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Mind Control Sex Story: The mother was crippled but her body craved intimacy and fulfillment. The only way to achive that was by projecting her thoughts to her children.

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Mind Control   Romantic   Fiction   Brother   Sister   .

She was trapped in her chair, trapped by a severed spinal nerve; her legs were useless, her body limp and wasted below her shoulders. But her mind was still sharp, her thoughts, ideas and musings were as full, bright and normal as they always had been. She hated her life, often thinking she would swallow her entire bottle of prescription sedatives. She thought often how free she could be; free to float in the afterlife, free of the captivity of her useless body.

But she didn’t want to leave her children until they were old enough to care for themselves. Rich was 19, becoming a man; tall, strong and as handsome as his father. In less than a year he would be on his own leaving her with just her daughter at home. Jenny was 17 and blossoming into a stunningly pretty and sexy young woman. If one were to look at the Yearbook pictures of the mother, they would see the daughter.

It started as a long restless night in front of the TV, she was watching pay-per-view, a sex laden movie, something she did to remember the nights with her husband before the accident that left her a crippled widow. She had learned over time that her mind could control her feelings, could feed the lust she still felt and overcome the absence of physical touch and give her some erotic gratification. She learned that her sexuality was still alive and she could stimulate it by watching movies then succumb to the power of her mind to create fantasies.

The foreign movie was explicit, rich with strong sexual content that left her yearning for a sensual culmination. The plot was not of her normal preference but the story line rolled smoothly and built naturally to the bonding of a brother and his sister. The story line made the situation between siblings seem natural, real, desirable. The caution the pair displayed at the beginning gradually succumbed to torrid exciting involvement as they realized the attraction they felt for the other was mutual and deep.

That night she dreamed. She dreamed that her son was bedding her daughter and woke up to the after effects of a strong orgasm. She hadn’t touched herself, but her mind was powerful enough to set her climax in motion. Awake and aware she shrank in shame from the dream, but the image of her children in the act of coitus lingered enticingly in the shadows of her consciousness.

For days after the intense dream she watched her children acutely as they went about their lives. She noticed that they weren’t overly hostile toward the other, the care and loving they showed her was reflected in the way they acted with each other. Slowly over time her longing for intimacy and need for fulfillment caused a wickedly immoral idea to take seed. She began musing about Rich and Jenny actually having hot, passionate sex and just her imagination caused her to reach a level of satisfaction she hadn’t long enjoyed. Over time the fantasy grew, a magnificent tree on the barren plains of her mind, offering erotic comfort, a place to escape from the growing intensity of her own loneliness and despair.

It wasn’t long before the ‘what if’ fantasy was overshadowed by an ascending need to have brother and sister carnally bonded. She dreamed often of increasingly erotic encounters between the two and each dream ended in a powerful climax. She had all the time in the world to envision a liaison between her children and the longer she thought about it, the more powerful the desire became. It was during those moments of concentrated thought about her son and daughter she noticed subtle signs that what she was thinking was having an effect on Rich and Jenny.

The first time she noticed she was watching Jenny walk from her room in a short skirt and t-shirt; her legs were bare from feet to mid-thigh. She was thinking Jenny had nice legs and wondered if Rich ever looked at them. Just as she thought that her son looked up and said to Jenny, “Wow girl, you have great legs.”

Surprised, she thought Jenny should like the compliment. As that rose in her mind the girl responded to her brother. “You think so?” then turned her back to Rich and said “Look at them this way, nice?”

Rich returned “Yeah, nice and hot. You got a sweet butt too.” He got a coy glance and a small smile of appreciation from his sister. The mother sat back and ran the short scene through her mind; the kids acted out and said what she was thinking at that moment. Coincidence?

The next time it happened was at the dinner table two nights later. She was watching Rich eat his dinner, his muscular arms flexing and moving just so as he cut the meat. She set her mind on seeing him without a shirt, asking silently if he had filled out as his father was. No sooner had the idea drifted into her mind Rich slopped a large dollop of gravy on his shirt. “Damn it, look at the mess” he grunted then pulled the shirt off and threw it to the floor. In moments the stunned mother was looking at her son’s upper body. He was broad shouldered, deep chested with a tuft of dark hair between his nipples. She turned to the girl and projected her next thought; Jenny would like her brother’s body. Jenny looked up at Rich and commented “Nice abs bro, I bet girls like being up close and personal with you.”

Awed at what was transpiring the mother tried one more thought. She willed her son to stand and show off for his sister. No sooner thought than done; Rich stood, faced Jenny and posed as he if were showing his muscles in a body building contest. He posed and flexed while Jenny grinned and watched raptly, unruffled by her brother’s audacious display. The mother swooned with the realization she was mind-controlling her children. For the rest of the evening she teased her children with salacious thoughts, planting the seeds in their minds that she hoped would bloom as lust and desire for their sibling.

That night as she lay in the dark with her mind tumbling she fantasized again about her son and daughter together. Not only did she fuel her desire, she determined to find out how much she could will the two into doing. Could she radiate suggestions to the kids that would overcome the natural aversion that siblings have for each other? She projected into the night air focused thoughts that Jenny wanted Rich to seduce and fuck her. Minutes later she heard the muffled sounds of a girl in bed with busy hands. As she listened to Jenny masturbating her own libido sent her on another exotic journey. Was Jenny acting out her mother’s thoughts? Did her son pick up on the unvoiced desires, did he sense her mind? She wasn’t sure, but she wanted to find out. She formed an image in her head; Rich’s erection penetrating deep into his sister’s warm velvet cunt, she urged him to feel Jenny’s tender flesh surrounding the shaft of his cock. The mother experienced another sexual climax as she vividly sensed both her children in the act of self-satisfaction.

