Shall We Dance

by Jack Spratt

Copyright© 2017 by Jack Spratt

Erotica Sex Story: Story intro: Don becomes involved with two young teen dance Students, who are selling chocolate bars to raise money for their Dance Academy. After the meeting he is so uptight, he goes out looking for relief from a 'lady of the night' and meets Brianna and Aliyah.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Romantic   Heterosexual   Fiction   Interracial   .

Special thanks to Randi 2017 for her expertise in re-editing and re-proofing.

It’s a beautiful wintery day. This past week will not be one that will go down as very productive. The number of assignments that have not been completed is a company record; it’s the largest weekly carryover the company has ever had. That means Monday will be a horror. All the incomplete assignments from this past week, as well as any new inquiries that have come in during the weekend, will be facing the crew Monday morning. Fortunately, I have nothing planned for the weekend, so I’ll rest up for the upcoming week of terror.

I’m Don Parsons, a widower, 51, and I live alone; my wife died of cancer over twelve years ago. I work for a tech company that specializes in computer viruses and some programming. My specialty is viruses. I have a reputation of being able to locate and destroy without losing data. I wish it was always the case, but some of the little devils really can make a mess out of our client’s databases.

Keeping on top of the latest idea’s and techniques requires reading many articles and numerous emails every week. Today seems like a perfect day to get caught up on this task. After sorting the piles of mail in the order of importance, the reading starts.

The task is going well when the doorbell disturbs my concentration. My first thought is some religious group is on the prowl, out to save my soul, an impossible task. Not happy with someone ruining my train of thought, I open the door, ready to do battle. To my shock and astonishment, standing before me is a young fourteen or fifteen-year-old girl dressed in a fluffy pink dance costume. To my embarrassment, I feel tingling in my lower extremity of my body. This young teen has been made-up to look very sexually appealing. Her cheeks show evidence of a soft blush, her eyebrows have been professional accented, but what really has me tweaked is the effect of the lip-gloss. Her shining blond hair is pulled back into a tight bun. Her lips look so kissable, even though I realize is young. She has smallish breasts, but her engorged nipples are pushing against the tight fitting dance costume.

“Sir, would you like to buy a chocolate bar to support my dancing academy? All your neighbors have bought some.”

What a sales pitch from someone so young. The youthful girl gives me a plastic covered confirmation, stating that she is a member of the Lorraine School of Dance, and is authorized by the school and the candy company to offer the bars for sale on their behalf. She is smiling, stimulating the feelings I shouldn’t be harboring about this delightful example of eye candy. Taking time, I study the rest of her petite body. Her short skirt ends at just below her hips. Her body fitting stretch tights are pulled tight into her crotch. There is an interesting span between her thighs for such a young girl. My mind envisions her interesting pussy, outlined in the material. Her legs are well developed from her dancing. I’m looking at a perfect example of a young Lolita.

“Certainly I will be happy to support your dance academy. How many bars do you have left?”


“I’ll buy them all. Won’t you come in while I get my wallet? What is your name?”

“Avery. I can’t come in unless my sister comes, too. My parents told me to be careful.”

“By all means ask your sister to come in as well. I will be back shortly.”

My wallet is in my night table beside my bed with my keys and all the items I carry with me during my working day. I’m a creature of habit, thus saving me the headaches of worrying where things are. When I return to the doorway, I’m sure I’m seeing double. Standing beside Avery is her double; mind you, she is older, but in a matching costume. This young lady has also has small breasts and very noticeable nipples pushing against the material. Her long red hair is a ponytail, swaying as she moves. She seems intent on viewing my vast entertainment and computer equipment. Like her sister, her legs are well developed; making me wonder how developed the beauty between them. Then they both hear me approach and look up.

“This is my sister, Jayden. She is a dancer, too.”

“Hello, Jayden. Are you selling chocolate bars as well?”

Like her sister, her makeup is perfect. Her lips are full and inviting. Her green eyes are sparkling with a mischievous glow. As I move closer to both of them, their scent hits me. John Thomas reacts immediately. Jayden appears to have noticed my plight and a knowing smile appears on her face, much to my embarrassment.

