After Church

by Jack Spratt

Copyright© 2017 by Jack Spratt

Erotica Story: Story intro: Jayden has a plan to entice her Uncle Don be her first sex partner. It is a success. Jayden's best friend Aliyah shows interest in Don as well could she be next?

Caution: This Erotica Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Fiction   Niece   .

Special thanks to Phil Gorman 2015 for his expertise in re-editing and proofing.

For this late in October the weather is very co-operative. The temperatures have been above seasonal. The leaves are slowly changing displaying a panorama of colors. Abbotsville is a typical northeastern city. It’s Sunday morning and many of the faithful are returning from church. I’m no different. All morning long I’ve been fidgeting. My thoughts are of my fingers playing with my swollen clitoris last night, not on the sermon. My uncle Don is the pinnacle of my desires. He is my mom’s older brother, tall, grey hair, deep blue eyes and a great body. Uncle Don is the oldest child in his family, mom is thirty-seven. Don is fifty-one. He prides himself in keeping in his body in good shape by walking and mild exercise. He lives alone on a big house two blocks from my parents’ home. He lost his wife three years ago to cancer. Since then he has not dated. He has never smoked and I’ve only seen him drink once. That was at my cousins wedding two weeks ago. He had a glass of wine, which he nursed for three hours. He sat beside me as my escort.

My name is Jayden. I’m fourteen. My long flowing blond hair is my biggest attraction. Uncle Don said I look like a movie star with the way it was styled for the wedding. He stayed by my side during the wedding and the reception. For someone so handsome I always wondered why he didn’t have a girlfriend. I even asked him. His pat answer is he was waiting for me to grow up.

At the wedding we danced every dance. Don’s an accomplished dancer and he taught me many steps. I love the feeling of being held close against him. He always smells so good. Every time we danced I pushed my small breasts against him hoping he would realize how I’m developing. If he noticed he didn’t let on. The day was wonderful, not because of the wedding but because I was the center of my uncle Don’s attention. He made sure I enjoyed the day. He even drove me home after the wedding. My parents helped to pack the gifts for the newlyweds. At the door Uncle Don shook my hand. I told him I thought at the least I deserved a kiss. When our lips touched I stuck my tongue in his mouth, he tongued my tongue. When we broke he had a startled look on his face. I hope he was looking at me as a woman. I’ve relived that kiss many times since then. But I want more.

My body has finally started to develop; I now have hips and a shapely bum. Many of the boys at school commented on my surprise growth spurt of my breasts. It seemed that one day I was a flat as a pancake and the next I had perky cones topped with extra-long nipples. Mom complains because my continuous breast improvements required new bras three times in the last six months. I’m proud of my growth. All my girlfriends are envious. Considering I’d been the brunt of many flat chest jokes for years, I relish their discomfort. At fourteen I’m a 34C. Even some of the older girl’s breasts are a lot smaller than mine. Many of the older boys, many in the senior grades, have noticed. I always make a big fuss how disgusted I am about their attention but secretly I love it.

But the only one I want to notice my changing body is my Uncle Don. All dreams are full of sexual adventures starring Don as my lover. I’m an avid fan of romance novels. The hero is always Don and I’m his damsel in distress. We make love every night in my dreams. I want to experience all those wonderful adventures in real life. I’m still a virgin. That is a situation I want my Uncle Don to remedy. With all my reading I know it hurts a bit the first time but more we do it the better it gets, and my plan is to do it often.

These are the thoughts going through my mind during the sermon. When the service ends, my parents and others are going to a Sunday Brunch. I beg off. I want to visit Uncle Don. Mom can call me when they are at home.

I’ve purposely wore a dress that hugs my body accenting my breasts. Dad bought me a lacypush up bra and matching thong panties that mom doesn’t know about. Hopefully Uncle Don will notice me as sexual being. My shoulder length blond hair shines in the sunlight. My make-up is flawless. Perfume is dabbed on all my intimate places, my neck, under my breasts and my inner thigh’s. It’s a haunting scent that Uncle Don remarked on at the wedding. I purposely wore a garter belt and my sheer white stockings. My three-inch heels accent my long shapely legs. If this doesn’t make an impression on Uncle Don nothing will.

