Teaching Timmy

by Grandad1950

Copyright© 2017 by Grandad1950

Erotica Sex Story: Mummy's way of dealing with Timmy's cock problem changes their lives.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Mother   Son   First   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Petting   .

‘Timmy, what’s the problem?’

He blushed and lowered his head until the tip of his nose was almost in his cereal bowl. ‘Nothing Mommy.’

She tightened the tie around her silk dressing gown and walked over to the breakfast bar. ‘You’ve had your hand inside your pajamas ever since you came down to breakfast. There must be something wrong.’

‘It’s my ... my ... my thingie ... it won’t stop itching.’

‘Let me see.’


‘Look at me, son.’

Timmy raised a reluctant face, but couldn’t meet her eyes.

‘It’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Whatever it is, I’m sure it happens to all boys. If your Dad was here he would have told you about it long ago.’

He looked up at her, a tad happier. ‘You think you know what it is, Mommy?’

‘Yes, I’m sure. Go up to the bathroom.’

In the bathroom, she knelt in front of him and untied his pajama bottoms. ‘Pull your foreskin back, ‘ she said as his pjs fell around his ankles.

‘I’ve never done it before. Will it hurt?’

Audrey hid her surprise at the question. Surely he must have masturbated at his age. ‘No, of course it won’t darling. Your foreskin is meant to slide back.’

‘Oh!’ With tentative fingers he carefully pulled the foreskin back to reveal a mess of white flakes. ‘Urghh! What is it?’


‘Is it dangerous? Looks bad.’

‘No, not at all. Just needs to be washed off.’ She was about to tell him to clean it, but something stopped her. What’s the harm, she thought as she gazed with longing at his flaccid penis. As the seconds passed, the more she longed to hold it and the more her pussy tingled with anticipation. Such a long time, she mused, such a very long time. I want to touch it, to stroke it until it stands firm and Timmy’s begging me for release. But I can’t, she concluded as she released a frustrated groan.


Audrey looked up at his questioning eyes, then back to his cock. Oh, where’s the harm, she reasoned, I’m only going to wash it and it will be good to hold one again, even a limp one.

‘Here, let me do it for you, ‘ she said with a wide grin. ‘Stand in the bath.’

While he got into the bath, she washed her hands in the sink before lathering them. She sat on the edge of the bath and took hold of his soft penis.

‘If your Dad was ... here, he would have told you to wash it twice a week, so the smeg doesn’t build up.’

She closed her hand around his penis with a sigh and spread the soap all over his soft skin. Even when she knew it was clean, she couldn’t resist and continued to stroke her fingers up and down its length. Such a long time since she held a cock. The excitement was churning her stomach even before his cock quickly began to harden under her tender caress. She relaxed her grip, but continued to slowly masturbate him. Her panties were soaked and her breathing was heavier. Timmy’s groans brought her back to her senses and abruptly, the guilt hit her and she jerked her hand away.

‘I’ll just rinse it for you, ‘ she whispered, not daring to look at his face.

‘Thanks, Mommy, ‘ he replied, his voice also a whisper.

She turned to wash the soapy mess from her hands. When she returned to the bath, his erection hadn’t softened, though he tried to hide it with his hands.

Without fuss, she pulled his hands away and started to slide her wet fingers up and down the length. She was desperate to grip it, but satisfied herself with stroking the silky skin with the tips of her fingers. There was a constant trickle from his slit, a beautiful dribble of pre-cum forming a single thread to the bath. Timmy looked down at it.

‘What’s that liquid, Mommy?’

‘Nothing important, baby, ‘ she replied, then added. ‘Remind me in a few days to wash it for you ... unless you’d prefer to do it yourself.’

His voice was soft. ‘No, I’d like you to do it please, Mommy.’

She dared to sneak a glance at his face. It was beetroot, but his eyes were fixed on her hands as they tenderly caressed his hardness. She continued her gentle strokes, slowly moving up and down from the base to the swollen head. She so wanted to fist him until he was spurting cum over her, but made the most of caressing him so he didn’t explode. She fantasised opening her gown and wanking his virgin seed over her face and boobs.

Without warning, she was hit with an orgasm. Her head was spinning with its intensity and she tried, without success, to hide her moans. She removed her fingers and looked away, but it was too late, she was out of control as the pleasure coursed through her body. The raptures were shaking her as she groaned.

‘You alright, Mommy?’

‘Yes, darling. Nothing to worry about.’

She returned her gaze to his young manhood. He was fully erect and Audrey felt the pool of cum in her panties. She’d hoped the orgasm would satisfy her lust, but it hadn’t. It was worse, she wanted more. Her eyes devoured his young cock with a desperate longing.

‘Once more, ‘ she hushed. He must know it doesn’t need more cleaning, but she knew Timmy well enough to know he would be too embarrassed to say, apart from how he was obviously enjoying every tender caress of Mummy’s fingers.

She rinsed her hands in the sink. When she returned, the single string of pre-cum dangling from the end to the bath was still there. Audrey couldn’t resist taking the fine thread with her finger tips and smoothing it over his glans before, once more, running her fingers back and forth over every firm inch. She only managed to stop stroking him to orgasm by reminding herself over and over that this was her son. Eventually she pulled her hands away and inspected him.

‘Itching gone?’ she managed to ask with an almost calm voice.

He looked at his erection, then at his mother. ‘Err, yes ... thanks, ‘ he replied with a painful expression. His engorged glans was purple. It was clear he needed relief and clearly, she was longing to provide it.

Audrey dragged her eyes away from her son’s shaft and looked at her watch. ‘We’ve missed the school bus, so I’ll take you in the car.’ Once more, she stared at his cock which hadn’t lost any of its firmness. ‘You only have twenty minutes to dress and ... to take care of that.’

‘Take care of what, Mommy?’

She was speechless. Has he never wanked? she wondered. She quickly left him.


Back in her bedroom, Audrey couldn’t stop thinking about his cock. She’d stripped off her wet panties and tried a quickie with her dildo, but it didn’t help. She wanted passion, she wanted flesh. It was nearly two years since she was widowed, two years without even seeing a cock ... until today. Somehow, she’d coped throughout the twenty months, but this morning had brought back the desire, the urgent longing.

There was a gentle knock on her bedroom door.

She moved from the bed and wrapped her gown tight around herself as she called, ‘Come in, Timmy.’

He stood in the doorway, still without his pjs. Audrey gasped at his raging hard on.

‘My thingie won’t go down, Mommy.’

‘Have you been thinking about what just happened?’

He nodded.

‘Well of course it’s still hard. You really are ignorant about sex, aren’t you? Do you really not know what I meant when I suggested you take care of that?’

‘No, ‘ he said in a quiet voice. ‘Is it to do with ... my thingie.’

‘It’s not a ‘thingie’ Timmy, it’s a penis. Call it a cock if you wish, but not a thingie. You’re not a child.’

‘I may as well be.’

‘What does that mean?’

‘My sex knowledge equals that of a child’s. I can’t even find out on the net since you set the parental control. It’s no wonder I don’t know what you mean.’

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