Once in a Lifetime

by Jack Spratt

Copyright© 2017 by Jack Spratt

Erotica Sex Story: It's an adventure as Paige and four of her friends volunteer to go to Zambia to assist at a coastal hospital for the summer. The different attitude about sex had the girls living like the natives and enjoying every moment.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   ft/ft   Consensual   BiSexual   Fiction   Group Sex   Interracial   Anal Sex   Lactation   Size   .

Special thanks to Pete ‘the old fart’ 2017 for his expertise in reediting and reproofing.

I couldn’t believe we were actually in the air on our way to Zambia. My four girlfriends and I had worked hard to help raise the necessary funds to finance our trip and to pay for medications and other items we would need helping at a rural hospital near the coast. My mom and dad did a similar thing when they were young and thought the experience would do my friends and me a world of good. Mom helped us with everything. We couldn’t believe all the shots we were subjected too to protect us against nearly everything that we would never be exposed to at home.

Home was Abbotsville, a beautiful city in the mid-west with an exciting view of the Everett Mountain chain. Nothing of note ever happened there so when it was suggested we could go to Zambia and actually help some of the people we jumped at the chance. Our church was very helpful with the planning and fund raising. We five girls met often to review everything we needed, as many of the things we took for granted were not available where we were going. The list seemed to grow after each meeting. One of the problems would be packing. There was a weight limit to what we could bring without paying additional. My dad said he would send us additional supplies in two weeks once we found out what we forgot and needed.

I’m Paige Forbes, fifteen, this would be my first big adventure and the first time I had ever been away from home by myself. My friends were the same age and we all attended the same school and church. We had been working hard to raise a minimum of three thousand dollars each to pay for the airfares and for extras we needed for the trip. Our goal was to raise another twenty five hundred dollars for purchases we would need once there. Our parents, the community and our church members were very active in support both monetary and volunteer work. Several bake sales and rummage sales helped. There was an article in the local paper about our goals and surprisingly many people we didn’t know sent donations to the church for our project. After seven weeks we were assured the trip was possible. We girls were ecstatic.

From the first meeting and decision we would try and raise the money till now as we sat in the plane ready to take off took seven months. Thinking back at all the meetings and the lists of items it seemed like yesterday. Mom was a super help for all of us girls as she had made the trip many years ago but had her diary of her trip and came up with all kinds of suggestions. What really surprised me was she had my doctor prescribe birth control pills for me. The other girls mentioned they had them also.

It was the first time for all of us to be on such a large plane. We had one stop and then we landed in Zambia. The trip was long and uneventful. I was sitting with Kristy Dryburge my best friend. We held hands most of the trip. In the night I felt her hand between my legs lowering my zipper. I shifted my body so she could get to her target my moist pussy. Her finger massaged my wet clitoris it took my mind off the long boring trip. I was in love with Kristy. We had been a couple for nearly two years. Halfway through the night we changed seats we cuddled under a blanket and I enjoyed fingering her till dawn. Usually we sixty-nined but I didn’t think the rest of the passengers would have appreciated it. When we finally adjusted our position so we could arrange our clothing, I noticed my finger was wrinkled from being in her pussy so long. Looking her in eye I put it to my nose then licked her juice.

“I hope we’re somewhere tonight where you can taste me. I really miss you between my legs Paige.”

“Not as much as I miss tasting you Kristy.”

Landing in Zambia was a real experience. We had a preconceived idea that it would be similar to the airports in our country. Wrong. There were armed soldiers everywhere and most looked like kids with guns. Looking around we saw a black man carrying a sign with all of our names printed on it. Moving through the throng of people we reached him.

“Hello I am Paige Forbes and this is the rest of our group.”

We were greeted with a large smile and a mouth full of bright white teeth.

“I am Simon. Please follow me. We have to obtain your luggage as soon as possible. There’re many ways it can disappear.”