Leaving the church area, many people are walking home because of the beautiful weather. One of my school friends, Aliyah caught up with me.

“Where are you headed Jayden?”

“Mom and dad are going to a Sunday Brunch. I’m going to visit my Uncle.”

“Was that your Uncle at the Wedding?”

“Yes. That is the one.”

“He’s a cool hunk of man. Has done anything to you?”

“Of course not, he’s my Uncle.”

“Well. I wish he was my Uncle. He could do anything he wanted to me.”

Aliyah is a beautiful American Chinese girl. She usually is the center of attraction where ever she goes. Her small, perfectly proportioned body is matched by her beautiful looks. We’ve been friends for five years.

“Aliyah you shouldn’t say that when you don’t mean it.”

“Oh. I mean every word of it. He could have my cherry today. Maybe I can come with you.”

“Forget it. I don’t need the competition.”

“Competition for what? I don’t think you’re telling me everything Jayden.”

We continue this banter until we reach the driveway to my Uncles home.

“Here’s where we go our separate ways Aliyah. I’ll call you tonight.”

“Well. I hope you have a good time. You really look good in that dress. Is that new makeup?”

“Good bye Aliyah. Talk to you tonight.”

Aliyah continues down the street. The sarcastic smile on her face denotes she doesn’t believe me about the relationship with my Uncle Don. I really wish her thoughts were the truth. Maybe it will happen today. I can dream. My body is tingling as I push doorbell. The door opens.

“Come in Jayden. What do I owe this pleasure? Come to the kitchen. Would you like a cup of coffee? It’s fresh.”

Following Uncle Don to the kitchen he’s wearing a pair of shorts and loafers. His hair is still damp from a recent shower.

“Mom and dad are gone to a Sunday Brunch. I’d sooner visit you. Yes I would like a cup of coffee, cream only.”

Don’s kitchen overlooks the back yard. A small alcove jutted out from the house where two comfortable chairs face each other. Don places my coffee on the small table and sits across from me. He’s studying me.

“Jayden, you look very intriguing today. If you weren’t my niece I’d be chasing you.”

It’s now or never. I decide to test his resolve. I spread my legs slightly hoping he can see my pussy juice drenched thong.

“Don’t let the fact that I am your niece stop you. You know how much I love you. I think it would be great being chased by such a handsome man.”

“Don’t wish for something you are not willing to fulfill. Wishes have been known to come true.”

That tells me he is interested. Finally I have something concrete. If he only knew how much I want him. I spread my legs a little wider. My dress moves up my thighs. I follow Uncle Don’s eyes. He is looking at my thong. I can feel it against my puffy pussy lips. He can see how wet I am. I look at his crotch there is a noticeable protrusion. That makes me happy.

His manly cologne makes my head start spinning. How I want to be in his arms. How long will this cat and mouse games continue? How can I get him to make a move on me? We look into each other’s eyes.

“Are you sure you know what you are doing Jayden? What you are implying is wrong. You do know that?”

“I know what I am doing.”

I spread my legs as wide as I can. There is no pretence now. My dress rides up on my thighs. My pussy juice is flowing. My sexual essence is apparent to me and hopefully to Uncle Don. He nervously squirms in his chair. His hardon is really apparent now. Will he make a move? I plead silently. I want to feel his large hands all over me. Just like in the novels I read my protector and my lover.

Uncle Don drops to his knees moving towards me.

“Jayden. Once something like this starts it is hard to stop. Are you sure you want this?”

“Oh Yes Uncle Don. I have been fantasying about this for years. Now I am a woman at least my body is. I have wanted you to be my lover since I learned about the birds and the bees. Please Uncle Don.”

He hugs me tight. His hands are on my hair stroking. He has always admired my blond mane. He lowers his face and kisses me, a real kiss not an uncle niece type of kiss. I feel his hands on my legs moving up towards my pussy.

“When are you supposed to be home?”

“Mom will call when they are done their brunch.”

“Good. Let’s go to the bedroom. This is too open. I don’t think the yard critters want to see me ravish my niece.”

“Oh Uncle Don. Ravish me.”

