by Jack Spratt

Copyright© 2007, Jack Spratt. ALL Rights Reserved

Romantic Sex Story: Don is the author of his own misfortune. Volunteering for an assignment, before researching it, wasn't the brightest thing he has done. What starts out as a total screw up, ends on a very high note! It has something to do with a girls' basketball team, and two young teens; Jayden and Chi make the trip worthwhile.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Fiction   Interracial   .

Date of first publication: Friday PM, September 21, 2007

Special thanks to ‘oldfart‘ for his expertise in re-editing and re-proofing.

There is nothing in life that I enjoy more than a two hour layover at O’Hara in Chicago, other than perhaps, a double root canal. Just another wonderful screw up by the logistics department of my employer; they caught me unaware, blindsided me. The urge to kill comes to mind every time I think of them.

It all started out innocently enough. There were a number of interesting postings on the job board: one was in Milwaukee. Since I was currently available, with nothing on my plate, I thought, “What the hell? I’ll volunteer for it.”

Dumb! The clues were all there, screaming at me. The manager nearly fell out of her chair when I mentioned my interest. The size of the travel allowance should have set the alarms off! The company is very generous, and the amount was more than ample, but still I blundered through the minefield of clues oblivious to the potential screw-ups. Like an unguarded quarterback, I didn’t see it coming, I was blindsided.

Leaving the office, plane ticket in hand, I actually felt good about the assignment. My flight was at seven thirty Monday morning. Little did I realize all the tribulations that faced me!

Now, a little about myself: My name is Don Parsons. I’m fifty-two, am widower and an empty nester. My children are all over the country so my job is my family now. I work in the technology industry, a job that, usually, is not demanding, allowing me much time to myself. I love my private time at home and at the cottage. My home is large for my needs but after twenty-three years, it is very comfortable. Besides, it is paid for. Currently between soulful partners, as my interests tend to be towards the younger females, I am very careful with whom I flirt. Still, many mature female acquaintances enjoy my company. So, I am never desperate but being male, I am always looking.

I spent a major part of my weekend gathering the necessary items for the trip. The assignment should be completed in five days, assuming all goes well so I should be home late Friday evening. From prior experience, I always pack three extra days of clothing. Not being familiar with the client’s hardware, it could mean a complete upgrade and, perhaps, the items will have to be shipped in, requiring a longer stay. Like the Boy Scouts, it pays to “Be Prepared.”

Monday started out great. We had the worst thunderstorm in ten years. It had me wondering if it could possibly be an omen of what was to come. As a result of the storm, traffic was down to a crawl. Finally finding a parking spot at the airport, I realized it would have been more prudent to have taken a taxi, considering the distance to the boarding area.

But, the worst was yet to come: going through security. I realize Monday morning is not the ideal time to take a flight. Not only were all the regular commuters in line but most of them were damp from the deluge, tempers were just a little on edge. Attempting to keep my cool, I followed the sheep to the x-ray area, removing my shoes, etc., and putting it all in the tray provided. Then, when I walked through the arch all hell broke loose! Talk about getting everybody’s attention! The security guards had their hands on their weapons, one took a wand to me and cautiously examined every inch of my body. Nothing! They then escorted me to the arch again and had me walk through the second time. Again, nothing! Everyone seemed to heave a sigh of relief and I was allowed to enter the inner sanctum. After twenty minutes, I located my airline departure gate and the correct waiting area for my flight. There were twenty minutes until boarding.

As if I haven’t had enough excitement today, I noticed twenty of my fellow travelers were young girls: all of them are Chinese and all of them wearing their school colors. I was able to glean from their conversations that they were going to a basketball tournament. Lucky me! The word quiet was not in their vocabulary. Any thoughts of having a relaxing four-hour trip had gone out the window, the plane couldn’t be big enough to have any distance needed from this group of girls. The only positive thing was that all the girls that passed by my seat in the waiting area were very beautiful young ladies. It was difficult to assess their bodies in the getups they wore, mostly school jackets and the large school crested sweaters that some enjoy wearing in spite of the heat.

