A Matter of Good Taste

by harry lime

Copyright© 2017 by harry lime

Erotica Sex Story: Growing up is hard to do from the perspective of Lois. She is confused and unhappy about her prospects because girls seem so limited in relation to boys that have all the choices and the opportunities that girls have to almost beg and scratch just to get their fair share.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Teenagers   Coercion   Consensual   Reluctant   Heterosexual   Fiction   Humiliation   Spanking   Group Sex   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Petting   Voyeurism   Public Sex   Small Breasts   Teacher/Student   Violent   .

Lois was one of those girls that tended to take things at face value.

That was probably the reason why she allowed Danny Gallagher and his little band of bad boys to shamefully grope her so many times in the cloak room.

Of course, they usually did it right in front of the other boys and girls watching with a sense of glee and thanking the good Lord up above for not being involved in the troubling situation.

She really didn’t terribly mind the humiliating indignities taken by the tight little group of wannabe juvenile delinquents because she knew they were all frustrated at being left behind so often and forced to repeat years of school until they were all almost at the edge of adulthood in the midst of a bunch of much younger children. Those boys were all at least seventeen or eighteen and she was right with them at eighteen because of the polio that caused her to miss almost an entire year of school.

At least the incorrigible Danny didn’t pull her panties down below her knees.

They were still in a position from which she could restore them to their original location quickly. In fact, she could push them up into place real quick in case the teacher came to see what was causing the increase in volume from the tiny room. The budding criminal’s two close buddies, Jimmie Healy and Tommy Burns both were fooling around at the same time fumbling with devious enthusiasm groping her recently budded breasts. It was almost a losing proposition for them to succeed because she was not quite ripe yet for grown-up fun and games in that particular area.

About all they could do was to roll and twist her tiny newly-formed nipples like they knew what they were doing and all the others watched them wide-eyed and with a sense of guilt trying to learn the ins and outs of real “grown-up” sex stuff.

Lois looked into Danny’s blue eyes when he tentatively pushed his middle finger into her shy dirt hole from his position right behind her. She felt that it was such a violation of her feminine privacy that she needed to express her feelings of confused liking and disliking to him directly. She wanted to talk to him face to face like they had a real connection and was not simply victim and bully in a deplorable situation inappropriate in any school at any time.

He seemed a bit embarrassed at the directness of her unfrightened stare knowing he was being both bad and boorish in an unfair manner to someone that had never done him any harm.

Jimmy and Tommy were working her tits over with swift, greedy fingers hoping to make her cry out in despair before the teacher stopped their fun. The others were all pushing and shoving trying to get a good spot to see what it was all about and some of the girls pushed unidentified random hands from aroused boys away from their privates with lots of giggles and shouts of pretended indignation.

Danny was getting all hot and bothered employing energetic action in both of her private entryways now and she felt like a helpless cod hooked fore and aft by a fisherman’s tools of the trade. Although it was only Danny’s flesh and blood fingers doing all the dirty work, she felt like some supernatural force was toying with her and stripping away of her vestiges of innocence and personal dignity. In a way, she didn’t really blame Danny or the other boys for taking advantage of her in such a shameful manner because they were hot-blooded young lads deprived of any opportunity to actually interact with willing females simply because of silly rules and the morality of modern society. The truth of the matter was that Lois would have spread her knees for Danny in private any time he wanted providing he kept his mouth shut and not blab that she was an “easy” lay.

The sound of the bell brought them all back to reality and they started to file out obediently to the classroom to resume their boring school work reflecting varying airs of cooperative obedience to all the rules and orders of the rule-oriented private Catholic school.

Danny put his nasty-looking soiled middle finger up to his nostrils standing in front of Lois and smiled at her with that irritating knowing look of his that bothered her more than anything else. She was distraught at his ability to take complete control of her female private parts with disturbing ease of effort.

Lois knew she didn’t have the physical fortitude to resist him and his cohort of bad boys, so she kept her eyes down most of the time to convince him that she was supposedly reluctantly complicit with his bad boy whims and mean-spirited abuse of her personal dignity.

It bothered her that the others were silent and did their best to avoid her eyes because they all knew their lack of action was a surrender of sorts to the rule of the muscular few with years of experience beyond their limited understanding of what was normal or appropriate.

Lois knew Danny and Jimmy and Tommy would all be gone from the school in the fall. That fact made her happy because she might get some respite from the constant degradation from the little group of rambunctious teenaged males feeling their oats. It would end the stress of nasty boys testing their capacity to make trouble for weaker girls with no older brothers to protect them once they got released out into the real world.

Danny had bragged to Lois at one time less than two weeks ago that he had taken residence inside the beautiful Mary Margaret’s pretty mouth with his ugly long thing that got huge when he got the urge to start making trouble. He told her he had done her right around the corner under the overhang of the fish market with the odor of fish hanging around them to mask the dirty deed being done right after they had scampered away from the sanctity of the school. She could picture the beautiful girl on her knees with only her books underneath to keep them from getting scraped. Lois felt sorry for Mary Margaret because she had just turned sixteen and didn’t have a clue on what was sex or why boys seemed to be so enthusiastic about it.

On the other hand, Lois had been left back a year because of her bout with polio and she had just turned eighteen in that last week before the summer recess.

Fortunately, the illness had left her with only a slight limp that was barely noticeable but would keep her from being a dancer just like her older sister Cindy attending the school of creative arts uptown. She had so much wanted to wear the solid black leotards every day to school because she knew the boys loved to watch the young cheeks of the dancing girls moving every which way but loose. She knew the temptingly curved beacons of magnetic desire would draw seed-laden pricks to the serious business of push and shove in the shadows of the weather-beaten old buildings unable to carry stories about their lack of ladylike behavior. It made her so frustrated to know those uptown girls were getting all the fun and games and she was relegated to the likes of Danny and his friends like fresh meat for the wild beasts of the forest.

Her parents were adamant that she attend the typewriting school up on the main avenue because the pay for good typists was superior to just working unskilled in one of the department stores or the retail shops that considered younger females as fodder for their smoothly running businesses. They were considered more like a cost to do business like the electric lights or the fuel to run the trucks and other vehicles delivering their products to happy customers. The girls didn’t stay long in one place, usually getting married and raising children of their own and laboring to keep their husbands relatively satisfied with their free carnal availability and attitude of obedient servitude. Lois was completely turned off by that prospect because she knew from experience that her mother was old before her time and it seemed like a waste of a life from her point of view.

The older gentleman that ran the typewriting school was always impeccably dressed and even wore soft kid gloves from time to time like some forgotten affectation from earlier days. Lois was intrigued by the gloves thinking that he might have some sort of affliction that he was trying to hide from the general public. She was disappointed to find out from his own mouth that it was just some internal fetish that even the old man could not explain in terms that she could understand. He seemed to take a real interest in her new-found skills pecking away at the typewriter keys and would stand behind her rubbing her neck in a way that made her inner legs tingle with anticipation whilst at the same time she did her best to concentrate on the words on the page.

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