Lightning in the Night

by Ann Douglas

Copyright© 2000 by Ann Douglas. All rights reserved

Fan Fiction Sex Story: When Linda Danvers met Mary Bromfield, she thought she'd met the girl of her dreams. But was what the secret Mary was hiding and did it make her friend or foe?

Caution: This Fan Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Consensual   Fan Fiction   Oral Sex   .

The tall, pretty brunette walked, full of confidence, into the office waiting room. It was a confidence that faded just a bit as she saw the long line of equally beautiful young women that had gotten there ahead of her. Walking up to the receptionist’s desk, the twenty-five year old started to introduce herself to the older woman but was cut off as the seated blond handed her a small handful of forms.

“Put your name on the waiting list, then have a seat and fill these out,” she said, not even looking up from the magazine she was reading. “When it’s time for your interview, they’ll call you.”

Not used to being ignored, the dark haired girl was about to say something, but then thought better of it. For better or worse, the woman behind the desk was the absolute master of her domain. Unless the brunette wanted her name to go on the bottom of the list, if not be lost entirely, the practical thing to do was just swallow the insult and do what she was told.

It was amazing how much information they wanted to know on a simple interview form, she thought. Especially since there was no guarantee that you would even get an interview. The television station had issued an open call to fill a spot on the early morning talk and news show, and it seemed like every out of work reporter or actress in the city had decided to try out for it. They had stressed that applicants need not be experienced. They were looking for someone fresh and new. Thinking she had faced far worse hurdles, the new arrival took out a pen from her purse and started to fill out the forms.

“A real bitch isn’t she?” said the voice of the girl sitting next to her.

“Excuse me?” the brunette said, looking up from the forms she was filling out.

“The receptionist,” the other girl, also a brunette, clarified. “There’s no reason for her to be so rude. The way she’s treating everyone makes you want to just pick her up and toss her out the window.”

“Something like that,” the first girl said, a smile filling her face as if she was enjoying a secret joke.

“My name’s Mary,” the second girl said. “Mary Bromfield.”

“Linda Danvers,” came the reply. “Nice to meet you.

“The same here,” Mary said. “Have you been interested in television journalism long?”

“I took some courses in college,” Linda answered, “but it was really my cousin who got me interested. He’s a print journalist back east.”

“That’s interesting,” Mary replied. “My kid brother is a radio reporter in the Midwest.”

“Well maybe that’ll be lucky for one of us,” Linda said.

With Mary’s help, it took a lot less time to fill out the endless forms than Linda had first thought. Despite the little fact that they were competing for the same job, she couldn’t help but like the other girl. They were only a year apart in age, with Mary being the younger. Linda was a little taller, by only by an inch or so. Both had well-developed, athletic bodies and in a room of attractive women, both stood out as fresh and clean rather then glamorous. Hopefully what was what the producers were looking for.

The wait turned into an hour, then an hour and a half. The two young women took to time to get better acquainted. During that time, they drew the curious stares of more than one of the other waiting applicants. Evidently, they weren’t used to friendly chatter during auditions. Not when the person you were chatting with might use something they learned about you to get the job you wanted.

“Excuse me ladies, can I have your attention?” the receptionist said in a loud voice as she put down the phone receiver she had been talking into and stood up from her desk. “I’m afraid that the rest of the interviews have been canceled. The producers have already decided on their choice.”

A number of loud groans filled the room, along with a few low expletives. Absorbed in her conversation with Mary, Linda hadn’t noticed which of the girl’s around her had been the last called for an interview. Looking at the closed door to the inner office for a moment, she wondered whom the producers had chosen.

“It figures,” she said to the empty air.

“What figures?” Mary asked, wondering what her new friend meant.

As if in reply to the question, the newest member of Good Morning San Pablo stepped through the now open office door. Rather than the All American Girl image that they originally had claimed they were looking for, the final choice looked more like yet another of the California beach bunnies that flooded the airways. Blond haired, tanned and stacked with an over abundant bust, she almost cried out airhead rather than journalist.