Finally, our flight was called and lining up, like good little children, we slowly boarded the plane. The unit was a mid-size with two seats on my side of the aisle and three on the other. Mine was 14B, an aisle seat. After stowing my carryon, I sat and waited. Not three seconds after getting comfortable, a young Chinese face was looking at me. 14A, the window seat. Standing up, allowing her to pass, her hair brushed my face. The scent she emitted was shampoo and perfume and, even this early in the morning, my John Thomas reacted. Maybe this trip will have some defining moments; wishful thinking.

Finally, movements of the passengers were complete and the plane seemed to be at capacity. For those of you that fly, you know the routine. The flight attendant goes through the same boring speech, first about no smoking, then about the life preservers and oxygen masks. My young seat buddy is all ears as she hangs on every word. Finally, the seat-belt sign came on. Already buckled in, I watched the young lady’s frustration build as she attempted to get her belt to secure.

“Can I help?”


“I will have to touch you, so please don’t start yelling rape.”

She looked at me with her large, brown, drowning pool eyes, concentrating on my words, and then it hit her and a devastating smile appeared.

“I promise I won’t yell.”

Grabbing both parts of the belt, I joined the two at her hip. Her body was very warm. It was necessary to lean over her to do this and as I did, her scent had me wanting more, even at this ungodly hour! My wish was she doesn’t notice my small tent. Once secured, she wiggled a bit.

“Thank you for helping me. This is my first flight.”

“You have nothing to worry about. They usually don’t crash on first flights.”

Again, her eyes are like a deer caught in the headlights and then she gives me that disarming smile again.

“That’s not nice.”

“Just relax. Once we are in the air, it is like riding in a car.”

We heard the engine come to life while the pilot tested the wing flaps. The noise reverberated throughout the cabin and this got a nervous look from my seat mate.

“Nothing to worry about; just sit back and relax. Any loose parts will have fallen off before we take off.”

Again, the look of concern and then she realizes I am kidding. She gives me a dirty look, then smiles.

Finally, we taxied to the takeoff area and waited to be cleared. She watched as other planes took off before us. Eventually, our plane moved forward and then we felt the breaks engage as the engines roared. The torque could be felt throughout the plane as the vibration had the unit shaking, then the rush forward. She grabbed my arm and squeezed as she watched the runway through the window. Slowly, the plane left the tarmac and we felt the rush as we climbed. All through this experience she never let go. Finally, we levelled off. She heaved a sigh of relief and then realized she had been hanging on to my arm.

“I am sorry! As I had mentioned, this is my first flight and I didn’t know what to expect.”

“You did fine, and my arm will regain its circulation before we land.”

Again, the look of confusion, then she realizes I am joking.

“Since we have become so close, we should introduce ourselves. I am Jayden Kimura, basketball player.”

“Pleased to meet you, Miss Kimura. I am Don Parsons, computer expert in software and viruses.”

“Where are you going, Mr. Parsons?”

“Milwaukee. We have a client with major server problems. Don to the rescue.”

“We will be flight mates; our team is also going to Milwaukee as part of a tournament, we will be there for the week returning Sunday.”

“If all goes well on my assignment I should be returning Friday, but I am not counting on it.”

This started a conversation that lasted nearly an hour. Jayden is fourteen, plays center for her club. She is from a family of five: Two sisters, one younger at thirteen and the other older at fifteen. Neither play basketball, she is the only athlete of the three. This is the first time she has been away from home on her own. The only reason she is allowed to accompany the team is that the coach is a friend of her mother.

Jayden’s hair is a very dark brown, nearing black. It is shoulder length, currently in a pony tail that flips each time she moves her head. Finally, she opens her jacket, displaying just the beginnings of breasts. She is not a big girl but I can only assume she has a well-toned body if she plays basketball. Her sports slacks give no hint of her legs, thighs or bum, being they are that loose fitting type, which seems to be favored by a number of athletes.

