Quickies - a Collection of Short Episodes

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2017 by Tony Tiger

Flash Sex Story: A variety of short sex stories for your titillation. Content codes precede each of the episodes.

Caution: This Flash Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   .

Title: The Fun One

Summary: The essence of a hot wife (sharing, gang bang, w/s)

I walked up to the naked woman lying on a towel on the grass, “Bob said you asked for me. Your cunt sure is a mess!”

Cum was in white flecks around her slit and running down over her asshole. She grinned and spread her thighs wider. I pushed down my half-hard pecker and a light yellow stream rinsed the pearly globs off the outside of her gaping pussy. She giggled when the hot liquid hit her clit.

Bladder empty, my now fully hard cock slipped into the abundant silky slime inside and thrust hard. Whimpers turned to moans as another orgasm built with each stroke of the hard shaft. As my pecker pulsed its white load into the eager receptacle I said, “That’s the fourth, right?” Eyes closed, she nodded and squeezed her inner muscles.

“I’ll send Bill right out. He’s itching for a second go, just like the rest of us. I’ll tell him to rinse you off too, OK?”

She nodded and spread her legs, ready to enjoy the next guy. She was long way from satiated.

Damn, she’s a fun wife...

Title: Wonderful Wife

Summary: A hot wife shows her potential (sharing)

My eyes didn’t leave her cute buns as I followed them to the bed. The short chunky redhead went tits up as she climbed in and grabbed for my ready rod. As I slipped easily into her sopping snatch, she whispered, “Am I sexy enough for you now?”

I stroked slowly, savoring unfamiliar sensations in a very familiar place. Her cunt contained a pearly cocktail of fresh semen. Mine had been the first ingredient deposited in that female receptacle. Soon it was joined by the copious contributions of two other cocks, the last one only minutes ago.

My imagination ran wild visualizing uncountable millions of corkscrewing sperms coating conjoined cock and cunt ... and most of them weren’t mine! That slippery, silky lube I was sliding in had spurted out of three different male genitals in less than an hour. Six testicles had provided the DNA seeking to impregnate this female.

My mouth clamped hers in an intense tongue kiss as I blasted the final ingredient deep in her cum collector. My swollen cockhead thoroughly mixed the combined seed pooling near her cervix, encouraging it to enter her womb.

Her pleasure spasms and sounds signaled acknowledgement of the latest deposit.

My wife’s question was answered. We slept, smiling and still coupled.

Title: Visiting Loved Ones Summary: Weekend visits are hot (incest)

The couple were just finishing a Sunday afternoon fuck. The mid-teen girl, astride the man more than twice her age, made a pleasure noise each time she raised and lowered herself on his long cock. The man’s hands were stimulating her body as they arrived at the finish together. She moaned and shivered with a climax as the hot semen sprayed her insides. Then she slumped on top of her partner. He stroked her back and buns, enjoying soaking his softening organ inside of her familiar pussy. They couldn’t linger in the afterglow too long since it was time to shower and dress. Clothes hadn’t been worn much all weekend ... they just interfered with screwing.

During the two hour drive the lovers talked very little. The weekend had been intimate and intense so words weren’t necessary. When they arrived at the restaurant the other couple was already there. Pleasantries were exchanged and dinner ordered. There was the usual chit chat about what have you been doing, etc. It was a long drive home for all, so no one prolonged the meal. The two cars leaving the parking lot turned in opposite directions and this time each contained a driver and a passenger of the same sex.

After they got on the interstate the younger man spoke up, “Did you have a fun weekend?”

“Yeah, about a dozen ‘funs’!”

“Me too! I can hardly wait for all of us to be together on vacation next month. You’ll like the new things mom has learned from her boyfriends.”

“Mmmm. You’ll enjoy some new stuff with your sister too.”

“I wish we could get together more often.”

“Yeah, but this schedule is the best visitation we could work out with our jobs. Maybe when you both turn 18 we can make a permanent switch.”

Title: The Honeymoon Is Over - Discovery Summary: Some things about people you don’t find out for a while. (slut wife)

The first thing I heard was a loud moan, then rapid footsteps down the hall followed by audible sobs from the front room.

“Finish NOW,” I hissed as my cunt squeezed the cock that had been pounding it for the last twenty minutes. A few strokes later it gushed hot cream and withdrew. He grabbed his clothes and exited the back way.

I slipped on a robe and walked down the hall, ignoring the cum starting to run down my thigh. It must have been quite a surprise, seeing your new wife with her legs in the air and a guy driving his erection deep in her pussy ... a regular porn scene.

My husband of three months blubbered, “How COULD you?”

I stood in front of him, my robe coming open, “Hey, man-up for god’s sake. It’s only sex.”