Don takes my hand and we climb the stairs to his bedroom. I have been in his bedroom many times as his niece, today hopefully today I leave as his lover! He has babysat me many times. The last time was a couple months ago. Even then I wished instead of tucking in, he would come to bed with me. It is my dream; today I am to be his lover. Is my favorite dream is coming true.

Fortunately today it was different. I didn’t know where this would lead but it is my desire is to be more to my Uncle then one of his nieces. He guides me to the bed and sits me down on the edge. I am looking at his bulge. It appears a lot larger now. I am so close I want to reach out and touch it.

“Jayden. Are you really sure you want to do this? We can go back down stairs and finish our coffee and forget this ever happened.”

That is the last thing I want. I got Uncle Don this far and he admits he wants me. I lie back, pull my dress up and spread my legs. My soaked thong is embedded in my pussy. There is no doubt in my answer.

“Oh Jayden, I’ve dreamt about you so many times. You’re so young and so beautiful. I get his hard every time we are close. I really wanted you at the wedding.”

Reaching upwards, I grasp the sides of his face and guide his lips to my wet thong. Then raising my bum to allow easy removal of my thong, Uncle Don is a quick study. My thong is on his bedside table. He looks at me trembling.

“Jayden, you look fantastic in your stockings and garter belt. What a lovely treasure you have between your legs.”

Uncle Don lowers his head getting closer to my pussy; I can feel his hot breath on my outer lips, he breathing deeply enjoying my essence. Then his lips touch my luv lips. It feels like a branding iron. Then he licks me from my rosebud, through my pussy to my clitoris.

“I think we had better take off your dress if this is to continue. The last thing we need is your mom questioning you!”

In short order, I am standing partially naked. My nipples are hard, sticking out nearly three quarters of an inch. They need to be sucked. Now lying on the bed in my stockings and garter belt, my legs are spread wide, an invitation to Uncle Don to take me or at least eat me, really I want both! Hopefully my dreams are about to come true.

“I love your long nipples. They are going to get a lot of attention.”

Don starts sucking my left nipple. I close my eyes and enjoy the new feelings slowly flowing through my body. He sucks me just below the nipple. It feels very sexual. I later learn it is my milk gland. I really don’t care what it is as long as Uncle Don keeps sucking. It feels like I am going to cum. My body is tingling from the sensation. Uncle Don massaged my breasts while he vacuum sucks each nipple. Then he did baby kisses down to my belly button. My body is anticipating all the new contacts. Then Uncle Don actually kisses my pussy. His mouth grasps my loose inner lips. I’m gasping at every new sensation. All my dreams are coming true. The juice flowing from my pussy is dripping down my thigh to my bum crack. Uncle Don’s tongue licks it all. His finger is rubbing my anal pucker, it feels breathtaking. Everything in the room starts to whirl. My body goes into the throes of my first oral climax. It is the first one that isn’t a result of my own fingers. The feeling is incredible. He continues to lick my pussy. His tongue makes continuous passes lapping up all the elixir flowing profusely from my pussy. I am in a blissful state. Then his lips are at my clitoris. The nerve endings are at maximum sensitivity. I’m cumming again. My hips buck against his mouth. The second climax feels better than the first. Nothing I have done for myself comes close to Uncle Don’s tongue. I am so happy he is my first. I caress the back of his head as he kisses my luv lips. When he raises his face I can see my juice splattered from his eyebrows to his chin.

“Uncle Don. That was the greatest feeling ever! I want you to teach me more. How can I make you feel as good?”

His massive cock is large and long. I know it is supposed to fit in my pussy but I wonder how anything so big can fit in my little hole.

“Jayden! All the elixir you are producing should be bottled. You could make a fortune. I really enjoy eating your pussy, it fulfils a fantasy I have had for years as you were growing. But all I would have ever done is look and never touch. I hope you never regret what happened today.”

“Uncle Don. I will never forget this day. I wanted to be your lover since I was eight. I have been reading historical romances novels for years. You were always my hero. Today you are my lover. Kiss me again.”

He gives me a long kiss. His hand caresses me. He lies down beside me and rolls me to my side. I can feel his erection pushing on my stomach. He cups my bum cheeks and then I feel his finger probing my bum hole. It fells funny but nice. I have never thought of my tight asshole as sex organ. My feelings are changing.

