Piss Whores in Training: Taking Karissa for a Stroll

by Kathrin

Copyright© 2017 by Kathrin

Erotica Sex Story: Some girls are so much into water sports, they will take a sip at any chance they get. Add to that a complete submissiveness and willingness to do anything she's told, and you have Karissa.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Mult   Lesbian   Fiction   DomSub   Humiliation   Group Sex   Anal Sex   Water Sports   .

Sometimes, when you’re a dominant lesbian with a distinctively kinky side, you’ll meet girls that absolutely love to be used, abused and taken advantage of. Now, most girls have a submissive side, so it’s not hard to find a lover who likes to get told what to do, but it takes a special kind of girl to devote herself and her body so entirely to you that she would let you use her, abuse her, do every depraved thing you tell her to willingly and eagerly and still ask for more, beg for more, while already soaked in body fluids from head to toe with every orifice raw and sore. One such girl was Karissa.

I woke up one morning with her and another girl next to me, who I had met at a party the night before. I don’t even remember the other girl’s name, and I doubt I ever got formally introduced to her to begin with. Karissa I remember, she was a friend of a friend of a lover and was just out for a good time. She’s a slim petite with long black hair, a cute round face and blue eyes, a few inches shorter than me and, of course, much thinner, but not too thin for my tastes, with some nice womanly curves and a cute set of large-B/small-C cup breasts, which I got to explore all throughout the night. She’s about 10 years younger than me, maybe in her mid-20s, and absolutely submissive, with a kinky side I had only scratched the surface of the night before.

The other girl was a brunette, a bit taller and older than Karissa, with a layered haircut that was all messy as she lay there in my bed in the morning. She had a long face, but sweet wide lips and the prettiest teeth I’ve ever seen. Her breasts, now underneath the sheets, were nice and full and heavy as far as I remembered. She had joined us, mainly out of curiosity, and was a little embarrassed and reluctant throughout the whole night as this was clearly her first “bi-curious” experiment. She didn’t complain when Karissa ate her out, though, and seemed to enjoy watching us. Well, except the things we did in the bathroom, as we had a feeling that she might be too vanilla to appreciate our kinky side when we both found out that we each really, really loved all things pee.

Karissa stirred as I sat up, groaning, still half-asleep, while the other girl wasn’t moving. I stretched, feeling refreshed and already slightly horny, thinking back on the night before. I was in one of those moods when you’re awake, but too lazy to get up, unless something would really require you to, and since it was the weekend and I didn’t have to go to work, nothing urgently required me to, other than my bladder. I considered a moment just staying in bed and peeing on myself, as I sometimes do when I’m alone, lazy, horny and don’t care, just wanting to feel that warm, wet feeling between my legs, and the relief. Then I got a better idea.

I moved, slowly, straddling Karissa’s head next to me. I was wearing a short, yellow nightie that just pushed up around my waist as I spread my legs, revealing my ginger-haired crotch and glistening labia. She moved her head, still not opening her eyes, but since the night before she begged me to use her in every way I would want, I was planning on putting it to the test and see if it still applied. Slowly, drops of pee trickled down my slit and onto her face, hitting her cheeks. She moaned, then parted her lips slightly. I don’t know if she was aware of what happened, or if it was just a reflex, and I really didn’t care. I relaxed my bladder more, and a small stream hit her mouth. She coughed, sputtered for a moment, looking up at me, then just quickly opened her mouth wide, letting me fill it with piss.

I peed slowly, giving her time to swallow it, making sure not a whole lot ran down onto the sheets. I lowered my crotch more and more down on her face, until my hairy snatch was pressed right on her luscious lips, pissing right into her mouth. She swallowed it all, and then almost looked sad when I was done. I smiled, and rolled over, laying down next to her, still too lazy to get up. Her hand moved between my legs, and she began to rub my now soaked pussy, at the same time kissing me with the taste of my urine still on her lips. I lay back and just let her please me, until I woke the other girl with my moans as I came. She barely noticed us and got up, stumbling to the bathroom. We giggled, feeling naughty for having already had sex right next to her. Finally, I also got up and made a little breakfast.

