Friends - The One With More Than Just a Kiss

by Ann Douglas

Copyright© 2001 by Ann Douglas

Fan Fiction Sex Story: After kissing for a minute in order to win their apartment back from the boys, Rachel and Monica find that it's not that easy to simply put the genie back into the bottle

Caution: This Fan Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Consensual   Lesbian   Fan Fiction   Oral Sex   .

Clad in her most comfortable light blue pajamas, Monica Geller stretched out across on the sofa in the center of her living room. She was delighted to finally have her own apartment back again. For sure, she promised herself, she would never again make a stupid bet like the one that had gotten her and her roommate, Rachel Green, into that mess again. Closing her eyes, the dark haired beauty recalled how a simple game had gotten so out of hand.

It was such a silly bet at first. That Monica and Rachel knew more about Chandler Bing and Joey Tribbiani than the boys knew about them. Monica’s brother Ross had come up with a set of game show like questions to decide the issue. How could Monica ever have thought they might lose? After all, she and Rachel had grown up together whereas Joey and Chandler had only known each other a few years.

Unexpectedly, the game had gone against the girls rather quickly. And as it did, the stakes seemed to rise just as quickly until they became a little out of hand as well. It finally came down to the girl’s apartment against Joey and Chandler getting rid of the chick and duck they kept as pets, much to Monica’s constant annoyance.

To the girl’s dismay, the guys won and took over their bigger and much better apartment. The weeks since had been one headache after another for both girls. Finally, after losing a rematch orchestrated by Phoebe Buffay, Monica’s old roommate and another member of their inner circle, Monica and Rachel just switched the apartments back on their own. Actually it was Phoebe’s idea but one they quickly agreed to.

Joey and Chandler of course were somewhat upset at the abrupt turn of events, wanting the better apartment back. That was when Rachel and Monica made them the offer they couldn’t refuse.

“You let us keep the apartment...” Rachel had said.

“And as a thank you,” Monica had finished, “Rachel and I will kiss for one minute.”

Knowing it was practically every guy’s, especially Joey and Chandler’s, dream to watch two girls make out, it was a pretty safe bet they would go for it. A little more than a minute later, the girls had their apartment back for good.

“Men are such idiots,” Monica had said after Joey and Chandler left.

“Yeah!” Rachel had agreed. “Can you believe that something that stupid actually got us our apartment back?”

“That’s so funny,” Phoebe chimed in, “to think if you’d just done that right after the last contest, no one would have had to move at all.”

Rachel and Monica had looked at each other in surprise at that thought.

“Yeah, let-let-let’s pretend that’s not true,” Monica suggested.

“Yeah,” Rachel quickly agreed.

The sound of the water shutting off in the bathroom told Monica that Rachel had finally finished her shower. Right after Phoebe left, Rachel had said that the first thing they she wanted to do, now that they had their apartment back, was to use the large shower. Having to squeeze daily into the cramped one in the apartment across the hall had been on the top of her list of complaints.

“Shower’s free if you want to use it,” Rachel, wearing a white T-shirt and a pair of red panties, said as she stepped out of the bathroom, still drying her shoulder length light brown hair.

“Maybe later,” Monica replied, her shorter dark hair falling around her face as she looked up at her friend from the couch. “Right now I just want to savor having our place back.”

“Yeah, it is nice, isn’t it?” Rachel agreed as she sat down on the end of the couch by Monica’s feet.

“Definitely,” Monica added.

“Mon, how were you so sure that the guys would agree?” Rachel asked.

“How could they not?” Monica replied assuredly. “You saw what they were like when they accidentally got free porn on the cable a few weeks ago. I’m just really surprised that they settled for just a minute of us kissing.”

Rachel’s eyes opened wide at Monica’s statement. It coincided with something she had been giving a lot of thought while she’d been in the shower. “Monica, what would we have done if they hadn’t settled for that?” she asked.

“What do you mean?” Monica asked in return.

“I mean just how far were you willing to go?” Rachel added.

“I’m not sure,” Monica answered, as if she was considering the question for the first time. “But thankfully we don’t have to know the answer.”

“It was interesting though, wasn’t it?” Rachel went on, not seeming to want to let the matter rest.

“I guess so,” Monica replied.

“Have you ever done that before?” Rachel asked, leaving no question as to what exactly “that” was.

“Have you?” Monica answered the question with one of her own.

“You know I have,” Rachel said, “I told you all about the night me and my sorority sister, Melissa, got drunk and made out.”

“Oh yeah,” Monica laughed, “I forgot about that. Your big lesbian affair.”

“How about you?” Rachel repeated her inquiry.

“Well not exactly,” Monica said.

“What does not exactly mean?”

“Well I did kiss Carol a few times,” Monica explained, “and she is a lesbian.”

Carol Willig was the former Mrs. Ross Geller, Monica’s former sister-in-law. Discovering an interest in women, she had left Ross for a female lover just before she discovered that she was also pregnant with Ross’s son. Currently, Carol and her lover Susan were raising Monica’s nephew, Ben.