“What are you staring at?” Mary asked, seeing the intensity of Linda’s gaze.

“I guess I just wanted to see if she managed to clean off her mouth after she finished her interview,” Linda said in frustration.

“That’s wicked,” Mary laughed softly.

“I shouldn’t have said that,” Linda said a moment later. “It sounds so petty.”

“I guess so,” Mary responded. “Then again, who knows, it might be true.”

Now Linda had to laugh.

“Maybe we should’ve come as blondes,” Mary noted as they got up to leave.

“Maybe I should’ve,” Linda replied, again smiling as if hiding a secret.

Leaving the office building, the two seemed reluctant to have their chance meeting come to an end. Mary suggested that if Linda didn’t have anything else to do, maybe they could get some lunch. Not feeling the least bit hungry, Linda replied that she was famished.

At a small restaurant around the corner from the television station, Linda and Mary continued to learn more about each other. Both of them had been orphans and both had the good fortune to be later adopted by wonderful people. Both had grown up in the Mid-West and other parts of their backgrounds were similar enough for them to almost be sisters. Each seemed to look at life’s problems in much the same way.

The conversation moved from subject to subject, until Mary decided to take a chance and ask what had been on her mind since meeting the other brunette.

“Linda, can I ask you a personal question?” she said, glancing over her shoulder to be sure the people at the next table couldn’t hear her.

“Of course.”

“Are you seeing anyone?” Mary asked. “I mean, what I guess I really should be asking is, how do you feel about other women?”

“Other women, as in relationships,” Linda replied cautiously. “Other women as in dating?”

“I guess that’s what I mean,” Mary admitted, a touch of worry in her voice. “If I’m way over the line here, just tell me. I hope I haven’t offended you because that’s the last thing I’d ever want to do. It’s just that since the moment that we met this morning, I’ve been getting the strangest vibe from you. I can’t really explain it, but it’s there. That, and the fact that I think you have the most beautiful eyes that I’ve ever seen. I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone with eyes that blue.”

“It’s a family trait,” Linda said, ignoring the rest of Mary’s statement for the moment. “My cousin has the same color eyes.”

“I guess I should take that answer as your way of letting me off the hook for what else I said,” Mary said, noting what response the woman across from her didn’t give.

Linda paused for a long moment, thinking that maybe silence was the best answer to give. It would be so easy to simply say that Mary was mistaken in those vibes that she had felt. The only problem was, Linda had felt them too.

“I have been in a few relationships with other women,” Linda finally said. “They don’t seem to work out for me, at least not in the long run.”

“Could I ask why?” the younger woman asked.

Now an even longer pause filled the air. Linda had never told anyone why her most serious relationships had failed. But something made her want to tell Mary. Something told her that this woman sitting across from her might understand.

“A few years back,” Linda started to explain, “I fell in love with a woman named Susan Wienczorkowski. She was a police officer back in Metropolis. I met her while I was visiting my cousin. Things were great in the beginning, as I guess things usually are. But then we began to have problem. Actually, I was the one who began to have problems.

I found myself becoming overprotective and constantly worried about her. You see I lost my family and all of the people I loved in ... in a disaster when I was younger. I guess that made me fear losing Susan as well.”

“What happened?”

“One weekend, after we’d been together for a while, we had a big argument about it. She said she couldn’t do her job with me constantly trying to watch out for her. It was a bad time for it all to come to a head. I had to go out of town that night, so I promised her we’d try and straighten it all out when I got back.”

“Did you?”

Linda stopped her story for a few heartbeats. From the look on her face, Mary knew the story didn’t have a happy ending.

“Susan as a member of the Special Crimes Unit and that night, they responded to a building collapse. It turned out that there was a child that had somehow been missed when the original Fire Department units had evacuated the building. Ignoring the danger, she went in after her. The little girl made it out, Susan didn’t. I got home as fast as I could when I heard about it, but it was too late.”