Her voice has a musical ring to it. I love watching the movement of her gloss-coated lips. They appear just right for kissing. All the while we are talking, her closeness and scent keeps me semi erect. It takes will power to keep John Thomas from joining the chat. Then, the snap of the com system gets our attention.

“Good morning, I am John Travers, captain of this flight. Thank you for using our airline. We are about to enter some turbulence and, possibly, a thunderstorm. We are attempting to climb above it, however there is nothing to worry about. For your safety, please make sure your seat belt is fastened. The turbulence may last up to an hour. Thank you.”

The seat belt light comes on. Jayden attempts to attach her belt without success again and then looks at me with her beautiful eyes pleading for assistance.

“I promise I won’t yell rape.”

Again, Don to the rescue! Reaching over her to make sure her belt was secure, I felt her soft hip. The cabin lights dimmed and the constant murmur of voices that was present before seemed to have dissipated as everyone awaited the turbulence. Suddenly, the plane did a slight veer to the right.

Jayden grabbed my hand and squeezed.

“You have nothing to worry about. This happens now and then. It’s just cross winds in the atmosphere that seem to move the plane; they don’t last too long.”

She wasn’t convinced and didn’t let go of my hand. Her hand was so soft and tiny compared to my mitt. Giving her a slight squeeze got a smile. The next encounter caused the plane to dip sharply about two feet, causing Jayden to dig her nails into my hand. The next one really had her frightened as she took my hand and put it between her legs and grabbed my arm, pulling herself against me. My hand was against her pubes, the heat and moisture permeated her slacks. I wanted to explore, but didn’t dare. Jayden had not given me any suggestion that she is slightly interested in old men. It was difficult to keep my hand at her pussy, not moving it. My small finger was between two sizable luv lips. What I wouldn’t give to do a little exploring. Then, she squeezed my hand with her thighs. That did not help me at all! Dare I do anything?

While daydreaming of making love to this beautiful, young Chinese girl, with my hand touching heaven, the plane levelled off and resumed it smooth journey. Jayden took a moment to realize the change, then she realized she had my hand in a death grip next to her pussy. It is hard to tell when a Chinese girl blushes but from the additional heat on my hand, I assumed she was. She released me and looked down, obviously embarrassed.

“Please, forgive me, I was so frightened and nothing seems to bother you.”

If she only knew how much feeling her pussy bothered me. Not in the sense she is referring to but just attempting to be a gentleman in her time of need.

“Nothing to forgive. I believe in the philosophy of not worrying about something I can’t control. I just think of something pleasant until things go back to normal.”

“I wish I could do that. I am not very brave.”

“Don’t say that! You are flying, are you not? You didn’t scream and make a fool of yourself so just think of that as being as brave as you can at this time. It will get easier as you do it more and more.”

“Thank you. You are a nice person.”

Jayden looked down, which gave me the opportunity to slowly bring the hand that had been close to her to my nose, giving anyone who is watching the impression I am just rubbing The bouquet of her perfume, and obvious female scent, has me more than semi erect. Her scent is something that could easily become addictive, given the opportunity. Jayden sits silent for a good half hour, lost in her thoughts. Then she gives me an inquisitive look.

“Where are you staying for the week?”

“My firm has me booked at the Clocktower Hotel on Tower Drive; it is apparently, two blocks from my assignment. This is my first trip to the city.”

“It must be a big hotel; we are staying there as well. The tournament must be close as they told us there would be bus shuttles to the events. Maybe we will see each other.”

After having my hand next to her pussy for nearly one-half hour, I really did want to see more of her but I really didn’t think we were talking about the same thing. Again, wishful thinking. We looked at each other, likely wondering what each other was thinking, when we were disturbed by one of teammates, another striking Chinese beauty.

“Jayden, how did you make out with the turbulence?”

We are eye-to-eye. She smiles and I smile right back. This young lady is wearing a T-shirt with the school logo. The T-shirt has to fight to contain her. She noticed my interest in her super structure and gave me a very knowing smile.

