The Handcuff Seduction

by Grandad1950

Copyright© 2017 by Grandad1950

Erotica Sex Story: Young Chris handcuffs his mother and forces her.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Coercion   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Mother   BDSM   First   Oral Sex   Petting   Voyeurism   .

When Chris and his mother arrived home, the phone was ringing.

‘I’ll get it, ‘ she said, tossing the car keys on the hall table.

‘I’m going to shower, Mum, ‘ Chris called back over his shoulder as he took the stairs two at a time.

Half an hour later, he was back in the lounge where his mother was on the sofa sipping a glass of wine.

Wendy looked up at him. ‘Oh, didn’t know you were going to change into your dressing gown.’

‘Yeah, no point as I’m not going out this evening. Thought we’d share a DVD as we’ve already eaten. Then I’m off to bed.’

She smiled. ‘That’s nice, Chris. It’s been ages since it was just the two of us.’

He held out a selection of DVDs and slid her choice in the player.

‘Was that Dad on the phone?’ he asked, as he sat next to her.

She frowned at how close he was, so close she moved until there was a comfortable gap between them.

‘Yes, they’d just arrived at your Grans. She’s so excited at seeing Claire again, but as usual, moaned she rarely sees her as we live so far apart. Plus your Dad was a misery because we’d stopped at the Chinese for dinner after dropping them at the station.’ She planted an affectionate kiss on her son’s cheek. ‘I’m so pleased you’re easy going like me and didn’t take after Dad and his mother.’

Chris chuckled. ‘It’s always good when it’s just you and me, ‘ he said, as he moved closer and hugged her.

She rested her head against his arm and pressed the play button with her free hand – her right arm was trapped between them.

‘Mom, we need to talk. It’s kinda serious.’

‘Ok, son, what’s it about?’ she asked, her eyes on the screen, watching the warning about illegal copies of movies.

‘It started just after Claire was born and you came back from the hospital.’

Wendy paused the DVD. ‘What about it? I’m curious.’

‘It was a few weeks after my fourteen birthday, so, at the time, I was too young to understand what was happening to me. You recall when the midwife came to the house because you couldn’t breast feed Claire?’

‘Of course. She was struggling to suckle.’

‘You opened your blouse ... the bra undid at the front. You unfastened it and lifted your breasts out.’

She pulled away from him, so she could look into his eyes. ‘Son, that was normal. Claire wasn’t getting my milk. The midwife checked my teats ... but maybe you shouldn’t have been watching.’

‘Hm, maybe, but it was amazing. You being naked gave me a funny feeling in my stomach.’

‘I’m sorry you were watching, but I’m sure those feelings were natural. It’s ok, Chris.’

‘But the thing is, you didn’t put them away after the midwife left and I couldn’t stop gazing at them. They were beautiful and, ‘ He glanced down at her blouse. ‘they still are.’

She chuckled. ‘I would hope so, it was less than eighteen months ago. Look son, I think I understand. Obviously, boys have urges and are curious about a woman’s body.’

‘Mom, you’re right, but the point is, now I understand. I have ... I have sexual feelings for you. Can’t stop fantasising about being in your bed and playing with your boobs.’

Wendy blushed, clearly shaken, plus excited by his words, so didn’t notice her son had edged nearer so their bodies were touching.

‘You mustn’t fantasise about me. Really, you shouldn’t. It may be natural, but... ‘

He put his arm around her shoulders, while she struggled to release her trapped arm.

‘Can I kiss you, Mom?’

‘No! Oh son ... oh, oh.’

Confused, she absent-mindedly picked up the remote from her lap and shut of the TV. ‘No, Chris, this has gone far enough ... sorry, but... ‘

Before her hand could return to her lap, Chris grabbed it and transferred the hold to his other one, the hand around her shoulders. She was helpless, whereas his right hand was free to roam. ‘Just one kiss ... please.’

‘Chris, what on earth are you doing? Don’t hold me so tight ... oh, oh.’ In the hope he would release her after, she agreed. ‘OK, just the one, if you promise to behave.’

