men went through a door and brought Miss Jones into the room with him. She had a big bruise on the left side or her face where she had obviously been hit. Mistress Paine intoned, “what is this obviously guilty prisoner charged with.”

“According to law 101 it is illegal for any female honkey to keep her virginity beyond the age of 15. The doctors have determined that this slut, obviously over the age of 15, is still a virgin with her hymen intact. Law 102 forbids any female honkey of any age to wear any sort any sort of underwear meaning panties and bra. This slut was found wearing both.”

Mistress Paine then said, “You have heard he charges against you. How do you plead, guilty or not guilty. It was obvious that Miss Jones was more than a little bit pissed. “This is ridiculous. It violates all the tenants of Jurisprudence.” I noticed that Mistress Paine flinched. It was obvious that she didn’t have any idea what Miss Jones was talking about. She recovered quickly however. “Since you have chosen not to make a plea, I will make it for you. ‘Honky bitch you are hereby found guilty of violating the rules of Blackland. Your punishment for this is that you will be used by the big black cocks of the men of our nation. Please remove all of your clothes.”

Miss Jones blanched, “Please, not in front of the students.” “I’m not going to tell you again,” barked Mistress Paine. “Get out of your clothes NOW.” She gulped and began unbuttoning her dress. “I’m sorry children,” he said. “But please remember that no matter what happens I love every one of you.” “The prisoner will remain silent and get the rest of those clothes off now.” By this time she was down to her bra and panties. With a look that she was miserable she reached behind her back and unhooked her bra. She held it against herself and took several deep breaths and lifting her head she pulled the bra away from her body and dropped it on the floor. I was amazed that her tits didn’t sag even slightly.

Miss Laura Jones was thinking, “Okay Laura, these bastards want to make me scream but I’m not going to do it. I’ll bet that will spoil their fun.” With that she put her in the sides of her panties and pulled them down and off. She couldn’t help herself, she covered her tits with her right arm and covered her cunt with her left hand. “Hands at your side,” screamed Mistress Paine. “It can’t be that bad,” Miss Jones she moved her hands. “After all most woman get through it early in life.”

Immediately, two naked black men came forward and one of them held her arms between her back while the other fitted a dental device which would make her mouth stay open. He cranked a knob on the side until she was open wider than she had ever been in her life. If hurt really bad and she reconsidered her previous thoughts not to scream.

They laid her face down on an armless black leather couch. Her hair was attached to a frame above her. That left her mouth and throat in a straight line. “Now girls,” said Mistress Paine. “Pay close attention because if you don’t obey the rules this could happen to you.”

“I guess I should tell you what’s going to happen so you’ll know what it is that you are seeing. A woman has three openings all of which in this slut has kept away from the cocks that want to enter her. This will be eliminated in two steps. In the first she will have her mouth and asshole used at the same time. Just to be sure it took we will redo the procedure four times. Following that we will remove the virginity in her cunt four times. I haven’t decided yet whether her crimes deserve the death penalty. Let’s see well she survives the fuck phase then I’ll decide. Now do not take your eyes off what is happening. If you do you will take her place.”

Eight naked black men came in and divided in two groups of four standing in line at both ends of the bound Miss Jones. The first at her head grabbed her by the ears and placed his hard cock just outside her wide open mouth. The other man grabbed her ass cheeks and put his hard cock against the entrance to her body. The guy at his head nodded and they both rammed forward and slide inside her body. There was a slight scream which was cut off as the black cock slid into her throat.

Her body started to shake all over as the big black used her for a cum dump. It seemed to go on forever as one man would finish and another would take his place. Eventually, all eight men had cum inside her either in her stomach or her ass. She just laid the moaning. They proceeded to turn her on her back. “Please,” she begged. “No more.”

They ignored and the first cock ever to enter rammed into her defenseless cunt. Her scream was loud enough to wake the dead. It went on and on, never stopping. The girl in the desk beside me vomited spewing all over the floor. That pissed off Mistress Paine. Miss Jones was hauled away and my neighbor took her place. They ripped off her small amount of clothes and brutally raped her. Her screams seemed to go on forever. Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore. “Just leave her alone,” I shouted. Sometimes I don’t know when to keep my mouth shut. This was of those times. The time I realized my error was when I was lying naked with a big black man over me and his huge cock at the opening of my virgin cunt.

At the back of my mind I heard the five-minute warning bell. I sudden realized that had been day dreaming almost two hours and I was more horny than I have ever been. I rubbed my thighs together three times and the big “O” hit me hard. I couldn’t control my groan. Miss Jones asked me if I was okay, and I just told her it was a bad time of the month. As I walked the door to get in my parents car she said, “I hope you feel better soon.”

I slid into the back seat beside my twin brother, Ted. My brother and I were extremely close. Our parents knew this but they thought it had to do with the fact that we were twins. Maybe that had something to do with it but mostly because it was we were giving each hand jobs whenever we had the chance. I had half promised Ted that maybe during our vacation we would go a little bit further. I was thinking that maybe we could suck each off. I already knew that I didn’t hate the taste of his cum too bad because I had picked up some on my finger and it wasn’t bad. Just a little salty.

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