“I’m so sorry,” Mary said, “but even if you had been there, there was nothing you could’ve done. That was her decision, her life, and you have to accept that.”

“There was something I could have done,” Linda said, but didn’t explain further.

“And there’s been no one since?” Mary asked.

“Actually there was,” Linda went on, seeming to feel relieved to finally share this with someone, even someone who had been a total stranger only hours before. “I met Barbara a year later, after a few meaningless affairs that didn’t go anywhere. In a way she was a lot like Susan, but different enough for me to fall in love all over again.”

“Was she also a police officer?”

“Not exactly,” Linda said. “More like a private detective of sorts.”

“And what happened with Barbara?”

“Pretty much the same thing that happened with Susan,” Linda explained. “Everything was fine in the beginning, but then I began to become obsessed with her safety. If anything, what she did was even more dangerous than Susan. There were a few incidents where I sort of burst into the middle of her cases, trying to help out. In the end, we both decided that splitting up was the best thing to do.”

So now you’ve just given up?” Mary concluded.

“On relationships, yes.”

“Do you have these same problems with men, or do you only date women?” asked the younger woman.

“There have been a few men in my life that I felt my equal, just as there have also been a few women,” Linda replied. “Just none that I ever fell in love with.”

“Then you just have to keep looking,” Mary smiled. “After all, new people come into your life every day. Look at me. When we both got up this morning, we had no idea who the other was. Now, when we go to bed tonight, we’ve already become part of the other’s lives.”

“Are you speaking figuratively or are you that confident in your charm?” Linda finally smiled back.

“Let’s just say that I have a strong belief in magic,” Mary returned with her own smile.

Linda wasn’t sure if it was magic, or maybe simply the reluctance to abandon the hope that the next relationship might be different. Surprising herself, she agreed to have dinner with Mary the following night.

“Would you like to share a cab?” Mary asked as they exited the restaurant. “I’m headed uptown.”

“No thanks, I have an afternoon appointment over on the West Side,” Linda said as she looked at her watch and realized that she was running late. “I really have to fly.”

“Okay,” Mary smiled as she waved her hand to flag down a taxi that quickly pulled over to the curb. Before she climbed inside, the long haired brunette turned back to Linda and gave her the warmest smile she could manage and said, “I’m really looking forward to tomorrow night.”

As she watched Mary’s cab pull out into the afternoon traffic, Linda hoped she wasn’t making a big mistake. The way her social life had gone these past few years, she could be running right into another disaster. Then again, Mary’s comments about taking a risk did sound right. Either way, it was something she’d worry about later. Right now, she really did have to fly.

Slipping into the small alleyway between the restaurant and the next building, Linda glanced around to make sure that she was totally alone. Aside from the pigeons on the roof, it was as private a place as she could managed in the middle of the city.

In a blur of motion too fast for normal vision to follow, her conservative brown skirt and jacket faded from view, to be replaced by a blue and red outfit familiar the world over. Hair, now blond, draped down above a long sleeved and form fitting blue shirt, the centerpiece of which was an irregular red and yellow pentagon with a stylized “S” in the center. Matching red skirt and boots, coupled with a flowing red cape, completed the ensemble.

Standing five seven and just a hundred and twenty pounds, the young woman projected an image of quiet strength. With sure, powerful steps, she bounded down the alley, then leapt into the air like a swimmer off a diving board. Unlike a swimmer, she didn’t drop back to earth but rather took to the sky as if she had been born to it. In a way, she had been.

High over the city, Kara Zor-El, known around the world these last few years as Supergirl, soared across the small municipality by the ocean. Nowhere else did she ever feel as free as here among the clouds. There were perhaps less then thirty individuals in the world who could share the feeling as the sun washed across your face and the wind blew back your hair in quite the same way. It was at times like this that she pitied those earthbound thousands that passed under her wake.