“Yes, I’m but we are selling Avery’s first them we will start on my boxes.”

As sick as it sounds I think I would love to start on her box. Her skirt is as short, or maybe shorter, than her sister’s. When I look between her legs I am positive I can see her luv lips protruding. How I would love to enjoy her young body. Avery is beautiful but her sister is a real knockout.

“How many are in a box?”

The way she looks at me leads me to believe she took it the wrong way. Her eyes have a way of making me feel foolish. Jayden licks her lips before she answers me, all the time looking me right in the eyes.

“There are twelve to a box and Avery and I have to sell five boxes.”

“How many do you have left? How much is each bar?”

“We have two boxes left, plus Avery’s seven. They are three dollars each.”

Roughly calculating that is thirty-one bars or ninety-three dollars. Money is not a problem. The bars will end up at work where they will disappear before lunch on Monday.

“Tell you what; I will buy all you have left.”

“You will? Thank you, I never expected anything like this. We’ve been out since nine this morning and the most we have sold at one time is three.”

“No thanks are needed. I’ll take them to work. I am sure my co-workers will make short work of them. Can I offer you girls a drink, something warm?”

“Why thank you Mr.?”

“Parsons, but please call me Don.”

That is Jayden. I keep sneaking looks at her body and she keeps catching me, each time giving me that knowing smile. My kitchen has a large picture window overlooking my back yard. Over the years, I have added a pool that is seldom used. The balance of the yard is well landscaped and has many flowers and shrubs in season, all taken care of by a neighbor, five doors down. He approached me several years ago. He had just retired and loved working with plants. I had the worst looking yard in the complex, and he took it as a challenge to make it beautiful. He will not take payment for his labor of love, so each year at Christmas; I purchase a major gift for them. Last Christmas it was two tickets to Vancouver to see their son and his new family. The girls seem impressed.

“Wow, you have a pool. I wish we had one.”

“It doesn’t get much use. I never seem to have time.”

“It it was ours, we would use it every day.”

“If it was summer, you both could use it any time you would like. Just have your parents call me giving their permission.”

“Do you mean that? We only live two doors down from you.”

Now that is hard to believe. I’ve lived here for years and never noticed these two beauties. I really must be getting old, as well as going blind. During our hot chocolates, I learn Jayden is fifteen and Avery is fourteen. Jayden sits across from me giving me a wonderful view. She keeps her legs spread confirming that her luv lips are thick and puffy. There appears to be a damp spot in the centre, but that could be just in my imagination. I wonder how lovely they will be when she is older. Hell, I wonder what they look like now. She keeps moving her legs slightly giving me cause to keep looking between them. For some reason, I’m sure she is doing it on purpose.

“How long have you girls been dancing?”

“Avery has been for two years, me for six years. I really like it.”

When I look at Jayden she again licks her lips while we are eye to eye. Avery is aware of the interplay. Looking her direction, I notice her legs are now spread as well. Her luv lips aren’t as pronounced as Jayden’s, but they are very noticeable. I’m ashamed at the interest I’m experiencing. For some reason, these young teens have awakened something I’ve never considered before. My love life has been very sparse since my wife’s passing. I’ve noticed young girls in the malls, but have never thought of them in such a sexual manner. These two girls, in their revealing dance costumes, change that. Hell, I can’t keep my eyes from Jayden’s pussy area. Now I wonder how she would taste. Eating my wife was one of my greatest pleasures.

After we finish drinks, the girls get up to leave. Both thank me for the purchasing all their chocolate bars, and tell me they will have their parents call and to confirm they can use my pool in the summer. I provide them with my business card with my home number written on the back. As we reach the door, Jayden turns.

“We are having our Valentine dance recital Saturday. Tickets are only five dollars.”

Once a salesperson always a salesperson, they both leave with another five dollars of mine in their purse. Watching their bottoms swing down the walkway gives my fading hardon a boost. I haven’t felt this horny for a long time. My imagination has Jayden in my bed undressing, giving me a view of her sparsely covered pussy, beckoning me to come and partake of its juices.