Then I got daring. Reaching down and grasping his cock, Don gasps with emotion.

“Jayden. If you keep exploring me like that, I will cum. It is a long time since I have so strong a feeling. Your hands are so soft and warm.”

“Uncle Don. I want to do something for you. Do you want to put it inside my pussy? I don’t know how it will fit but I will try for you.”

“Oh Jayden. I would love to have sex with you. But we don’t have enough time for me to do it as it should be done. We will have to find a way to be together for a longer time preferably overnight.”

“Oh. I would like that Uncle Don sleeping with you in your big bed. But I want to do something for you before my parents call me.”

“What else did all the books your read suggest you could do with your lover?”

“Some of the heroines suck their lovers dry. At least that is how the stories read. Can I suck you?”

“Oh yes Jayden. I’d like that.”

I arrange my body so that my pussy is at his face, my juice dripping on his chin. Grabbing his shaft, I start to pump it. The head looks so big. Can I get it in my mouth? Licking the head coats my tongue with precum. The taste is salty but delicious. My mouth engulfs the head of his cock. I am surprised that it was so easy. Making Uncle Don cum is my goal. All the stories warn of the volumes of cum shooting out in strings. If I am fortunate to get Uncle Don to cum, every drop will be mine. My hands are pumping his meaty shaft as I suck. His body stiffens and he lifts his hips forcing me to accept more of his cock. With him sighing I feel the muscle of his cock start contracting. Hot cum pumps into my throat. Cum is ejaculating with each muscle contraction. Finally the mighty log of meat starts to go soft in my mouth. I swirl my tongue on the head to get every drop of Don’s cream. I don’t mind the taste. This is something I will be doing this on a regular basis.

“Jayden. That was wonderful. I hope I didn’t hurt you. You didn’t lose a drop. Did you like the taste?”

“It is different but I want to do it again. I can do this for you even when we meet for a short time. I am going to love sucking you regularly.”

“Jayden. That is something you can do whenever you like. I feel so good right now.”

The phone was ringing. I picked it up.


“Yes mom. I was had a cup of coffee with Uncle Don. Okay. I will ask him.”

“Mom want to know if you would like to come over for supper tonight Uncle Don.”

“Tell her yes. What time?”

“Did you hear that mom? At six, I will tell him. See you soon.”

“Dinner is at six. I have to get dressed and go home now.”

Uncle Don relaxes on the bed and watches my every movement. My thong is the last thing I put on. I want to feel his tongue on my pussy once more. I straddle his face and lower my pussy lips to his lips; I grab the headboard for support. His tongue enters my opening, it feels good. My body feels a climax about to erupt. He didn’t stop licking me till my body starts to quiver with a climax. Uncle Don’s tongue makes me feel so good. Then I feel the tip flicking my bum hole. The feeling is indescribable.

“Jayden! You have to go home. Your parents will be curious if you don’t show up soon.”

“That felt so different. I didn’t realize how sensual my bum could be. I liked it.”

“I wish I could have done it longer Jayden. I would love to see if you could climax from your rosebud.”

“I want to try it again. Today has been super.”

My body is tingling all over as I walk home. Uncle Don offers to drive me but I want to walk and think about what happened. I will have a lot to tell Aliyah tonight, after Uncle Don leaves. Maybe I can get Uncle Don somewhere in private so I can suck his cock again. I can still taste his cum. I want more.

When I get home mom is in the kitchen preparing some vegetables for dinner tonight. I ask if I can help.

“You can set the table. Did you have a good time with Uncle Don?”

“Oh yes. I always enjoy being with him.”

“If I didn’t know better I would say you have a crush on my brother.”

Mom is laughing. If she knew the truth she would be shocked. I just smile and finish the table. I then went to my room. My thoughts are about what happened this morning. Lying on my bed naked I play with my clitoris. My imagination has Uncle Don’s tongue on my clitoris. When the climax came it was the result of Uncle Don’s tongue. I feel so melancholy. At five o’clock I am in the shower. My pussy lips are puffed up. My bum hole is sensitive when I rub it. Maybe Uncle Don will rub it.

