Anna's Movie

by Stevew

Copyright© 2018 by Stevew

Coming of Age Sex Story: A girl is tricked into doing her first movie. Then re-enacted a scene with her dad.

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Ma/ft   Teenagers   Consensual   NonConsensual   Rape   Reluctant   Heterosexual   Incest   Father   Daughter   Gang Bang   Anal Sex   Oral Sex   .

Allen was a hard working man. He had been at the same company for the last ten years. Suddenly he was laid off and on unemployment. He continually looked for a job week after week. After a year and a half he was still unable to find work. What little money he had was gone. Being a single parent it was getting harder and harder to make ends meet. His fourteen year old daughter, Anna, was even trying to find any jobs she could to help out. Of course babysitting jobs didn’t pay much, but she took every one she could to help out.

Anna heard about a movie that was to be made in a few weeks and that they were looking for young girls with talent. She found the number when she looked up the producer’s name and website. She talked to the producer on the phone for about fifteen minutes. He sounded excited when she told him she was fourteen, but told her she would have to get her father’s permission of course. When her father got back from the store, they needed milk and other things, she told him about the job. She also told him that he would have to sign a permission form or something like that. He asked her for more information about the job. She told him that she would be making a movie and that she would make a $100,000 and would be playing the leading role in it. Allen called the number himself.

The producer told Allen that Anna would be playing the part of a cheerleader, who was full of herself and didn’t let any one touch her. She teased all the boys, but that was as far as she would go. He asked to meet Allen and Anna the next day to go over more of the details.

They met at a cafe not far from where Allen and his daughter lived. The producer would be some nude or near nude aspects to the movie, including a rape act, but assured them actual harm would come to her.

Allen was s little nervous about the whole movie idea, but they really could use the money. He debated with himself and Anna for several days, but finally decided to let her do the movie, as long as he could be there to protect his daughter. During one part of the movie she had to wear a skimpy bikini at a beach. The director saw her as they were setting up for the shot. As gently as he could he pulled her aside and told her that her the hair around her privates was showing, and she needed to ether trim it or shave it. She confided to him that she had never done that before and wasn’t sure how to go about it. He signaled one of the makeup artists and told her what he needed her to do. The makeup artist took Anna to a trailer and help her to shave the area.

Anna’s newly shaved pussy felt weird to her. Before putting her bottoms back on she rubbed at it, feeling the smoothness. She decided she liked it and would continue to shave herself there. When they began to start filming, the boy she was supposed to be kissing kept trying to put his hands down her bottoms and staying true to her role in the movie she would move his hands away. She didn’t want to be touched down there anyway. When the director finally yelled cut, she was glad to get away from the boy. The last scene of the day was at a football field. She was to bend over and touch her toes, with no under pants on showing her bare butt to the other team, as a distraction for the other team, so that her team would win the game.

The next day was to be the last day of filming. She was getting tired of being groped as she had been through the whole film. This would be the last day of filming. Then she could relax. The last shot was also the rape scene however. She would have to let the six boys strip her while making it seem like she was fighting back. She would also have to let them have simulated sex with her, she wasn’t sure she could do it.

Unknown to her, behind the scenes, her father was drinking coffee that had been laced with a sleeping drug. She didn’t come out of the dressing room until after he had fallen asleep in another room. The scene was being set for a real rape, though she didn’t know it. They were in an abandoned building that was sound proofed so that no one could hear anything that was happening inside. Made up to look like a locker room, the set was perfect.

The other actors were not told that she was unaware of the real sex that would be happening in this room. They had been told that she was to ad lib this part of the movie, in other words make it look real. The scene started off with her in the room by herself, then the boys were to come in and see her showing. She was under the shower when they came into the room. They silently take their clothes off and then rushed her as the script had said to. Four of the boys grabbed her arms and legs laying her on the floor and holding her down. She screamed just as she was supposed to do, in the script. Unlike in her script however, the boys who were holding her arms also leaned over and began to suck her tits. She began to fight in earnest, shaking her head, and trying to kick her legs. It did her no good though. One of the boys who was not holding her, put his face between her legs and started licking and sucking her cunt. The other boy who was not holding her started making her suck his cock. Unable to scream with a cock in her mouth she was helpless. She began to feel a tingling in her breast and pussy from all the stimulation she was receiving. Against her will her body was starting to reacting, her hips bucked and her brain was getting foggy. Despite the cock in her mouth she screamed in climax. At this cue the boy sucking her cunt pulled his head away moved up her body and began to work his cock into her virgin pussy. She felt a pressure at her unexplored opening which scared her, and she continued her trying to move her hips away from the pressure. Then it happened something entered her fuck hole, she could feel the mussels in her cunt stretching. She continued to try to get away wiggling her hips, but this only seemed to let it in further. A pain like she had never felt before knifed through her and she screamed again as her hymen was torn away. The scream allowed the boy in her mouth to slide his cock into her throat cutting off most of her air. The boy who had just taken her virginity now had his whole six inch cock in her pussy. He began fucking her hard and fast. Her tight formally virgin pussy forced him to ejaculate sooner than he would have liked. He pulled out of her with his cream running out of her hole and went to trade places with the boy in her mouth. He put his slime covered cock in her mouth and made her clean it. The boy who had been in her mouth shoved his cock

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