Monday, as expected, is a zoo. Not only did we have the overload from the prior week, we have a record number of new inquiries for services. The chocolate bars are well received and disappear before lunch. By the time Friday rolls around, we are beat. That evening when I get home, I enjoy two Black Russians. Sitting in the kitchen enjoying the view of the snow-covered back yard my eye picks up the ticket for the dance recital attached to the frig with a small magnet. Visions of Avery and Jayden fill my mind. If nothing else, just watching those two will relieve the stress of the week, giving me something beautiful to think about. At six-thirty, I am on my way to the academy for the recital. The Lorraine School of Dance in located in an old factory warehouse that had been converted to a dance studio. The building retains its old character, but has been reborn to house the dance school; a number of cars are already in the parking lot.

Once inside, I don’t feel out of place. There are a large number of gray haired people in the audience that I assume would be grandparents to a number of the dancers. I find a seat four rows from the stage. The lights in the hall are dimmed and spotlights are hitting the stage. A speaker crackles, then a voice is announcing the performance will commence. The majority of the dancers are young girls, all in marvelous tight dance costumes. As they go through their routines, I’m embarrassed to admit I can’t keep my eyes off their crotches. Their tights are molded to their bodies, showing their prominent luv lips. The sizes range from very thin to remarkably noticeable. The darkness is a blessing, as I’m tenting. It’s not that I’m that big, only seven inches but my girth is about three inches. My wife enjoyed the full feeling. My mind is picking out the girls I feel could accommodate John Thomas. Many pass that test. Finally, Avery appears in a duet with another of her clones. They both do the splits several times, putting additional strain on their costumes. The view is breathtaking, as many times there luv lips are totally outlined. Now I am licking my lips, wondering what wonders they are hiding.

Because of the darkness, I am sure they can’t actually see into the audience. After Avery and her partner perform, they get a standing ovation. How I would love to show my appreciation of their young bodies. My tongue rolls around in my mouth as I imagine eating those young pussies. Then, new music starts. Jayden comes out as a soloist.

Her movements are so sexual, I’m sure I’ll cum in my slacks. John Thomas is hard from the beginning to the end of her performance. My view flips between her eyes and her crotch. Her large luv lips are full and my imagination says puffy with excitement. If I didn’t know better, I get a feeling she’s looking directly at me numerous times during her performance. An eerie feeling creeps through my body and ends up at the head of John Thomas. When her dance is over, the audience roars with appreciation. After the recital, I am the last one to leave, willing my hardon to subside. My body is begging for relief. I have never used a prostitute before, but tonight could be the first time.

Abbotsville has one section of the city where it’s rumored that ladies of the night ply their trade. Leaving the building, I hear my name. Turning in the direction of the voice, Jayden is running towards me.

“I’m glad you’re still here. Mom and Dad had to leave early with Avery. I was going to have to take the bus. I really don’t like to when it’s this late. Will you give me a lift home?”

“It would be my pleasure.”

Jayden’s still wearing her costume. I’m overwhelmed with the same scent she and Avery were wearing when they were at my home selling chocolate bars. Helping her into my Suburban provides a beautiful view of her shapely bottom, well-defined cheeks in her tight costume. It doesn’t help my now raging hardon. Now, I’m really in a pickle. I so much wanted to get relief, building up the nerve to go and attempt to find a prostitute to take care of the problems created by Jayden. Now my problem is sitting beside me.

“I saw you in the audience. Did you like my dance?”

“It was very interpretive. You’re very talented.”

Jayden’s tights are a soft white material. Her legs are spread displaying her covered charms. Her short skirt allows a wonderful display; her tight bodice molded to her body, really makes her very erotic looking. Dumb me, I keep sneaking looks between her legs and, of course, Jayden keeps catching me. Each time she just smiles but never rearranges her body to deter my view of her charms. Again, my mind is sure that her crotch is damp, taking on a darker shade then the rest of her costume. Is she as excited as I am? Am I the cause? That certainly would be nice, if it is true. The problem is, how do I confirm it without making an utter fool of myself?

“Did you think I looked sexy during my dance?”