I wore a new pair of tailored sweat pants. They are a very lose fit with a stretch waistband. If there is an opportunity for Uncle Don to get at my pussy I didn’t want anything slowing him down. I hope to be on my knees tonight sucking his cock. Giving Uncle Don blowjobs is fun. Besides, Uncle Don likes it.

I met Uncle Don at the door. He looks very handsome. I mentally undress him. How nice it would have been to take him to my bedroom. My panties are getting wet.

“Come on in Uncle Don. We are just about to sit down for dinner. I really liked the time I sent with you this morning. I hope we can do it again soon.”

“Yes. I enjoyed your company I wished it could have been longer. I could have showed you so much more.”

I can feel my pussy lips tingle. How it would feel to have Uncle Don’s cock fuck me? I want it but I am afraid it would hurt. I wish I could have hugged him now. His hands would have been all over my body.

Dinner is great. I couldn’t keep my eyes off Uncle Don. When our eyes met he winks at me. I know what he is thinking about. My panties are soaked. I just hope no one else will notice my sweat suit is getting damp at the crotch.

My mom asks me to get an extra bottle of dinner wine. When I leave the table, Uncle Don volunteers to help me find it. I am leading him to the basement, wiggling my bum to entice him. As soon as we are hidden from the group, I am in his arms. One of his hands is on my bum, and then I feel it slip into my panties. I can feel his finger in my crack feeling my rosebud. Oh it feels so good. My lips are on his, and then I tongue him. My hips are grinding against him. He is so hard. Maybe I can suck him.

“Uncle Don. We have to get to the basement. They are waiting for the wine. I wish I could taste your wine.”

My hand is on his engorged cock. I can feel his strong pulse. I drop to my knees and undo his zipper.

“No Jayden. We don’t have time.”

Uncle Don’s voice lacks conviction. He wants it as much as I do. The monster is released. The head is quickly in my mouth. Don’ is moving his hips back and forth while he moans softly. Both my hands are pumping up and down his shaft. I hope he cums soon. My wish is answered by a surge of warm cum down my throat. This is so much fun. I suck and swallow as he ejaculates. It tastes better than this afternoon. I can feel the monster shrinking in my mouth.

“Thanks Uncle Don. I love tasting you. I do want to do it often.”

“Oh Jayden. Thank you again. You can suck me every time we have an opportunity. I wish I could taste and smell you right now. Soon we may have enough time to enjoy everything. I do want to make love with you. But we have to get the wine.”

Don tucks his shriveled cock back into his pants. My crotch is wet from the juice that is seeping from me. I hope Don has a chance to taste me tonight. We rush to get the wine and return. Fortunately there is an argument ensuing at the table and nobody seems to have missed us. We both sit down and try to join the conversation. Don winks.

“I feel like an ice cream treat. Does anyone want to come along?”

I wait hoping nobody wants to go. It is obvious that they all continue the noisy conversation.

“Uncle Don. I will go with you.”

No one seems to notice us leaving. Once outside I get into Uncle Don’s converted van. It is equipped with a bed and a small gas heater. Uncle Don fishes often and stays overnight. The van allows him to start fishing early. Now I can see the advantages of that bed. I am tingling. The van moves out of the driveway.

“I was hoping nobody wanted to stop the argument. They all seemed to be really involved. I think I know what cream I will taste. Jayden why don’t you go to the back and take your sweat pants off.”

It did not take me long to remove my sweats and soaked panties. I am lying on the bed with my legs spread wide. Uncle Don can see my wet pussy in the rear view mirror.

“This mall has large parking lot. There is an area behind the mall where very few park. It is a good place for us.”

All of the windows, with the exception of the front are privacy with a very dark color. No one can see in. I feel the van stop. Uncle Don moves between the seats towards me. His head goes down and I can feel his tongue on my pussy. Twice in one day, this is a nice way to end a Sunday. Uncle Don’s hands are all over my lower body. I am getting that good feeling starting from my pussy. I think I am close to cumming.

“Uncle Don. That feels so good. I wish you could have started years ago at least since I started masturbating four years ago. Oh, I am cumming.”

A beautiful feeling is going through my body. Everything is so wonderful when it happens. Don’s tongue is now in my asshole. I feel so good. These experiences are all new to me. I can’t wait to feel Uncle Don’s cock going inside of me. Wave after wave of delirium ran through my body. It is great to have my uncle’s tongue working its magic. Then he is hugging me. His warm hands are cupping my titties.