The quickness of her flight more than made up for the lateness of her start. With a little time now to kill, the Girl of Steel continued out over the Pacific and kept pace with a school of Dolphins for a few minutes. Born on the last remnant of a long dead world, Kara appreciated the fact that the Delphinidae were an intelligent race in their own right. A fact that seemed lost on the humans that covered most of the globe.

Emitting a cry that was, as close to goodbye in the sonic language that anyone without fins was ever going to manage, Kara waved to her playmates and headed east, back over the city.

Kara had just passed over the waterfront on her way to the west side when the sound of a distant explosion caught her attention. Reacting automatically, she banked her flight sharply, catching sight of a cloud of bright orange smoke that was just beginning to rise in the distance. In less time then it took to think about it, the last Daughter of Krypton’s phenomenal memory created a map of the city in her mind and plotted the location of the explosion on it.

“Rao help me,” she called out to the empty air as she pivoted and dove in the direction of the ascending cloud. “That’s S.T.A.R. Labs!”

Moving at just under the speed of sound, lest her wake leave a trail of shattered windows behind her, Supergirl arrived at the growing conflagration in seconds. Past experience had taught her that even a minor disturbance at any S.T.A.R. Labs facility could lead to catastrophic results.

The scientists at S.T.A.R Labs were on the cutting edge of human technology, and sometimes just a little beyond it. As was true with scientists of every generation, S.T.A.R. Labs sometimes experimented with elements that mankind was neither ready for, nor fully understood.

As her feet touched the ground, Supergirl could measure the level of panic by the fact that her arrival at the research facility had gone totally unnoticed. Dozens of white-coated men and women were running out of a large granite and steel building. The same structure that had just had half its roof blown off and was the source of the smoke column that drew her here. They didn’t seem to have any goal other than to simply get away. From the looks on many of their faces, they really didn’t believe that their running away was going to make a great deal of difference in their fate.

The girl in blue and red’s first impulse was to grab the closest body in white in the hope that they could tell her what was happening. Then she discarded that thought, figuring that she could just as well wind up with some grad student who didn’t have a clue. No, she had a better idea.

“What is going on here?” Supergirl shouted at the top of her lungs.

The force of her voice carried across the compound like a shockwave, causing many of the fleeing scientists and engineers to momentarily pause. It was a hesitation just long enough for many of them to become aware of her presence.

“Supergirl, thank God you’re here,” an older white haired man off to Kara’s left said as he ran up to her. The small nameplate on his lab coat read Dr. Alexander Papolov, and beneath that, Director of Operations. “Now, just maybe, there’s a chance.”

“Just tell me what’s going on, and what I can do to help, Doctor,” Supergirl said in a calm, controlled voice. “And please try and keep it simple and direct.”

In had been Supergirl’s past experience that given the chance, even in an emergency, many scientists would go into far too much detail when asked to explain what they were working on. More so when they knew they were speaking to someone from a much more technologically advanced civilization than their own. The only problem with that was that despite the fact that both her father and her uncle had been two of Krypton’s greatest minds, Kara herself was no scientist. Oh she could utilize all the marvels that her culture had to offer, but don’t ever ask her to explain how most of them worked.

“It’s the Darkstar Impulse Engine that we were working on for NASA,” Doctor Papolov said in an excited voice. “The reaction control system overloaded and the engine itself is building to a point of self detonation.”

“Self detonation,” Supergirl repeated. “You mean another explosion like the one that blew off the roof?”

“The roof?” the bearded scientist said, surprised that the Girl of Steel didn’t understand the gravity of what he was saying. “If that engine overloads, you are going to see an explosion in the one to two kiloton range.”

“How do I stop it?” Supergirl asked, quickly realizing that the situation was worse than she originally thought.

“You can’t stop it,” the Doctor quickly replied, “you can only remove it.”

