Hillbilly Boys and Girls Club

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2017 by Tony Tiger

Humor Sex Story: Takin care of their own selves after school

Caution: This Humor Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Consensual   Incest   Orgy   Anal Sex   First   Water Sports   .

Out here in the valley we don’t have no fancy thangs ter do after school. But our folks is out a workin or screwin round so we got ter find thangs ter do after the chores gits done.

Little kids who ain’t teens yet gits to stay at school and the teachers babysits em in some govmint program. Us older ones is on our own.

One of the girls wuz in the fifth grade and had a few smarts so she figgered out we could make our own Boys and Girls Club like in the city. Now Ah gotta tell ya that there are three famlies that live in sharecropper cabins on this big farm. Not far away is a big barn with a room where farmhands used to sleep. It still has some old furniture and a woodstove for the wintertime. We’d make it work.

There was three girls and five boys among us. The girls wus all sisters and Ah had two brothers and there wuz two boys in the last fambly. Here’s a list of us:

Freddie Mucphucker 17 4th grade (me)
Jethro Mucphucker 15 3rd grade
Randy Mucphucker 14 1st grade
Billy Bob Bentover 16 4th grade
Ralphie Bentover 14 2nd grade
Sally Sue Rubbinout 16 5th grade
Wanda Mae Rubbinout 15 4th grade
Betty Jean Rubbinout 14 4th grade

Them gurls wuz the smartest ones so they got to plannin. We’d git off’n the school bus and change clothes and do our chores. Then we’d go the clubhouse and do our homework. The gurls helped with that becuz when yew got yer homework done yew could dew rekreeayshun. Them gurls was always wantin rekreeayshun even when it were their monthly.

Yew see, their Maw got em going with fuckin on their fourteenth birthday. Her younger brother didn’t have no wife, which don’t make no difference to this anyhow ‘cept he was at their place a lot bangin his sister. Anyway them gurls loved to have fun with peckers and five boys was about right fer them.

Sally Sue had a boyfriend who was older and worked in town all week. She liked to show us boys new things she learnt from him and then we practiced with her sisters. Ah thought Betty Jean was the cutest and alles tried to get in her pussy first that day. Now she was still good even after a couple of other boys had been in there before me, don’t git me wrong. She got ter tellin me Ah was speshul, but Ah thunk Ah heerd her tellin Billy Bob thet when Ah was fuckin her sister right next to her one time.

No matter, gittin in pussies is lots better than whut Ah used to do. When we wuz littler us boys would see Paw on top of Maw just a pushin in between her legs. We’d seen that she peed diffrent then us but never had a closeup look at her parts. We figgered that his pecker was goin up her asshole so we did that to each other and it felt pretty good.

When Sally Sue decided to fuck me for the first time well Ah nacherly tried to stick it in her ass and she said that was only fer her monthy time. Ah wus real puzzled so she spread her legs open and shewed me that there wuz another hole there just made fer peckers. Hot damn, it shore felt good and left yer pecker smellin better afterwards too. Ah tolt her she’d better shew my brothers so they came along the next time and we all three stuck our peckers in her pussy twice apiece.

Ah’m usually good fer two and sometimes three cunt fillins in a row and so are the other boys so them girls is usally full of seed and pretty happy by the time club is over. Sally Sue almost always has a date with her boyfriend Friday night so she has whoever is last to take a piss inside her afore they pull out to clean out all that boy juice so her boyfriend won’t wonder what she’s been a’doin. She sometimes lets a little piss out when she comes so the smell won’t be much different fer him.

The girls’ Ma put em on birth control when they started bleedin cause she knows firsthand how fertile thet fambly is. The younger ones ain’t allowed to date yet and are supposed to only fuck her brother. We don’t tell nobody about our club although my girl cousin, who is my age and married came to stay fer two weeks while her husband did military duty.

She got swore to secrecy and enjoyed all five of our peckers at the club as much as she could, even sneaking into our bedroom some nights fer more. We are all in one room so we’d take turns being lookout and screwin. She liked one in her cunt and one in her mouth at the same time. She showed us how to have a pecker in both holes down there too. She wuz fun and we were sad when she left.

The next month she wrote Ma thet she was with child but would like to visit again anyway. It were a while and her belly and tits were bigger but the fuckin was still good. She kept callin us her little studs. Ah guess that were a compliment cause she always squealed real good when we wuz fillin her cunt.

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