But Yer Mah Maw

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2017 by Tony Tiger

Humor Sex Story: Single hill country mom guides her adolescent son

Caution: This Humor Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Teenagers   Consensual   Gay   BiSexual   Incest   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   Masturbation   Pregnancy   .

My Paw’s bin in jail fer a few years now. He kilt a man what he found with my Maw. I donno why he done it tho.

A few tahms a week my Maw brings home a man. Differ’nt wuns too. They goes in her bedroom and Ah hears thumpin and odd noises. Then the man leaves and Maw is smilin. She don’t smile all the tahm so when she does Ah’s glad.

Ah’m Jimmy Bob and Ah’m thirteen and Ah ain’t got no brothers or sisters. Paw always said he were disappointed in Maw fer that. So I hang out with Clyde who is my cousin and he’s a couple of years older then me. He stays over some nights and Ah stays at his house too. We ain’t got no extra beds either place sew we bunks together.

Well one mornin we’s gittin up to pee and he goes with me to the one-holer. My pecker wuz stiff and Ah complained thet it were hard to piss thet way. Clyde says he knews how tew make it wilt faster so he grabs it and rubs it and some white stuff flyed out and it felt real different and good. Then Ah could piss easy. He done the same thing to his pecker and it’s bigger then mahn.

Se we got tew talkin after we et and he said, “Didn’t yew really know how tew make yer pecker shoot?” Ah tolt him no.

We went out to the crick to go swimmin and we doan have no suits. Whee we were restin he were lookin at mah parts and his started gittin big lahk mornin woodies do. Ah ast him, “Do yew haf ter piss?”

He laffed and said, “No, but Ah hafter shoot agin. Did yew know there’s lots of fun ways tew make yer pecker spit out thet cream?”

Ah ast, “Will it feel real good lahk last time?”

“Yew bet! Maybe even better.”

“Then shew me how ter dew it.”

Ah were amazed when he leaned over and sucked on my willie and shore enuf it got all stiff. He kept on a’likkin and suckin and it started a shooting thet cream raht in his mouth! Then he said it were mah turn and Ah done lahk he done and it tasted funny but Ah gessed it were OK since he swallered mahn.

Sew we done that when we stayed over and Ah rubbed mahn every day too. Mah stiffie kept growin and got even bigger then Clyde’s.

One naht Clyse said he’d lernt somethin new. He brung some lard tew bed and sayed he knew of another place fer stiffies to shoot. Ah had tew lie on my sahd and he put lard on my shit-hole and his stiffie. He tole me tew push a little lahk Ah were takin a shit and he rubbed and pushed and ahlbedamned if’n his stiffie didn’t pop in mah ass. He moved easy until it were all the way up mah butt. After a whal he made them shooting noises and Ah felt it goin in me.

When he pulled out he ast if’n Ah wanted to git in his ass. Ah sayed Ah didn’t think sew. So he had another idear and went tew fahnd his Sis.

She were just back frum goin somewhere with a boyfriend. Ah think she had several. Anyways, she cum tew our bed and says, “Clyde says yew don’t want tew fuck his ass.”

Ah interrupted, “What’s ‘fuck’?”

She laffed, “Yew got a lot tew learn and Ahm the wun tew teach it tew yew. ‘Fuck’ is when yew stick yer stiffie in somethin and shoot yer cream.”

Ah ast, “Sew Clyde fucked me?”

They both laffed. “Yew got it!” sayed Sis. “Gurls got another hole ‘sides their ass jest made fer stiffies. Clyde tried mahn but he lahks assholes better. Why don yew try mah pussy? Thet’s whut yew calls a ‘pussy’. Mah boyfriend got it nahs and ready fer yew.”

Ah didn’t unner stand thet ‘ready’ partat the tahm. She raised up her nightgown and laid on the bed. She shore looked different then me and Clyde. Ah knew wimmen haid hair down there caus Ah seen mah Maw plenty of tahms but didn’t know what was hidden under it. Well now Ah could see them pink lips and it were droolin some white cream lahk peckers make.