“Then it’s out of here,” she said as she took a step toward the building.

“Supergirl, wait!” he called out to her.

“Doctor, there isn’t time,” she called back.

“Exactly, there isn’t time,” he repeated. “When you take out the engine, the high pressure coolant and fuel lines are sure to rupture. There is simply no time to try and secure them because once they’re removed, the engine will go critical in less than a minute. The coolant will have no place to go except into the atmosphere. Those fumes from the coolant are as toxic as anything you might imagine. In addition, the fuel is likewise highly explosive.”

“Any more good news, Doctor,” Supergirl said as she took a deep breath. “I’m damned if I do and damned if I don’t.”

“I just wanted you to know exactly what you where dealing with,” Doctor Papolov said.

“I’ll try and get back as quick as I can after I get rid of the engine,” Supergirl said as she flew into the burning building, knowing that people were going to die no matter what she did. All she could do was try and make the number as low as possible.

Entering the tall three-story test chamber, Supergirl found the room illuminated with a searing blue-white light that hurt even her eyes. She could feel the fiery radiation washing across her skin and hoped that the S.T.A.R. Scientists hadn’t chanced across something new that was going to defy her near invulnerability.

Surprisingly, the engine itself was only a dozen feet long and half as wide. She could make out the connecting fuel and coolant lines and once again wondered if there was anyway she could seal them off after disconnecting the engine. The answer was the same as before. There simply wasn’t enough time. In order to take care of both, she’d have to be in two places at once.

“Rao help me get back before it’s too late,” the Maid of Might said as she ripped out all the connections and supports holding the Darkstar in place. No sooner had she done so, the level of energy pouring out from the engine jumped dramatically.

Taking a firm grip on the half-ton unit, Supergirl lifted it up over her head and taking once more to the skies, pushed it out of the large hole in the roof. Exiting the building, she could already hear the rushing coolant pouring out of the now shattered conduits.

Higher and faster she went, this time cracking the sound barrier without hesitation. The sky grew dark around her and still she went on. Already beyond the point where the resulting explosion would harm anyone on the ground, she had to make sure that the resultant debris didn’t become a future hazard to manned and unmanned spacecraft. Mankind had taken the first steps to becoming a space faring race, and the dark void was a dangerous enough place without her adding to it.

“Now!” her mind screamed as she gave the now weightless engine a powerful push and sent it hurling across the blackness on its own.

Scant seconds later, the darkness gave way to a searing, silent light as the Darkstar died an incendiary death and a miniature star appeared in its place. A star that quickly faded as all its energy dissipated in the agony of its birth. A deadly wave of radiation washed over the point from which Supergirl had sent the Darkstar on its maiden and only trip into the void, but it passed on harmlessly to soon dissipate. Supergirl had left that spot far behind her, already entering the upper atmosphere as fast as she was able to fly.

“Forty-five seconds,” she thought as she plummeted through the clouds. “it’s been forty-five seconds since those coolant lines broke.”

She knew that even in those brief ticks of the clock, the toxic gases could’ve already claimed lives. A new plan of action formed in her mind as S.T.A.R. Labs came once more into view and she reduced her velocity lest she crash through the pavement when she landed.

As her feet once more touched the ground of her adopted world, Supergirl steeled herself to face the possibility that she might be too late to save a number of people. Or that she might even have to ignore some people who might otherwise have been saved while she took care of the source of the danger.

What she wasn’t ready for was the image that confronted her. Her words from before echoed in her head. “What is going on here?”

All around her were dozens of S.T.A.R. Labs personnel, hale and healthy. According to the picture Doctor Papolov had painted, most of these people should’ve been gasping their last breaths by now.

“Not that I’m complaining, Doctor,” Supergirl said as she spotted the Director of Operations, “but what didn’t happen?”

“I don’t understand it either,” the obviously relieved scientist said. “By all rights, many of us should be dead.”