The last thing we would need was to have any luggage disappear after the time we spent making sure we had everything. After nearly an hour we had located every box, every piece of luggage, made our way through Customs and loaded everything into a large old beat up Ford Van. The heat of the day was revolting, we were wet from perspiration, and Simon looked as fresh as a daisy. All the windows were open, providing no relief at all, just the smells of the new country. We travelled for what felt like days but we learned it was actually two hours travel and nearly fifty miles to the coastal town where we were to spend our summer. We veered off the main road into very dense bush then it opened up to a small settlement. We saw the hospital and a number of out buildings. Many people were moving about but all stop when they heard the van. They waved and a cheer went up. It was our welcoming party.

The administrator welcomed us and told a young native girl to show us our accommodations and then instructed three men to make sure our luggage was put into each of our rooms. Kristy and I managed to get one small cottage. It wasn’t much by our standards but I learned later it was considered very elaborate in Zambia. Kayla Stiller and Jessica Butcher got the one next to us. Lauren Conley shared a cottage with a new arrival from Britain. I had always thought Kayla and Jessica were a couple but they had managed to keep their relationship to themselves. Lauren was the social butterfly of the group; she was already in deep conversation with her new roommate. What I desired now was a bath to rid myself of all the dust and sweat that was coating my body. It turned out we had two choices, one, a homemade shower that might or might not have enough water to complete a shower or we could go to a stream and bathe in fresh but cool water. There was a sort of enclosure of thick bushes in an area to the right of the stream for some privacy. Kristy and I took the stream. The last thing I needed at this time was to run out of water in the makeshift shower.

We took our time bathing, helping each other. It was so hard for me not enjoying her breasts and pussy. It was all I thought of during the trip in the van. We didn’t do anything too obvious, as we had no idea who could be watching. Drying each other, we headed back to unpack. I couldn’t believe the amount of hand soap my mom managed to put in my luggage. My count was thirty-nine bars. Kristy had piled the same amount on her bed.

“I don’t know what Mom was thinking she never mentioned we would need all this soap. Did your mom mention anything?”

“No. I will ask her when I call.”

One of the girls working for the hospital knocked and advised us there would be a meeting for all the new arrivals at five. This apparently was when we were assigned to different parts of the hospital as staff. The meeting room was sort of a classroom with a big chalkboard in the middle of one wall. All our names were listed and mine appeared beside women’s ward, Kristy was below mine and had the same designation. Kayla and Jessica had been assigned to the men’s ward. We were to report to our respective areas tomorrow morning reporting to the nurse in charge to be assigned duties. They advised us dinner was served in twenty minutes in the dining hall.

All five of us had chosen to wear white shorts and sleeveless blouses as uniforms. Each of us had four duplicate sets along with panties and bras. Kristy and I were the same size so in a pinch we could borrow from each other.

The meals were very plain fare, based on fish and poultry. There was plenty of fruit, some we had never seen before. That night we had another wash in the stream and got ready for bed. The problem was we had to leave the windows partially uncovered to let the cool breeze from the ocean. Kristy and I moved the beds so it was difficult to see what we were doing. Fresh from our baths we were soon naked and in each other’s arms. Our first night in Zambia was going to be a satisfying one. As soon as we hit the bed we were in a sixty-nine position. Kristy’s pussy never tasted so good. Her sexual odor had me so horny but her tongue quickly took me to my first climax. Every time I tasted her I appreciated our lasting friendship.

The morning came on fast. We could feel the heat of the day. Breakfast consisted of tea and biscuits with a type of spread I had never seen before. We were at the ward at five minutes to seven and reported to the nurse in charge. She explained that we would be on the day shift for the balance of this week and nights next week. We alternated with two other girls. Our main tasks would be housekeeping and making sure all the women and girls were bathed. We were to assist when needed and found out many did not have our appreciation of hygiene. Modesty was not prevalent; when the patients saw us with a basin they stripped off the sheets and robes and presented themselves naked to us.

