Carrot Top Annie

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2017 by Tony Tiger

Historical Sex Story: An Ozarks experience of a young man in the 30s

Caution: This Historical Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Historical   Incest   Pregnancy   .

I’d never heard my dad swear so much! Our Model T bounced and bucked like a rodeo horse and I held on tight so I wouldn’t be thrown around and get hurt. No seat belts back then. We hadn’t been warned that to get to his new school assignment needed a horse and buggy to traverse the last few windy and hilly and rough miles of what couldn’t really be called a road.

We managed it slowly and arrived at the log school house intact. Next to it was the small cabin for the schoolteacher. I just stared. Good thing it was just him and me, I said to myself as we opened the door and there was only one room and one bed.

We heard a noise and went back outside. A passel of women were gathered there with brooms and rags and buckets. The one in front spoke up to my dad, “Yew must be the new schoolteacher. Y’all are appreciated fer bein here. We’ve come to clean up the place and the school too.”

They got to work while we stayed out of the way. Along with the women was a girl who seemed to be about my age, what was fourteen. I was pretty sure she was a girl because of the long braids of red hair. She was dressed like a boy in overalls and a shirt. There did seem to be some swellings on her chest though.

She came up to me and said, in an accent so thick I had to listen carefully, “Howdy. Whut’s yer name?”

I replied, “I’m Joe. What’s yours?”

“Just Joe? Not Billy Joe or Jerry Joe? Oh, Ah’m Annie,” as she stuck out her hand. Her handshake put many guys I knew to shame.

“Kin Ah shew yew around?”


“Foller me.”

I had a request though, “Can you show me where the bathroom is?”

“Shore. Ah needs it myself.”

I saw her stop and carefully pick up some fallen leaves, the take me to a small wooden structure between and behind the cabin and school house. When she opened the door a powerful smell emerged. It was a two-hole outhouse. She casually dropped the seat of her overalls, giving me a flash look at her buns, then hopped on one of the holes and I heard the sound of liquid falling into liquid.

I was stopped until she grinned at me and said, “Yew don need ter wait. Ah sees ma bruthers peein all the time.” I later found out that was an understatement but shyly pulled my hose out to relieve my aching bladder. Annie was busy dropping turds into the pit and wiping herself with the leaves so I was buttoned up before I got any attention again. The rest of the tour was uneventful.

Annie’s Maw invited us for supper and told us how to get to their house. Walking or a horseback ride was best. We walked.

There was a passel of kids in the yard. Annie had an older brother, and several younger siblings. An older boy cousin also lived with them. Her paw took us out on the porch and uncorked a jug and poured a clear liquid into five fruit jars, one for each of the males present. I looked at my dad who nodded discreetly.

Damn, it burned! That’s when I learned to sip ‘shine. The other boys laughed at my discomfort. This culture already had me bewildered. It was so different that where I came from.

The fried chicken, potatoes, and poke salad was great though. The kids were well behaved at the table but ran off as soon as they finished their plate. “Maw”, as I learned almost all older women were called, served the adults, anybody teens and above were considered adults, some gooseberry pie, the likes of which I’d never had. Annie was given credit for finding and picking them.

Dad left for home to prepare for the school opening tomorrow. I stayed, as curious about my peers as they were about me. Finally, as dusk began arriving, Annie walked me back to my new home. When we were out of earshot of the others, she asked in her very direct way, “Will yew be mah friend? Ah don’t have many out here and Ah lahk yew ahlready.” She reached for my hand as we walked and I squeezed it as I said, “Sure! I don’t know anybody here except you. I like you too.” She squeezed back.

When we got to the cabin door she got up on tiptoes and gave me a quick kiss and scurried away. I hoped Dad didn’t notice me blushing.

Every day after school Annie and I cleaned and straightened up. We each got paid a nickel and we saved our money for the next trip into town. Sometimes she would take me out in the woods and show me wonders of nature that she’d found. I was learning a lot about the world I never knew existed and Dad was pleased. She and I were best friends and he was glad I wasn’t lonesome way out here.

Then she took me to the swimming hole at the crick. Yes, I knew how to swim, but didn’t have suit and wasn’t wearing underwear under the overalls I now owned. Too hot.

I heard her silvery laugh as she stripped and jumped in the refreshing pool. “This is hew God wants us tew swim,” she called out as she splashed water at me. “OK,” I thought, “I’ve got to be brave.” I turned around to drop my drawers and waited until she wasn’t looking before I jumped in. The cool water shriveled my boner.

It rose again when she came up and hugged her naked body against mine. I felt growing tits on my chest for the first time. Her hand grasped my rehardened shaft and she said, “Mmmm, nice wun,” then let go and swam away.

When we finish swimming, we set out in the sun to dry off. I was amazed how casual she was about being naked right in front of me. Of course, my pecker rose up and she noticed. Reaching over to grasp it, she said, “Wud yew lak to put thet thing in me?”

I couldn’t believe my ears. “You’d let me do that?”

“Why shore! Thet’s whut are parts is made to do, ain’t they?”

“Um, I guess so,” was all I could say.

“Ain’t yew never got friendly with a gurl befur?” I had to shake my head.

“Well then, let me shew yew how it’s dun!”

She rolled on her back and spread her legs and I was looking at that mysterious part of the female anatomy that had always been hidden from me. Lurking under the bunch of red fur was a vertical slot with some skin flaps sticking out. She took my hand and rubbed it right on those parts saying that I had to make it wet before I tried to go in. Quickly I felt some slippery fluid appearing from somewhere inside, and after a little bit she said she was ready. Her hand guided my erection to right where she wanted it.