Turning her telescopic and x-ray vision on the now half collapsed test building, Supergirl was astonished to discover that every shattered fuel and coolant line had been squeezed off. It seemed unbelievable that debris of the collapsing building could have closed off every one. Yet seeing was believing.

“I don’t even want to try and imagine the odds of something like that happening,” Papolov said after Supergirl described to him what she had seen. “There was an explosion as you lifted out of the building, one of the fuel lines igniting I would think, then nothing. The rest of the roof must’ve come down and sealed off the lines. It’s a second miracle.”

“A second miracle?” Supergirl asked. “What was the first?”

“Why you and your arrival here, my dear young lady,” the older man said, his old world manner returning now that the danger had passed.

“I’m not a miracle,” she said quietly.

It always bothered her when people thought of her as such. She might have powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal men, but they were the result of the natural laws of physics and not the result of divine intervention. No, she wasn’t an angel by any means, not even one sent by Rao.

Rao had been the name of Krypton’s God, and it seemed as normal for Kara to seek his help as it did for an Earthdweller to invoke any of the many names they had for their own Deity. The names weren’t as important as the beliefs they espoused.

“I’d like to stay around and give you a hand with the cleanup but...” Supergirl said as she remembered her now overdue appointment.

“Nonsense,” Doctor Papolov said, his voice now containing an element of cheer. “You’ve done more than enough. I’m sure words are inadequate at this moment, but we are so very grateful for your help.”

“That’s what I’m here for,” Supergirl smiled, borrowing a standard line her cousin used.

“Nevertheless, I don’t know what we would’ve done if you hadn’t shown up just when you did.”

“Perhaps you might consider that when you review your safety precautions when you undertake projects like this,” Supergirl added in a stronger tone, again using a phrase her cousin Kal had taught her. It was important that people, especially people in areas of responsibility, learn that people like her and Superman wouldn’t always be there to save them from their mistakes.

“Yes, yes of course,” Papolov quickly agreed, leaving Supergirl to wonder if he’d even remember this conversation when they planned the next test.

Supergirl had just turned to leave when she caught sight of a figure standing behind two others over by the side of the administration building. It was only a brief glimpse, but for someone with her extraordinary vision, it was more than enough.

“Mary?” she said loud enough for Doctor Papolov to hear.

“Excuse me,” the Doctor said. “I’m sorry, I thought I saw someone I knew,” Supergirl said as she looked again, this time scanning the area with a telescopic and x-ray sweep. “I must’ve been mistaken.”

With that, she gestured goodbye to the Director and slowly glided into the sky. Below her, she could see the San Pablo Fire Department and other rescue agencies filling the S.T.A.R. compound.

After a few minutes of flight and a quick change of clothes, Linda Danvers walked into the offices of Stellar Cartography Incorporated. Prior to hearing about the possible opening on Good Morning San Pablo, she had sent her resume to the Space Exploration Firm looking for a job. Who better, she reasoned, to work for a company that produced maps of Outer Space than someone who had spent more time there than all of the Astronauts and Cosmonauts combined. They more than understood that she had been delayed by the near disaster over at S.T.A.R. Labs. After all, it had been the truth, even if it had been in a way they never could’ve imaged.

All through her interview, Linda had a hard time concentrating on the questions being asked. When they thanked her for coming in and told her they’d be in touch, she knew she had blown this opportunity as well.

The memory of that brief glimpse of the girl who looked like Mary had kept coming back to her. It was rare that her vision played tricks on her. If the girl had really been there, then she would’ve spotted her again during her vision scan. There was no way anyone could’ve gotten out of her field of vision that quickly. Had the young woman made that much of an impression on her that she was now imagining her?

True, there was something really special about her. That much Linda was ready to admit. It wasn’t just that she was beautiful, although that was equally true. She had the face of an angel framed by soft long brown hair and matching brown eyes.

