Katie's Initiation

by TailWeaver

Copyright© 2017 by TailWeaver

Incest Sex Story: Bree, one of Robin's friends, remembers the hazing she witnessed at her big sister Katie's Sorority, and as she relives that night in her mind, she becomes obsessed with doing much more with her friends.....

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including ft/ft   Fa/ft   Consensual   Reluctant   Sister   FemaleDom   Humiliation   Torture   Bestiality   Exhibitionism   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Sex Toys   Voyeurism   .

Bree, a junior at Templeton High, was an unremarkable, but pretty girl. On any given weekend at the mall, you could see dozens of girls like her, talking, eating, shopping, having the young time of their lives. She stood just over 65 inches in height, her and lithe frame was kept in tone due to her obsession with cross country running. It was a team sport, but also an individual one, and she liked the quietness of the training, the running not in a silly circle on the ground.

She’d been invited to a sleepover at Robin’s house, along with Bree’s best friend Amber, and Cyndi, perhaps the best friend of Robin’s - she was still not sure how close they were. As the girls had relaxed and began to get more creative in their evening endeavors, it has soon become clear that Robin and Cyndi were rather submissive, easily dared into doing things, and as they performed their latest task, Bree was enjoying watching the embarrassed faces of the two current victims, and her own fires were rapidly rising as she looked at Amber and smiled.

Ever since she had visited her older sister at State, and had spent the weekend at her new sorority house, she’d been dying to find someone to recreate some of the special fun she first experienced that weekend. Discussing things with Amber, who still did not know all the details about what Bree had seen, she was sure that this sleepover would provide some good fun. And it was all because of her sister’s sorority hazing...

(More details about the sleepover in Robin’s stories, currently being edited and posted)

Bree had gone up to see her sister in early October, eager to see her sister’s new school, her room, her friends, just everything. At first the visit was everything she’d expected, touring the campus, meeting a few of her sister’s friends, lunch at a loud raucous burger shoppe. Some quality sister catch-up time, discussing everything that had happened to the both of them over the last few weeks.

She had kept noticing, from time to time, one of the sorority sisters going through a partially hidden door, each one knocking and waiting, before being let in. “What’s through there?” she’d asked her sister Katie, curious as she seemed to be ignoring the activity, and that door was never mentioned during her tour of the house.

“Oh ... that’s like the clubhouse, only for the full members ... Um ... I’m still a probationary member. “ she added slowly, her cheeks flushing for some odd reason, and she quickly tried to change the subject.

“Missy Katie ... that is not quite correct, is it?” The loud voice of a passing member drew everyone’s attention, as Katie quickly stood up from where she was sitting next to Bree, bowed her head a bit, and said “No Ma’am, I mean, yes Ma’am, I mean ... I don’t know Ma’am...”

Shocked did not begin to describe how Bree felt seeing her sister standing so, but this was only the tip of the iceberg.

“The clubhouse, is for members, and their honored guests, and who else Missy Katie??” the unnamed Sorority member (Bree assumed) demanded.

“Um ... probationary members under examination?” her sister said slowly, quickly adding, “Ma’am?”

Very good ... very good ... perhaps your guest would like to be a honored guest of the house ... it might be quite an education ... what do you think Missy Katie?”

“Oh ... um ... Ma’am ... I don’t think so ... she’s my little sister...”

“Are we not all sisters here??” the stern voiced blonde continued.

Bree piped up, eagerly, “Oh ... Katie, please ... I will be good ... and grownup ... let me be an honored guest ... please?”

Katie turned to her sister and whispered, “You don’t know what you are asking ... don’t do this, I beg of you!”

“Front and center when I’m talking to you Missy!” the blonde quickly demanded, stepping forward and pulling Bree’s sister’s face back forward.

Turning and smiling sweetly to Bree, she said “I’m Monica ... you look so cute in that outfit ... I can see that prettiness runs in your family ... now ... would you like to come be our guest ... you won’t regret it I assure you...”

Trying to shake her head no, but unable to disobey Monica, Katie tried to warn Bree with her eyes, but Bree saw nothing but the thrill of discovery and excitement. “Oh ... yes please ... and my sister Katie can come too? Yes?”

“Oh ... most assuredly ... won’t you Missy Katie...” Monica said, with something of a predatory smile on her face as she turned back to the other girl.

“Yes ... ma’am ... pleased to be of service ma’am” Katie said quietly, beaten, unable to prevent her sister from finding out ... everything.