“Jayden. You do taste so good. You are so beautiful. I really want to feel my cock inside of you.”

“When Uncle Donald?”

“Soon. I have been thinking about it since this morning. Do you like fishing?”

“Me fish? Why do you ask?”

“I am going fishing next weekend. I could mention it tonight then you could ask your parents if you could come with me. I will make a fuss, that you certainly wouldn’t like it in the woods. Knowing my sister she will insist on me taking you, because she will think it will ruin my weekend.”

I am laughing. What Uncle Donald said is true. They both do things to each other to aggravate each other. Mom knows how I love to be with Uncle Don but his fishing is his getaway. I hug him close. Don’s lips are on my nipple. I can feel my body moving closer to him; my pussy is rubbing against his leg. Everything feels so good.

“I know mom. She will enjoy watching you squirm as you try to think of some reason that you can’t bring me. She will be disappointed when you finally agree. I wish today was Friday.”

I can feel Don’s cock hard against my leg. I reach down and direct to my wet slit. It feels good against my opening. I push against him and feel the head trying to get in. I want it so bad.

“Can’t we do it now? I want to feel you in me so bad.”

“As much as I would like too, I think we better wait till the weekend. I don’t want to rush. Let’s go back to your house.”

I feel so good. Don’s hand is on my lap. I directed under my clothing so he could play with my pussy. I want so much more. His finger is rubbing my clitoris. I’m going to cum again. My body arches and the wonderful feeling floods me again. I want his cock in my mouth again.

“Don, are you hard enough for me to suck? Can I do it before we go into the house? I need some more cream. After all that is what we went out for. You had yours now I want more of you.”

Don undid his fly and wiggle out his monster cock. I can see it glisten in the dim light. My hand is on it. It feels so hard and warm. I moved his armrest and lower my face engulfing the purple head. This is the third time today. What a lovely soother.

“Can you cum again?”

“Likely. I have never cum so much in years. Jayden you do all kinds of crazy things to me.”

Gently pumping and sucking Don’s body is trembling. I want it to last till we get into my driveway. The last thing we need is an accident. I can feel the motion of the van turning into the driveway then the engine is cut. My sucking starts in earnest. Don’s hips are pumping, and then his body stiffens. I really enjoy the feeling of cum hitting the back of my throat. Don’s hand is caressing my hair.

“We better go in. Thank you for the serving of cream and thank you for sucking me dry again. It will take me all week to recuperate.”

“I hope to see you during the week and want to suck you again. I really like the feeling and the taste.”

“I think I will be ready for that as long as you are willing to have your pussy eaten. Let’s go in and get the weekend straightened out.”

It has appeared that the argument has been resolved. Most are enjoying the last of their wine. Family discussions usually get very vocal. They will be at it again next time. All the problems of the world have been settled.

“Did you two enjoy your ice cream?”

“Yes mom. Don knows what I like. How is everything here?”

“We solved all the world problems until next time we meet.”

“Mom, Uncle Don is going fishing next weekend. I want to go with him but he said I am too young.”

My mom’s smile was noticeable she was thinking up something uncomfortable for my uncle. You can see the wheels turning.

“Don. I think it would be great if you taught Jayden how to fish. Don’t you all agree?”

The rest of the group knew how my mom and her brother needled each other. Don is fidgeting. Once they noticed how uncomfortable he seemed they all agreed with mom.

“Fishing isn’t for a young girl. Beside Jayden has never even attempted fishing before. I will be gone the whole weekend. She will likely want to come home Friday night. I want to stay the whole weekend.”

“Please Uncle Don. I won’t want to come home. I will stay as long as you like.”

All the family pleaded my cause. Most were laughing at my Uncle’s discomfort.

“Jayden. If I agree you will have to learn to bait your own hooks. We will be staying in my van. There are no showers or bathroom where we are going. We will be lucky if we can bathe in the lake! I really don’t think you will like it.”

“Uncle Don I want to go with you. I will be fine. I will do anything you say.”