It takes a lot to make me blush, but Jayden manages it with a few short words. The heat of it floods from my toes to my face like a wave of fire. How in the hell am I supposed to answer? If I tell her the truth she will confirm what she must suspect; I’m a pervert for thinking of her in that context. Looking at her crotch, then her face confirms she has me made.

“I found it very erotic. You did a very good interpretation of the dance.”

“You still didn’t answer the question. Did you find me sexy?”

Jayden isn’t going to give up. I might as well bite the bullet and answer.

“Yes Jayden, you are very sexy. Your dance made me tingle.”

My answer must have been what she wanted to hear. She moves over to me, grabs my arm and hugs it, the heat of her body searing me. Looking down at the top of her head, her thick red mane makes me want to lean over and bury my face in the hair of this young minx. These thoughts and her hugging me do nothing to relieve my hurting body. Her hand runs up and down my thigh. Her fingers are inches away from my obvious tent.

“Did I cause that?”

“I’m ashamed to admit it, but yes, just looking at you gets me excited.”

There, I’ve admitted it. Now what is going to happen? Jayden will be either embarrassed at the comment, or it is the answer she wanted.

“Why be ashamed? I think you’re sexy, too.”

That shocks me, as I’m nothing to look at just an average gray haired mature guy with a trim body, but her bigger shock is her hand grasping John Thomas. Her touch nearly brings me to the brink. I look at her and she looks at me again, licking her lips.

“Jayden, you shouldn’t be doing that. If anyone ever saw you, I would be in the crowbar hotel and they would throw away the key.”

“Don’t you like it? I do, you feel so big. The boys I have seen are so small and they squirt after a few rubbings.”

Jayden is fifteen, and at that age is giving hand jobs! I wonder if she is into blowjobs, as well. I need to take control of this and nip it in the bud. She takes my right hand and puts against her pubes; so much for taking control. Her body heat feels so good my fingers trace her luv lips. Her dampness is evident on my probing finger.

“Jayden, please, you are not making this situation any better by doing that.”

“I feel better don’t you? I want you to think about this tonight. That is my house the big red brick one.”

My subconscious must have taken over the driving, as I’m shocked to admit I don’t remember turning onto our street. Pulling to the curb, Jayden moves away from me letting go of my hardon but she leans over and kisses me not a peck but a full-blown kiss on the lips with a little tongue to make it interesting.

“Thanks for the lift, Don. I hope we will see more of each other. Avery likes you, too.”

Before I can think of something intelligent to say, she’s gone. I watch her beautiful bottom swaying from side-to-side. She turns and waves, then disappears into the house, leaving me in an even more exasperated state.

Resolved to relieve the frustration, I slowly drive out of the subdivision to the purported red-light area. I’m hurting. Now that I’m here, what do I do? In the movies, the car drives up and a young lady dressed in very provocative clothing asks the driver what he is looking for. Hell there is nothing moving on the street. Then there is a knock on driver side window, nearly scaring the shit out of me.

“Hey mister, are you looking for some action?”

The height of my Suburban hides the source of the voice from my view all I see is a small hand. Rolling down the window, I peer out looking at a young girl. My guess she is fourteen or fifteen tops.

“Hi, I’m Bambi, hand job twenty dollars, blow-job thirty and an hour in bed seventy five.”

Bambi is wearing very short hot pants. They are molded to her young body. The high heels and fishnet stockings are similar to the girls you see in the movies. She is jailbait.

“How old are you Bambi?”


If she’s nineteen, I’m the pope. My mind says I’m crazy and John Thomas says go for it, it’s for sale. An hour with her would be very medicinal after the frustration of thinking of Jayden.

“Hop in.”

“What is going to be Mr.?”

“I have seventy five dollars, where do we go?”

“Your house or there is a motel down the street that rents by the hour. It not too bad and it is clean.”

Her description is correct. The room is functional for its primary purpose, which are quick fucks.

“Pay me first.”