“Don, this is Chiharu Niiyama, my team mate and a big flirt. Chi, quit batting your eyes at Don, he is a gentleman. He gave me an arm to hang on to when the plane was jumping all over the place. How did you make out?”

“I was okay; this is the fourth time I’ve flown, so I knew a little about it. We should be landing in two hours. Call me if you need me.”

She had the look of a Cheshire Cat. She was wearing form fitting slacks that showed more of her attributes, all in the excellent plus category. Her hair was much lighter in color than Jayden’s, however; both young ladies would make lovely companions.

“Please don’t mind Chi, she can’t help herself. Just because she is a month older than me she thinks she knows everything. She looks at every male as a challenge, she loves to wrap them around her finger.”

“What do you do to males?”

“Me? I am so shy, to be honest. You are the first man I have actually talked to; usually, I freeze and say nothing.”

“What, no dates? I can’t believe that!”

“Well, believe it! I haven’t had a date for two reasons: I am too scared and my mom and dad would have a fit if I dated. They tell me I am too young and, that when I do, he has to be Chinese.”

“And, do you agree?”

She looked at me, then out the window, and then looked at me once more. There was actually a little glint in her eyes as she felt her independence working.

“If other boys are like you, I don’t agree.”

With that big admission, she looked away from me. Again, I was not able to confirm if she was blushing. It seemed she had taken a large step in her life, admitting she really didn’t agree with all her parents were saying. Am I witnessing the birth of a young rebel?

“You may not agree with everything your parents say but know that they likely love you very much and they are trying to guide you from making what they consider could be serious mistakes.”

“Would you consider my interest in you as a serious mistake?”

That is a new approach, she being interested in me. Me? I have always been interested in young girls, especially Oriental and of color. Unfortunately, that interest is usually only one way.

“Why would you be interested in the elderly, not that I am not flattered?”

“You are not elderly! Besides, age is just a number.”

Again, the seat belt light came on. This time the captain didn’t have time to give his speech as rain hammered the outer shell, and flashes of lightning and thunder crashes reverberated through the plane. Jayden grabbed my arm and had my hand between her legs in a flash; once again, my finger is pressing against heaven. The devil in me refereed to her comment of being interested in me. I applied pressure against her love lips and she surprised me by pushing her hips forward, applying additional pressure to her pubes. With some effort, I moved my hand to cup her pussy, using my index finger to probe. Jayden moaned, released my arm and buried her face in my side. The storm continued as my finger was getting warm and moist. I wished there was some way to slip my hand down the front of her slacks. My imagination saw her pussy covered with dark, blackish hair, very moist and delicious.

My discoveries were getting better and better, but could not go any further as we were landing shortly for a two hour layover.

The seat belt sign remained on while the engines roared as the braking flaps engaged. Jayden had a look of bewilderment then she spread her legs freeing my hand. She grabbed my hand, squeezing. Apparently, I was not the only one who enjoyed my actions.

Now landed, and debarked, I was in desperate need of a cup of coffee. One of the many joys of flying is the chance to spend four dollars for a cup the worst coffee in the world. After ten minutes, I located the bordering area. Actually, it wasn’t hard to find, as my favorite basketball team made it easy. Now seated, I tried in earnest to drink the coffee, a challenge.


It is Jayden and Chi and Chi has a knowing grin. That has me wondering if Jayden confided our little touchy, feely with her. They sat across from me. Jayden has a glow that wasn’t evident before. Again, John Thomas feels the need to get involved. Crossing my legs helps remove him from the conversation.

“We meet again. There doesn’t seem to be much to do during the layover.”

“True, I have a number of publications; I use the time to catch up on some on the new tech changes.”

Chi stood up and looked at Jayden.

“Jayden, I am going to check on the girls. Do you want to come?”

“No, I think I will just relax. After the first part of the trip, I need it.”

“Okay, I will be back.”

I have to admit watching Chi leave is beauty in motion. Her tight bottom just sways enough to attract every male’s interest. Exploring her body would be a wonderful experience during this layover. My interest is not lost on Jayden.

