Angel Love

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2017 by Tony Tiger

Sex Story: Transformations take time. You can never predict how a life will turn out.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Teenagers   Reluctant   Romantic   Pregnancy   Prostitution   .

Angel was a princess. After all, her mother was a queen. Although of humble origins, the Queen had lots of beauty, money, and influence, so she could play the role. And play it she did. Opulence was her middle name, in their home, her dress, and her child’s upbringing.

Although not planned, Angel was welcomed anyway. She was beautiful and bright. Her parents were opportunists and saw this child as fitting into their plans. They loved only themselves and saw their marriage as a mutually beneficial arrangement not particularly based on affection.

Her parents entertained lavishly, enticing investors into their schemes. As a child Angel was taught social graces and admired for her beauty and charm. She was a bright one and observed well.

During the often twice-weekly dinner parties for selected guests, the pre-teen daughter noticed a peculiar pattern. For much of her life since she was old enough to notice, her parents would randomly disappear into their bedroom at almost any time of day for an hour or so, then emerge smiling. Her mother had a particular glow about her face and neck as well. Listening at their door revealed some unusual sounds. There was intermittent thumping and moans of various types. Didn’t sound like the quiet napping she herself did.

She asked her mother why they disappeared. She was told that they liked to take naps together. It was a special time for husband and wife to share.

Later, as an early teenager, she realized that her mother sometimes took a male dinner guest to the bedroom for a while, emerging with the same glow that resulted from marital naps. She thought she heard similar sounds as well.

Unable to restrain her curiosity, she presented this observation to her mother who said, “Let’s have an important talk at a better time.” It was arranged.

Sipping some expensive wine, mother and daughter sat in mother’s drawing room. “My dear Angel, you are growing up. It is time you learned some grownup things. You know that your father has a very important business. Most of the guests we invite are involved or are interested in it. Some of them are quite wealthy or powerful and must be given special treatment. Because I am so beautiful, spending private time with me is a great treasure to them, and they are more willing to make profitable agreements with your father. I am happy to do my part for our family’s success.”

Angel looked a bit troubled, “So what do you do in there with them? You told me that you and Father were taking naps but there were noises and you didn’t seem rested when you returned. It seems you are doing the same whatever with these men.”

The Queen smiled, “I guess it is time you learned about something that men and women like to do together. It is called sex. I will arrange for some lessons. Just like the manners you learned as a youngster, you must learn sex well. It will be very useful for the rest of your life. It certainly has been for me. My best lady friend has a son your age who also needs to learn. It might be good for you to learn together. I’ll call her.”

A gynecological appointment was next. Her hymen was excised and an IUD implanted. Some basic reproductive biology was presented for written and video instruction.

A white silk gown was fitted for her lessons. It set off her perfectly coiffed short blond hair. Her full breasts made fascinating swellings in the gown. Although they couldn’t yet be seen, her pubes were also blond and wispy enough they rarely needed trimming. They were like angel hair framing the entrance to her heavenly portal.

The two mothers wore matching peignoirs. Their curves were partially visible through the sheer fabric. The young man, Richard, wore only white silk boxer shorts. The scene was the master bedroom of the Queen.

The Queen led in a young man from the next room. He was perhaps early twenties, quite good looking in face and body, and also wore white silk boxers. She introduced him thus, “This is one of my paramours. Since sex is so important to our health, just as food and drink are, and my husband is often gone on extended travels, he provides for my sexual needs at those times. He will assist me in demonstrating sexual congress, usually referred to politely as intercourse, but also as coitus or copulation. Richard’s mother will explain what we are doing throughout the act.”

Angels’ mother removed her garment and stood before them. Angel noticed that the front of both men’s shorts began projecting outward. The Queen then stepped in front of her paramour and pulled down his covering. A partially filled fleshy shaft curved outward in front of him. Angel felt a tingle in her crotch much like the ones she had when viewing the instructional photographs and videos. But this was real and right there.

Leading her man to the bed, they first engaged in manual and then oral foreplay. A narration by Richard’s mother explains what is occurring. Richard was self-consciously erect. When he shyly glanced at Angel, she had her hand between her legs and gave him a big smile. That helped. His mother talked on as the couple on the bed got more aroused. Angel noticed that the paramour’s erection doesn’t seem to be as substantial as Richard’s. Hmmm.

Finally, the actual coitus began. The three basic positions were demonstrated, supine, or “missionary”, cowgirl, and doggy. The advantages of each were itemized. Both Richard and Angel were wiggling with their own adolescent arousal by this time.