“Wait here...” Monica ordered, before slipping away to the door, knocking and waiting, before speaking to someone inside briefly.

Coming back, and leading them both over to the door, she said nothing more, before knocking on the door and waiting. As the door opened, Bree could see a rather dark passage leading down a flight of stairs, dimly lit with an odd sort of reddish tinged light.

“Prepare yourself Missy Katie, you will join us in a moment, I must get the oath from our guest before we continue.” Monica said as the stepped down the stairs, pausing at the bottom while Katie slipped away through a door on the right. “Don’t worry Bree, was it? It’s simply an oath to keep the secrets of the Lamda Pie Sorority after you leave ... you can do that right?”

Bree, wide eyed, nodded her head, as the walked into a large room, three overstuff chairs sitting along one wall. A large fuzzy die about 10 inches across sitting in the middle of the floor, was rather odd looking amidst the darkened room. As they crossed the room, Bree could feel the wooden floor, smooth against her bare feet, her sandals, along with all the shoes the girls wore here, stacked neatly in the entryway of the house. Against one wall was a table, festooned with some odd objects, a couple of which looked like, well, dildos, to the unpracticed eye of Bree. A large metal bucket, and brush, was setting next to a stack of candles, unlit, laying on their side.

“Stand right there, by the left chair, and put your hand over your heart. Do you swear to keep the secrets of Lamda Pie, never divulging what goes on here to anyone, lest all the gods curse you and force you into a life of abject poverty and pain?” Monica’s clear voice was steady and calm, but brooked no jocularity, she seemed dead serious.

Nodding easily, and eagerly, eyes wide, taking it all in, Bree crossed her heart and swore “I do ... I promise...”

Motioning Bree to take the seat in front of her, Monica went and sat down in the middle chair.

Turning to explain to the young Bree, she said “This is the examination room. All probationary pledges must spend a minimum of 20 nights in here before being accepted into the sorority. Each night, they will roll the dice. The first time, is for how many tasks they must perform that evening, and then, based on how many tasks, they roll each time, to see what the task might be. I warn you, speak nothing of this, it would be the ruin of all of us, but, well, let’s just say I have a hunch about you...”

Nodding, extremely curious, and not sure if she dared ask what the tasks were, Bree looked around the room, noticing another small door against the left wall. Catching her gaze, Monica smiled, “Oh ... that’s the door to the kennel ... our mascot Samson. Did you meet him? No? Hmm ... wonder why ... well, nevermind you will or you won’t...”

“Now, be quiet, do not say a word, please, until the pledge leaves the room, no matter what happens. Can you do that? I tell you, this is a rare privilege, and virtually all guests who have ever watched, later pledged to Lamda Pie ... I can’t wait for you to come to State...”

Monica waited until Bree nodded her acceptance, before ringing a tiny bell. “Bring in she who wishes to join us”

A moment later, another sorority member came in, leading a blindfolded, naked, girl. Katie.

Turning to Bree with a finger across her lips, Monica reminded her to be quiet, no matter what, before turning back to the two girls. Nodding at the other member, she intoned “Cast your fate” she said, as the other girl handed the naked pledge the large die. Katie stood for a long moment, before sighing, and tossing the die.

“Two ... you are in luck ... only two tasks are given you tonight. Further, since this is your second turn this week, you will be ahead of all the other girls in accomplishing your 20 nights ... only 4 more after this!

Looking around the room, Bree wondered just what her sister had had to do down here in her previous 15 trips, as it was obvious it was something sexual. She had read stories after all, she knew a bit about hazing and initiations.

S.Hazing Part 2

“Roll again, for your first task” Monica ordered, pointing over to a sign, faded a bit, partially hidden by the steel bucket.

Service Shame Spank Pain Slut Mascot

Shoulders quaking just a bit, Katie obviously desired entry into the sorority more than she wanted to not be seen by her younger sister. Taking the die and turning it briefly, she again tossed it to the floor.

“One, very good, Service ... and how many shall you service ... bring the die here Becca...” Monica said to the other member, then, held the die and pretended to roll. “Hmm ... disappointing, only one ... very well, lets see how you do.

With that, she stood up, and reaching under to the hem of her skirt, lifted it up over her hips, displaying all of her charms, as it was quickly apparent she was not wearing underwear. Sitting back down on her chair, she scooted forward, splaying her thighs a bit, and nodded at Becca.

Becca, tapped Katie on the shoulder, “She’s ready ... Serve your Mistress...”.