When the girl returned from the bathroom, we sat down at my kitchen table and had some toast and coffee, while it was Karissa’s turn to go, freshening herself and doing the things girls do in the morning. I didn’t speak much at breakfast, as our friend turned out to be still embarrassed and really quite boring as a conversationalist. I smiled, as Karissa returned and joined us, standing by the table for a moment, then suddenly dropping to her knees and crawling under it. “What’s she doing?” the other girl asked. I shrugged. “Getting breakfast, I guess,” I replied, already aware of her plans. Moments later, the girl realized what it meant when she felt Karissa’s tongue between her legs, slowly working her way up to the moist centre of her sex.

Across the table, I acted like nothing was happening, watching the expression on the woman’s face turn from surprise, to embarrassment, to shame, to relaxation, enjoyment, and bliss. I slipped off my sandals and began feeling with my feet underneath the table, finding Karissa’s legs soon and tracing them back up to her butt. My toes ran across her soft, round cheeks and down her crack, my big toe finding its way deep inside to her anus. Playfully, I began to rub it while my other foot caressed her buttocks.

I might’ve entered her, but it was hard to tell as she had her mouth full of pussy and wouldn’t moan much over the munching noises she made. Her anus was tight and dry, so it was hard getting inside, but I played with it anyway. If she wanted to serve me, she would need to get used to have her ass played with.

Karissa wouldn’t stop until the other woman was satisfied, sitting panting and sweating in her chair. Soon thereafter, she excused herself, as she was probably already missed by her dear husband who no doubt had no clue about his cunt-whoring wife. We finished breakfast with Karissa still on the floor and me feeding her toast, laced with pussy slime, which I gathered from my snatch with a spoon. She ate eagerly, then sucked some jelly off my labia, pubes and nipples that I smeared on there with my fingers.

Once we were both fed and she had licked me clean, I began to think what I would want to do. The young girl seemed to want to stick with me today, so I got determined to put her devotion to a test and see how deep she would let herself be degraded. I’m not a cruel, sadistic domme, so I may not have the best track record of really breaking someone, but I like to play with humiliation, to see how far a sub’s mind can be bent down. So, if you expect corporal punishment and violence, you might want to go to a different mistress; I’m a lover, not a fighter.

We got dressed. I put on a really cool tight green body suit that made me look 10 pounds thinner and gave my boobs a sweet shape, faintly showing nipples and areolae when I’m not wearing a bra. Over that, just some loose, light, white jogging pants, that were cut low enough for the crotch line of the body suit to peek out. And a wide, bright red flappy hat and my round gold-rimmed sunglasses. It was summer, after all. Karissa had no other clothes than the short black skirt and white bodice she had worn the night before, completed with silver high-heels and a matching purse lined with rhinestones.

We left and just went for a stroll. It was warm, but not beating down yet, and we enjoyed all the eyes following us as I led her down the street. My apartment wasn’t too far from the city center, and so we passed a few boutiques soon on our way. Karissa stopped shortly at one with some bright, colourful summer clothes in the windows and admired them. The shop was called “Dani’s”, and it didn’t look like they would have anything in my size, but I went inside with her anyway, just to let her have a look.

In the shop it was cool and quiet. Karissa took off right away and dove down an aisle of short dresses and mini skirts, squealing with glee. I was greeted by a wide smile from a woman. She was about my age, but much slimmer and a little shorter than me, with brunette hair she wore down to her shoulders in layers, framing a beautiful, delicate face with some of the sweetest lips I’ve ever seen. She certainly had the figure and size to wear everything in the shop and make it look good and I wondered if the short, olive dress with random looking cutouts in all the right places was from here, too. She must be Dani.

“Hello,” she said, as if to confirm my thoughts. “I’m Dani. Can I help you?” I smiled back, pushing my sunglasses up into my hair. “Thanks,” I said. “But I think me and my...” I looked around at Karissa, as she eyed herself in the mirror, holding dresses in front of her. “ ... me and my girl will just have a look around, I think,” I finished the sentence. “Sure,” she said, still smiling. “Can I offer you anything to drink?” For a second, I was about to answer something naughty, like ‘only if it comes from between your legs’, but then I just shrugged and said: “Ah, thanks. Some water?”

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