The Pirate Princess
Chapter 1

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Honey was a female swashbuckler with a quick blade and a temper that matched her heated womanhood. Her seductive ways inspire loyalty from every member of the crew from the first mate to the lowly cabin boy.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Coercion   Consensual   NonConsensual   Rape   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Gang Bang   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   Double Penetration   Exhibitionism   Oral Sex   Voyeurism   Public Sex   Violent  

The nasty scuttlebutt on that spring morning in Dominica was that the dangerous girl-child known as the Pirate Princess was on the war-path. The rough characters strewn about like felled trees were still fighting off disastrous hangovers from the night before made no bones about searching like jackals in the scuppers looking for a taste of something to drive away the demons of excessive drink.

A peg-legged slice of extreme ugliness was leaning with unsure balance on the arm of a one-eyed character with little visible attributes to inspire such confidence in reliable stability. The others starting to stir after a night of drink and debauchery smiled at the suggestion that the proud Pirate Princess was not happy despite her youth, energy and delicately sculptured beauty in the midst of such bleak surroundings.

Her leggings were so tight that her feminine folds were visible to the naked eye and she never hesitated to bend over in front of her jaded followers because she knew they feared her blade and her nasty temper when roused by unpermitted liberties in the early morning hours.

The captain’s name was “Honey” but she was never addressed by it directly because it riled her so viciously that none would venture the scene that followed their mistake. Generally, she was addressed by either “Captain” or “Princess” and she responded nicely to either.

Only the first mate remembered back to when the Pirate Princess was actually a prisoner of the dreaded Pirate ship “Black Beauty”. The exterior planks were almost a shade of horrible black from the fires of burning ships and the ravages of time. The crew was a motley bunch, all criminals in their own right; with plenty of crimes against the crown and nature to omit on their gravestones should they ever make land before they expired. The likelihood was that they would simply be sewn into a shroud of canvas to be sent without ceremony to “Davey Jones” locker in some far away bottomless sea with secrets to be kept for all eternity.

She had learned all the hard lessons of the skull and crossbones clans and her pretty face was at odds with her deep ingrained attitude of chaos and bad behavior. To Honey, the mere suggestion that she was in any way remotely related to showing ladylike behavior was the worst insult imaginable and she quick with her little sharp knife to leave the wordy miscreant with a reminder of her terrible ire.

Honey had lost her virginity early in life and she never really considered it an act that required much fuss or sad face at a supposed loss of innocence. In her way, she was grateful to the drunken Captain that had captured her along with her sissified brother with his buggered flanks and female movements that made the entire crew laugh when he was pretending to be a man, a sailor, or possessed of a pirating personality. She pitied her half-brother but made no outright move to better his treatment. In her mind, it was better he serve up his hindquarters rather than her because she hated to walk with a modified gait that made even the cabin boys snicker with derision for those captives that received unwelcome nocturnal visits from anal-minded sailors a long way from land and the comfort of a convenient brothel to offer them solace of the feminine variety in normal copulatory exercises.

It became her pleasure to receive the amorous advances of the ranking officers on the pirate ship because she was carefully building a base of power that relied on the exchange of female flesh for promises of support in a leadership role. At first, she was convinced the rough bandits would never accept a female as a Captain, but when she met Captain Rosemarie at the winter trading festival in the Dry Tortugas, she realized that a woman could give orders as easily as a man.

She even allowed the middle-aged and well-weathered Rosemarie to dress her in a Spanish gown of pure gold and bone buttons just to remove it hastily to eat her juices in a way that surprised her with the unnatural frenzy. It seemed hard to believe the fearsome Captain Rosemarie was slurping busily between her pretty knees and that she could see the older woman’s backside rising and falling with obscene rapidity so close at hand. She prodded the slightly drooping cheeks with her finger, then her toe and finally, with her tongue just to show her that she was almost as perverted in taking her pleasure. The sheer agony of listening to her new mentor’s pants of release drove her to spank her captured bottom with savage intensity the like of which poor Rosemarie had never be subjected to before.

Captain Rosemarie even shared a Spanish student captured near Havana with her to show her good will.

Desidario was just barely out of his teens but he had male equipment that had Rosemarie boasting to one and all to be far superior to most males wandering in deep waters and away from common female companionship. His mother had been captured with him and she was servicing the crew around the clock with a combination of grace and dignity worthy of a “De La Noche” with bank accounts that staggered the mind of most criminal elements. The “over the hill” lady was, in fact, quite satisfied with her treatment because she had long ago given up any hope of maintaining male attentions in those matters that seemed so important to her in her easygoing youth.

The gift of “Desi’s” long, thick member was a revelation to Honey because up to that time, she had not achieved the shaking convulsions of a true female orgasm and her education under Desi’s tutoring was the thing she needed to motivate her to take charge of her life and vie for command of her own ship. She aspired to out-do Captain Rosemarie in commanding a ship and in directing the activities of fine dandy’s like Desi to ease her need for refined love-making and not the rough and tumble of pirating ways.

It was Desi that introduced the Pirate Princess to the art of oral love-making and she became expert in giving and receiving such favors with a skill that made several young men her followers with deep-rooted loyalty based in numerous satisfactory nocturnal sessions of perverted desire.