Reluctantly, she allowed their lips to meet. Almost immediately, Chris’s tongue was pushing against her lips, however they wouldn’t part, though she did return his kiss. But, only for a few seconds, as she pulled away. Chris’s fingers gripped her chin, pulled her back and kissed her again. This time with short, tender kisses, each time pulling back an inch, before his lips were back on hers. No tongue, nothing demanding, just gentle brushes of his lips against his mother’s, first her top lip, then her lower. Time stopped and the only sound was their heavy breathing and the occasional sigh.

When Chris finally pulled back, her eyes were closed, a soft glow on her face. She opened her eyes and almost smiled at him. ‘Son, I don’t feel right about this intimacy, but confess your kisses excite me and maybe, maybe, because it’s so undeniably wrong, it’s even more thrilling.

This time, she kissed him, pressing her mouth hard against his, less tender, replaced with passion, such passion she didn’t notice his errant fingers undoing the middle buttons of her blouse. Realisation didn’t arrive, until she felt Chris’s hand sliding inside and capturing her left breast.

Wendy broke the kiss and looked down at his hand nestled inside her blouse fondling her lace covered breast. ‘Oh son ... ohhhhh ... no, please.’

‘Darling Mom, I’ve never been so excited. How I’ve longed for this.’ He pulled on the cup until the lace defence slid down below her boob. He sighed at the feel of her bare flesh.

‘Ohhhh ... no, son ... oh, shit ... don’t ... ohhhh.’

He pulled on the nipple and rolled it around. ‘Mom, is this what I should do? Do you like it? Please say you do.’

‘Stop! You must stop this instant.’

It was clear to Chris, his mother was not going to make it easy for him. Next stage, he thought, as he retrieved the handcuffs from his pocket and snapped the cuff on the wrist he was holding.

Her head shot round and stared at the handcuffs. ‘What ... where?’

‘Recognise them? Sorry, Mom, I borrowed them from Dad’s bedside cabinet.’

Her face was flaming, part embarrassment, but mostly fury.

Chris half turned and lifted her right arm to manacle both wrists. Wendy struggled, fighting him as he raised her arm. It suited him as the exertions caused her breasts to bounce around within the confines of her blouse. Such a wonderful sight, thought Chris, but eventually, she tired and accepted defeat.

He manacled the other wrist and whispered, ‘Comfortable, Mom?’

There was no answer, but she looked over her shoulder as her son’s hand searched behind the sofa. From a hook in the wall, he retrieved the cord, tied to the base of the sofa in the early hours of the night. He fastened it around the handcuff chain as he explained, ‘This is to stop you bringing your hands over your head. They’re up, out of my way, so I can enjoy your nakedness.’

Now his mother was utterly helpless, the excitement surged through his body at having her at his mercy, so wonderfully vulnerable. His hands trembled as they closed around her boobs. They weren’t massive, even so his hands struggled to cover their expanse. She struggled, but it was pointless as he groped them. He straddled her knees and took full advantage of her helplessness, mauling them, squeezing them through the soft material.

‘Time to undress you, Mom. It’s been far too long since I saw them.’

‘No, Chris. This is wrong. Please don’t.’

As he undid the top button, she moved her head from side to side, in effect, denying him access to her body. ‘No, Chris, ‘ she groaned.

She continued to complain and plead as his fingers moved downward, slowly bringing her closer to exposure. He pulled the blouse from her skirt and opened the two halves. His hands went behind her back and undid her bra.

He leaned back and pulled the lace cup forward, releasing her other breast. He feasted on his topless mother. ‘Mom, they’re not as big as they were, but they’re still large and amazing. Oh, Mom, you’re beautiful.’