“Well unless she had her tongue in your mouth during one of those kisses,” Rachel grinned, “I don’t think we’re going to count that.”

“Well I guess my answer is no then,” Monica reconsidered.

“Have you ever wanted to?” Rachel went on, still refusing to let the topic rest.

“This conversation is getting a little strange,” Monica said, standing up and taking a step away from the couch.

Rachel jumped up and blocked Monica’s exit. She was determined not to let her friend go without her answer.

Monica opened her mouth to ask Rachel to step aside, but her words were cut off as her roommate grabbed her and abruptly pressed her lips against hers. Like the show kisses she had shared with Monica earlier for Joey and Chandler’s benefit, Rachel’s nimble tongue pressed deep within her mouth. Unlike before, this time it was filled with a previously unseen passion.

Monica was surprised by Rachel’s kiss. Surprised and even shocked. Yet she quickly found those twin feelings changing to something else entirely a few short heartbeats later as Rachel’s tongue continued to caress her own and she felt her best friend’s hand likewise stroking her left breast.

It was quite easy to disregard anything Monica might have felt when she and Rachel were kissing for the guys earlier. After all, that had merely been a game, one to get their apartment back. This time it was different. This time, the kisses were real.

A part of Monica screamed for her to tell Rachel to stop, that she really had no interest in being with another woman. That she only was interested in men. But a stronger, louder voice reminded her that protest really wouldn’t be totally true.

Memories of the lesbian wedding she had catered for Carol and Susan flashed in her mind. Not so much the ceremony itself, interesting though as that had been, but of the reception afterwards.

Specifically, the large number of women at the party who had shown an interest in her. A good percentage of which had given her their numbers and told her to give them a call.

She hadn’t called any of them, but sometimes, late at night when she was alone, wondered what it might’ve been like if she had. Not really knowing why, she had saved those numbers in one of her little keepsake boxes.

“Well, what do you think?” Rachel asked as she finally broke the embrace and took a half step away from Monica.

“What do I think?” the dark haired woman repeated, wanting to give herself more time to answer.

Her mind was racing. If she was to have an affair with another woman, she couldn’t think of a better choice than Rachel. After all, they’d been friends since their high school days.

In fact, back when she’d been fat, Rachel was almost her only friend. It had been Rachel who, using a banana, had taught Monica how to give a blowjob. A talent that had at least gotten her some dates, despite her teenage obesity.

Monica realized there was also a forbidden aspect to the idea that added to its appeal. A feeling that reminded her of her first time with Richard.

Richard Burke had been a friend of her parents since Ross and she had been little kids. Many a night, a teenage Monica had laid in her bed playing with herself and thinking of the handsome older optometrist. Years later, Monica had catered a party for the now divorced doctor which had led to an affair between the two of them.

By that point in her life, a much slimmed down Monica was no longer such a stranger to sex. Yet the first time she had been down on her knees and taken Richard in her mouth, it had filled her with a forbidden thrill she had never imagined. A rush only exceeded a short time later when she had spread her legs and taken him inside her. It was an experience she greatly missed since they had broken up.

“Monica?” Rachel asked, seeing a familiar faraway look in her roommate’s eyes. A look that told her that she was somewhere else for a moment.

“What?” Monica replied, snapping back to the here and now.

“I asked what do you think?” Rachel repeated once more.

“I think...” Monica started to say. “I think ... oh what the heck, why not.” she concluded with a wide grin.

A smile that was instantly reflected on Rachel’s face as she kissed Monica softly once more. Then she took Monica’s hand in hers, leading her in the direction of her bedroom. The guys were in the habit of letting themselves in unannounced and this was the last thing they wanted them walking in on.

Monica suddenly stopped at the door to Rachel’s bedroom, causing her friend to think that maybe she’d had a change of heart.

“Would you mind if we used my room instead?” Monica asked.

“Sure, if you’d rather,” Rachel said, glad that it wasn’t what she had thought. “It doesn’t make any difference.”

Monica was glad Rachel thought that way and hadn’t asked why the change of room. She didn’t want to tell Rachel that she thought her room was always sort of messy and couldn’t really see herself getting naked in there.

Stepping into Monica’s bedroom, they climbed into the carefully made bed and faced each other on their knees. Rachel kissed Monica again, their lips sharing the excitement of the moment as their tongues glided in and out of each other’s mouth. Her fingers reached for the buttons of Monica’s pajama top and began to undo them one by one. Monica in turn ran her hands across Rachel’s cloth covered breasts.

Monica had always envied the fact that no matter what her friend wore, her nipples seem to stick through. This time was no exception. As more of her own skin beneath her shirt was exposed, Monica’s fingers pressed against the stiff tips pressing through Rachel’s T-shirt.

The last button gave way as Rachel pushed the top off, exposing the large breasts beneath. Monica had always been much more endowed than either her or Phoebe, the one thing the darker haired girl had been glad to keep when she lost most of her excess pounds.

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