For the next few days whenever her boy and girl were in the same room together the atmosphere became soft and warm; cozy. Affected by their mother’s increasingly potent mind control, Rich and Jenny flirted covertly and subconsciously preened and displayed. They secretly admired the other while the mother overwhelmed their minds with compelling carnal desires.

It was a chilly Friday night and Rich and Jenny were idling time in the living room with her so she asked “Are you guys going out tonight?” As she asked she wished that they would defer a night out, to want to stay home.

Rich answered “Not tonight, there’s nothing to do.” She looked at her daughter for confirmation and got a nod of agreement, “The weather sucks mom.”

“Good,” she beamed, “Jenny go pop some popcorn, let’s watch a movie. Rich let’s look at the pay-per-view channels, maybe there is something interesting.”

Her mind was doing gymnastics trying to figure out how to get the two to watch the sibling romance movie. And that’s what is was, a romance, not a pointless sex flick. She acted as if she didn’t know what the content was as the title selections came up on screen.

“What’s that one?” she queried as Rich paused on the indie movie description.

Rich read aloud; “Us Against Them’ – A brother and sister bond together to defy the brutal and isolating social stigma of being the new kids in an elite small town school.”

“Let’s try that.” She willed her children to watch the movie.

“It’s rated R mom, for strong sexual content and nudity, are you sure?”

She twisted her head and yelled into the kitchen “Hey, Jenny, are you old enough to watch strong sexual content and nudity in a high school?”

Her daughter came into the room with a bowl of hot popcorn “Well, there is strong sexual content at our school every day. Some guys and girls can’t stay away from each other even in the few minutes between classes. The nudity hasn’t happened in the halls yet, but maybe the closets.” The three of them laughed lightly at the banter.

Satisfied that her thoughts were dominating, she addressed the two, “Then let’s see what this is about.”

Fifteen minutes into the movie it became obvious that the brother and sister were forming a close intimate alliance against the hostile in-crowd in the school. The scene was of the brother talking to his sister in her bedroom while she changed into a night gown. She didn’t seem at all perturbed or shy about stripping to her and panties then slipping a nightie over her arms and tugging it over her curves while he viewed the back of her tantalizing young body. That started the mother thinking that her own children would be more comfortable in their sleep wear. As this thought filled her mind Rich stood and said “Pause the movie, I’m going to change.”

Immediately Jenny voiced “Me too, it’s warm in here.” As son and daughter left to change she glowed with an inner satisfaction that she could so completely mentally influence the two. Her stomach tickled deliciously as she anticipated the rest of the night.

When they came back the mother formed a picture in her head of her son sitting on one end of the sofa with Jenny on the other, stretched out with her feet lying across Rich’s thighs. The two settled onto the couch, Rich on one end and after a few seconds of jostling around Jenny was lying on the cushions with her feet on her brother’s legs, her legs bare from maroon painted toes to mid-thigh. “Hand me the popcorn” she requested. Rich handed it to her and she nested the bowl directly in the junction of her legs, close enough that her brother could reach it too. When he dipped into the popcorn the bowl pressed down on her crotch, the movie resumed.

It was dark in his room; he was asleep when she crept in to talk to him. She got onto the bed over the covers and nudged him awake. The sister in the movie needed to share her intimate feelings with someone her own age and her brother was the only inoffensive teen she knew. He woke, they whispered, grew closer, then as the night lengthened, he urged her under the blankets. In moments underwear was being discarded as the two seduced each other. Up to that point the movie was full of innuendo and covert flirting but there was nothing subtle about the consummation of the sibling alliance on the TV.

She glanced at her boy and girl; they were focused intently on the pair in the movie. She mentally moved her sons hand until he was caressing Jenny’s leg and was gratified when he did exactly that. She thought that Jenny should enjoy the contact then saw her daughter relax a little more into the cushion under her butt and straighten her leg ever so slightly. Rich tickled his sister’s skin just over the knee while the two on the screen huffed and panted their pleasure at discovering a new dimension of their relationship.

The mother was getting hotter, the movie was working on her but also were the perverse sexual thoughts rampaging in her head. The stronger her own feelings became, the more effect she was having on Rich and Jenny. As the desires in her grew she noticed Rich stroking his sister’s leg from ankle to thigh and Jenny had increased the distance between her knees, giving him more skin to touch.

She sat immobile in body but her mind was racing; she was radiating memories, images of her and her husband when they were young. Rich shuffled around until he was lying on the sofa, against the back of it. Jenny shifted to give him room and rolled to her side so he was behind her. As they settled into the new positions his arm went around her stomach and he pulled her close. Jenny rocked her butt, rubbing it gingerly on her brother’s groin. The movement, the closeness, the acceptance of the intimate contact seemed natural, unconscious, and desired by both. Jenny did not object to her brother’s body pressed against her, Rich did not recoil from his sister rubbing her ass on him as they focused on the television.

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