Louise's Surprise

by Grandad1950

Copyright© 2017 by Grandad1950

Erotica Sex Story: When 16 year old Louise confronted old Ted at his cottage, the result was a surprise for both.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Anal Sex   First   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Petting   .

Lou dunked the dirty beer glasses into the sink. ‘He’s done it again, ‘ she growled.

‘Who’s done what?’ asked her boss, the landlord, as he pulled a pint of bitter.

‘Ted, of course. Crept up behind and spanked me.’

‘I’ve told you before, keep away from him.’

‘How can I when I have to collect the empty glasses?’

‘Dunno, but I’m not about to upset my oldest customer.’ He looked down the bar to a man waving for his attention. ‘Customer’s waiting, Lou.’

As she took his order, Lou realised she had to be the one to put a stop to Ted. Despite her complaints, he’d slapped her bum almost every night since she’d started work at the pub. It was the Eighties, years before the laws of sexual harassment existed.

It was the following evening that she waited outside Ted’s cottage, just after closing time.

It was obvious he was surprised to see her, but almost at once, he recovered and grinned at her.

‘Hello, Lou. Missed seeing you this evening.’

‘It’s my night off.’

‘You want to come in for a drink?’

‘Yes, ‘ she replied. ‘Thank you, but I must warn you this isn’t a social call. I’ve come to complain.’

‘Oh, ‘ he said, genuinely surprised. ‘Alright, you’d better come in and explain.’

He unlocked the front door and stepped to one side to allow her to enter. Lou realised within a second of stepping over the threshold, but it was too late as Ted’s heavy hand landed on her backside.

She squealed even louder than normal as his fingers came into contact with her thin summer dress. At the pub, she wore jeans, a far better protection than the cotton covering.

She turned and almost slapped him hard, but he looked so frail, she let her hand fall back to her side. Not trusting him again, she backed into his house.

‘Have a seat, lass, ‘ he chuckled, as though nothing had happened. ‘I only have beer. Is that alright?’

Lou collapsed into an easy chair and growled up at him.

He took her silence as a ‘yes’ and shuffled into the kitchen.

She sat there steaming with rage, which slowly dissipated as a warmth spread from her left buttock to her pussy. She squirmed with pleasure at the unexpected sexuality, but fought against it as she reminded herself Ted hadn’t slapped her for her pleasure. It was for his. Even so, she decided to relax and enjoy the sensation.

Eventually, Ted returned with two tankards and handed her one.

‘Sorry, to be so long, but after ninety years, these old legs don’t move as quick as they did.’

‘I didn’t know you were that old, Ted.’

‘Ninety one, just gone, ‘ he said with a wince as he sat in the large stuffed chair opposite hers.

‘How old are you?’

‘Sixteen, ‘ she smiled. ‘Just gone.’

He nodded his head from side to side. ‘You’re just a kid.’

He took a long draught of his beer before settling back in his seat and smiling at her.

‘Now, what’s this complaint, young lady. What have I done wrong now?’

‘I’m surprised you don’t know. You keep slapping my behind. That’s what’s wrong.’

He studied her for a moment or two. ‘It’s a compliment, Lou. I thought you enjoyed it.’

‘Bullshit!’ she exploded. ‘I’ve told you on more than one occasion to stop.’

He looked a little crestfallen, took another drink and sighed deeply.

‘You’re right, lass. It’s wrong, as you say, but it’s the only sexual pleasure I get these days. I never meant to upset you, but if you’ve taken the trouble to come this evening, I know I must have.’

Lou took a sip of her beer and calmed a little at hearing his apology. She shrugged.

‘It won’t happen again. I promise.’

‘What do you mean when you said sexual? How can you slapping my backside be sexual?’

Lou realised she was aroused even asking the question and took a large gulp of beer to steady herself.

It was Ted’s turn to shrug.

‘I can’t explain it, lass. I just know it gives me a thrill in my groin. Once upon a time it would have given me a hard on, but those days are long past.’

Lou blushed at his frankness. Not the sort of detail she was comfortable with.

Ted noticed her blush and discomfort and sat forward.

