Prize Bitch

by Lady Jade

Copyright© 2017 by Lady Jade

Erotica Sex Story: An attractive girl is exposed to dog porn which turns her on. Then encountering a handsome hound on the park trail she sets something in motion which will change things completely for her.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Coercion   Aunt   Bestiality   .

Chapter 1

Hello!; I’m Elaine Richmond, Our house stands in a select part of town where my father runs his consultancy practice. Mother runs a department at the university which I’m due to attend before long.

I’ve had the same boyfriend since I was fourteen; Gerald Fairweather. He’s a bit boring really. His parents have always known mine and plan for us to marry after we graduate. But that’s a long way off and I want to enjoy everything going before I get tied down with little ‘ole Gerald.

Don’t get me wrong; he treats me in a respectable fashion; avoiding any penetration other than a French kiss. Gerald is gentlemanly; but I do get sexually frustrated. After all I am seventeen and I’m been told I’m pretty cute by more than a couple of college guys.

One of them is Steve Crudmore who is really common according to my friend Jennifer.

Steve delights in showing me obscene stuff on his cell-screen at college.

I’m usually disgusted which delights him but sometimes I get turned on by certain things which makes me feel like a slut. That’s what Steve Crudmore is aiming for; because he knows full well I don’t fancy him.

But I know he would fuck me given half a chance; and then it would be out all over campus. What I expect in a lover besides passion is trust and discretion.

One day Steve cornered me; wanting me to see another of his porno vids but I refused to look at it. But he grabbed my wrist and twisted my arm up my back and it was really painful. He put the screen up to my face and made me agree to watch it.

Then he showed me this clip of a dog fucking a girl and I felt my pulse pounding and my throat dried. The girl actually looked a bit like me!

It really shocked me ... It’s cock was huge and the girl was moaning and climaxing on it!

My face coloured up; yet I watched it through with Steve leering at me the whole time.

As I escaped him, I called him “ A fricking little pervert!” but but even so, I’d creamed my knickers over that video.

I felt a complete slut to be honest;

Because the video had dug up something I’d thought I’d forgotten.

Something from my childhood; when I’d stayed with my Auntie Doris.

Something sordid she’d trained her doggy to do at bedtimes; and encouraged me to share in.

Now it kept breaking into my thoughts; and I realised what a wicked auntie she was.

During college spring break I discovered a bus that went out to the big country park, so I announced I was taking up jogging at the park as a pastime; much to my parent’s approval.

It’s odd but stepping from that bus at the country-park and setting-off, I began feeling invisible amongst the sun dappled trees and the uplifting birdsong. My mind contemplated; I am an anonymous jogger; isolated from life’s normalities by the steady rhythm; a spiritual cleansing from the clutter of life.

It was after having jogged for a few miles that I approached a man sitting by the trail on a bench; his tall silky-grey dog alongside.

It seemed like an alpha dog, in his prime that stood proudly watching me as I jogged towards him and it struck me then how handsome and sexy he looked.

Sexy, because as my gaze zoomed in I saw he was packing a deliciously prominent cock between his hindquarters; the sight of which triggered within me a sexual desire.

It was the kind of cock I’d fantasied over when frigging myself in bed; a big meaty lubricated cock and as I jogged closer my snatch was juicing-up at a wild notion that had sprung into my head.

Upon reaching the pair I paused and casually fondled the hound saying breathlessly to the man on the bench, “He’s such a proud looking dog sir!”

He grinned saying, “Yea, when Captain scents a young female it gets him fisky; but he’s a rare breed, a Belgian Blauhound and loves to be fussed over, especially his tummy.”

“Oh hello! your such a handsomeCaptain! I chuckled.

The dog owner was friendly and made it easy for me stop and be friendly too. So resting on the bench, I fondled the dog further, my fingers reaching deeper into his warm silky grey flanks; I looked into the dog’s eyes as my hands began trembling at being so close to that hot silky pouch that concealed his cock. “That’s the idea, Captain likes that.” said the man softly. “ Perhaps you could meet us at the café later; give him another cuddle before you leave?”

Suddenly I felt the gaze between the dog and I become sensuous, sexually meaningful; almost an offer of sex, triggering a female’s response to a potential mate and my cunt convulsed.

It was just a few moments I’d shared with that man’s dog before I was jogging off along the trail, yet I had agreed to join the pair of them at the park centre café...