Again the family pleaded my case. Everyone had a reason why Uncle Don should take me. Don put up a good fight but in the end he agreed to take me. The gathering broke up and everyone was leaving.

“Jayden. I will call you tomorrow with a list of things to bring.”

“Ok Uncle Don. I might stop by after school.”

He knew what I would be doing if I dropped by. I really like sucking his big cock. That night in bed I relived the day with my fingers on my clitoris. It’s been a wonderful day.

At school the next day, I got the third degree from Aliyah. She noticed how bubbly I was.

“So how was your visit with your uncle? Did anything happen? I still think I should have gone with you. He is such a hunk.”

“Don’t worry; I can take care of my uncle. Things went quite well. We had a wonderful day. Actually he is taking me fishing for the weekend. My family embarrassed him into agreeing to take me.”

“Tell me what you mean things went well. I want to hear everything.”

“All I can tell you is it was wonderful. He makes me feel so good.”

“And what did he do to make you feel so good?”

“I will never tell. You can guess.”

“Did you kiss? Did he touch you? Did you touch him?”

“All of the above and more, it was a wonderful day.”

“Why couldn’t it have been me? I would have loved it. Tell me about your fishing trip. When are you going, for how long, it is just the two of you?”

“I think it will be for the weekend. I will be talking to him tonight. He is going to give me a list of things to bring. He says we will be roughing it.”

“I would love for your uncle to be rough with me. I am getting wet. I think I need some of your tender loving care Jayden. Can I come over tonight?”

Aliyah and I enjoyed each other many times. When I discovered masturbating we started experimenting with each other. She has such a wonderful body. I have never tasted her but I think tonight would be a good time to try. After what Uncle Don did with his tongue I know it will drive Aliyah wild.

“Ok, but call first. I may be at Uncle Don’s. How long will you be able to stay?”

“I will tell my parents we are working on a project for school. I will be able to stay a couple of hours.”

“Good. That will give us time to give each other some TLC.”

The school day went well. I am in a super mood. I don’t think anything could have changed it. When the final bell did ring, all I could think of is Uncle Don’s big monster. I gathered my books and trudged off to his home. I wondered if he had a list of things I should take on our weekend trip. The thought of his monster entering my pussy makes me tingle and wet. Then I realized I am at his door. I rang the bell. Uncle Don answers.

“Do you have something for me?”

“Oh yes. I was hoping you were coming over. I need you.”

He is rubbing his obvious hard erection. I want to taste him. He leads me to his bedroom. In a very short time we are standing naked looking at each other. I push him back on the bed and run my hand over his shaft. The head is purple and hard. His balls feel warm. My mouth engulfs his monster and I start to suck. This is habit forming. I never dreamt I would enjoy this so much. I like the way it makes Don moan. I have full control over him. I can feel his body surrender to me and his desire to cum. Pumping as I suck, my free hand is gentle caressing his balls. I want every drop of cum he has manufactured. Strings of tasty cum shoot to into my throat, I savor each drop. I suck until his monster turns into a small mouse.

“Jayden! I love when you do that. I can’t wait till this weekend; all I can think of is enjoying your tight pussy when we have sex. This will keep the edge off of my passions. I don’t think I could last the week without cumming. Now it is my turn. Please lie down and spread your legs.”

I do as I am told. Uncle Don brings me to the edge four times before he lets me cum. His finger is deep in my asshole. The feeling is indescribable. Then we hug and rest for a moment.

“Jayden. We will be saying at a cottage. So it will be comfortable. It has power and there is a full shower. Nobody knows about it.”

“Who owns the cottage?”

“I bought it two years ago. I had been renting it and the owner offered to sell it to me. I received a large bonus from a job I completed and used the money to buy the cabin. It is on a small lake. You will love it.”

“You have kept it a secret from the family all this time. You are sneaky Uncle Don.”

“You are the only one in the family that know about it. It will be our secret. I have a list of things for you to bring. It appears we are going to have great weather. The forecasts show it will be sunny and warm. Not good for fishing but great for swimming and making love. That is all I have thought of since the dinner. It certainly makes it hard to concentrate on work. You are to blame.”

“Good. I am glad you are uncomfortable. Now you know how I feel. I keep wondering if I will be big enough for your monster.”