Finally, supine, the Queen orgasmed followed by the ejaculation. When the paramour withdrew, the oozing semen was pointed out.

Angel was thinking, I came out of that place and it’s where my father puts his semen. Richard was just eager to put his swollen member anyplace that felt good.

That was next on the agenda, actually. The adults left the room with instructions to the youngsters to copy what they had just seen during the next hour. Angel had to hold Richard back to not skip items on the agenda. As it was he ejaculated soon after her hands stroked his erection. She reassured him that it would quickly return. Her mouth soon ensured that.

They joined in each of the positions and he ejaculated in every one. Angel insisted that he give her orgasms too. She got one with his fingers and one with his tongue.

When the parents returned the new lovers were quizzed and their parents smiled in approval. The Queen declared, “Now that you have each other’s virginity, it is time for some more advanced instruction. Angel, go to your room where my paramour is waiting. Richard, I will be your teacher. The rest of the afternoon was spent copulating with their teachers.

For the next month the youngsters coupled almost daily. They also spent frequent time with the instructors. The Queen took care of Richard while several paramours romped in Angel’s bed. Some days she accepted as many as three partners between her thighs. It was very interesting and pleasurable and she gave positive answers to her mother’s questions.

Angel’s sexual experience grew quickly but she always stayed connected with Richard. There was that special bond, after all. He would occasionally ask her questions about her liaisons but never made any judgmental comments. She noticed and loved him for it. He was her special friend.

After her eighteenth birthday, her mother sat her down for a serious stalk, “Now that you are and adult, your father and I expect you to take a part in the business. You have no ordinary commercial skills just like me. But those can be hired. What we have is more precious and challenging. My beauty and charm has been invaluable to our success and we want you to add even more. From what I hear, you are ready.”

Angel looked her mother in the eye, “You mean to have sex with the clients and prospects like you do?”

The Queen replied, “Exactly. You will have even more fun that I do since you can travel with them and live the good life on their dollar. I want you to try it for a while.”

The young woman realized that this is what she had been trained for. There was little choice since she was completely dependent on her parents. She said softly, eyes down, “So when do I start?”

“On Friday we are having our most important client for dinner. I have entertained him many times and enjoyed it greatly and I think you will too. He will be invited to spend the night in your bed.”

The client was as old as her father. Good looking and well groomed, but not trim of body. He was very polite and attentive during dinner and afterwards. She wondered if she could get aroused like she had for others. Oh well, at least she didn’t have to get an erection to do sex.

It was a better experience than her fears had painted. He took his time to get her ready and his weight was handled well. The fat cock filled her nicely and he knew how to get her to orgasm from the coitus. That didn’t always happen even with the paramours or Richard. The compliments she knew to make were not all forced. He ploughed her furrow three times before he left in the early morning.

Later that day she was naked with Richard and related what had happened. He was quiet as she talked. His cock was as hard as usual inside her though. When she finished he asked some questions about her feelings. She was wrestling with this very different sex from the recreational and instructional kind she’d had so far.

Richard reassured her, “You feel just as good to me as ever in spite of this and the others you have coupled with. You made him feel very good and pleased your parents so it is OK, I guess. Something is bad only if done for bad purposes.” She held him close and cried for a while before fucking him vigorously to get the feelings out.

Just as her mother had said, she was very popular with the primarily older men who were business associates. She travelled often too, her passport fulling up quickly. She saw sights and resorts visited by celebrities and met some of them. She grew up fast sexually as well. These older men liked variety and requested many variations which we will not mention here. She was even “loaned” to select others on these trips and engaged in more than one orgy.

Richard remained a steadfast friend and she shared via email and Skype and text with him when she was away. She was eager to get in his bed again on her return and cleanse herself of the others. He knew what to do for her. Angel brought most of the new things she learned into their sex life. Some were so gross she didn’t want her beloved, for that is what he was now, to realize what she had done.

Tiring of this life, she asked Richard to approach her parents about marriage. They agreed but she must spend six more months with the company. Then they would put on a lavish wedding. It was a bittersweet victory but gave hope to the couple nonetheless. She wore her engagement ring proudly, even though it was a turn-on to many of her clients.

It was only a few weeks later when she was in the Caribbean at a nude resort with a couple of brothers who were big investors in the business that her life was turned inside out. One of the brothers got a text that Angel’s parents had been arrested and charged with felony fraud. Their business was a sham, albeit a well-run one to last so long. All their assets were frozen.