No, it wasn’t just looks. There was something equally extraordinary behind those eyes. Long ago, back when she was a young girl in Argo City, Kara had read that the eyes were the windows to one’s soul. Here on Earth, Linda had read much the same thing. What stood behind the window of Mary’s eyes was still a mystery, but one which tempted the woman of two worlds in a way she hadn’t felt in such a long time.

After her break up with Barbara Gordon over Kara’s inability to deal with the danger the redhead constantly faced as Batgirl, Supergirl had decided that maybe she should confine her search for a companion among those the press had labeled meta-humans. Men and women who she wouldn’t need to feel so protective of.

Her first choice of course would’ve been her cousin Kal-El. Kryptonian culture and genetics had no restrictions for the cousins to be a couple, even if Earth mores might have a problem with it. On the other hand, few people realized that the two were even related, many of them already thinking that she was his girlfriend or something. If only that had been the case, she’d told herself many times.

Unfortunately, at least for her, Kal-El thought of himself more as Clark Kent, a Child of Earth then the Last Son of Krypton. As such, he followed the morality of his upbringing and preferred the company of human women, one human woman in particular.

Kal, or Clark as he preferred to think of himself, had come to this world as an infant and was raised by humans. Kara, on the other hand, was already a young woman the night her father had bundled her into an escape rocket and sent her away from the doomed city of her birth. In the better part of the last decade, she had learned enough to live as an Earth Woman when she must, but inside she would always be a Kryptonian.

There were other men nearly as powerful as her cousin, Superman. The most notable of which was J’onn J’onzz, a member of the Justice League known as the Martian Manhunter. An alien herself, even though most people forgot that fact since she resembled normal humans, Kara had no hesitation about sharing the Martian’s bed for a while prior to her relationship with Batgirl. In the long run however, the age difference proved to be too much. Using an Earth calendar as a base, Kara had been twenty-two and J’onn over a hundred and twenty-two, barely middle age by the standards of his own race.

Kara had always been attracted to women as well. It was not out of the ordinary for most Kryptonian girls to have had sexual relations with girlfriends as well as boyfriends. In her search for comfort, Supergirl had turned her attention to another member of the League.

Since the day Diana of Themyscira, more commonly know as Wonder Woman, had first met the young heroine, the Amazon warrior had made no secret of her interest in Supergirl. At five foot eleven and a hundred thirty-five pounds, the black haired heroine was easily one of the most beautiful women in the world. She’d even had a brief affair with Superman himself, considering it only natural that if she was going to be with a man, it should be the most perfect specimen possible.

From what she knew of the relationship from others, because Kal would never kiss and tell as they say, it had been both brief and fiery. Originally, just the fact that she had slept with her cousin, a man she loved and secretly lusted after like no other, was enough for Kara to shrug off the Amazon’s interest. Then, in the depression following her breakup with Barbara, she lost her earlier reluctance.

For one thing, Diane definitely didn’t need looking after. The result of a thousand years of warrior tradition, the Princess of Themyscira had also been gifted with the powers of some of the Olympian gods. Kara never really understood where the Olympians or any of the other gods with a small “g” fit into the ways of the universe, but she just assumed that they were just another race.

As a lesbian lover, Diana had those same thousand years of experience behind her. The Amazons had forsaken men centuries before in exchange for near immortality. Turning their love in among themselves, they had refined the art to a degree known nowhere else in the world. The only child born on their island in all that period of isolation, born not of the joining of a man and woman, but rather a being of clay brought to life by the gods, Diana had a wealth of teachers when she came of an age where she could take her first lover.

The downside to their relationship was also the result of that heritage. The daughter of Queen Hippolyta, Diana saw no reason why she should settle for only one lover. That was the point that had ended her relationship with Kal.

Kara was more liberal than her cousin, not begrudging the Princess her occasional outside fling. After all, she had hardly come to the relationship a virgin and could see herself as perhaps wanting a fling now and then.