Her hand is out. I count out a fifty, a twenty and a five. She tucks them in her purse and starts undressing. I just watch. She has a very sexy body. There’s no way she is nineteen. Maybe sixteen but I am guess in fourteen or fifteen. John Thomas loves watching what’s happening. Bambi is down to a red bikini panties and a matching uplift bra, trimmed with lace. Her lipstick and all her nails are the same shade. This can’t be the first time she has solicited.

“You can take off the rest, Mister. Aren’t you getting undressed? You paid for it and there’s no cash refund!”

Quickly undressing, Bambi watches as I reveal my engorged cock. My foreskin is rolled back from the tip. Precum is dripping.

“Wow, you are big Mister but I can take it.”

Removing her bra reveals the small cone like breasts of a young teen. They are definitely going to be sizable when she is a woman. Removing her panties, I am greeted with a shaved pussy. For a hooker, her cunt looks very tight. I wonder. She lies on the bed, her hair fanned out she actually looks angelic. Spreading her legs, she is ready. My body towers over this sex vixen. As my cock gets close to her pussy, her hands guide it to heaven. Slowly, I sink deep between her legs. Closing my eyes, I envision Jayden is under me. Bambi is tight. I can feel her muscles tighten as I stroke in and out. The old bed is noisy as we give the springs a work out. Bambi has the swing of her profession as she slams upward with each thrust. Since this is just for relief, I let go a horde of cum. Rolling off Bambi, I enjoy the feeling.

“You are big mister. You have to be the biggest I have done. Others have been longer, but you have been the biggest.”

“How long have you been hooking?”

“Four days.”

“What school do you go to?”

“North District.”

Now, I know she is not nineteen North District is a junior high school. She is fourteen or fifteen, I just nailed a minor.

“Now tell me your real age.”

“Fourteen, last month.”

“Why are you doing this? Where are your parents?”

“I need the money for school clothes. I’m practically on my own. My dad left Mom and me. Mom works as a clerk and makes enough for rent and food. Babysitting is nice, but it doesn’t pay nearly enough to buy all the things I need for school, especially clothes.”

“Do you know there are a lot of weirdoes cruising, looking for young stuff like you? They will eat you up and throw away the bones.”

“What am I supposed to do for money?”

“How much would it take to keep you off the street?”

“After what you paid me, I need three hundred and twenty five more.”

“How much did you need at the beginning?”

“Four hundred.”

“You haven’t had too much experience have you?”

“You’re the first mister. When I saw the Suburban, I took a chance. Any one that can afford one of those could afford to pay me.”

“What if I was to give you the money, would you quit trying to be a hooker?”

“Why would you do that?”

“Because I can.”

“I really didn’t want to do this, but it is the fastest way for me to earn money. I would promise, but how would you know I kept it?”

“If I saw you again I would report you to children’s services and your mom would find out. I don’t think she would be impressed?”

“I promise, and I won’t go back at it, but if you need me, you can call me. My name isn’t Bambi; I took it as a street name. My name is Brianna Goodall.”

“Brianna, I did enjoy you very much and had I known this was your first trick I would have taken you home. How many times have you had sex with a cock?”

“You are the second. A boy at school took my cherry two years ago. Since then I have been using mom’s dildo when I masturbate.”

“You’re a very beautiful young lady Brianna. Get an education; I’m sure with your looks and smarts you will be able to overcome any obstacles. Get dressed and I will drive you home.”

“Take me home with you, please. Mom is working late and I really don’t want to be alone.”

Since I have already fucked a minor, what more could happen to me; besides she is an excellent bed partner?

“What would your mother think?”

“Nothing, I already told her I was staying with a girlfriend. I thought I would have lots of tricks, but I chickened out until I seen your vehicle.”

“Do you have any other clothes besides what you are wearing?”

“Yes, in the alley, jeans and a t-shirt. That is one of the reasons I need money; I need to buy more clothes for school. Mom can’t afford it.”

One thing I can afford is to buy any clothes Brianna may need. She has the body to really show off current styles. I will see how Brianna plays out tonight and maybe we can start her a new wardrobe tomorrow. Getting dressed, we drive to the alley where she quickly retrieves her clothing.

“Please, put on your jeans and shirt. Would you like something to eat?”