Angel was put on a plane home with-out so much as a thank you for the intimate entertainment she had provided. She was even more upset when she discovered that her credit card wouldn’t work. It had been cancelled.

She texted Richard to get her. As they drove to town, he told her that he’d been forbidden to see her. Her house was padlocked too. The best he could do was take her to an inexpensive motel and give her what cash he had. She had some but mainly lived on plastic. What was she to do? Her only friend couldn’t help her much. SHIT!

Looking at her resources, she figured that by eating light and frequenting some local food banks and soup kitchens, she’d be homeless after about a week.

A few fretful days later she decided on a plan of action. “What the hell,” she thought, “I’ve used my pussy for my parent’s benefit and look what it got me. Time to use it for my own good.”

She put on her sexiest dress and fixed her hair and makeup as best she could. A two-block walk got her to the best bar in the area. She splurged a bit of her dwindling cash on a drink and sipped it slowly at the bar.

With her looks the hit-on traffic started right away. She critically sized them up and rejected them. After a while a man who had been sitting in a corner booth approached her. “You’re rather fussy for a place like this,” he commented.

“I am used to quality and haven’t found much so far, ‘ she shot back. He was dressed in a very expensive suit and was better groomed than what she had seen here up till now. He had possibilities. What would he do next?

“My name is Derek. What is yours?”

I’m Angel. Glad to meet you.”

He quickly said, “You certainly are. How would you like to get to know me better?”

“How about a good dinner and a luxurious place to spend the night?”

“That’s what I wanted to hear. Come with me.”

It was a top-rated restaurant and a luxury hotel that Derek provided. He got a delightful dinner companion and a great piece of ass. Several actually since both were pretty horny.

The next morning at breakfast Derek asked, “I am a regular at that bar and have never seen you there before. What’s up?”

“I just got here and hope it is only temporary. Things haven’t been going my way recently so I’ve got to figure out what to do.”

Derek asked, “Can I do anything to help? I’m not trying to pry.”

“I’m very low on cash and my phone quit. Could you take me to a phone store and buy me a cheap one?”

“I can do much better than that. Who is your carrier? I’ll pay for three month’s service if you give me your phone number.”

She leaned across the table and murmured, “I can recognize quality when I find it. Of course. I enjoyed you too.”

He dropped her off a block from her cheap lodgings. “I’ll be back at the bar tonight after work. Don’t make any decisions before I get there.”

She sat in her room and reflected on her situation. It was looking a little better. There was little choice but to see where this lead might go. She knew nothing about Derek but he was OK so far. A good fuck too. She needed to feel attractive right now. Her ego was badly bruised. The man she depended on, Richard, had abandoned her.

Her reactivated phone had many messages on it. Most were from Richard. Maybe there was hope there after all. She called him and got voicemail but a few minutes later he called back.

“Are you alright? I’ve been calling and calling.”

“My phone was cut off and just got turned back on. I’m OK.”

“I still can’t be with you. I hope when this shit calms down we can reconnect. My parents are watching me like a hawk so I can’t get away to see you. I’d sure love to.”

She responded sadly, “It’s too bad you don’t stand up to your parents for me.” She hung up.

The next night she met Derek at the bar and spent another lustful night with him. Again at breakfast they talked. Derek asked, “It doesn’t seem like you have a source of income right now. It is also obvious to me that you are quite sexually experienced. Would you consider being a high-class escort. You’d certainly qualify for top dollar.”

Angel responded, “It a possibility but I don’t have any connections.”

Derek smiled, “Well, I do but my price for making them is more of what we’ve enjoyed the last two nights as a friend and not a customer.”

“Sounds good to me,” said Angel. “Make the introductions.”

So she worked five nights a week and dated Derek on one. Usually Sunday night because it was slow in the pussy trade. He got to go bareback while the others wore wrappers. They revealed little to each other about their pasts. It didn’t matter. It was a hookup of convenience.

One of her regular clients mentioned that she was too attractive for this and wondered why she wasn’t doing porn and making even bigger bucks. She mentioned it to Derek and he concurred. He knew some leads to follow.

Sure enough, they were soon flying to a porn studio for an audition. Her trial shoot was with Derek and was considered of good quality by the producers. For more money than she expected they would fly her out for three days a month. Her male opposite, or opposites, would be selected by them. What the hell, it wasn’t much different than going on a new escort assignment and wondering who you’d have to spread your legs for.

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