Taking Alice's Ass

by Deviant Daddy John

Copyright© 2017 by Deviant Daddy John

Sex Story: I take Alice out for dinner and end up taking her ass too.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Drunk/Drugged   Heterosexual   Anal Sex   Analingus   Oral Sex   .

I wanted to do something special for my Alice for her 16th birthday. She had to celebrate with her family but she had promised me Saturday night. Now I wanted to take her out and buy her dinner and stuff but obviously I couldn’t take her out locally so I got a hotel in the city about two hours away. I made dinner reservations at a nice place and even bought her a dress. She came over around 3 and took her sweet time getting dressed. When she came out I almost creamed my underwear she was so hot.

The dress was a bronze color and was one shoulder and open in the back. It clung to her like a glove. She had straightened her beautiful hair so it hung perfectly down her back halfway to her ass. She wore heels and it made her legs look even longer. Her perky teen tits were displayed to perfection and the material clung to her ass and made me drool.

“Alice. You look beautiful.”

She smiled and we left. When we got to the restaurant I could feel the envy of practically every guy there. We had a discryet table and she sat very close to me and we talked and ate. I could smell her sexy perfume and it intoxicated me. Ever so often she would put her hand on my leg when she was talking and even that pressure had me hard as a rock. She would lean close and say things in my ear and the feeling of her skin brushing mine or her breath on my neck made me want to take her out of here and Fuck her senseless but I had promised to take her out dancing.

After we left the restaurant we checked into our hotel and got a cab to a club I knew of that wouldn’t ask for ID. If you looked hot and had money it saved all those embarrassing questions. We went inside and I ordered us drinks. She went straight for the dance floor and for a little while I watched her do her thing. I am an old guy and not up on all the hot dancing. She had another drink and a slow song came on. I led her out and she pressed her young body against me and wrapped her arms around me. My hands were on the bare skin of her back and I slid them over the silky fabric covering her firm ass and squeezed. Her sweet little tits pressed against my chest. We finished the song and went over to a couch. She ordered another drink. She was getting buzzed for sure. She draped her long legs over my lap and snuggled close. I had my arm around her and my hand was dangerously close to grazing one of her cute little tits.

She had one more drink and I could tell she was flying high when another song came on and she pulled me to the floor. This time she would alternately press against me and whisper naughty things in my ear and turn around and grind her ass against my rapidly hardening cock. She reached down and rubbed me through my pants and I had all I could take. I led her out and called a cab. In the cab on the way to the hotel she unzipped my pants and stroked my cock with her soft hands. I slid my hand up her thigh and was shocked to discover she had removed her panties at some point. I rubbed her pussy and she moaned like a slut. The cabbie pretended not to notice my hand was down the front of her dress pinching her nipples. We got to the hotel I tipped the cabbie big and he laughed and called me a lucky fucker. I agreed.

She asked me to get her a drink while she freshened up. I found champagne chilling in the mini fridge. I poured some for her and she came out of the bathroom wearing nothing but heels and the necklace I got her for her birthday. The stone hung teasingly between her small tits with the perfect pink nipples. She took the champagne flute and drank it. She took the bottle and drank straight from it and laid back teasingly. She drizzled a bit of the champagne on her pussy and smiled.

“Want a sip?”

I didn’t hold back. I was dying to eat her out. I ripped my shirt off and dropped my pants and buried my face between her smooth thighs and licked the champagne from her cunt with hard strokes of my tongue. She sighed in pleasure and opened her legs up for me wide. I thrust my tongue inside her and she drizzled more champagne. I lapped it off her cunny as she moaned in pleasure. She jerked convulsively as her back arched and she came on my tongue. She was gasping for air and making high pitched whimpers.

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