In fact, other crews of other pirate ships were quick to relate that the Pirate Princesses ship was a tight ship in more ways than one and when they admitted the entire really loved their captain, they were only stating the physical reality of the reasons for their obvious loyalty.

The “Black Beauty” came up like a ghost from the mist after a gale that tossed and tumbled bigger ships casting them about like sticks in a small child’s game.

Honey stood on the quarterdeck all dressed in black. Her tights were fitted so close to her curved buttocks that some of the crew actually drooled just glancing in her direction. They were studiously cautious because she was swift to chastise a scalawag’s mere impression of disrespect by squeezing their family jewels and impressing on them the need to apologize for their ogling eyes. High above the shipshape decks flew the Jolly Roger with the skull and crossbones prominent on a field of black. Sometimes they flew flags of benign and neutral countries but that was a deception to mollify a nervous helmsman poised to put on sails to escape the chance the strange black ship had violent intentions. It was at times when they were approaching a fat prize that Honey experienced those orgasms that were different and better than those under masculine control. She felt that she was in charge of the situation and that life and death was snuggled safe in her capable hands ready to fulfill her will as she saw fit at the conclusion of the chase.

The partially damaged merchant ship off her port bow was struggling to cut a broken mast off their main deck so they could make way and head to the nearest safe port for repairs. She could see the swirling confusion of crew and passengers bustling around the decks like a swarm of excited bees tending to their disturbed hive. For some strange reason, the thought of fresh petticoats and powdered bosoms excited her more than an oversized shaft of one of her loyal followers nuzzling her womanly parts with frenzied disregard for the dignity of her rightful command. At such coupling times, Honey was quick to give up her control to a handsome and passionate male because she was much addicted to the “tingle” at the conclusion that made it all so very worthwhile. It escaped her why the thought of a new female captive stirred the hidden desires in her core and she attributed it to the fact that she enjoyed scaring the little darlings with her rough and menacing persona in the privacy of her locked door cabin. It amused her to find that they were all ready to offer up their well-guarded secrets on the promise of protection from the hungers of her all male crew. The females all knew the ways of the pirates would have them “over a barrel” in reality and not just literally to make a point.

Sometimes, she would take pity on a particularly beautiful young thing with a fully cooperative attitude and skills at meeting her needs for a good “tingle” even better than that she got from her loyal all-male crew. In those cases, she would keep the youthful captive chained in her cabin stripped of all clothing and well-washed and tended for immediate use when things got boring up on deck.

The confused merchant ship’s captain struck his colors faster than most because the damage from the storm had robbed his crew of any thought of making a defense against overwhelming odds and certain death. They had escaped the dangers of the storm to be thrown into the caldron of pirate capture. The frightened crew knew they had only a fifty-fifty chance of survival depending on the mood of the pirates and how close they were to a port that would purchase them from the pirates for a chest of coins or valued jewels to gain the favors of a damsel eager to trade her assets for something more tangible.

There were a total of only three females on the merchant ship. Honey had hoped there would be more. In fact, one of them was a plain-faced and middle-aged English lady with an air of grandeur that was ill-suited to her present circumstances. Honey immediately cast her to “barrel duty” for the pleasure of the crew and her shrill protests were music to her ears because it meant her men were finally having a bit of fun.

The other two females were obviously sisters from the way they were clutching each other as if their very lives depended on it. The fair-haired one was a bit on the chubby side but that actually made her more delectable to most of the crew. Honey considered her as her personal live-in toy to make her cabin a bit more inviting in the middle of the night shift, but she gave her to her first mate instead because he was notorious for favoring plump prizes with curves that tempted him into sins of the flesh. She was a bit surprised when he mounted the shocked thing right there on the deck as they watched the merchant ship slowly sink below the waves in a way that insured all of the survivors would remain guests of the pirate crew. They either worked for their dinner, pleasured for their dinner or they were tossed over the side to join all the other unfortunates in Davey Jones’s Locker.

The last female was a black-haired beauty with an air of fight in her flashing eyes. Her name was Kate and she was under the care of the older lady still struggling to keep her balance over the empty barrel as the crew tested her resolve in removing their love-deprived woes. It was Kate that was the real Lady and she was on her way to marry the elderly Governor of the Islands that held the “papers” on her family estate back home so far away that it was only a memory fast fading from her mind.

Kate was supposed to be a “virgin” in accordance with her father’s proclaimed assurances to the Governor. The Governor was a man that liked to break his women in from scratch to insure they didn’t pick up any “bad habits” not to his liking. She had been humped repeatedly by her cousin John horizontally on her library lounge chair with her legs up high and totally unladylike to any person happening to see her surrender. Her terrible cousin John had also taken her standing in several different spots right in the main ballroom backed up against the velvet drapes with her gown and petticoats lifted secretly in the rear and with an air of boredom on her face as she talked to others in the room. Kate loved the secret gushing of her female juices on such occasions and would reward Cousin John with her mouth just like her older sister Veronica had explained the way it was a way to gain control over men making them do things they ordinarily would not do in normal circumstances. All of that was hidden from the world and especially from the Governor to insure his satisfaction in receiving an undamaged piece of goods.

All of that was moot because her virginity would be considered suspect after a period of confinement with the pirate crew of the notorious “Black Beauty”.

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