“Remember what I said on the plane, that age is just a number? You just made my point.”

“What do you mean by that remark?”

“I saw your eyes following Chi’s bottom; I can only guess what you are thinking.”

Now, I was fighting a blush. As my attention was on Jayden, she struggled to get comfortable, nearly impossible on these hard bench type seats. Finally, she draped her body over the lip of the bench, her legs slightly spread, her slacks pulled tight giving me a vision of her pubes molded into the material. Her stomach was flat, hips well defined, her legs were now spread, showing the large expanse of her camel toe. My mind had me on my knees before her paying homage to her pussy. Recalling her sexual scent, I could only surmise what treasures lay before me. Jayden’s top was pulled against her boobs, making them evident, but not in a large sense. Her nipples made their presence known. The overall vision made me more than interested in Jayden. Is she actually interested in me? Will anything develop? Hell, who am I kidding?

Looking at her face, her eyes were open as she was watching me study her body. Now, I really felt foolish, caught once more ogling the young lady’s luscious body. She was actually smiling at me. Did she realize the power she had over me? As much as I wanted to get up and leave, John Thomas would undoubtedly make her aware of my perverted interest, all sexual.

“I have never felt anything like that before.”

Now I am confused, as my look demonstrates.

“I’m talking about what happened on the plane; I like you touching me. Does that make me bad?”

“I don’t think so. Perhaps you should have had it happen with a younger person. I should apologize for that.”

“No, you shouldn’t! I put your hand there, at first I didn’t realize it, but it really felt good.”

“I have to admit, I enjoyed doing it.”

There was a long pregnant pause, as we both stared at each other.

“What are you girls doing for meals at the hotel?”

“Tonight we are on our own, but the balance of the time the hosting team will be arranging the meals for us. Why?”

“Perhaps we could have dinner together tonight my treat.”

“I’d like that. I will call you when I am settled in my room, I’ll be sharing one with Chi and two other girls.”

Of course, my conniving mind has me wondering if three girls would like to share my bed. Dirty Old Man!

We were prompted that boarding would begin in ten minutes. I was hoping that we have the same seating arrangements. A large number of the original passengers’ destinations had been Chicago so there were many new faces in the bordering aisle. I can only hope.

This plane wasn’t as large as the first one, with only double seating on each side; again, I got an aisle seat. I saw Jayden coming down the aisle but she stopped and sat two rows in front of me. Chi continued down the aisle, then stopped and looked at me, smiling.

“Your seat?”


Standing up, she purposely rubbed by me, pushing her sizable breasts against my chest. Her hand rubbed against John Thomas, that action shocked me. She actually gave him a squeeze. With the plane now filled, I watched as the attendants closed the door. Next, we went through the same safety pitch. A few passengers were still attempting to get their carry-on in the baggage compartments. The flight attendant was a short, well endowed, young lady and each time she assisted a passenger lift an item she was on her tippy toes. The strain her breasts put on her blouse had me waiting for the buttons to pop, but they didn’t. Chiharu didn’t need any help securing her seat belt, as much as I would love to have been of assistance. With her superstructure, there would have been no way of assisting without leaning against them. Finally, all was well and the plane was hauled to the taxi area. The engines roared as we taxied to the runway.

Once in the air and level, the seat belt light turned off. This left me with nothing to do but rest, since Jayden was not my companion. Closing my eyes, I thought a cat nap could be accomplished, as there was only a light murmur of voices. My thoughts were about Jayden and the wonderful warm feeling between her legs.

“What happened between you and Jayden?”

There goes my idea of getting some shuteye. Opening my eyes, I was confronted with the lovely face of Chiharu. Her lips appeared so moist, so kissable, my senses aroused by her perfume. She had that knowing look on her face. Hell, what does she know?

“Happened? What do you mean?”

“I have been Jayden’s best friend for over five years. I have never known her to be so forward with a male before, she’s usually scared shitless when she is around males. Her parents are very strict. They do not let her date. We have to go through a third degree when we go to the movies at the mall. She has to telephone home as soon as the movie is out. Today, she has a smile on her face and she appears to be far away, deep in thought. So, what happened?”