“I have no doubt it will. I am counting the hours to Friday night. What time will be ready?”

“Early in the afternoon, we have physical education which I have arranged to miss. I told my teacher I strained my back. I will be ready at two.”

“Good. I have a list for you in the kitchen.”

We kissed and then got dressed. I feel so good. Then I realized I had to rush home eat and then shower because Aliyah is coming over. As good as Don is, girls loving girls has a lot going for it.

I read the list Uncle Don had given me. Everything made sense except he mentioned bring some pads and tampons. My period isn’t for a week. Then it dawns on me, my cherry will be a thing of the past after this weekend. I am in a dreamy mood when Aliyah came to the house. She notices something.

“You are going to have to tell me everything. You have been holding back. What are you doing with your Uncle?”

“Let’s go upstairs to my bedroom. I will tell mom we are going to study. Good thing you brought your book case.”

“I don’t have books in the case.”

That has me wondering what Aliyah is up too. We walk to the kitchen and tell mom we are going to study. Mom likes Aliyah and thinks it is a good idea that we study together. She and dad are going shopping. This is going to be a very good day for me.

Once in the bedroom, we both undressed. I marvel at Aliyah’s body every time I see her naked. I love her skin and her nipples. Her luv lips are so pronounced. Today I am going to taste her. Uncle Don loves to eat me. I plan to find out why. Finally we are hugging. Her breasts feel so soft pushing against mine. We are attached at the mouth. Her tongue always excites me. She always tastes good. My hands rub up and down her back. I wonder if she will enjoy having her bum played with. After Don had his finger in my pucker, I now have great respect for sensational feelings of my anal opening. It certainly makes me feel good. Aliyah is moaning. As we move towards the bed, I lower her so she is lying on her back. I run kisses down her body. We have never kissed pussies. When I reach her small chump of hair above her pussy and clitoris I stop. Aliyah has her eyes closed enjoying the feeling. She automatically spreads her legs. I love the odor of her excitement. Today I am going to taste it. I kiss her belly button then her luv lips. The juice tastes different then Uncle Don’s cum, it has its own special taste.

“Jayden. What are you doing? Where did you learn that? It feels wonderful.”

I lick up and down her pussy. Her clitoris is a pink button standing out of is hood. I concentrate on it sucking and licking. My hand runs up her bum crack to her rosebud. Her juice has made it very slippery. My finger easily enters her.

“Jayden. What are you doing?”

I suck her clitoris and slowly pump my finger in and out of her bum. Then I feel her body tense and then stiffen. Aliyah is cumming hard. The juice just seems to pour from her pussy. I lick up as much as I can.

“Jayden. I have never cum as hard as that. Where did you learn all of that?”

When I didn’t answer, Aliyah sees me smile.

“It was your Uncle Don. He taught you. Did he eat you? Did you fuck? Tell me everything. I knew something had happened. You were in such a good mood.”

“We enjoyed each other but we didn’t fuck.”

“Are you going too?”

“This weekend hopefully, during our fishing trip.”

“You are so lucky. I wish I was going with you.”

“You can forget that idea. Uncle Don will be mine this weekend. But I will put in a good word for you.Maybe!”

“You will! You will let me know what he says.”

“Oh Yes. Now please make me feel good.”

Aliyah kissed my pussy juice covered lips and kiss my body. She sucks my nipples to the point of making me cum. Then I feel her kiss down to my pussy. I am waiting to feel her lips on my luv lips. It didn’t take long. I feel her kisses and her tongue pushing against my opening. I reach down and spread my lips. Her tongue feels so good. I must be pumping a lot of juice as I can feel her swallowing. Then her finger is at my asshole. She pushes gently and once she started to enter me she pushed her whole finger deep in my ass. When I hit my high, my body explodes!

“Oh Aliyah, that was great. How did you like the taste?”

“I am surprised you taste so good. Now I understand all the stories you hear about pussies being eaten. We should have doingthis months ago.”

We shift to the 69 positions. Aliyah’s tongue is now busy. We are both eating each other. I came four more times. Aliyah does the same.

Later we lie hugging. I feel so great. We’ve been enjoying each other for nearly two hours.

“I love studying with you Aliyah. It makes me feel so good. What did you bring in your book bag?”

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