“Sure, where are we going?”

“What would you like?”

“I am not fussy, whatever you would like.”

Since there is a fast food restaurant is on the way to my house, we stop and go to the food court. Brianna orders chips and a burger. I have fries actually I order a double. I use lots of ketchup and vinegar to reduce the fat. Yes, I know but it sounds good.

After enjoying Brianna, I do feel at peace with the world. Studying her shows me she is a very beautiful young teen in her own right. She eats in a very feminine manner. I could have done much worse my first time picking up a hooker. She has a nearly perfect body. Now my imagination envisions her in all kinds of new lingerie. As we leave the restaurant, we pass numerous ladies-wear shops, still open. A large flashing sign proclaims they are open till midnight, as part of the Valentine day promotion! Over the years, I have always wondered about the women that could actually wear the panties and bras displayed on the mannequins. Brianna has such a body.

“Brianna, to show you I meant what I said, you can go into this shop and pick out two matching pairs of panties and bras and a nighty for tonight.”

The look on Brianna’s face is priceless. She hugs me.

“When you are done let me know and I will come and pay for you purchases. Don’t look at the prices.”

Women, regardless of age, seem to enjoy shopping. Men are the opposite. Sitting on a bench outside the store, I wait, enjoying the parade of young girls and women. A number of young teens remind me of Jayden and Avery. What am I going to do about Jayden? Then, thinking of what Jayden said about Avery liking me too, my cock starts it re-growth. It is nearly an hour later Brianna is at the door waving at me. My Gold Visa takes a sizable hit. It is a good thing I get Air Miles.

Brianna is just bubbling. All her purchases are in one small bag.

“Can I model everything for you tonight?”

“I hope so.”

Brianna snuggles into me on the way home. Caution hits me with a thought, ‘what the hell am I getting into with Brianna’. She looks so small leaning against me. Turning into the driveway, the garage door opens. Brianna sits up and stares at the house. As the Suburban’s rear bumper passes the sensor, the garage door closes, one of the wonders of technology.

“You live here by yourself?”

“Yes it’s my martial home.”


“I lived here with my wife; she passed away with cancer, twelve years ago.”

Brianna follows me into the kitchen, carrying her backpack and her purchases. I take Brianna for the tour of the house; everything seems to impress her. She looks at me with a questioning look.

“Is something wrong?”

“Oh, no, I just wondered if I could take a bath. I have never seen a bathtub that big.”

“Of course, I will show you were you can get a clean towel and where I keep the shampoos.”

Before I am even out of the bathroom, Brianna is stripping. I would have loved to watch but it is too early for that. Closing the door, I return to the kitchen and build a Black Russian. I am relaxing, watching the news when Brianna comes down the stairs. She is dressed in an old robe that was hanging in the closet. She looks humorous in that outfit. She doesn’t look humorous when she drops it. Standing before me is a vision of beauty. Brianna looks like a model in her soft blue matching bra and thong. She looks like a fashion model you see in woman’s magazines or on Fashion Television.

“With your body, you should be a fashion model. You look fantastic.”

“Thank you, I’m glad you like it. I have never had lingerie like this in my life. I wish I could have nice clothes like this all the time.”

Her small body is now against me. I enjoy looking at all the bare skin. What is covered is very provocative. My hand runs down her back and cups her sexy bottom. When I sit down, she crawls in my lap hugging me. She looks so delicate and appealing.

“What time does your mom expect you?”

“I am staying with you tonight.”

“Won’t your mom be expecting you?”

“I will call her now and tell her I’m at my girlfriends overnight. She certainly won’t mind. I had already told her I wouldn’t be home.”

I listen to the conversation with her mom. Just as she said, her mom doesn’t seem to appear too interested in whom she is saying with. Hanging up, she is smiling.

“See, I told you she doesn’t care.”

“Let me finish my drink then have a shower.”

Brianna runs upstairs in front of me to the master room carrying her goodie bag from the ladies shop. After a quick shower, I return to my bedroom to find Brianna lying on the top spread in the sheerest nightie I have seen. Her beautiful body is fully exposed. She is a very beautiful fourteen-year old.

