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Fiction Sex Story: After my son left home his younger sister told me how he had raped her two years before. Once that secret was out, she continuted to tell me what he and she had been doing since then.

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Incest   Brother   Sister   Father   .

I stared at my daughter, shocked by what she had just told me. “Your brother fucked you!?”

She had come to me quietly, timidly but she wanted to tell what had been going on in my own home for two years, “Yes, I think he raped me but I’m not sure anymore.”

Now that her brother was out of the house she felt she could talk to me, “What the hell do you mean you’re not sure? Did he rape you or not, that should be pretty easy to figure out. Either you let him or he forced you, which was it?”

Nate, her brother, my son, was three years older than Sarah had just four weeks earlier left home for good, he had joined the Coast Guard and was at Cape May, New Jersey in the Coast Guard boot camp, well out of my reach. “The first time he took me to his room and made me do it. I was scared daddy, he hurt me and I was scared that I would have a baby and that he would hit me if I told anybody.”

My fingers itched to grab the boy’s throat and throttle him dead. That he could do that to his sister! “When did he do that baby? Did he rape you more that once?”

My pretty petite daughter looked at me, nervousness pooled in her eyes, “He did it the first time right after I turned fourteen, then he came back and said I had to let him again because he said he would put what we did on Facebook and everybody would know I was fucking my brother.”

My mind seethed with outrage, my boy was a serial rapist? How in hell could he do something like that to his own sister!! He had girlfriends, I know for sure because once in a while I had to make him clean cum stains off the back seat of my car after he used it for a hot date. I was always secretly please he was getting laid, but this? Fucking his sister? For over two years and I never suspected? My heart melted for my abused girl, I wanted to do everything I could to make the shame, the hurt go away, “He’s gone now Sarah, and we don’t ever have to let him come home again. You don’t ever need to see him again sweetheart.”

That night I sent an email to my son ‘Sarah told me what you have been doing to her for two years, do not ever step foot into my house again. Do not ever try to contact your sister again. You would not like the consequences.’

He responded only once and the curt answer angered me even further because he trashed his sister, ‘There wasn’t much rape involved, your little girl is a party girl.’

Three weeks later I had calmed enough to be able to talk to Sarah without flying into a rage because of her brother. It was time to ask her some personal questions. Since her mother was an angel in heaven it was up to me to talk to her, “Sarah sit, I have to ask you something.”

“Besides your brother do you have sex with anyone else? Do you let your boyfriends screw you?”

She bloomed red in the face, “I only had one steady boyfriend.”

“And, did he get lucky?”

She hung her head to hide the blush and answered softly “Yes, but not very much daddy.”

There it was, every father’s worst worry, my sixteen year old daughter was sexually active, it was time to take precautions. “Do you have safe sex? Does he wear condoms?”

I had to strain my ears to hear the soft reply, “Sometimes.”

“Sometimes? Sweetheart, you should be more careful, any boy who fucks you should wear a rubber, any time.”

She looked up at me “When I don’t want him to cum in me I do it with my mouth. I can’t get pregnant when I suck it all up.”

Holy fucking shit! Her confession caused a major dose of hormones to pour out of my balls directly to my cock, a vision of my daughters lips around a long thick erection exploded into my mind’s eye and I almost convulsed with a sexual spasm.

I was stunned silent for several moments then I had to ask, “You did that for your brother too?”

She only nodded, her soft blonde hair shifting across her shoulders as her head moved. My rattled nerves soothed slightly so I continued, “Tell me what he did with you, how often, how you felt.” I’m not sure if that question was driven by concern for my daughter or by a more base urge to hear lurid details of her sex life.

She began, “It was three weeks after my birthday, he grabbed me when I was leaving my bath and dragged me into his room. I only had a towel on so he tore it off then bent me over the edge of the mattress and fucked me until he came. I tried to get away but he was too strong and heavy. When he pushed his cock in me it hurt like crazy and I tried to call for you but he stopped my by saying “If you yell, I’ll tell dad you came in here and asked for this, you better be quiet,” then he put a pillow over my head. The next day he apologized a million times and I thought he really meant it. I mean he acted scared I would tell but I didn’t because he said he was so sorry.”

“I was home? Where in hell was I?”

“I think you were mowing the lawn.”

“How long was it before he came on to you again?”