For the next few minutes, he played with them, took time to explore every inch, even lifting them so he could see the undersides. He held them, marvelling at their weight, kissed all over the soft flesh, lapping the nipples with his wet tongue. Despite her earlier fighting, she lay and watched her son enjoying her nakedness and her breathing became heavier when he paid particular attention to her nipples. Since her pregnancy they had become super sensitive and they instantly grew to full size as he suckled on them. She adored the sensation and as Chris was enjoying the intimacy so much, he couldn’t stop. As he suckled on one, his fingers pleasured the other, squeezing, rolling and stretching them.

When he heard her groan, he opened his eyes and looked up to her face. Her head lolled to one side, her eyes closed, her part open mouth adorned with a slight smile.

‘Ohhhhhh, son ... oh!’

‘Darling Mom. What were you thinking while I was gazing at your breasts just over a year ago?’

‘I was thinking what I’m thinking now. We shouldn’t be doing it. It was wrong of you to stare at my breasts and I should have known better than allow you.’

‘Maybe, but you didn’t stop me and I watched you for a long, long time.’

‘It was stupid of me, ‘ she admitted. ‘I watched you ogling my boobs and I confess, yes, it made me feel good.

He stroked his hand over the swell of her breast and rubbed his thumb hard against her nipple, pushing it from side to side. ‘Does this make you feel good as well?’

She sighed. ‘Oh son ... yes, far, far better, but ... but ... please don’t.’

‘Ok, if you’re sure.’ He held her face and placed tender, but passionate kisses on her mouth. She kissed him back, but turned her head away afterwards.

‘Why are you resisting me, Mom? I want to give you pleasure. Please, I want you to enjoy what I’m doing to you.’

‘Because it isn’t right. Please uncuff me, Chris. If you stop now, I promise you it will be forgotten. I accept you’ve had this desire for me for a long time and now you’ve taken what you wanted, release me.’

Chris lifted from her lap and stood in front of her. He undid the cord around his waist and shed his dressing gown. Wendy watched every move. He wore tight Adam briefs, the only underwear to contain his erection. He pulled them down and released his cock.

Her mouth dropped open as she gazed at the solid pole which was aimed at her face. ‘Oh son, I wish you hadn’t done that. This is getting out of hand.’

‘That’s due to you Mom. It’s your body. It’s amazing. I didn’t tell you before, but I used to fantasise. I’d stand by the side of your bed and you’d wake and sit up. You untied my pajamas so they slid to the carpet, took me with both hands and jerked me off until I came over your boobs. Was it bad to think that way?’

‘Er ... yes and no.’ She shook her head from side to side. ‘I don’t think you should fantasise about me ... but maybe, it’s ok. I don’t know, I really don’t.’ She paused as the image he’d painted filled her mind. The delight of undressing him, holding this amazing erection, which was inches from her face, dripping pre-cum. She had another thought. ‘Chris, do you want me to do that now? I can see you’re over excited, but if you release me, I’ll be able to satisfy you. You can splash your cum over my titties. Will you let me go then?’

Chris forced his leg between hers, keeping them from closing. ‘I appreciate your offer, Mom, but I need to give you pleasure as well.’

Wendy face filled with panic as she realised what he was doing, confirmed when he lifted her loose skirt and rested it just below her bra. ‘NO! No, you mustn’t. Now you’re going too far. Seeing me topless is bad enough, but not this. Please, Chris, you can’t.’

‘But a moment ago, you were offering to wank me. Can’t I do the same for you?’

She watched as he struggled to pull down her tights. Not an easy job, but he managed. ‘Oh no, no ... this isn’t real.’

Holding her legs apart he knelt between them.

‘Mom, please calm yourself. I’m not going to rape you. I would never hurt you that way, I’m only going to put my fingers in your pussy.’

He stopped in surprise. Her panties looked wet. They were such thin material they appeared to be soaked. Chris could clearly see his mother’s lips. He touched her panties. Yes, they are. His fingers strayed upwards and they were equally wet. Finally, down into the crack of her bottom. Drenched!

She couldn’t stop her sighs with each touch on her secret parts, but she ceased when she heard his question.

‘Mom, you’re wet. Are you alright?’

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