“Do you like, Don?”

“Brianna, you are a very sexy tease.”

“I am not teasing; you can have whatever you want.”

Brianna feels so good against me in bed. Our second venture in sex will be long and slow as I intend to enjoy everything Brianna has to offer, and it’s plenty. My hands roam all over her body. Moaning under my caresses, she rolls on her side. The negligee does not have any panties. Moving down her body, I suck her small belly button getting a quivering re-action. Brianna’s eyes are closed. Her pussy has a mild erotic scent. The luv lips are glistening with her flow. My first taste with the tip of my tongue has me wanting more. Slowly spreading her legs, displaying the wonders of her peach, it opens like a flower blossom. The soft pink of her of her beautiful genitalia are to be eaten, licked and sucked. Sucking as much of the labia minor as possible into my mouth has her going ridged. The volume of tasty essence increases, my tongue acts as a sponge. Finally, I move Brianna to her side and with my head on her thigh, I bury my face in her pussy and enjoy. Feeling her bum, my finger finds her rosebud. It’s tight and needs attention. All the time, Brianna is moaning and exploding with climaxes. Her asshole is soft and pliable. Will it accept my cock? I hope to find out.

As I feel myself starting to doze while I am eating this delicious pussy. It is time enjoy a slow fuck. Crawling beside her, she smiles, puts her arms around my neck and kisses my pussy juice covered face. She can kiss. Her tongue finds mine, teasing each other.

“Don, that was awesome. No one has ever done me between my legs with their mouth. I’m still tingling.”

“Brianna, I’ve tasted a number of women but you are the best ever. I want to fuck you again.”

“My pleasure.”

We took our time, enjoying every moment. Brianna’s pussy is tight and warm. I manage to last twenty minutes before ejaculating deep inside of her. I made sure she climaxed four times before blowing my load. Then the thought came over me; is she on the pill? Talk about locking the door after the horse has been stolen.

“Brianna, are you protected?”

She looks at me and starts to laugh, making me feel foolish. After dumping two large loads of very healthy sperm deep in her I can’t see why she is laughing.

“Don’t be scared, Don, Mom has had me on the pill since that guy fucked me two years ago. Tonight is the first time I put them to good use.”

Now feeling better, I pull Brianna to me and we fall asleep. In the morning we enjoy sex once more, and then we shower, then breakfast. Brianna is very good company, not to mention a perfect sex partner. Later in the day, we go shopping again. Brianna is very fashion conscience. The purchases take a sizable bite out of my credit limit on my Visa. She can’t believe the amount I spent on her. When I attempt to give her more money, she refuses saying that she has what she needs. When driving her to her home, she can’t thank me enough.

“How are you going to explain the purchases?”

“I will tell her the truth. I have a sugar daddy.”

“I have never thought of myself being a sugar daddy.”

“You’re mine. Thank you so much, Don. I didn’t want to sell my body, really. I am glad you were my first John.”

Before dropping her off, I give her my telephone numbers and have her promise to telephone me regularly and if she need anything just call.

“Will you fuck me again, Don?”

“I can promise you with certainty; you will be in my bed often. Brianna, you can be my long lost daughter.”

“I will, Daddy.”

Watching her disappear through the door, I wonder how her mom will react. She will likely tell me when she calls.

Monday starts the cycle again; however, it is normal, not like last week. A number of my co-workers come into my office looking for more chocolate bars.

“Get out of here you leeches. It’s your turn to buy for the office.”

“But yours taste better.”

“You mean me buying them makes them taste better.”

As I move around the office I keep getting asked the same question about the bars. My mind is trying to come up with a good pay back. I know in time, they will pay. Late in the afternoon there is a lull when I relax. Closing my eyes, a vision of Jayden comes into play. Even after my wonderful weekend with Brianna, Jayden seems to be my mind’s choice. My mind also brings Avery to the forefront, wondering what it would be like to eat out a fresh fourteen-year-old teen, and if it’s possible enjoy her in bed. Someone calling my name brings me out of the trance back to the grind.