The problem that finally ended their relationship, which in the end had been as brief as the one with Superman, was Diana’s autocratic attitude that while she was entitled to as many lovers as she might wish, Kara should hold herself available in case Wonder Woman decided that she wished that person to be her.

It hadn’t taken long for Supergirl to decide that a relationship of unequals was not what she wanted.

After that, it was back to men and women who didn’t spend part of their days or nights wearing form-fitting costumes. Most of these had fallen into the category of people who she felt could never be trusted with the secret of her double life. In three cases, she had thought she’d found lovers had pasted that test. In all three instances, she had been wrong.

One female lover had ended their relationship on the spot when Kara had shared her secret, telling her that she loved Linda but couldn’t deal with her life as Supergirl.

A boyfriend had been even more traumatized by the revelation that he’d been sleeping with an actual alien. His greatest fear after her revelation had been what kinds of space diseases he might have been exposed to.

The last had been the most devastating of all, a reporter for a mid-western newspaper who after learning of her dual identity, felt that a story entitled “I was Supergirl’s lover” was worth more than their relationship. With the help of a device borrowed from her cousin’s Fortress of Solitude, the reporter woke up one morning with no memory of his ever having met Linda Danvers at all.

Superman would’ve disapproved of her using that memory shifter in the manner she had, so Kara had solved that little problem by simply not asking him if she could borrow it. After all, it wasn’t the intimate details of his sex life that were about to be published in a few dozen major newspapers. Thinking about what she knew of her cousin and his relationship with another of the reporters on the Daily Planet, Supergirl decided that an expose of his current sex life might make boring reading indeed. After all, she doubted he had ever initiated Lois into the mile high club without the benefit of a plane.

The long hours of the night could be endless when your body didn’t need sleep to replenish its energies. Like a normal human, the girl from another world did sleep in order to relax her mind, but with the indecision about her date with Mary, Kara couldn’t relax enough to try for even that.

Standing at the open window, the Girl of Steel looked out onto the city before her. Clad in a simple pair of yellow pajamas, she debated changing clothes and going for a nighttime flight. Instead, she let her eyes and ears bring the sights and sounds of the city to her.

Powerful beams of energy reached outward, turning structures of steel and concrete into pillars of transparency. Images sorted through her mind at a speed beyond the capacity of a human mind to handle.

Aside from the search for events possibly needing the attention of a Girl of Steel, it was inevitable that Supergirl’s visual surveillance of the city would present certain other occurrences as well. It was something that her cousin Kal always felt a little embarrassed about. Ever since his Smallville days when on a nighttime patrol of the town, he had spied his sometime girlfriend, Lana Lang, parked by the lake with his best friend, Pete Ross.

In his identity as Clark Kent, Kal had a date with Lana that night but had canceled it at the last minute to respond to a bank alarm over in Orchard Falls. It looked like good old Pete had stepped in to take Lana to that movie she had been waiting all month to see. Giving in to his curiosity, Superboy had watched them for what he later realized was a little too long.

If he had gone on his way, he would’ve missed seeing Lana thank good old Pete by reaching down his pants and taking his cock into her mouth. It was obvious from the casual way she went down on the blond haired teen that it wasn’t her first time. What was also very apparent to the young Superboy was that as Clark, Lana had never offered to do anything like that for him.

When he had first used that story to illustrate the possible dangers of their visual and audio powers, Superman had left out the more interesting details of what he had seen. It wasn’t until her relationship with Wonder Woman that she heard them. Evidently, her cousin hadn’t had any difficulty sharing details like that with the Amazon.

Spying on the people around them might have been a problem for Superman, but Supergirl on the other hand, was never bothered in the least by anything she saw.

In the short time that Kara had lived in her new apartment, she had already learned a great deal about her neighbors. Although for her, the term neighbors took in anyone in range of her nocturnal scans, which included just about everyone in the city if she wished. Based on past results, she actually had a mental checklist of people to drop in on and see how they were doing.

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