Some of the patients were new mothers having just delivered their babies. One of our tasks was bring the babies to be fed at their mother’s breasts. Watching the young mothers feed made me jealous as most of the moms had lovely black breasts with very large nipples. The babies grasped the nipples and sucked profusely, the surplus milk trickling down their mouths. Wondering what it would be like to actually suck a milk giving nipple I could feel my pussy tingle. I was surprised I was so attracted to their bodies, especially their beautiful hair framed pussies. It was the first time I had seen pubic hair so tightly curled. The first day was a trial but we got through it. The patients accepted us at face value, not questioning anything we did. The soap our mom’s packed came in handy, as there was no soap in the hospital. It was a luxury the administration couldn’t afford. When our charges realized we had real soap to clean them and make them smell pretty they looked forward to us coming into the rooms.

By the end of the week we were part of the camp. As we became more proficient and confident in our skills things developed into a routine. With new confidence I actually got to study some of my patients. There were some girls our age in the ward and when I bathed them I couldn’t believe how beautiful they were. Their breasts were firm and nipples much larger then Kristy’s and mine but what really impressed me was the size of their vulvas. The lips were thick and pouty and every one of them got aroused bathing, showing her very large clitoris. One girl’s stuck out over an inch; every time I saw it I wanted to taste her. Her name was Mary and she managed to climax every time I bathed her. She smiled, spreading her legs as wide as possible showing me her beautiful pink inner lips. Her tight black curly pubic hair framed her beauty. I could only imagine how wonderful she would taste. I wondered if she was bi. Kristy was experiencing the same thing with the women and girls she was taking care of. We discussed the situation and agreed that each one of us could pursue these young women without getting jealous. Both of us wanted to taste the young black pussies displayed to us daily.

One afternoon, after taking a baby boy back to the nursery, as I returned with warm water to bathe his mother, I noticed she was not her usual self but appeared to be in discomfort. Her breasts were large and her nipples were discharging thick white milk.

“What is wrong? You look like you are in pain.”

“My baby usually drains my breasts but I am now producing too much milk, my breasts really hurt.”

The amount of milk seeping from her massive nipples was substantial. Gently moving the washcloth over her breast made her wince in pain. They must be super sensitive. She looked at me with eyes pleading for me to do something to relieve her agony. Lowering my face I took her nipple and sucked. The taste of her milk had me sucking in earnest. Once I had it drained the other was in my mouth. My mom breast-fed me but this was a first. The milk was warm but so sweet and thick; the sensation of drinking this young mother’s milk had me very wet. When I was done she smiled at me and thanked me. Her hand was on my crotch massaging my pussy through my shorts.

“Please come to me this evening to drink the surplus after my son’s last feeding. Your kindness will allow me to get good night’s sleep.”

“Of course I’ll see you tonight about seven.”

Over the next two weeks breast milk was on my diet until she was released. Thinking back now I really missed it. Surprisingly my skin took on a new glow of healthiness during that period and continued until we flew home.

On Sunday we rotated to the night shift. It wasn’t as demanding as the day shift. We kept checking the patients on regular intervals. It was actually very boring. I did get to talk to the younger girls and started a friendship with the young girl with the clitoris I would have loved to suck. When I came into her room she always spread her legs.

“You’re very beautiful Mary. Do you have a boyfriend?”

“Not really a boyfriend but I see him often, do you?”

“Yes he’s in the states.”

“He’s a long way from here. I bet you miss him?”

“A bit but I’m so busy I don’t think of him too often.”

I didn’t want to tell her that the only reason I had a boyfriend was to attend school functions with a guy. Kristy was my lover and no boy would ever replace her. Then she surprised me.

“Do you have a girlfriend?”

Looking right in her eyes then to her clitoris which I saw was extended longer then when I first came in the room. It was so pink and moist, a real contrast of her dark complexion. It was so appealing I wanted enjoy it.

“Yes I do.”


“Yes how did you know?”

“I didn’t but the way you look at my body I thought maybe you liked women. So do I but I also like men.”

“I like women much better than men.”

“You haven’t seen our men have you?”

Kayla and Jessica told us about what they had seen in the men’s ward. The size of their patient’s penises had them really talking. I didn’t believe them but now with Mary mentioning it I wondered.

