My First Adventure

by P Mitty

Copyright© 2017 by P Mitty

Incest Sex Story: A man sees people for who they really are and not how they want to be seen including their family secrets.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   ft/ft   Incest   Sister   Father   Daughter   .

Hi, my name is Walter. You may have heard about me because they made a movie about me some years back. They got the story wrong. I guess I should say I told the story wrong back then and they used my narration as the basis of their movie. I can’t blame them because if I had told them the truth they never would have made the movie and probably would have tried to get me locked up. Even my wife doesn’t know the truth. If she did she would leave me for sure. You are the first to hear the truth and I will let you decide for yourself if I have a gift or if I really am crazy.

I used to have a theory which I am now convinced is fact. Everyone lives a double life. Everyone has the persona they want the world to see. Everyone has an image that has been carefully crafted over time that they protect with enormous effort and energy. But everyone also has the real personality that they are terrified to let the world see. There is the confident, possibly arrogant businessman, who is really a scared child. There is the pious church leader with his porn stash and trips to the prostitutes. There is the shy and conservative housewife who writes erotic stories and grabs her dido as soon as her husband and children are out the door. I can see these people for who they really are. I can see the person they don’t want anyone else to know exists. So do you see why I can’t tell anyone? People would either have a hard time believing me, and if they did believe me they couldn’t admit it because that would be admitting this secret persona existed within themselves. No one can risk exposing who they really are.

Let me give you a couple of examples. The other day I was walking down the aisle of one of the big box retailers. I was on my lunch break and in a hurry until a movement at the end of the aisle caught my eye. As I looked I saw an attractive young mother pushing a buggy (we call them buggies not shopping carts down here) with a young daughter sitting in the basket. This mother was attractive but not a beauty queen. She’s what’s known as a natural beauty. She has the body of a mother, meaning she had curves but she obviously took care of herself, and wears just enough makeup to enhance her features. She was wearing a loose, light colored blouse which allowed me to see the gentle swell of her breasts. Her pants were a light gray and fit her nicely. As she drew closer I could see her smiling at the young girl who would be a beauty in her own right as she grew up. Most people would see this scene and think how sweet of this mother to enjoy spending time with her daughter. What I saw was the mother as a teenage girl lying on a bed saying “Please daddy. Do it now.” And the dad placing his cock in the entrance of the girl’s virginal pussy and pushing forward. I saw the man increasing speed until he shoots his load deep inside her and the love she felt for her daddy as she received her first load of cum. The smile was not one of love for her daughter but of a fond memory of her own dad and the knowledge that her husband would one day her make her daughter feel just as loved.

For groceries I like to go to one of the more expensive chains in town. They are always clean and the staff is friendly and professional. Yes, they cost more but the experience is worth it. It probably doesn’t hurt that they have a reputation for hiring very cute cashiers. There is one cashier I am particularly fond of as she is sweet and friendly and always does an excellent job. I always pick her line even if it is the longest. One day there was a sharp dressed lady in front of me with her teenage son in tow. She had her nose in the air and made it clear she thought she was better than everyone else in the store. The poor cashier had the misfortune of making a minor mistake. Well the woman loudly proclaimed she was Mrs. Dr. So and So and that she had never seen such incompetence in all her life absolutely humiliating the cashier over a trivial mistake which was easily corrected. While most people saw an obnoxious rich bitch I saw a pretty young blonde getting her pussy plowed by a string of young interns until one poor SOB made the mistake of knocking her up and feeling obligated to marry her thus making her Mrs. Dr. So and So. I saw the punk son who treated his mother as his own personal whore and shoved his cock in her mouth daily forcing her to swallow everything he could give. I saw the husband who knew but no longer cared because he had a string of young nurses and receptionists taking care of his every need and hoping they could become the next Mrs. Dr. So and So.

I have no doubt these scenarios weren’t figments of a perverted imagination. I am convinced these are the real people that hide behind the public mask we all put on. I am sure you can see how dangerous that knowledge can be and why I must keep it a secret.

Let me tell you about the first time this happened to me. I remember it like it was yesterday and at first I convinced myself I was going crazy. This couldn’t possibly happen in real life.

There is an Italian café in the old part of town we like to visit from time to time. It is a charming spot with lots of wrought iron railings from the French influence in the early days of the city. We picked a table out on the sidewalk with a nice view of the city. I love their calzones and ordered one this day. My wife ordered chicken carbonara or something similar. I know I should pay more attention to what she likes but I’m typically too busy watching those around me. Just as the waitress finished taking our order a family sat at the table beside us. The wife was stunning. Long black hair, olive colored skin and spectacular breasts proudly on display behind her tight fitting dress and push up bra. The daughters were younger versions of the mom with their silky black hair and beautiful skin. Obviously there is Latin blood in their veins. The girls were in their school uniforms with the plaid skirts and white blouses. The shirts were thin cotton and you could clearly see the outline of their small bras. The older was probably 15 with nice B cups. The younger I guessed at 14 with her tits blossoming nicely but a little smaller than her sister’s. One of my favorite writers once commented on how she is surprised that Catholic school girls are required to dress like porn sluts and how right she is. Those priests had to be dirty old men to come up with these uniforms.

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