“Maybe a month. That time he didn’t attack, he told me before I went to bed that he was coming with me. Daddy, I didn’t say no, I didn’t try to stop him because I thought it would be better if I didn’t fight him like before. I didn’t want to but I was scared not to so we went to bed together.”

“Where was I that time?”

“You were dating Allison that night, he knew you would spend the night with her and we would be alone. I think that’s why he did it, he wouldn’t get caught. He made me get naked in front of him then he took all his clothes off and told me to touch his hard-on. After I did that he stayed with me all night, he fucked me four times. When he left he told me to wash my bed sheets and scrub the spots off the mattress so you wouldn’t see.”

“And he started coming to you more?”

Sarah blushed from face to neck and replied in a soft, meek voice, “The next time we did it I asked him. I mean the hard part was over, me and him did it and I didn’t die and go to hell and nobody at school knew so the more I thought about it the less awful it was. Maybe two months after the second time I went to him in his bed. He was really surprised when I asked him if he wanted to do it and really fast we were were fucking. After that we had sex a lot when you were gone and I liked it.”

“So he only forced you a couple of times at the start then you started doing it because you liked it?”

Sarah hung her head, sighed and replied, “Yeah, sometimes I even made him give up dates with his girlfriend so he would stay home and fuck me.” Appalling as her story was, I grew a solid hard-on while I imagined my daughter turning on and screwing her brother.

“And now you have a boyfriend, when did you start with him?”

“Just before Christmas, I put a ribbon around my waist and some bows on my tits then told him to guess what his present was going to be. He was kind of stupid at first and couldn’t guess but after I laid on the floor under our tree he figured it out.”

“So you came on to him, he didn’t make a pass at you?”

She flushed again, “I got horny.”

“Is he the only boy you screwed other than your brother?”

Sarah looked away, took a deep breath then took a sip of water from her bottle. She didn’t answer the question so I pressed on, “Sarah, answer me honestly, do you think you want better protection, should I take you to the clinic so you can get birth control?”

She lifted her eyes to mine, blue locked onto brown, “Does that mean you are okay with me doing it? That I could have sex and not be scared that a boy didn’t pull out?”

“It’s way too late for my okay with this or to try to stop you from getting laid, once someone gets a taste they will go back for more. You could swear you will never have sex again but you will, it is inevitable, it is nature. I think it would be better, I don’t need my young daughter making me a granddad yet.”

Her smile was marginal but the shyness gone, “Take me to the clinic dad, if I can have sex and not worry about having a baby I wouldn’t be afraid to do it with someone want to. I like sex and if I can let him cum in me every time I would love it and I know he would like it that way.”

I was startled by the boldness of her statement, “Is there anyone special you want to fuck, is that why you need to be safe?”

Sarah got up and turned to leave, she grinned around her enigmatic answer “Oh come on daddy, I can’t tell you all my secrets.” I watched her butt rock under her skirt as she left the room and felt my nuts shiver.

Goddamn girl, I had a semi steel cock for hours after our conversation. The depths of my thoughts were below the level of depravity because the only thing I could think of was her getting laid by her brother and a fantasy guy she wanted to fuck. Her admission that she came on to Nate caused me to call my occasional girlfriend Allison. I had to relieve some ball pressure and she was always ready to slip out of her marriage bed for a visit with me.

Not only was Allison using me for a casual fling, she was a family practitioner, a doctor. As we lay quietly in the dimly lit room of the motel I asked her if she could arrange to get my daughter on birth control. Since she was already violating her marital vows I figured she could stretch her Hippocratic Oath enough to help.

Three weeks later Sarah had an IUD implanted. She opted for an IUD because Pills can be forgotten or discovered by snoopy friends. In our state Sarah was too young to get any form of birth control under normal circumstances but Allison noted in Sarah’s medical records that birth control was prescribed for the health and well being of the patient. Once the procedure was done I began to act more rational again. I mean I still wasn’t too keen on the idea of my sixteen year old girl fucking around but at least she wouldn’t come home with an unwanted consequence of sex. I could only hope she would be sensible about spreading her legs, not go wild with an army of cocks. I didn’t want her to think she had my permission to fuck every kid in school so I sat her down again.

“We need to talk about promiscuity, do you know what that means?”

Sarah blushed “I guess it means screwing a lot.”

“Not just a lot, but a lot with different boys. You may be protected from their sperm but you are not protected from their bragging or rumors. A girl who lets a bunch of boys nail her can get a bad rep very fast. If you have sex, try keep it to your boyfriend. If you want something extra, do it away from your friends, with someone who won’t be writing your name over the urinals in the boy’s room at school.”

