Big Sister

by Kippy189

Copyright© 2017 by Kippy189

Incest Sex Story: Sister has to come home to take care of sixteen year old brother while mom is away. (I would say that this is somewhere between Much Sex and Some Sex.)

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Brother   Sister   .

Chapter 1

I hated getting calls from my mother. She was rarely sober and usually had a rambling sob story about what a cad her last husband is. This time she was bawling and I could hardly understand her. “Honey,” she bawled, “I need your help.” My heart sank in my chest; just what I needed, problem solving for my mother. Sometimes I wished that we lived in different states, or even better another country.

“They’re making me go to some clinic for rehab,” she bitched.

“Rehab? Mother, what do you mean?”

“I was stopped for a DUI and the judge is ordering me to rehab,” she explained, making it sound like it was the judge’s fault.

“Thank God,” I thought to myself and then feigned concern. “I’m sorry mother.” My mother had been stopped at least twice before and the local municipal judge had only given her a slap on the wrist each time.

“It’s so unfair,” she continued. “That Judge Jefferson has had it out for me ever since I spurned his advances.”

“Mother, what advances?” I asked a little bewildered.

My mother was still very beautiful and she attracted men like moths to a flame. Most of them flew away after being burned a couple of times, but a couple she’d married. Fortunately for her, she’d always picked wealthy men to marry, so now, after her third divorce, she had no money worries and lived in an exclusive area called Medina near Seattle.

“Honey, you have to come and take care of your brother,” she went on without answering my question.

I groaned inwardly. “Okay mother, when do you need me?”


“TONIGHT? You’re kidding right mother?” I exclaimed shrilly. “It’s a four hour drive and it’s nearly five p.m. and the start of rush hour. I don’t have any clothes ready and I haven’t eaten dinner. Why didn’t you call me before now?”

“Well I have to report to this stupid clinic first thing tomorrow morning,” she whined.

“Mother, I’m sorry but I can’t leave on such short notice. I’ll head up right after work tomorrow.”

“Well I supposed Ben can manage for one day,” she said doubtfully.

Ben was my half-brother and he’d just turned sixteen. I’m ten years older than him and felt more like his baby sitter than his big sister. He had become distractingly good-looking for a boy his age and mother was complaining about the kids he hung out with. Of course, none of the trouble he’d gotten into was his fault, at least according to her.

Before leaving work the next day, I told my boss that I had to take some emergency leave to take care of my little brother because my mother was going into the hospital ... A little lie. Reluctantly he agreed after I promised to VPN to my office computer and work from Seattle.

I couldn’t leave until after six because my neighbor was out of town and couldn’t take care of my cat. I had to arrange to take her to a kitty care kennel and as soon as she saw me bring out the cat carrier she took off and hid. It took nearly an hour before I could get her out from under the bed without getting my hands shredded. Rush hour out of Portland was its usual awful mess, but at least I would miss the nearly perpetual traffic jam around Seattle when I got there.

Chapter 2

After I let myself in I hollered for my brother, but wasn’t surprised that the house was empty. I took my suitcase up to my old bedroom and debated whether or not to try to find out where he was, but I knew that he would show up sooner or later.

I realized that I’d better go make sure that there was food in the house and headed down to the kitchen where I found a note on the counter from Ben that said I could find him at the Bradshaw house and would I please come and get him? I’d babysat for Tommy Bradshaw and remember his parents as being super-rich snobs. Tommy had been a little spoiled brat and I wondered how he was at sixteen. I’d always charged the Bradshaw’s twice my usual babysitting rate because I hated the way Mr. Bradshaw let his eyes roam up and down my body. When he drove me home he would hand me a twenty dollar tip before I got out of his car. I often wondered how big of a tip I would have gotten if I’d let him kiss me.

The Bradshaw house is gated with a call box and a camera to gain entrance. From the gate you can’t see the house as it is nestled in the trees down by Lake Washington. I had no choice but to buzz the intercom to get in. I pressed the button and waited but there was no response. It was a warm, humid night and I could feel s sheen of perspiration on the exposed parts of my body which didn’t help with my dwindling patience. I kept buzzing until I heard a “Yeah,” with a bunch of music pounding in the background.

“I’m looking for Ben Martin”, I said.


“BEN MARTIN,” I said louder.

“Just a minute,” said the voice.

After a couple of minutes I noticed the camera on the gate swivel and look down at me. “Wow!” came a new voice. “Are you the stripper?”

I stared at the camera with a disgusted look on my face. “No I’m not a stripper; I’m Ben Martin’s sister.”

“You’re Ben’s sister? Wow, he told us that you were hot, but WOW!”

I assumed that this was coming from a sixteen year old and I was getting annoyed. “Are you Tommy?”

“Uh yeah.”

