Inside Alice

by Deviant Daddy John

Copyright© 2017 by Deviant Daddy John

Sex Story: I am addicted to my 15 year old redhead, sex kitten Alice. I can't get enough of that beautiful body.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Spanking   Oral Sex   .

Life was good for me I thought to myself as I closed my eyes and sat back in my chair as the neighbor lady Amanda sucked my cock. She was 40 and a little on the plump side but she was filthy. She would let me do anything. Plus she gave good head. Her husband must be a dead bore in bed. She sucked me deep as I gripped her head and shoved my cock down her throat. She gagged on it but kept sucking I fucked her mouth picturing sweet little Alice. I shot my thick cum down her throat. She swallowed it and shoved her tits back in her shirt and left. I always fucked her before Alice came over. Alice was one I needed self control with. Otherwise I would blow my load in 5 minutes and be useless. She was turning out to be insatiable.

Alice came through the door and she was angry I could tell. She looked Fucking amazing. She was in a short skirt that clung to her and a tank top. Her blue eyes flashed at me and her red hair fell over her shoulder. She was pouty like any angry 15 year old.

“Who was that woman?”

“That was Amanda the neighbor.”

“Did you Fuck her?”

“No. I just let her suck my cock.”

“Well then you don’t need me to,” she snapped and started to storm off.

Now I may be half in love with Alice. But I am a 49 year old man and no 15 year old girl is gonna make me beg. I’ve had my share of women and Alice needed some discipline. Quick as a cat I was up and had grabbed her wrist. I pulled her into my home office and sat down. I put her over my knee like a naughty girl and slid her skirt up. My cock stirred as I saw her pretty lacy red panties but I kept firm. I pulled them down and bared her ass.

“What are you doing?” She gasped and gave a little giggle. I let my hand do the talking as I smacked her firmly on her bare bottom. She gave a little squeal as I landed another blow. I spanked her pretty little butt, alternating cheeks until her sweet ass was bright pink and she was squirming.

I stood her up and to my utter shock she looked absolutely lust crazed. Her face was pink and her mouth was open. Her nipples were hard as diamonds and poking through the silky fabric of her top. She dropped in front of me and unzipped me. Without a word she pulled my Dick out and started sucking. I reached my hand inside her top and played with her cute little tits and pinched the nipples as she sucked me. She moaned with my cock in her mouth and I could feel I was ready to cum. I tried to pull out but she kept going. I gave myself up to her mouth and gripped her hair on both sides and fucked her mouth till I came.

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