Arriving at the café after my run I saw the man was good to his word! They were sat outside at a picnic table! We greeted each other warmly; I introduced myself, “Thanks for meeting me, my name’s Elaine.”

“Hi Elaine, I’m Joey and my dog here is Captain, although it’s Cap for short!” he laughed.

Then he offered to get milk shakes if I minded Captain for a while.

I felt excited at this opportunity. Left alone with Cap, I was free to caress him more intimately. My hands roamed, his silky grey coat ran through my fingers; down and underneath his chest and slowly towards his hot loins and the silken sheath that guarded his hot cock. I gingerly felt for it; urging it to stir. Then the red shiny beast began to emerge from its sheath. My hand recoiled in fear but my snatch fizzed. This was dynamite! We had to cool it!

A moment later Joey was back with our milk-shakes and we got chatting. “ So what dose a girl like you study at college these day’s Elaine?” he asked. I explained I was studying to be a biologist.

“Hey, that’s about sex and stuff right?”

“Well some of it is. How about you Joey, what do you get involved in?”

“Oh I’m interested in dog breeding actually.”

“Oh that’s really interesting Joey; has Captain sired any offspring yet?

“No; he hasn’t begun any stud work yet Elaine but he’s sure getting eager for it.”

“Well, if Cap sneaked into my bedroom he wouldn’t be unwelcome.” I teased.

“Oh Cap would just love that!” Joey blurted, “ Just kidding Elaine.”

“Well he certainly seems to have the confirmation for it?” I said smiling ruefully.

“How do you mean?” Joey asked with a glint in his eye.

I glanced coyly at Cap’s sheath with a grin, “Well If I was a bitch, I’d love to be his first mate.” I’d laid my cards on the table and waited for Joey’s response.

There was a pause while he took in what I had suggested.

“Well, as Cap’s master I’m able to arrange that for you.” Joey jested.

I threw my head back and chuckled, “Oh, your great fun Joey! But look, I’ve only started jogging recently but I do hope I see you here again; what do you say?”

Joey responded eagerly, “Me and Cap get over here several times a week Elaine; we finish up here much the same time. It’ll be fun to meet again.”

I knelt alongside Captain and fussed him some; slowly running my fingers all over his underbelly. Then looking at Joey, my hands roamed onto Caps sheath, softly plying his cock for a moment; my snatch clenching.

Joey’s fascinated gaze met mine and he nodded slowly; we had an understanding.

Rising, I waved goodbye; my snatch was smouldering.

The following nights as I lay in bed with my vibrator, I realised what I wanted to do with that animal was strictly taboo.

I considered myself a well-bred girl; so very nearly a respectable young woman; yet I realise now I would soon be the worst sort of bitch.

I fantasied with taking Cap twice daily; mornings before I got dressed and evenings before I took a shower. I’d spend daytimes thinking about my evening fuck, and my nights dreaming about my morning fuck. And Captain would deliver at full throttle.

It was more than a week before I could get out to the Park again and had no idea if Joey would be there but even so I was excited at the prospect and brazenly wore a short skirt. Then upon seeing them waiting at the café I was thrilled and Joey greeted me warmly.

“Hey, Elaine, good to see you! ... especially in that short skirt.” he chuckled “Glad you approve; hope Captain dose too!” I giggled

I sat on the bench near him, knowing my thighs were on view up to my crutch-line. Captain’s head came onto my lap and my snatch fizzed. “Hi Captain! Good to see you too! Ahaa ... your nose is cold!” I cooed.

“Yea; Cap knows where to find your hot spot for sure Elaine!”

I giggled self-consciously; Then I mentioned my biology studies; and how Captain could be a special opportunity for me to do some genuine field work.

Joey encouraged me to elaborate.

I said that as Joey was going into dog breeding it could go glove in hand with my work. It would be invaluable experience if I could witness part of that dog breeding process.

Un-fazed, Joey asked me casually how we could go about it.

I avoided Joey’s gaze while I stroked Caps head; which was now almost under my skirt. I could feel his breath right on my snatch. I realised I was about to suggested something taboo. “Joey ... It would really advance my study if I could see Cap get sexually aroused.”

Joey looked at me with Caps snout under my skirt and smiled saying, “Well now Elaine, I can see Cap has taken a shine to you; and he’s a little bit aroused already; so you’ve actually got things started with him. Yep, I reckon it will work out just fine for you both!”

“Why that’s just wonderful!”

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