“Well let me in.” I heard a buzzing sound and the gate slowly began to open.

I got out of my car and was met at the door by a pimply teenage boy. The distinctive odor of pot escaped through the open door. “Tommy?”

“Um, I go by Thomas now.”

“Okay Thomas, is Ben here?”

“Uh sure, he’s out by the pool with Bridgett and some other kids. I’ll take you to him.”

He was making furtive glances at me and I kind of wished that I had changed clothes before coming over. My white blouse was tied in a knot above my bellybutton and showed off my cleavage quite nicely; just allowing a glimpse of my lacy white bra. With my white shorts I was showing off more skin than was advisable considering my current audience. The air conditioning was going full blast and if felt the chill as it the perspiration evaporated on my skin. I shivered and felt my nipples harden. I had to fight impulse to cross my arms in front of my chest.

As we walked by a table full of various, nearly empty bottles of alcohol he asked, “Say, would you like something to drink? We’ve got vodka, bourbon, you name it.” He seemed to be very proud of his resources. “But if you prefer weed, we’ve got some pretty cool stuff; and I could probably get you something stronger.”

“No thank Thomas, I’m good.” I started walking through the throng of young people in skimpy bathing suits, half who looked stoned as they danced rather obscenely to the loud music. Most of them turned their heads to look at me and a few boys nodded their heads approvingly.

A skinny teenage boy came up next to me and grabbed my ass. “Wow Thomas this is the best looking hooker yet,” he hollered to be heard above the noise.

I pushed his hand away as Thomas interceded. “No Max, this is Ben’s sister.”

“Wow, really? Where’s Ben been hiding you? You’re beautiful,” the kid said, looking me up and down. His pupils were as big as saucers and I wondered what he was high on.

I grabbed Thomas’s arm and said, “Let’s go find Ben.”

Out by the pool, Ben was standing with several young people and as soon as he saw me he got a big grin and said, “Hey sis.” He turned to a pretty young blond in a tiny bikini. “Bridgett, this is my older sister.”

The blond looked me up and down like I was a rival and mumbled, “Hi,” rather sullenly.

I smiled at the flat chested teen and wondered if Ben was bonking her.

“Bridgett, I gotta go,” said my little brother. He leaned over and gave her a kiss. She grabbed his head and held it as she Frenched him back; I was sure to let the other kids and me know that he was hers.

On the way out, Ben stopped and talked to one of the boys. Though trying to hide it, I saw Ben pocket a baggie with several white joints inside.

“What did you think of the party?” he asked after we got into my Honda.

“Well I don’t recall ever being mistaken for a prostitute before.”

He lifted his eyebrows. “Oh, uh, sorry I should have told them that you were coming to pick me up. They were waiting for a, uh, a stripper to show up.”

Ben was watching me as I drove and I glanced at him and asked, “What!”

“I’m just glad to see you sis,” he replied with a grin. “You look great is all.”

“Um, thanks, I think,” I replied.

As soon as we pulled up to the house I said, “Ben, it’s after midnight and I’m exhausted. I’m going to bed. I’ll see you at breakfast.”

My brother seemed disappointed but he said, “Okay sis, see you in the morning. Maybe we can talk?”

“Of course,” I yawned. “See ya in the mornin.”

Chapter 3

I woke up at six-twenty the next morning and the house was quiet. I showered and shaved my legs before pulling on a terrycloth robe before sitting down at my laptop to put in some work. It was nearly eleven and I was starting to get seriously hungry when I heard Ben in his shower so I threw on some clothes and decided to go down and cook us some breakfast.

Ben showed up wearing a tight shirt and tiny shorts that made the most of his excellent physique. While we ate, we had a frank talk about our mother. After we finished, Ben pulled out a joint from his shirt pocket and lit it. He took a big hit and then held it out to me. Thinking that it might help me bond with my brother I took the joint from his fingers and inhaled deeply.

We finished the joint and he said brightly, “I’m going to go for a swim; would you join me?”

I didn’t really want to work anymore so I agree. “Sure. I’ll go put on my suit and meet you at the pool.”

The day was warm and sunny and Lake Washington looked like glass. We could have swum in the lake, but the pool was heated and the lake wasn’t. When I arrived in my bikini, Ben looked me up and down appreciatingly. I tried to suppress a smile. It was nice to have my body appreciated, even if he was my baby brother. I stood on my tiptoes and stretched with my arms above my head and just to tease him. Pretending to close my eyes I watched him ogling my body through the slits. “Oh that felt good,” I said and came down off of my toes and fully opened my eyes. Ben’s eyes were stuck at my chest level and so I added, “I’m up here Ben.” He just grinned.