Katie moved forward towards where she had heard Monica’s voice, reaching out with her hand to feel for a bare knee or leg. Eventually, she inched forward far enough to find first one, and then the other knee.

Blushing, she knelt down, and moving further forward, began to lick and nibble at the exposed sex of the Lamda Pie member. “Good ... you’ve learned a bit since last time ... yesssss...” Monica said, as it was obvious Katie’s lips and tongue were doing a delightful number on her pussy and clitoris.

The kneeling naked form of her sister, so close, and so obedient, caused Bree to see a few things in a new light. The power the sorority had over their pledges was intoxicating, and she could only imagine having that kind of control over someone, anyone, even her young friends. As she watched, she felt her young body respond in kind, becoming damp and her nipples crinkling as she watched the erotic scene in the chair next to her.

It seemed like forever, and yet it seemed like not near long enough, before Monica began gasping a bit, and obviously thrusting her aching sex against the willing mouth of her pledge. ‘Yes ... deeper, I want your tongue all the way inside and your nose buried inside of me” she ordered as she shoved herself harder and faster against the eager appearing mouth of Bree’s older sister.

Gulping and licking eagerly, Katie knelt there and took it all, lapping and sucking as best she could blindfolded, until, finally, the quaking thighs stopped and the pushing against her face paused, and Monica began to come down from her quick orgasm. Bending her leg and pushing Katie back away with her foot, she sat back, leaving her sex exposed, as she caught her breath and waved at Becca. “Have her roll for the next task ... maybe she will get the same and you can have a turn...”

Surreptitiously wiping the coating of slime off of her cheek and lip, Katie took the die and once again threw it across the floor. It rolled around and settled on 5, Slut.

“Six, oh dear, you did get a good one” Monica said quickly, smirking at Becca, and giving Bree a stern look to not say anything, she obviously wanted Katie to perform 6 - Mascot, not 5 - Slut.

“No ... nononono ... Please ... not that ... not ... um ... with my sister watching ... I just ... can’t ... I ... I will do ... two others ... just not ... oh please...” Katie had fallen to the floor, begging, horribly scared that she’d have to debase herself to the fullest in front of someone she knew so well.

Monica let her continue for a moment, smiling avariciously at the pleading naked girl. “You know the rules, Becca ... go, better open that door...” she said, but giving Becca a stopping motion, indicating that she was toying with Katie.

“Please!” Katie almost yelled, desperate, before collapsing on the floor, her head down, beaten...

“Very well, if you, do all 5 other tasks, and do them well, then, we shall give you a pass ... this ONE time ... but I promise you, your next night will start with number six...” Monica said, giving the girl a reprieve, and a punishment all at the same time.

“You just did Service, so let’s do the others first then come back to that at the end ... I’m sure you know by now ... Shame is number 2 ... Becca ... the bucket...”

Becca brought the bucket over and placing it on the ground behind Katie, tapped her leg to let her know it was there. Katie, her face oddly flushed, though Bree was not quite sure why, stepped her feet apart a bit, and, squatting, centered herself over the bucket. For a long moment she just squatted there, her sex clearly on display as she stood there naked, her legs quivering just a bit. Bree turned to look at Monica, curious, but seeing her gazing intently at Katie, she wisely did not say anything. Just then, she could hear a loud splatter, and turning back, she saw her sister, peeing into the metal bucket, the drops making a loud noise as they hit the bottom of the metal container.

It went on for only a few seconds, maybe ½ a minute, before the flow stopped, and Katie stood back up. Her cheeks scarlet, even the top of her chest red as she recovered from her abasement.

Bree, shocked, could not believe that her upright and goodie two shoes sister would even stand naked in front of other people, much less go to the bathroom, and she felt things shift within her brain as she began to look at Katie differently ... not as a sister, but as a pledge ... a toy ... a slave.

“Very good ... now, onto the spanking.” Becca moved over to the table, placing Katies hands on two wooden handles obviously mounted there for that purpose, and pushed on her back slightly as the pledge leaned over, horizontal, and spread her feet apart about 2 feet.

“Farther Missy Katie ... you know we expect the best from all of our girls ... get those feet as far apart as you can!”

Katie groaned, and moved her feet another foot or so apart, her hips lowering a bit, and her backside splaying wide open as she did so, the underside of her sex peeking from between her splayed legs, and the skin drawn tight across her legs and buttocks.

