Sensual Education

by Mystic47

Copyright© 2017 by Mystic47

Incest Sex Story: When his sister confesses she had never had an orgasm during sex the brother decides she needs lessons in intimacy.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Drunk/Drugged   Brother   Sister   Cream Pie   Oral Sex   .

Brother and sister were watching a late night movie on Crackle, a foreign movie, not rated but labeled for strong sexual content, one their parents would have disapproved of. Before the start of the movie the two had spent 15 minutes in the yard taking hits from his stash of pot, something she had tried only twice before but didn’t turn down his invitation to try again. The girl was enjoying the high, she felt uninhibited so as the TV flickered the siblings talked and commented about what they were watching. This was the first time they had ever been so familiar, so intimate in conversation with each other but mellow marijuana high diminished the awkwardness of talking frankly with her brother. The risque movie and the cozy atmosphere in the darkened room encouraged intimate conversation. The casual discourse turned to what she had done in private with her boyfriend, her first. The brother, seventeen months older than his sister was sharing his experiences with girls.

He told her of losing his virginity to a 20 year old college co-ed, that she had seduced him in her room then fucked him several times before discarding him for an older man. She was the older sister of his girlfriend and screwed him because she was angry with the younger girl; he was a revenge fuck. The brother smiled at the memory, “I didn’t care why she did it, it was awesome. After she stopped my girlfriend found out what she did and started with me to show her big sister she could get cock too. I always hoped they would get together and fuck me at the same time but I guess they never got to the point where they needed to show the other what they could do.”

She told him about her first time, that she was reluctant because she didn’t think he loved her, only wanted to fuck her. Eventually he wore her down, got her to bed. She described the sharp pain of losing her childhood, the angst after he came in her. She’d been seeing him for six months now. “That must mean he loves you” offered the brother.

“I don’t know, he always wants to have sex but he still won’t say he loves me.”

He paused before answering her, “Stop, don’t do it until he says it. If he loves you he will beg and plead, maybe even cry. He will do what he can to show it. If he doesn’t love you, he’ll drop you for a girl who will put out and doesn’t need an emotional commitment. Girls like that are easy to find.”

“Do you find them?” she asked.

“Yeah, I’ve found nine so far, I like to fuck but I’m not ready to tell a girl I love her. I think I’m pretty much a normal guy that way.” The couple on TV were making out, groping each other heatedly, this is what the brother and sister wanted to see. “What does he do with you? Does he suck your nipples, go down on you, stick his fingers in you and stuff like that?”

She glanced a the TV where the scene was of the man’s head between the woman’s thighs. After a few long seconds of silent watching she answered timidly “We don’t do anything like that. He gets hard then sticks it in and we screw until he gets off.”

“I bet he gets off every time, do you?”

She confessed, “Not with him, I have to wait until I get home then do it myself. Why, can a girl cum with a boy?”

The brother studied his sister intently, “You need to find somebody else to dick you, if he hasn’t given you an orgasm in six months you should go hunting for another hard-on.”

The girl turned red then returned her attention to the television where the woman was beginning to tell the world just how good the man’s tongue felt between her legs. Her stomach was fluttering as she panted her passion. The camera didn’t show him actually eating her, didn’t show what was happening between her legs, just the back of his head. But if he wasn’t really tonguing her cunt, she was a really good actor.

She came then he rolled to his back so she could start sucking his cock. Again the cameraman was too shy to get the full porno shot but the brother and sister could hear the woman sucking and slurping while the man laid back and looked at the top of her head. The sister glanced at her brother surreptitiously as glow of passion began to warm her loins.

She asked him tentatively “Do girls have orgasms when you fuck them?”

He looked at her “Most of the time I think. Maybe a girl will fake it but it’s kind of hard to tell.”

“Why would they fake one?”

“Donno, maybe because they already got off the first couple of times we did it and are tired and want to stop. Or because they don’t really enjoy the guy and want to hurry him up. You should ask some of your friends, the ones who screw already.”

She asked a question he didn’t answer, “The first couple of times? Can you do it more than once in a night?”

The couple on the TV were done with oral sex and were making love. The sex scene had been going on for several minutes and the girl’s heart was beginning to thump, pushing heated blood throughout her body. Her brother had long before gotten an erection, when the man stripped the clothes off the woman, before the games started.

She was glued to the TV when the woman called out the finale to the sex act. He was slamming her hard while she sang a wordless song of rapture. That had to be acting the girl thought, no woman could get so hot to have a climax that strong.

She told her brother, “That had to be fake, girls don’t get that hot.”

He turned to face her fully, “Sure they do. When I eat a pussy or stick them with my fingers most girls go wild. They start jerking and shaking and moaning until the feeling goes away then I try to make them get off again by screwing them. Your boyfriend really doesn’t do that for you?”

She hung her head and felt her face go red, “No, we just do it until he shoots then we are done.” She looked up and tried to validate him, “But we make out and feel each other up a lot.”

“He never went down on you, he never played in you with his fingers? Do you two at least do it in different positions? How does he do it in front, from behind spoon style, do you sit and ride him? Did you ever give him a bj?”


“Blow job, suck his cock, swallow his load?”

The younger sister stared wide-eyed at her brother then shook her head slowly and softly admitted “We only have sex.”

He grabbed up the remote and lowered the volume on the set to background noise. He stood in front of her, his erection was obvious as a long bulge in his pants “Stand up.”

She looked at the tent then up to his face “Why?”

“Stand up” he insisted.

Hesitatingly she pushed off the cushion until they were face to face. He dropped to his knees, reached under her skirt then pulled her panties off her hips and down her legs. She started to protest, she tried to back away but fell to her butt on the sofa again. He took the opportunity to pull her underwear over her shoes then tossed them aside. He straightened up to sit on his heels then with hands on her shoulders pushed her back until she was lying across the cushion with her feet on the floor. Her brother spread her knees with his hands then ducked his head under her skirt.

She slapped at him through the material but he wasn’t deterred by her resistance. He was running strong on hormones and she needed lessons in good sex and the moment was right, the time was nigh. His sister was going to learn a few things in the next hour or so.

The musky scent between her legs turned his cock to granite, his mouth watered then he put his cheeks against her warm thighs and licked the crevice between them. She jerked back attempting once more to escape his advances but when he licked her the second time the lust she had been storing away since she started fucking her boyfriend cascaded in one titanic flood directly to her womb. She was still pleasantly high so what her brother was doing caused every nerve in her cunt to hum with erotic vibrations. She gasped a deep breath then held it in while her brother licked and sucked the warming lips of her cunt.

She pulled her skirt up and widened the gap between her legs then watched him perform. He licked, suckled, kissed and teased her body then when she thought her heart would rupture, he moved his attention to the top of her crack; her clit became the focus of his attention. It took only a few moments of his tongue tip on her button to burst the dam of pent up passion. Her chest began to heave for air while every muscle in her body went stiff. She cried out her long overdue climax in a series of yelps while crushing her brothers face against her crotch with her hands on his head.

She was completely limp, lying on the sofa when he stood. He pulled her up to reposition her then opened her blouse and took her shoes off. She had no desire to fight him off but was too watery to help so she watched with interest while he finished stripping her of clothes then began on his own. In moments the brother and sister were both naked; he was obviously aroused and she was primed.

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