“No I haven’t but Kayla and Jessica mentioned their sizes.”

Mary was smiling and put her hand to her pussy and rubbed her engorged clitoris. She looked at me and licked her lips.

“Would you like to touch me Paige?”

I had touched her many times bathing her but this was different. Not saying anything I reached and caressed her vulva and then fingered her clit. Mary was very wet, my fingers were coated with her moisture. Bringing my finger to my nose made me so horny. Mary looked at me then gently took my head and directed my face between her legs. My mouth was on her clitoris sucking it like a newborn. If only her clitoris gave milk I would be in heaven. Hers was the largest clitoris I had seen or tasted. It made me jealous as mine was so small. Mary had a unique sexual taste that was addictive. Lapping up her juice, I raised my head and looked at her smiling face.

“Can I see yours Paige? I’ve never seen a white girl before.”

Since only Kristy and I were on duty and she wouldn’t barge in on me, I slipped off my shorts. Mary seemed fascinated by my soft blue V string bikini. There was a damp spot in the center of the V string. Slowly lowering it I was standing before her naked from the waist down, my shaved pussy puffy from excitement.

“Please kneel on the bed; I want to see you up close.”

On my knees beside her she moved her body down the bed motioning me to straddle her face. I felt her hands on my hips pulling me down so my pussy was right on her lips. Her tongue licked as her fingers found my asshole. I was holding on to the bed headboard to keep from collapsing as Mary brought me to numerous climaxes. Finally she was done and I realized she had two fingers buried deep in my asshole. It felt so good.

“White girl you taste good. I hope you will let me do it again.”

“Black girl I love your clitoris, I wish mine was that big.”

“It can be.”

“You’re kidding?”

“No my aunt can give you a potion that will make it grow as big as mine. The only problem is there is no way to make it smaller.”

Looking at her with doubt I dressed covering my very satisfied pussy. Mary knew how to eat pussy. She could see my doubt.

“It’s true Paige. I will be out of the hospital tomorrow. I hope we see each other often.”

“How can I see you after you are released?”

Mary was laughing. Her beautiful face had me wanting to kiss her cum covered lips.

“I work here. I had very bad period pains now it’s over. I will be in the women’s ward tomorrow but the dayshift. Maybe we can bathe together. I would love to bathe you.”

I would miss seeing her at night. The thought of being able to explore her body had my interest tweaked. I was really looking forward to seeing her naked body again and would tomorrow after shift if we could arrange the same time off. Mary and I could bathe at that time. All Moms’ extra soap had already paid off now that I had met and tasted Mary. This working vacation was turning out great. I had seven more weeks of exploration.

Friday night was the last night shift. No one had come in to fill the bed Mary vacated. We had made plans to meet tomorrow at four in the afternoon at the stream. Kristy was happy for me and was actually close to another girl in the compound. They might get together this weekend.

During my rounds early in the morning I heard some noise coming from a ward. When I went in to investigate I saw a male on top of a female, fucking her. This wasn’t supposed to happen but I watched as his shaft plowed in and out of her very willing cunt. What really fascinated me was the length of his shaft. It had to be at least ten or twelve inches and as thick as my arm. I watched for about five minutes before he stiffened and pumped his sperm into her. He remained in position panting from his exertion; the fingers of the girl were in his hair both were whispering to each other. When he removed his deflated cock from her cunt it remained open. Even in the half-light I could see a ribbon of thick spunk slowly running down to her asshole. It was a beautiful sight. I felt very horny. I slowly backed out of the room. Later tonight I would question the lady before I decided if I should report this event. The young lady was single and nearly as beautiful as Mary. She too had a very appealing pussy.

When I returned she was sitting up looking out of the window. She had a very satisfied smile on her face. Her breasts were exposed and the light seemed to make them shine. Her nipples were very large and inviting.

“I watched you with that boy tonight. You know that is against the rules.”

“Please don’t tell. It’s my boyfriend. We’re hoping to get married. If I didn’t have sex with him he may wander.”