At home, my feelings are apprehensive, like impending doom. Actually, nothing that has happened recently should even have me feeling this way. Maybe a barbequed steak will perk me up. Throwing the steak in the microwave on defrost, I go to the deck and light the barbeque. Barbequing in the fall and winter really drives my neighbors wild, as they don’t seem to enjoy theirs in the cold weather. Me, I enjoy it all year round. By the time the steak is defrosted, the barbeque is searing. Ten minutes later, a rare chunk of cow is sitting before me that with a hastily made salad, complete my dinner.

From the kitchen table I am able to watch the big screen. It is always on CNN. My mind is not focused on anything, but brings up Jayden and Avery. I am feeling stupid and glad I am alone. Here I sit, enjoying a wonderful steak with a boner. My imagination has both of them undressed, spread-eagled, my dessert slowly seeping from both of their virgin pussies.

Cleaning up the kitchen with my persistence woody, the telephone rings. Answering the kitchen extension really gives my hardon a lift.


“Hi Don, this is Jayden. How are you?”

What I want to say is, ‘I’m panting to have you naked in bed’.

“Good. And yourself?”

“Same, but I keep wondering what you are up to?”

“Why is that?”

“I really don’t know, but I seem to think of you a lot. You felt so good the last time we were together.”

Jayden has no idea! John Thomas is at his peak before that comment its now straining to unknown lengths; it’s uncomfortable as hell.

“You know we should forget that, don’t you?”

“Have you?”

“That has no bearing on anything. It’s wrong and you know it.”

“Nothing that felt that good could be wrong. Can I see you again?”


“Because I know you want to, and you’re attracted to me and Avery. She talks about you every day. She is curious about your bulge; she is pretty observant for a fourteen year old.”

Slowly unzipping my pants to take the strain off John Thomas, I can feel the heat building up in my body. I really don’t think I could control myself if Jayden was in my arms right now.

“Are you still there, Don?”


“So when can we get together. Every night when I masturbate, I see your face; actually both Avery and I do it together and we talk about you. She is very large between her legs, no hair yet, but very puffy. I know you would like it!”

That is just the kind of information I really didn’t need to know, I am horny enough without it! The tip of my cock is seeping precum. I wonder what Brianna is doing right now. I am licking my lips envisioning Avery’s tasty teen pussy, dripping with juice, needing me to lap it dry.

“Mine are thick too but I do have reddish hair framing my pussy. Do you like red hair?”

“Very much.”

It’s just a whisper as I’m hesitant to say anything to give her any indication of my true feelings towards her and her sister. I’m hurting.

“So, when can we see each other?”

Bring all my willpower to bear, I manage to get control of my feelings and speak normally.

“When are you available? What times are you and Avery allowed out during school nights?”

“Tomorrow, I can tell mom I need some school supplies and I can be at the mall at seven. We will both have to be home for nine. On the weekends, we could meet early during the day.”

“Ok I will see you at the food court at seven. You know we shouldn’t be doing this.”

“Oh yes, we should! Bye, Don.”

Jayden certainly didn’t leave any question about her feelings. She wants to see me, why, I can’t imagine. I am nothing to look at, really. Still hurting, I call the number Brianna gave me. She answers on the first ring.


“Brianna, it is Don.”

“Oh hello, daddy, how are you?”

“In great need.”

“Daddy needs Brianna to take care of him? I can sneak out but not for long. Do you like blowjobs?”


“Okay, you can drive me to a parking lot just up the street from our apartment. I will take care of daddy there.”

Climbing into the Suburban feeling stupid, I head towards Brianna’s. She’s on the street waiting, stopping, she climbs in. Her cool hand finds my engorged erection. Her hand feels so good.

“Wow, you are hard. Who did this to you? You really must like her.”

Brianna is manipulating the tip of my foreskin and now rubbing the slit slippery from precum. She is wearing a short skirt that has ridden up, her legs showing her thong-covered pussy. She smells so good. I don’t know if it is shampoo, perfume or both.

“Thank you for coming out for me, Brianna. You smell good. Is it perfume or shampoo?”

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