He looked incredulous as he stuttered in shock, “BBBut yyyour my wife...”

I kept looking him straight in the eye, not even blinking, “I didn’t marry you for sex. I was getting plenty of that before we met. I love you.”

Poor guy, he knew I wasn’t a virgin like him, but never asked for the details which I’d have given.

“I’m used to a lot of sex and I tried cutting back after the wedding but one cock just wasn’t enough even though you are good in bed.”

He’d stopped crying and his curiosity was getting to him. His crotch was beginning to bulge so there was hope of a good outcome after all. He asked “So how many are there?”

“Only four in my lifetime besides you. Two are regulars now, one of which was my first, and the other two once in a while.”

“I’d really like it if you’d give them up. I’ll spend more time with you.”

I smiled and hugged him, “I know you’d try. There’s two problems with that. First, I’m too used to the variety, and second, I can’t just cut off my four brothers after all these years. I love them too.”

Dropping to my knees I unzipped him and got his hard on out. Between sucks I told him I needed some help right now, “You interrupted before I finished.”

“But your full of his stuff.”

“Won’t be the first time. You’ve often commented how good it felt when I was extra slippery.”


Leading him to the messed up bed and opening my thighs in invitation, I finished the conversation, “See, very little will really change. I’m glad I don’t have to hide anything from now on. You’ll have more fun too, I promise.”

Title: The Honeymoon Is Over - Epilogue Summary: Some things about people you don’t find out for a while. (slut wife, incest)

“Hey Big Sister, can I come over? Your little bro needs someone to talk to.”

“Sure. This is a good time.”

When I got there she was in a light robe. I could see her nipples poking out and would get a flash of fur every once in a while. She always did like to tease me.

We sipped our beer as I told her what had transpired yesterday. Each of the times I’d fucked my wife since the “revelation”, my mind was whirling with a crazy mixture of thoughts, some hot and some cold. I tried to explain them to my intently listening sibling. It felt good to let them out.

After I dumped my feelings, she said, “I’m not going to pass judgment on the brother thing. But I do understand about her wanting variety. Hell, I’m married and I like it too. My hubby is wise enough to understand that so he reaps the benefits. So what do you want to do?”

“I hadn’t got that far yet. She doesn’t want to change and I don’t want to lose her. That’s why I needed someone to talk to. I thought you might have some answers for me”

My sister chugged the rest of her beer, walked to her bedroom door and dropped her robe, fully displaying the body I’d lusted after for years. She spoke softly, “One answer is right in front of you. Come on! The playground’s open!”

Title: It’s My Duty Summary: Village girl must provide sexual satisfaction (F/M+, cultural)

The bare breasted young woman, who we will refer to as “YW” due to her complicated given name, kissed her “bonded-man”, who would be referred to as a husband in other cultures, goodbye and picked up her burden of food. She had tried to conceal her eagerness at this assignment in order to spare his feelings. On the way to the fields, she joined the other village woman who was carrying her share of the lunch meal for the laboring young men.

It was planting time and her village had a shortage of younger men because they had gone into the military or to the cities for work. Her own husband was older and couldn’t work in the fields, so men from the surrounding area were paid to do this laborious task. The pay included meals and female “companionship”. The younger women took turns at noontime and the older ones at night.

Spreading the food out on blankets, the repast was quickly consumed. All but two of the men returned to the field. The women laid down on padding in the two farm wagons. High sides provided some small measure of privacy but sounds easily traveled from one to the other.

YW unfastened her sarong as the first man climbed in the wagon with her. She kept it under her to protect the padding from all the fluids she knew would drip there. He was considerate and caressed her breasts and genitals, getting her moist before entering her already swollen pussy. Names were not important and were not exchanged. He only lasted long enough to build her arousal part way before spewing his seed with loud groans of pleasure. He thanked her and left to return to work and send the next.

They were sweaty and she was slippery so it was actually quite sensuous as man after man pushed the rounded head of his erection between her hairy labia and moved in the age old way. She squealed as each new shaft entered. She moaned in appreciation with each push against her mound. She shivered as each spurt carrying millions of seed wigglers was sprayed inside her. She noticed the differences in their sizes and shapes and managed a big pleasure before the sixth and final one finished.

Adjusting her sarong, YW and the other woman walked back to town, stopping by a pond to pee and rinse off the seed draining out. They did not speak but smiled whenever their eyes met. YW had noticed the feeling inside of her yesterday that meant an egg had been released. There was now lots of seed looking for it.

It would be her turn to go to the fields again in two days. That would be good, just in case she hadn’t been planted this day.

Title: Yard Work Summary: A young mother make things grow. (w/s)

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