When I got closer to her the scent of sex was very strong. A mixture of a woman’s pussy juice and sperm filled the area. She removed her cover revealing her beautiful cunt coated with cum. She needed to be bathed. With a cloth and a basin of warm water I cleaned her beautiful opening. Her clitoris wasn’t as big as Mary’s but it was way larger than mine. Entering her with my finger I removed globs of cum. My finger found her tight asshole. When I looked at her she was smiling. My finger pushed against her puckered opening and she pushed back. Slowly my finger slipped in two knuckles.

“That feels so good. Your hands are so soft.”

She grabbed both her knees and pulled them back towards her head giving me a wonderful view of her asshole and pussy. Her clitoris was now extended, begging to be sucked. Her sexual scent mixed with a slight odor of her boyfriend’s sperm was heady. I lowered my face, kissing her pussy and then sucking her clit. I knew this could become habit. First Mary and now this young girl, I couldn’t get enough of their taste. After making her cum and licking her juice I left. I never saw her again as she was released the next day.

On Friday we learned we had Saturday off and didn’t have to report to work till Sunday at seven. It gave us time to do laundry and relax. Everything had to be hand washed in sun-warmed water. Kristy and I quickly completed our chores, giving us time to relax. I was looking forward to my meeting with Mary. I had been wet all day thinking of her. Kristy would vacate our cottage if Mary hadn’t got anywhere for us to make love.

Mary looked so sexy in her native dress. It was obvious she wasn’t wearing a bra the way her breasts moved which made me wonder if she was wearing panties. She was carrying a carryall bag. Her hair was pulled back in a ribbon. Her lip-gloss was a deep red and made her lips even more desirable.

“Come on Paige I have been waiting to get you alone. I know a nice spot where’ll not be disturbed.”

Following her to the stream we passed our bathing area and went deeper in the forest. It had me wondering as we had been warned not to venture to far from the compound. Mary must have realized my concern.

“We’ll be safe here, Paige. Here we are. Doesn’t it look cozy?”

I had to admit the moss looked inviting and thinking of Mary’s nude body did me in. She quickly removed her clothing. Standing in front of me naked, legs slightly spread displaying her big luv lips glistening with her juice, she had a big grin. Her eyes were laughing as she watched me slowly strip. Finally I was standing before her naked. She rolled out a blanket. Quickly I was in her arms kissing. My body relaxed and we fell to the blanket. Mary managed to shift her body so we were in a sixty-nine position. Her pussy was framed with tight black curls. Juice was seeping from her now open luv lips. The musk scent had me intoxicated with desire. My tongue reached her open slit and my taste buds were rewarded with a truly unique taste. Closing my eyes I enjoyed sucking her opening. Wiggling in position, I managed to grasp her clitoris with my mouth and suck. I could feel it growing as I sucked. What I wouldn’t give to have a clit that size.

Mary was sucking my pussy and I felt her long thin finger enter my asshole. The feeling I had to poo and climax at the same time was exhilarating. I felt my world explode only to be brought back to the brink again and again. When she rolled off me I was exhausted. I had never experienced anything like this even with Kristy. Mary was beside me face to face and kissed me. Her lips were coated with my thick luv juice. Our tongues played. She was rolling one of my nipples in her fingers.

“Mary did you mean what you said about my clitoris? I can have one as long as yours?”

“Of course but I also meant it will stay enlarged; there’s no way of reducing its size once it is extended.”

“And your aunt can do it for me?”

“Yes, I warn you here and now; it can’t be reversed. So think hard about that if you plan on going through with it. We can visit my aunt tomorrow and she will tell you all about it.”

We stood and looked at each other, we were such a contrast, her beautiful black body, me chalky white. We kissed and then dressed. Mary was an excellent lover.

She grabbed my hand and led me down the beach away from the stream. I looked at her and she smiled.

“Where’re we going Mary? The stream is the other way.”

“Would you like to see the boys and the men of the village diving for fish? See those cliffs they dive and spear fish from there. I think you will enjoy the view.”