“Other than the permanent fingernail punctures in my arm, nothing, we just talked.”

“That is not the vibes I am getting. You are a handsome man and you seemed very attentive to Jayden. She wanted me to switch seats.”

“And why didn’t you?”

“I was curious about you. Something happened: Jayden’s mood tells me that.”

“Maybe it is my cologne, I really can’t tell you anything. She wasn’t too impressed with the storm and turbulence so I gave her a shoulder to hang on to.”

“Oh no, there is something more, I can feel it.”

Looking at her, I would love to feel it as well. Her breasts were inches from me, her face and those lips were screaming for attention. John Thomas was ready to salute her beauty. I wonder what would happen if the plane was to start bouncing around.

“So, you won’t tell me.”

“I would, if there was something to tell but there isn’t.”

“Excuse me, please. I have to go to the bathroom.”

Hmmm, how I would love to help. She stood, I stood, she slid out and, again, her hand gave John Thomas a quick feel. We were eye to eye and a smug smile filled her face. She is daring me. Watching her flow down the aisle, she leaned over and spoke to Jayden and then continued. Jayden stood, looked at me, smiled and headed towards me, her jacket in her arms.

“Chi suggested we exchange seats.”

Standing, to allow her to be seated, she moved by me. Her hip pushed into me, leaving no doubt she knew exactly what she did. Now seated, we stared at each other.

“What did the flirt want to know? She wouldn’t change seats with me on takeoff and now she did. She asked me a few pointed questions during the layover. I told her nothing.”

“She got the same from me. She has a feeling something happened during the flight. I told her it was the storm.”

“We think alike! I told her the same thing, that you helped me by being nice, which you are. I didn’t think it was any of her business about the other thing. That is between you and me. It was really nice. I have never felt that way before.”

“Felt how?”

She leaned over towards me her mouth close to my ear.

“Your hand on my pussy ... I have never done anything like that with a guy before.”

Is there an opening here? I wonder.

“How about with a girl?”

That hit a soft spot; she turned her face into my shoulder. She apparently has had a girl between her legs. Was it Chiharu? Now, I am jealous. With a very weak voice, she said,


“Can I guess, Chiharu?”

Her fingers tighten on my arm once more, I hit a tender spot. Now, I was really jealous. Those two girls exploring each other? What I wouldn’t do to get in on that action. John Thomas is now insisting on getting in on the conversation.

“You must think I’m really terrible.”

“Of course not! It is a wonderful thing that you and Chi have such a close relationship. Never feel you have done anything wrong because you love someone.”

“Since Mom and Dad won’t let me date, Chi and I are often together. She is actually very beautiful. I don’t really remember how it happened but one weekend she was sleeping over. We had watched a very sexy movie before going to bed. Something happened during the night, I touched her or she touched me, and the next thing I know we were kissing, really kissing; tongues in each others mouth, and her hands were all over me.”

“It is good you have someone close like that.”

“I like being touched and touching her. We kiss each other all over.”

Then she looked up at me, her face in shock.

“I shouldn’t have told you that! I have never told anyone about us. Please don’t tell Chi.”

“Your secret is safe with me.”

Then, the seat buckle light came on. After buckling my belt, the look on Jayden’s face told me she wanted help. Leaning over her, she gave me a quick kiss on the cheek. After engaging her buckle, and as I moved back, she grabbed my hand and pushed it between her legs, squeezing it with her thighs. My hand was on heaven. She flipped her jacket over my hand, covering the action from anyone walking down the aisle. We had about twenty minutes before hitting the tarmac.