Sis pulled mah pecker down and helped it git in raht. Oh damn! It sure felt better’n Clydes’s mouth even. She pulled and pushed mah hips till Ah got the idear and real quick my pecker shot stuff. She wouldn’t let me pull out neither and tole me tew keep movin. Ah stayed stiff and after a whal she shook and squealed, tellin me thet was her big pleshur and then Ah shot more cream way inside her ‘pussy’.

She tolt me Ah did reel good and Ah could visit her pussy any tahm Ah wanted. Thet made me feel reel proud. Clyde kinda sulked cause he wanted to fuck me. Ah told him we cud still do stuff too.

Sew now I knowed what Maw were up tew with them men she brung home. She didn’t have Paw tew fuck and she liked it, sew Ah unnerstood. Then wun day she brung home a guy in the afternoon and when Ah got home Ah heered them a’fukkin. They hadn’t closed her door sew Ah slipped in quiet lahk and could see a big hairy ass going up and down on top of Maw lahk Ah done with Sis. His ball were a’slappin her ass and Ah could see thet pole goin in and out.

Ah slipped tew the one-holer and wuz stroking my stiffie thinkin about whut Ah jest seen when the door opens and Maw gets a good look. “My Oh My! Haven’t yew growed up nahs and big! Let me help yew out!” She bent over and did lahk Clyde did and she got a mothful real quick.

Ah were surprized and sayed, “But yer my Maw!”

She looked at me with a big smahl and sayed, “Then Ah gots first call on thet thang. After Ah piss we gotta tawk. Be waitin nekkid on mah bed. Now git out the way afor Ah leak.”

Ah alles did what Maw said cuz she taught me thet early on. When she come back she ast me a bunch of questions then she got on the telyfone. “Yew cain’t cum fuck me today. Ah gots fambly business tew tend tew.” [silence] “Try tew git some offen thet wahf of yers. She’s givin it up to some other dudes.” [silence] “Mebby yew awter be more romantik. Git her sum flowers and candy and try sum shine first. Wimmen lak more then jest stikkin it in. It’ll werk better with me too. Good luck.”

She come back to bed and pulled off her dress. “Ah pologise fer neglektin yer larnin.” She tole me about sex parts and whut they did. Ah were amazed about how babies were made.

“Sew Ah come out of thet hole of yers?” She nodded. Ah tole her, “Ah stuck mah stiffie in cuzzin Wanda. Will she have a baby come out?”

Maw laughed, “Ah hope not! She gits lots stuck in there and ain’t none of em worked yet. Ah’m gonna shew yew whut REAL good fukkin is. And thet’s ben told tew me bah men who have tried her out tew.”

She laid back on the bed and ast, “Dew yew know how tew do to wimmin what Ah done tew yew out there?” I tolt her no and she shewed me how to “eat pussy”. It tasted differnt but she shore lahked it and did the shakin and squealin lak Wanda done.

The she reaches fer mah stiffie and says, “Ah thinks it be bigger then thet one Ah got a little whahl ago. Let’s fahnd out.”

Ah didn’t knows thet boys fukked their Mas sew Ah sayed, “But yer my Maw!”

She pulled my pecker to the opening under her fur and grabbed my buns and pulled and Ah were deep insahd befur Ah knowed it. She sayed, “Now yewer back in the hole yew cum out of. Who belongs better in there then yew? Git to movin lahk Wanda shewed yew and put yer cream and seeds in me lahk yer daddy did to git yew started.”

“But Maw, will Ah make a baby in yew? Would it be my bruther er sister?”

She laughed and hugged me, “Honey chile, Ah appreciates yer concern but Ah’v had so much seed of all different kinds and no babies have been started since yew. Ah don’t think it’s gonna happen. Let’s jest enjoy each other and Ah’ll teach yew how tew make it real good fer wimmen and yew’ll git plenty of pussy frum now on.”

Sew we commenced to fukkin every time Ah kud get a stiffie and thet were pretty offen. Ah lernt how to enjoy her big titties and they was much nahser then Wanda’s tiny wuns.

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