The view turned out to be men’s and boy’s cocks. There was a large group of native girls and women also watching. All were bare breasted wearing short sarongs that didn’t cover their pussies. I really couldn’t believe what I was seeing, many of the girls had streams of cum running down their legs and none seemed embarrassed about it. My cunt was tingling as I looked at them. I couldn’t believe my reaction considering I just made love with Mary. The men were only wearing flaps over their cocks and when they dove, they hung down like limbs on a tree. The length of their spears and the girl’s pussies really had me excited again. Like the girls and women, the men had no modesty and seem indifferent about the fact their tools were exposed. Mary was watching me with a knowing smile on her face.

“Now you know why we enjoy the men here. Do you like what you see? All of them are curious about the white girls from America.”

Curious was an understatement. I was not a virgin, losing it to a pimple-faced boy when I was only twelve. I had been fucked only three times. The only time I really enjoyed it was when my uncle did me. He took his time and actually made me climax four times. Unfortunately I don’t see him that often. I would see him at Thanksgiving and hoped to have him do me again. I stared in awe as they continued their diving. The length of their cocks had my attention. None of the guys I knew at home could compare. Mary was laughing, embarrassing me.

“I told you our guys are different. Have you ever had one that big?”

“Hell I’ve never seen any that big. Is one of them your boyfriend? Which one?”

“There, see the one just about to make his dive.”

Looking at him his cock hung down a good twelve inches. It looked like a black snake. I was fascinated.

“When David’s in me I feel like I should taste him, he is so long and thick. All the males are interested in you white girls, every one of them thinks about fucking you, so don’t make eyes at them. They’ll have you on your back in seconds’ right here on the beach.”

It was an intriguing thought. I wondered if I could accept anything that big. Mary grabbed my hand and we ran to the shore where the men were returning from their dives. She grabbed her boyfriend’s arm and brought him over to me. His loincloth was too short for the length of his cock the head of his snake extended two inches past the cloth. It was so large.

“Paige this is Roger. He’s been my man for nearly a year. Roger this is my good friend Paige from the compound.”

When I looked up he was smiling, watching my eyes stare at the head of his massive cock. He moved slightly, exposing the complete trunk. Wow it was long. It was presently extended but the weight didn’t allow it to stick out from his body. He was looking at Mary smiling. I could see desire in both of their eyes.

“Paige, would you mind if Roger and I went for a few minutes? Roger, call Ron and Bill over here to keep Paige company.”

“Of course I don’t mind Mary and there’s no need to bother his friends I will sit here and watch the divers.”

“Paige, it’s no bother, it’ll give them a chance to see a beautiful white girl and show off.”

Roger called and two young men came running over. Their cocks flopped back and forth as they moved. They were both well endowed. When they saw me I watched as their cocks go rigid. Roger told them of Mary’s suggestion; both smiled and came over.

“Paige this is Ron and the small one is Bill.”

Bill might be smaller in build then Ron but his cock nearly hit his knee. Neither boy made any attempt in covering up their monsters. They sat on both sides of me staring. I guess I was as different to them as they were to me. Mary and Roger took off down the beach and followed the stream. I had visions of Mary on her back and Roger mounting her then burying his massive cock in the pussy I had just enjoyed. Bill was the first to speak.

“You know what they will be doing don’t you?”

My blush told them I knew. Bill moved closer to me and whispered.

“Paige I would love to have you so would Ron. Would you like to come with us?”

I was dumbfounded at their suggestion. Bill must have taken my shock as an approval. I found myself being led though a heavy undergrowth. Ron was following with a blanket. We came to small clearing and Ron spread the blanket. Bill took me in his arms and kissed me. Still in shock I felt my body being lowered to the blanket. All my will power was gone. Bill’s hands ran over my breasts. My nipples were like bullets. I could feel the buttons of my clothing being undone. My shorts and panties were lowered and removed. Both young men dropped their loincloths. I could see precum on the heads of both black snakes. Bill moved in position and lowered his cock so the head was at my mouth. I automatically opened and accepted the head, sucking. His taste was salty but acceptable. Ron was between my legs feeling my very wet pussy. I couldn’t believe I was doing this.