“They do that?”

“Look girl, the easiest way for a high school kid to know who might screw him is to get her name and number off the restroom walls.”

I couldn’t decide if my daughter was being facetious or not when she said “Oh -- maybe I should sneak in and check. Does that stuff wash off?” Once again my nuts felt a rush of shivers while I thought about what she may have inadvertently disclosed.

In the next few weeks my mind began to wander into areas of degeneracy that shamed me thoroughly. My daughter and I were the only two in the house, we were always close and since we had breached the barriers of sexual privacy and openly discussed sex and taken steps to keep her safe my thoughts about her were becoming more sinister. I mean her room was just down the hall and at night I imagined what she looked like under the blanket, under her night gown. My heart would thud a little harder, my cock would gain weight as I envisioned her tender young breasts, the tight smooth skin of her ass and legs, the sweet junction of her thighs. I really had trouble keeping my thoughts pure after she had taken a bath, her nudity cleansed, her body rubbed with oils and powders that scented the air around her. I would climb the walls in frustration when I saw her wandering around the house in just bra and panties which she did often. Christ all mighty, what she doing to me and didn’t even know! But the clearest vision that lingered in my mind? Her lips sealed around her brother’s erection while it pulsed life over her tongue. Allison was getting a lot of ‘emergency room calls’ for time away from her husband.

It happened on a Tuesday morning when Sarah was readying for school. I thought she was in her room so when I opened the bathroom door I was surprised to see her. She was standing nude in front of the full length mirror, she had only a towel wrapped around her wet hair. She was standing feet spread with a blow dryer in her left hand, it was aimed at her pubic hair which she was fluffing with her right. The first thought that slammed into my head was ‘holy shit, no wonder her brother was fucking her!’. The girl was a vision of softy flowing lines and curves from her neck to her feet. Sarah is about 5’6 and weighs all of 115 lbs, much of that in the proudly standing breasts and firm, round ass. Her body narrowed from her shoulders to a slim waist then flared into nicely rounded hips. Her thighs and lower legs completed the graceful contours that defined her body. She was standing sideways to me so I didn’t’ get a look at her pussy and I had to fight an impulse to ask her to turn to face me. She swiveled her head to me and said calmly, “I’m late for school so I have to hurry, you can come back in a minute.” After I stepped back out it struck me that she didn’t act embarrassed that I was staring at her nakedness.

I was overpowered by thoughts and impulses that drove my lust for 18 hours after discovering my daughter in the buff. It was 1:28 in the morning when I got out of bed and let my hard-on lead me to her room. I eased open the door and saw Sarah lying on her side facing the door, the dim light that spilled around me from the hall night light illuminated my girl enough that I could see she wore a cotton shift decorated with flowers and baby forest creatures, a touch of Disney. She was breathing evenly, sleeping peacefully. I stepped to the bed with the head of my erection pointed at her breasts while I looked her up and down. She looked pure, innocent and untouched but I knew for certain she liked sex and fucked around, she had told me as much in our several conversations.

Nothing in the world could have stopped me, I was going to get into her bed and screw her while she slept, that seemed like the best way to get her without an argument. I was going to rape my daughter, that is how Nate started with her and she didn’t tell anyone, I figured she would keep me a secret too. Just as I started to move around behind her to get on the bed she shifted. She bent at the waist more which put her head on the edge of the bed. Her face was just inches from the throbbing tip of my erection. Without conscious thought I flexed my hips and brushed the end of my cock across Sarah’s lips. Her mouth puckered slightly then the tip of her tongue slipped across her upper lip. She tasted the daub of precum I’d smeared on her then her mouth opened wider. I was lost, I pressed my hard-on against her lips and she opened even more, accepting me as I pushed across her teeth. I felt her tongue caress the head of my cock then my daughter started nursing my erection. Her head wasn’t moving but she was sucking my cock, the way her mouth moved I was reminded of when she was a baby and suckling a pacifier. I’d been working up to screwing her all day so my nuts were long before primed. After just a couple of minutes of getting head from my sleeping girl my prick convulsed, my balls clenched and I flooded her mouth with several surges of cum. Semen leaked from around the shaft down her cheek to the bed but I saw her throat work then she pulled off my erection. Her eyes were still closed but she had a soft smile on her face when I fled back to my room.

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