Her hands encircled my arm and she squeezed. Now, I am not one to kick a gift horse in the mouth. My fingers explored her material covered luv lips. She released my hand from the pressure of her thighs and actually spread her legs, allowing me easier access. My exploring fingers found her fly and then the button holding her slacks together. My experienced fingers soon had the button undone. A quick tug on her zipper had it down. Sliding my hand down the opening, I felt soft, warm skin. Jayden was wearing a thong, a very small thong. Finally, my fingers felt soft hair, and then I continued my exploration to the top of her slit. Her clitoris was the size of pea and very hard. Pushing my finger downwards, I hit a warm well of moisture. With my finger lubed, I concentrated on her clitoris. Jayden attempted to move her body to get more pressure on her love button. This discovery had John Thomas straining to participate. What I wouldn’t give to actually see what I was manipulating. Jayden, again, grabbed my arm, burying her face in my shoulder. Her body stiffened as she experienced a climax. With the roar of the engines, no one could hear her gasping. My continuing manipulations brought her to the brink and over twice before it became necessary for me to remove my hand. Jayden had a lost, haunting look on her face.

“I’ve never felt like this before, even after Chi and I touch each other. Hmmm, I feel so good.”

“You had better get yourself prepared to disembark the plane. It wouldn’t be a good thing for you to trip on your slacks as you walk down the aisle.”

With some effort, she managed to fasten her slacks, in spite of the seat belt. When the plane docked at the airport, we were both prim and proper. Now, standing in the aisle, Jayden was in front of me, bouncing on my very evident hard-on. I had the opportunity to enjoy the marvelous scent of Jayden. My right index finger had been where hopefully my tongue will be.

As you can imagine, the airport was a beehive of activity. Jayden was now with her team. As they disappeared from view she spotted me and mouthed, ‘I will call you.’

A quick call to my client’s office resulted in a blue minivan being sent to the airport to retrieve me. It seems they were champing at the bit; their server died this morning and the firm is at a standstill. I had a basic idea of the original setup. However, in the years since it has been running, it is possible there have been a number of upgrades. Therein lie the surprises, attempting to trace the upgrades if the original tech is not available to explain the logic. With luggage in hand, I waited at the pickup area. Taxi after taxi pulled up and left. There were number of commuter buses as well.

Out of nowhere, a new blue minivan pulled to the curb, the window lowered and a voice called out.

“Mr. Parsons?”


“Please, get in before the security is on my case, I am Marietta Gracious.”

Stowing my luggage in the back seat, I climbed in. The driver, Miss Gracious, had to be sixteen, the necessary age to drive, although she looked much younger. Her complexion was a light tan, perhaps Mexican. What I could see told me she was developing very well. Her scent was an enticing floral mixture. Her apparel was a miniskirt riding high on her hips. Are those blue panties hugging her pubes? An uneasy feeling floated through me.

With all the adventure of the flight, there was a strong desire for relief. Miss Gracious could provide it. Watching her told me that I was the only one on that wavelength. She handled the van as if it is part of her. Once on the freeway she spoke.

“Where are you staying?”

“I have been booked at the Clocktower Hotel on Tower Drive.”

“That is close to the office. You can check in and then I’ll drive you to the headquarters. They are patiently waiting for you. Hmmm, maybe not so patiently because the whole office is at a standstill. But it will be better for you to check in now, in the event you have to work late tonight.”

My thought is, “I hope not.” I have an engagement for dinner with Jayden, which could lead into a very interesting week, mind you, my present company has a lot to offer, too. Her face is very attractive, with very heavy lips coated with a very attractive lip gloss. The blouse she is wearing accents her upper body. Unlike Jayden, she is not lacking in the breast department. The van swerved as we exited the freeway. Now in the midst of the city, the streets were bustling with activity. We pulled up at the hotel. My basketball team buddies were milling about in the lobby and Jayden noticed me and approached.

“What a large hotel. It has twenty eight floors. We are on the fourteenth.”

“I’m just checking in. I have to leave as my transportation is waiting outside for me. The job I have to do is now very serious, as the server is down completely. Call me at six to see if I am back.”

Jayden had a look of disappointment.

“I hope you are. I will be very sad if you are not.”

“Jayden quit bothering Mr. Parsons; he likely has a lot to do.”