“Paige we want to fuck you is it okay? We don’t want any trouble with the compound.”

I had no idea why I did it but I nodded it was okay. Bill pulled his cock out of my mouth and put the head against my wet cunt. As he lowered his body I watched as his twelve inches disappeared deep inside of me. I had never felt anything like it. When he started to stroke in and out of my pussy, I couldn’t believe the feeling. My limited experience in sex never prepared me for this. I was in ecstasy. I felt my climax build and explode. Bill wasn’t far behind me. I felt like someone turned on a hose in my pussy. Bill’s long cock and cum filled my void. I had never felt this good about sex. When he softened Ron was standing ready. His cock was hard, looking for relief.

“Is if okay for me to fuck you Paige?”

Again a reflex had me nod yes. Ron’s cock entered me and he started pumping. Ron was much more vocal then Bill. He was panting heavily as he brought me to numerous climaxes. My cunt felt like there was a large log embedded in me. Ron ejaculation was even better than Bill’s. Hot thick white sperm pumped deep into my void. My frazzled mind realized why Mom put me on the pill. I wondered if she experienced the same thing when she was here years before.

Before they took me back to the beach they both fucked me a second time. My cunt was so sore and dripping cum was flowing down my thighs. When we finally returned Mary was waiting for me. She looked like she had been pussy fucked as well, cum was running down her thighs.

“Do you like Ron and Bill? Did they take good care of you?”

Both Bill and Ron had very stupid grins and that told Mary everything she needed to know.

“Come on Paige we will go up stream to clean up otherwise we will smell like a sperm bank. I know the amount of cum that must be in you.”

At the stream Mary washed cum out of her pussy, gobs of it, then worked on me. She had me squat as she fingered my pussy, squeezing out cum. I watched stings of heavy white cum being carried away with the current to the sea. I envisioned some fish thinking it was a floating worm swallowing Bill, Ron and Roger’s cum. The cool water helped to shrink my sore pussy. I had never felt this exhausted in my life. Mary nearly had to pull me all the way from the stream to my cottage.

“Thank you Mary for a day I will never forget. I never knew how good a cock could feel. My time with you was super also. I hope we can do it again.”

“We will. I’ll pick you up after work tomorrow and we can see my aunt. Think about what I said about the results. They can’t be reversed.”

Once in the cottage I collapsed on my bed wondering if Kristy was faring as well as I did. I hoped she did, as I didn’t want her to be jealous. I really needed her love. Sleep must have overtaken me because the noise of the door opening and closing woke me. It was Kristy. She seemed to be as exhausted as I was. Her hair was all mussed up and that wasn’t Kristy.

“Did you have a good time Kristy?”

“I think so. Alyssa introduced me to a couple of her friends.”

Kristy had a really stupid grin on her face. She had been introduced to some of the extended cocks. I could see a large damp spot on the crotch of her white shorts. She was dripping and it wasn’t her juice. I had a feeling she has been fucked like me.

“Paige I’m so tired, would you come with me to the stream so I can get cleaned up. I don’t want to go alone.”

“Of course Kristy.”

Grabbing towels and soap we both slowly walked to the bathing area. The smell of sperm followed Kristy. She had been fucked several times.

“What did you do Kristy?”

“I hate to tell you this Paige but I got fucked, really fucked. I can’t believe the size of the cocks around here. What about you?”

“Same thing. I got nailed four times this afternoon. I cleaned up before returning to the cottage.”

Once at the stream, we stripped. My cunt was nearly its regular size. White cum was seeping down Kristy’s leg. She squatted and I fingered her to get the surplus of cum to seep from her love lips. I made a mental note to get a large douche for us. If getting fucked became the norm we both would need it. What surprised me was her asshole had also been stretched as well. Three fingers easily slipped in her pucker and gobs of cum dribbled out. I splashed cool water in the opening coaxing more to drain. I had never seen her asshole so open before. It looked very sexy.

