Sushil's Wife Gets a Gift

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2017 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: Desi husband provides a special birthday present for wife's 35th celebration.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Romantic   Wife Watching   White Male   Indian Male   Indian Female   Indian Erotica   .

Nisha’s thirty-fifth birthday was approaching. She was making more and more frequent disparaging comments about the event. Her husband, Sushil, was not deaf or dumb as to what was going on, although she often thought he was.

A week before her birthday, Sushil asked Nisha to reserve that evening for the two of them, and made some special preparations in secret. The birthday girl was wondering what would happen but very pleased that her husband was arranging it.

The big day arrived. It was a weekday and both had to work. As soon as she arrived home Nisha was offered a glass of wine and they sat down together. Sushil said, “I’ve planned a special event for you. I want your gift to be a pleasant surprise as it unfolds so just follow my lead and you will enjoy it.”

He took her to a gourmet restaurant in a small five-star hotel near downtown in the city where they lived. They had been there once before and Nisha loved it. When dinner was finished Sushil escorted his wife to the elevator instead of their car. She smiled, thinking “How romantic.”

When they entered the room, a beautiful sheer peignoir was laid out on the bed and a dozen red roses were on the bedside table. Nisha hugged and kissed her husband who said, “Let’s take a shower together.”

After they toweled each other off, Nisha tried on the lingerie. She was five foot five, nicely filled out at 130 pounds with shoulder length dark hair. Firm B-cup breasts with dark nipples and a neatly trimmed muff. A pretty package, especially when she was dressed and smiling as she was right now.

Sushil opened the champagne. Nisha didn’t drink often but this was a special occasion. Into the second flute, her husband looked at her and said, “Now the very special part of the surprise will begin. For years I have talked about you having a sex experience with another man. You have read stories and articles and we have fantasized about that. Now I want you to find out how sexy and attractive you are. I have arranged a trusted partner for you tonight.”

Nisha exclaimed, “He Bhagwaan! (Oh My God!) How can I do this? What if he does not like me? I am not pretty enough!”

Sushil laughed, “My darling, this is what I expected to hear from you. It will be easier than you think. This friend has seen your pictures and is eager to see your body for real. You know each other in a way because he wrote those fantasy stories about you and the guests. It is Tony Tiger who has come here to make your birthday very special. One you will never forget.”

Nisha stared, “This is certainly a surprise. I never expected those fantasies to become real in any way. Still, this is a shock. How could you still love me if another lund has seeded me?”

Sushil held her close, “We have been together a long time. Do you think I would do this if there were any chance it would hurt our marriage? I know you have read and thought about the sex you didn’t have before we were married. The kind that younger people are having now. I want you to have that chance. It will be exciting for both of us. I will be very eager to take you afterwards. Please trust me.”

Nisha was thoughtful, “I do love and trust you, my husband. I must admit that my choot is getting wet at the thought. When do I meet him?”

Sushil texted and there was a knock on the door moments later. A trim older man with short salt and pepper hair and a matching beard was welcomed. He shook hands with Sushil and hugged Nisha. The third champagne flute, which Nisha hadn’t noticed, was filled and a toast to new adventures was made.

Tony addressed the lightly clad woman, “You are lovelier than your pictures. I am deeply honored that your husband has entrusted me with this role. I have never made love to a Desi woman so I am glad my first is so beautiful.”

Of course, compliments make any woman feel good towards their source and Sushil saw that some chemistry was forming. He finished his champagne and said, “It’s time for me to leave. I will be nearby and return when you want me to. Enjoy!”

Tony turned to Nisha and said, “I know this is very new and unexpected. I’ve had quite a bit of experience and will proceed at your pace. This is YOUR gift after all, and nothing will happen that you are not wanting or ready for.”

Then he asked, “Now you must unwrap your present?” He stood up and, with trembling fingers, the birthday girl undressed her new acquaintance. When his partially filled lund was uncovered she stopped, curious since it was only the second one she had ever seen, circumcised and a much lighter color than her husband’s as well. Tony smiled, “It likes to be touched!”

Nisha wrapped her hand around it. It was similar in size to the one she was accustomed to. She stroked it with her fingertips and it stood up straighter. She kissed the end and smiled up at Tony.

“Now I’d like to see what Sushil has been bragging about.” He undid her peignoir and dropped it to the floor. “Which of these nice nipples is more sensitive?”

Nisha was not expecting such a question but caught on and said, “I don’t know. I guess you will have to try both.” She shivered as his tongue and lips and beard tasted and tickled each breast several times.

They refilled their flutes with the last of the champagne and moved to the bed. As they lay side by side Tony gave her a deep tongue kiss. His beard felt different on her face than her smooth-cheeked husband. He placed her hand on his body and said to touch him all over. “I am like your husband in many ways and different in many ways. That is what making love to another man will show you. And you will not be quite the same person when you are next with Sushil. I have talked to him about that and he is at peace with it. You will be more erotic and stimulating to him and even to yourself. But I want to make sure you accept the change.”

Nisha was gripping his lund and said, “I have read and thought about this, but that does not fully prepare a person for what they have yet to experience. I trust my husband so I am ready.”

Nisha moved down to examine this pale skinned khada lund. It was about the size of her husband’s but shaped differently with a slight curve to the left. She licked the always exposed mushroom head and sucked the tag of skin under the head left from the circumcision. His pubes were not trimmed and his hanging tuttay (balls) were hairy. She cupped and gently fondled them as she took the head and shaft into her mouth and tasted them. She gave little sucks and tongue kisses to the slit where the whitish juice would erupt from.

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