‘Oh, I’m sorry, Lou. I had no intention of embarrassing you.’ He sat back with a deep sigh and whispered, ‘I’m such a stupid old man. Hurt you with my hand and now with my words.’

‘That’s ok, Ted. I’m alright. It’s just... ‘ She broke off as she saw his eyes fill with tears. At once, she was out of her seat and comforting him, kneeling on the floor, holding his hand. She removed the tankard from his grip, placed it on the carpet and held both hands.

He smiled down at her. ‘You’re a sweet girl, Lou. I really am sorry I hurt you.’

She returned his smile. Remembering the sexual feeling that she could still feel, though less intense, together with the sting in her cheek, she asked, ‘Do you really get a ... a feeling?’

‘Oh yes, ‘ he replied with a big grin, so large that it squeezed the tears from his eyes.

As Lou watched the tears sliding down his cheeks, she felt a surge of compassion, mixed with desire. Part of her couldn’t believe she felt passion for such an old man, but the other part couldn’t deny it. Before she could reason herself into stopping, she pushed him back in the chair and began to unbuckle the belt to his slacks.

Ted took hold of her wrists and whispered, ‘It’s sweet of you, lass, but I just can’t get it to harden these days. Thank you, but you’re wasting your time.’

‘Let me try, Ted ... please.’

‘No, it’s useless.’

‘Can I at least see it?’

She smiled at the surprise on his wrinkled face to her question. He released her and she returned to undressing him. She unbuttoned his fly, pulled open the two halves and tugged his slacks down as he lifted his backside up. She slid them down to his ankles followed by his Y fronts. He sat, fully exposed, while Lou studied his cock and hairy balls.

‘It’s lovely, ‘ she whispered, smiling up at him.

He smiled back, clearly pleased at the unexpected compliment.

‘Thanks, Lou. I’m pleased you think so, but it’s as I told you. It doesn’t perform, even for a sexy girl.’

Lou studied his cock from every angle, gently lifting it so she could see underneath, savouring the wonder of this old man’s cock. She thought it was beautiful, even when flaccid. The rest of his body may have aged, but this was the most perfect part of him. Her finger tips moved from the base up to the tip, studying, enjoying its softness. Gently, she explored his testes, her pussy tingling as she trailed through the grey, but still luxurious hairs. She stroked his large balls with care, conscious of the pain she could cause if she was too rough.

Ted lifted his backside, a clear invitation he wanted her to explore lower. She giggled and slowly trailed her finger nails up his perineum to his butt hole and back. He sighed at her gentle touch, so she did it again. She loved the control she had on this old man who had, for so long, been in control of her. Lou’s nails softly scratched the sensitive skin back and forth and Ted’s groans thrilled her, making her wet with lust for him.

His butt hole fascinated her. She ran her fingers over it, loving how puckered it was. Her finger nail scratched it and Ted’s groans were even more animalistic. Her juices were flowing freely now, trickling down her thigh.

‘Put your finger in me, ‘ he ordered. ‘Wet it first or you won’t get it up.’

Lou couldn’t believe he meant his ass, but after a few seconds thought, she knew it couldn’t be anything else. She had no idea why he would want such a gross thing, but she wanted so much to please him. She understood that the more pleasure she gave him, the greater her own pleasure. She put her middle finger to her mouth and dribbled saliva on it. Ted lifted himself higher so she could see his little hole. Lou didn’t know if she was doing it correctly; she’d never done anything like this, but the prospect churned her stomach with excitement. It was just so incredibly wrong. She placed the tip at the entrance and pushed. It was fortunate her nail wasn’t too long or sharp as it slowly disappeared into Ted’s anus. There was little resistance as her digit went deep. When it was in as far as it could, she pulled back before slipping it back inside. She was so turned on by this taboo act, she needed his cock. With her finger deep in his ass, she took hold of his cock, still normal size, so it nestled in her palm. Between finger and thumb, she slid his foreskin back, pleased to see a dribble of pre-cum oozing from the slit as her soft touch exposed the mushroom head.

She looked up at Ted, who was staring intently at her every move.

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