I had been beating off for couple of years, but what I felt there was unlike anything I ever expected. She grasped my hips to show me how she wanted me to go in and out. Sometimes she stopped and had me nibble on her breasts. I was amazed at the reaction I got from anything I did to her. Very soon I felt the tension in my parts that preceded the cream spurting out of my cock. She hummed louder, apparently able to tell I was getting ready to shoot. And then I did.

The sensation started in my groin and spread all over my body. I could hardly hold myself up it was so intense.

She grinned and said, “Ah new yew wud lahk this! Stay in there and we kin do it agin.” Sure enough, with her squeezing my still buried rod, it hardened up and we moved again and this time she got a great pleasure, moaning and shaking in a way I’ve never seen a girl do before. My next cream eruption wasn’t as intense as the first one but damned pleasurable.

We rinsed off in the pond again, got dressed and walked back to my house. Annie asked if I would be her boyfriend so we could do this a lot. I quickly agreed.

The next day was Saturday and she came over in midmorning. We quickly found a private place and got naked. When I reached down to rub her pussy, she said, “Ah’m already plenty wet down there. Jest stick it in.”

She certainly was! As a matter fact it felt like the second time that I had fucked her yesterday. When I asked about that, after we got in our pleasures, she told me she had already taken care of her brother and her cousin just before coming over to see me.

I was incredulous, “You did what? You fucked them and now me?”

She looked back at me innocently as she replied, “Of course. I takes care of their tallywhackers every day and sometimes twice. We don’t have much room so Ah sleeps in a big bed with them and it’s just nacheral to put parts together, lahk Ah tole yew. They’s fambly sew it’s awlright.”

My curiosity and my erection were rising fast. “So how long have you been doing this?” She replied that it’s been a couple of years probly; she didn’t keep track. Her expression brightened as she told me she never had a boyfriend before so I was special.

My pecker had been soaking inside her all this time and was ready to go again. Being a horny teenager, at that moment I didn’t really care who all had been there. I needed to get my rocks off again and she happily assisted in the process.

We didn’t get in that situation again for couple of days which gave me some time to think it through. She obviously liked me and we had a good time together, so whatever she did when I wasn’t with her didn’t seem to have any negative effects. And I guess that was just the way things were done around here. It wasn’t the first cultural change I’d had to cope with.

Now my Paw, who I used to call “Dad”, had the only automobile around. The men in the area fixed up the road so it was a lot more passable and he would go to town once a month and buy supplies that the neighbors needed. It was a 20-mile trip which was much better in a car than on a horse and wagon.

One time she and I went with him and she was amazed at the very first town she had ever seen. We bought some penny candy and a few small trinkets with our saved-up money. It was late when we got back so she stayed at our house. Paw and I each had our own bed and she just naturally got into mine. We connected quietly in the night but I think by now that Paw knew what we were doing.

When Annie ate the breakfast that Paw fixed, she made a bad face and commented, “Yew need a real cook here. Ah aims to fix thet!”

The next day she told me to foller her home after school. I thought maybe we would put our parts together in her bed for a change but she had even a bigger surprise for me. She pointed to a gunnysack full of her belongings and picked up one herself. The explanation I got on the way back was that she was moving in to take care of us men. She had a younger sister who would now sleep with the older boys. Her maw and paw liked us and it made things a little more comfortable in their cabin.

Paw was surprised too but understood the practicality of her action. She and I went out in the woods and gathered things I didn’t know a person could eat. The dinner we had that night was better than anything we ever fixed ourselves. When it was bedtime she got naked right in front of Paw and crawled in with me. He said he was going out on the porch for a while to look at the stars which gave us a good opportunity to have a satisfying coupling.

We all got along real well. The cabin was cleaner and our bellies were happier, to say nothing of my male part. Then one day when Paw was still preparing the next day’s lessons in the school building, and we were enjoying each other’s bodies in my bed, and she looked at me and said, “Yer Paw don’t have a woman. Ah’d lak ter help him out thet way. Ah’ll still sleep with yew but wanter make him feel good frum tahm ter tahm.”

I hadn’t seen that coming, but I should have. She really was a loving sweetheart and this was an offer of benevolence. It had been just outside my scope of imagination, but knowing how she treated family, it shouldn’t have been. She was so sincere that I could not find a good reason to object, so I simply nodded.

Following her instructions, when we blew out the lantern, I said I was going outside to look at the stars and she walked over and slipped into Paw’s bed. He asked her what the hell she was doing and she ran out on the porch crying. I finally got her to bed where we just hugged and she cried herself to sleep.

The next day, after school, Annie’s Paaw was at the door asking to speak to “Mr. Teacher”. He confronted my father with Annie hiding behind him. “Ah’m gonna give yew the benefit of ignerance. Around these parts, if’n a woman wants to get extra friendly with yew, it is an insult to put her off. Now yew apolergize to ma daughter and go do whut she wants!”

My Paw recovered from shock and did the manly thing. He took Annie’s hand and marched her to her cabin. Her Paw and I sat on the front porch and listened to the bed thumping and the female cries of pleasure. When they quieted down we shook hands and he left. A naked Annie appeared at the door and grabbed my hand, “Yer Paw’s all tuckered out. I want more!” She got it!

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