Farm Training

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2017 by Tony Tiger

Sex Story: Farm widow teaches 4H guys how it's done and "it" means a lot of things

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Heterosexual   Farming   .

Matilda, she much preferred “Matty”, was a solid, no nonsense farm widow. Her husband had been killed in a tractor accident about three years ago. The life insurance paid off the mortgage and she sold the farm equipment to settle other debts. There was some income from renting their land but she needed more. Keeping small animals like chickens and rabbits and pigs she could handle. It gave her a purpose and brought money at the Farmer’s Market. If course it fed her too.

Matty was about 5’4” and had no fat on her sturdy body, unless you counted her big pillow tits. They had been much appreciated by assorted high school boys, by her husband, and by the male half of the couple on the next farm that they had fucked for fun.

She’d never gotten pregnant, although there were certainly ample opportunities in years past, and they figured it was her since her husband had impregnated a cousin before they were married.

The need for some farm help, plus maybe some unrequited maternal instincts, led her to the local 4H. She would be happy to work with young men who were interested in small animal husbandry. She’d enjoy the company of the young men.

Her motives were strictly legitimate until the first young man took off his shirt and she saw some farm built muscles. Her neglected pussy got wet and tingly. The plan she developed was simple and straightforward, just as she was. Get naked with him and offer something he’d never had, or at least didn’t get much of. Pussy!

On Friday of the first week that Jimmy was interning with her, Matty packed a picnic lunch and they took the four wheeler out to the farm pond on the back forty. After lunch she suggested a swim. It was hot and that was appealing. Jimmy protested he didn’t have a suit so Matty said she didn’t either and nobody used them there anyway. She casually stripped in front of him and went in the pond, her tight buns wiggling enticingly. He soon followed, hard pecker waving in front of him.

She made it a point to make bodily contact as often as possible. They dried each other off after they emerged and Matty couldn’t hold back any longer. Her mouthful of teenage dick soon became a mouthful of teenage semen. She led him to the blanket and encouraged him to explore her body. He was an enthusiastic student as she guided him to things and places he’d only thought about or seen pictures of. His tongue got her off, which scared him at first.

He had, of course, quickly recovered from his orally-induced orgasm, so she guided him into the classic missionary position for copulation. Damn it felt good to have a hard shaft stroking her love canal again! He lasted a respectable amount of time before the hot spurts of his cream soaked her insides. She rubbed herself to a peak before his shrinking shaft exited.

They fucked every day the next week after the work got done. He caught on quickly to what she liked. Every position was tried at various places on the property. On Friday they went to the pond again. After Jimmy had pumped a couple of loads into her grateful snatch, she told him that she was interviewing for another intern too. Not to worry, she wasn’t going to cut him off but he’d have to learn to share. That would be a good lesson for the future, she reassured him.

Not long after Jimmy left, Ralph, the son of the next-door farm neighbors who leased her land, stopped by. She offered him a beer since he obviously wanted to visit. It had been plain that he been interested in her body for quite a while even though married.

After the third beer she figured “What the hell?” He was a nice kid even if he was the son of the couple she and her husband had swapped with in the past. His dad had a nice big dick so maybe Ralph had inherited one too. It was simple. She dropped her braless top and stuck a big tit in his face. He went wild on them and they just got naked on the porch. She was still slippery from Jimmy but Ralph didn’t seem to notice or care. Yup, his pecker was like his dad’s, maybe even bigger.

He fucked her twice, like his dad used to do, before they said goodnight, promising to visit again in a week. She slept well after diddling herself to another climax with the juice from two dicks helping out. It had been a LOOONG time since she got laid by two men on the same day.

Feeling her oats, Matty was more aggressive with this new intern. Discovering that he had a girlfriend and was older and more mature than Jimmy, Darren got taken to the pond on Wednesday. He was delighted to get some experienced snatch. His current girlfriend would barely give blowjobs. He discovered the treasure that an older woman can be. Her big boobs absolutely fascinated him. He preferred positions where he had easy access to them so he could touch and suck all the time they were screwing. Matty felt VERY desirable!

On Friday she showed both of the interns what it was like to take turns and get seconds, or thirds, or whatever. Everyone had a great time. Matty was fucked out so she called Ralph and rescheduled for Saturday afternoon. Let him figure out how to get away from his bitchy cold wife.

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