It is Chiharu. We are eye to eye, her face has that all knowing grin on it, or should I say smirk? What I wouldn’t give to be alone with her for an hour.

“Chi, mind your own business.”

With that, they were gone. Jayden looked back, giving me a weak smile.

Once checked in, I had my luggage sent to the room and was off with Miss Gracious. We are soon entering a parking garage. The torque of the van had me hanging on for dear life as we climbed the circular ramp then quickly slipped into a spot.

“My dad and his crew will be waiting for you.”

“Your dad?”

“Yes, he is the president and owner of the firm, I just do odd jobs to get a little extra money. I will be your driver while you are in the city.”

“It is not necessary.”

“Yes, it is! Dad is paying me four hundred dollars for the week; so, it is necessary. I already have it spent on new clothing, it is all picked out.”

That had me wondering what new clothing she actually needs. With her body, if I was her daddy, she would have all the sexy lingerie she could wear. Grabbing my briefcase, I followed her wonderful bottom to the elevator. We were quickly at the eleventh floor. We stepped into a large room, filled with desks, no lobby, no receptionist.

“This is the work room; the executive offices are on the fifteen-floor. My dad owns the building.”

Now I know I’m not working for a pauper. Looking up, four men approached me with their hands extended. Introductions were made. Mr. Gracious lead me to the problem server. Just looking at it made me aware it was not the unit I have been boning up on, this one was three generations newer. Another checkmark for our logistics department, they should have been aware of the upgrade. The good thing is I am very familiar with this model, having worked on several of its twins recently.

“Mr. Parsons, I don’t want to rush you, but we need to get back up. How much time do you need to give us an idea where we stand?”

“Give me one hour with no interference and I may be able to tell you something.”

“Done! You heard the man, get back to your desks. Do what you can without the system. Mr. Parsons, my daughter will be able to contact me when you have some information. My staff is at your service. Fresh coffee is down the hall. If you need anything just ask.”

“Thank you.”

The first thing I needed was a cup of coffee and maybe a muffin or bagel; it had been awhile since breakfast. The lunchroom was fully equipped and the coffee was delicious. There was no comparison to the putrid cup of dishwater I had at the airport.

It only took forty minutes to determine one of the problems. One of the switching units was fried. One of the things the logistics department did do is provide me with a telephone number of a local supplier. After placing the order, they confirmed it would be delivered in twenty minutes. In the actual office, Marietta was sitting at a desk, playing solitaire.

“Marietta, you can advise your dad that I found one of the problems. After the new component is installed, I will be able to tell him more. Hopefully, part of the system will be up by then.”

Within seconds, she is talking to her dad. She looks at me and beckons me to the desk, holding out the receiver.



“You have found the problem?”

“I found a problem. It may be the only problem but until the component is installed, there is no way of telling.”


“Yes, I have ordered it and it should be here momentarily. My firm has arrangements with many suppliers all over the country, to get the parts needed to a client as quickly as possible.”

With that comment, the elevator clicked as it came to a stop on the floor. It opened and a delivery person holding a box, accompanied by security, left the elevator.

“I think it is here now. Your daughter will be talking to you momentarily.”

The deliveryman seemed concerned, security hanging on his every movement.

“Are you Mr. Parsons?”


“I was told to hand this to you personally. Would you please sign and state the time delivered on the delivery confirmation?”

With the box in hand, I returned to the server room. The moment of truth is at hand! It only took seconds to remove and replace the switch. Before powering the unit, I took my time to follow the circuits, attempting to determine if any one item could have failed. Everything appeared to be in order. For the balance of the week I will test each item but now it is time for the re-boot. The unit powered. The several hard drives whirled as their internal program did its tests and checks. Several units started to wink at me as they come to life. No flames and no smoke are a very good sign.

Stepping out into the main room, all the staff were busy at their stations imputing and watching to see if it is accepted. We were up and running.

“You can tell your dad it seems I have fixed one of the problems and that I will be spending the rest of my time testing.”

“Good! I know my dad will be pleased.”

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