“Come on, I’ll race you to the length of the pool and back,” he challenged. Without waiting for reply he stood and pulled off his shirt. It had been a couple of years since I’d seen my brother’s bare chest and I was surprised how muscular he had become. His stomach rippled like a washboard. He quickly pulled off his cut-offs and I was in for an even bigger surprise; he wasn’t wearing underwear and was standing before me stark naked. Without thinking I looked down at his groin and saw that my baby brother wasn’t such a baby anymore; he had an impressive package, a very impressive package. He grinned at me like he was expecting me to complement him but then after a moment he turned and dove into the water to give me a quick view of his tight buns. Damn bro, I thought to myself.

“Come on sis,” he hollered after surfacing.

The joint had taken affect and I was feeling pretty mellow and decided what the hell. I was a very good swimmer and I thought that I could beat him so I dove in and started to race. Suddenly my ankle was grabbed from behind and I was pulled underwater. Caught off guard I swallowed quite a bit of water and when I surfaced, sputtering, I saw my brother racing ahead of me. I took off after him but the lead that he had was too great for me to overcome. He reached the end of the pool and did a beautiful flip and was racing past me in the opposite direction.

Ben climbed out of the pool and stood there laughing as I swam up. “I won, you have to pay up,” he proclaimed.

I looked up at his face while trying to avoid looking at his penis hanging down between his legs. “That’s funny, I don’t remember agreeing to any bet,” I commented as I concentrated on climbing up the ladder without looking as his groin. Only when I climbed out of the pool did I look at my brother’s face. He had a big grin and was staring at my chest. I looked down and saw that the string around my neck had come undone and the one of the cups had fallen down revealing most of my right breast.

Instinctively, I covered my breast with my left hand and he quipped, “Nice tits sis. Well nice tit anyway.”

“Well you ain’t gunna see the other one,” I replied firmly and I brought both loose strings behind my neck to tie them together.

“Here, let me help you,” he offered and moved behind me.

I tilted my head down to let him tie it back in place, but instead of tying the top back in place he quickly untied the strings in the middle of my back, pulled the top of the suit off and held it at arm’s length away from me. I turned around and reached for it with one hand while covering my breasts with the other arm but he held it just out of my reach.

“Come on Ben, give it to me.” I grabbed his arm and reached for the top, but couldn’t reach it.

“Sorry sis, you lost the bet,” he said with a grin and then he dropped the wet top into the water and it lazily spiraled to the bottom of the pool.

“BEN!” I protested but he just laughed and grabbed my arm and pulled me with him into the pool. I felt myself grinning as I hit the water. It must be nice being a sixteen year old teenager when everything was a game. But it did make me feel young and reckless, even if he was my kid brother egging me on.

Both of our heads broke out of the water and he was laughing. “Ben stop it!” I said, trying not to smile. I dove down with the intent of retrieving my top but just as I reached out for it he again grabbed my ankle and pulled me away. I broke the surface sputtering a second time. My brother was nowhere in sight. I looked down and spun around and expecting to see him underwater and then I felt him grab the strings on both sides of my bikini bottoms. He pulled and the rest of my suit sank to the bottom of the pool.

“BEN!” I screamed and spun around and looked down, just as he grabbed an ass cheek in each hand and pulled his head between my legs. Before I knew it I felt his tongue inside of me. “Oh Jesus!” I exclaimed.

I know that I’ve should push him away, but his tongue was sending sparks up my spine and despite being in the pool, I felt my pussy getting lubricated by my juices. I nearly grabbed his head to hold him to my groin, but I knew that he couldn’t stay down there for long and would have to come up for air.

He was sending electricity arcing through my body and he stayed underwater longer than I thought was possible. But this was crazy; I couldn’t let my little brother lick my pussy and just as I was about to push him away, his head broke the surface. I said without much conviction, “Ben for God’s sake, I’m your sister.”

He grinned and flicked his head to clear the water from his blue eyes. “I know sis, but I’ve had sort of a crush on you ever since I was twelve.” He reached out and removed a wet strand of my hair from in front of my face. “Actually, more than a crush; I’ve waited a long time for this,” he added softly. I was at a loss for words and before I could respond he was between my arms kissing me. I could feel his erection poking my stomach as my breasts flattened against his muscular chest.

I pushed him away and said, “Ben this is crazy.” I then decided that the best course of action was to leave the pool and get dressed. As I went up the ladder, naked as a newborn, I turned and saw that he was right below me.

“Nice ass sis.”

I didn’t bother replying to the little twerp; I knew that I had a nice ass. I grabbed a towel, the only thing available to cover myself with, and wrapped it around me. Turning as my brother climbed out of the pool, I was about to admonish him and leave when I looked at his chiseled body and saw his ginormous erection. For a moment I was speechless.

“Jesus Ben,” I giggled. I knew that the pot was clouding my better judgement and I giggled again as I stared openly at his erection.

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