“Ten from each should do” Monica said, as she stood up, her skirt falling back down around her, as she stood next to the quivering buttocks of the pledge, and began to land sharp stinging blows across the full flesh. Counting out loud, she paused in between, varying the speed and the target, never letting Katie know where or when the next blow would land. After about 4 blows, Katie’s behind turned quite red, and she began to dance away from the strikes, whimpering a bit, and eventually crying out with each stinging slap.

Becca moved in and continued the punishment, using a shorter but swifter stroke, she rained 3 or 4 blows down in quick succession before waiting a very long time before she continued. Katie’s backside was quite red, and some of the blows were hitting the top of her thighs as well, turning those red too.

As Becca did the last few swats, Monica motioned to Bree to go over and do the same, her lips curled in a smile, as she watched the turned on young girl watching every blow her sister took.

Uncertain, but very, curious, Bree at first did not move, but eventually stood up, just as Becca hit 20.

“Do not move Missy ... hold steady until I release you”.

Bree moved up behind her sister, seeing her red swollen backside, and the dampness that was evident on her thighs as her vaginal lips appeared engorged and red as well.

Drawing her hand back, Bree gave a fairly ok swat, barely stopping herself from counting out 21, belatedly remembering that she was not supposed to speak. Becca simply counted Bree’s strokes, keeping the bound pledge clueless as to who was doing what to her.

With more force, Bree added another swat, and then another, enjoying the way the flesh bounced against her hand, and the heat that radiated from the contact. Watching her sister flinch and cry with every stroke against her already sore backside, Bree continued raining down blows, drawing quite near to her sister’s hidden sex, feeling the dampness on her thumb as she struck very near where her thigh was being drenched. The last two blows she waiting a long time between, drawing out the count, and giving it everything she had, once on each cheek, her sister fairly crying out in pain as her abused flesh felt the final harsh blows.

Bree could feel herself tingling inside as she went and sat back down, the raw power, the heat, the smell of her sisters’ aroused body were quite heady things to the young girl. Panting a bit as she sat, she looked at the list, and wondered what was next, what exactly was Pain, or the last one -- Slut...

Waiting a full minute, leaving the blindfolded girl bent over and smarting, Monica finally spoke “Rise ... but your task is not near over ... come to the middle of the room, and lie down for Pain.”

As before, Becca helped guide the blinded Katie to where they wanted her to be, and gently pushed down on her arm, as Bree watched her sister kneel, then sit back on her heels with a wince, before turning her feet out to the side, and gasping as she sat full force on the hardwood floor. Laying down, her body horizontal to the three chairs, Katie oddly began to slowly stroke and caress her own body.

“You have a few seconds while we light the candles, remember, we do not stop until we are convinced you came...”. Monica stood, and, together with Becca, went to the table, and lit a couple candles, each of them taking one. Moving to stand over the reclined pledge, the watched their candles burn before letting the first drops fall, hitting the naked girl on the stomach. “Remember, the longer you take, the lower the candles will go ... and that will only make it hotter, and hotter...”

Bree watched as her sister writhed on the floor, shamelessly, or oblivious to the shame, taking a hand and stroking between her legs. She reached up and pinched a nipple, hard, for a few seconds, before letting it go and moving to the other one. She began to pant a bit, trying to make herself become aroused faster and faster, and as each drop of wax hit her skin, she jumped, gasping, feeling that brief shocking hit of heat. Monica and Becca moved to different spots along Katies body, Becca moving to concentrate more near the pledges breasts, while Monica moved lower, concentrating her drops on the sensitive stomach, and above the pubis, dropping a few on Katie’s inner thigh as well.

More energetic now, Katie’s hand began to move faster, sliding a finger in and out of herself in between rapid circling passes over and around her clit. Grunting a bit, moaning, she began to mutter softly, “oh ... shit ... yeah ... um ... oh ... crap ... yes... ‘ over and over as her orgasm began to build, whilst her body sprung away from the hot dropped wax.

Soon, blotches of cooled yellow wax could be seen in multiple spots all over her body, and Bree watched, wide-eyed as the two sorority girls lowered the candles about a foot. “Better hurry up Missy ... its going to get hotter now...”. Sure enough, with the next drops, Katie began to cry out a bit, little Ow’s and Ouch’s joining her repeating mantra, as she began to buck her hips a bit into her hand, as if eager to cum and get this task over with.

Faster and faster she flailed at her sex, wantonly showing all of herself to everyone in the room. After a few nights of this, it was no wonder she did not have much shame, it was only the appearance of her sister that had led to such reluctance ... or so Bree thought, watching, and feeling herself twinge in response to her sister’s raw sexuality.

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