“How many guys did you have Kristy?”


“And how many times?”

“I don’t know I lost count. I think nine or ten times in my pussy and same for my asshole. I couldn’t believe how good it feels to be so full. Are all of the men around her so big?”

“Well the two that fucked me were very big. I didn’t have a cock in my asshole.”

“It feels so different Paige. If you do it again try it.”

That night we slept exhausted in each other’s arms, reassuring each other of our love. We woke early, about five; nobody in the camp was moving. The heat of the day was just beginning; donning light robes we ran to the stream and had a quick bath. Kristy did me and I did her. Back at our cottage we still had an hour before breakfast. Dropping our robes we were in bed together sixty-nining. Kristy pussy was so puffy and soft and her asshole although now shrunk showed beautiful stretch marks. I planted a kiss on it and licked it. I could feel Kristy’s tongue trying to enter my pussy. It was a great way to start the day.

Every free moment had me thinking of the previous day. My body was telling my brain it needed more of those large cocks. Kristy idea of being fucked in my asshole had me tingling. Finally the day ended and at dinner Mary sat beside me.

“Do you still want to see my aunt? I have loan of the van and Roger will drive us. I told them it was a family emergency. You are family right?”

It appears every village was in the bush off the road. Mary’s was no different. It was a collection of thatch huts and a large main building in the middle. All activity stopped when they heard the van. Curiosity had them crowding the truck. Many greet Mary with hugs and kisses, the men had loin-cloths but the younger boys were naked. All I could see was black cocks. The teenage girls were bare breasted and a number of them were showing signs of pregnancy.

A number of the young girls came up to me and felt my white skin and hair. I was looking at a sea of beautiful young pussies that were begging for some lesbian experiences. Licking my lips, I wanted to be their teacher. Finally with all the greetings over Mary led me to her aunt. She was a spitting image of Mary. Mary moved me inside and explained to her aunt what I desired.

“You have told her that it can’t be reversed?”

“Yes Aunty, many times but she wanted to come and talk to you.”

“Paige you realize what this means your clitoris will grow and it will never shrink. Some men are afraid of a woman with a penis.”

She noticed a look of bewilderment on my face. She removed her sarong and I was looking at a three-inch clitoris. It was magnificent.

“It’s very beautiful. Will mine be that big?”

“If you want but I caution you.”

“Please, I have thought about it for days and want to go through with it.”

Still staring at her clitoris I saw Mary nodding to her aunt. Then I felt her hands on my head lowering me to my knees so I was at eye level with her aunt’s clitoris and her beautiful cunt. Her musky scent was like a potion. My face was drawn into her pussy giving me a taste of her luv juice. I couldn’t believe the size of her clitoris. It was touching the back of my throat. Aunty body shuddered as I brought her to a climax. She pulled me up and kissed me. I felt her hands on my crotch then felt her lower the zipper of my shorts. Her hand was on my pussy. My mind was swooning with pleasure.

“Your pussy is soft with no hair. You should stay in the village. I am sure many of the girls would love to meet you.”

My mind was reeling as she brought me to a climax. Were all the women in Zambia so sexy? Later she handed me a small leather sack filled with a powdery mixture.

“Take a measure every day with water until it is all gone. You will feel growth in three days.”

On our way back to the hospital compound, I asked Mary what a measure was. She laughed and told me a teaspoon. In bed that night my head was full of all kinds of crazy dreams. One was of me with such a long clitoris I could fuck Kristy with it. Morning came.

As predicted, I could feel something different between my legs. My clitoris was hard and wouldn’t go back into its hood. It felt good but had me wet all the time when my panties rubbed it. It seemed I was in a continued state of arousal. On the fifth day I didn’t know if it was just my imagination but I looked larger. One thing good about it, Kristy kept sucking it until I climaxed. I returned the favor. She hadn’t mentioned any changes in my clitoris but I knew it was larger, much larger.

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