A Wife for Seven Brothers

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2017 by Tony Tiger

Sex Story: On the western frontier in the 19th century ya make do with what ya got

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Romantic   Fiction   Western   Incest   Polygamy/Polyamory   Prostitution   .

Flossie was the only one to get off the train at the rail-side platform that was marked only by a number. There hadn’t been any sign of human existence for many, many miles. She’d hoped, staring out the coach window as the scruffy land rolled by, that she’d made a good decision.

Her last big one hadn’t been great but it kept her alive. A widow at twenty-five, her gold-hunting husband off searching for his fortune for two years before falling in a mineshaft, her income had stopped suddenly. No life insurance or welfare in those days. She had few skills but a decent body so she was hired as a saloon girl in the next town. She got housed and fed and had more sex than she really wanted, but at her age that was a bit better than the two celibate years anyway.

Her husband had been a horny one but no belly swelling had occurred. The lack of fertility was a benefit in her new occupation. But she tired of the smelly and callous cowboys who came in off the range and didn’t bother to bathe. When she saw the flyer from the territorial agency that was seeking women to become farm and ranch wives for single settlers, it seemed to like an opportunity. She corresponded with an Adam Wagonleft who had a spread out in southern Wyoming.

He seemed nice enough and could write a letter pretty good. No photographs in those days. The agency had a train ticket waiting at the station. It was a two-day journey in the cheap seats so she was glad to arrive. There was a big rugged and bearded man waiting with a one-horse farm wagon. He took off his hat and said, “You must be Miss Flossie. I’m Adam, your future husband.” She nodded and held out her hand. He shook it then picked up her big trunk with one hand and put it in the wagon. “Damn,” she thought, “It took two porters to get it on the train.”

He wasn’t much of a conversationalist as they drove for four hours over a trail she couldn’t even see. Finally, not long before sunset, they approached a log cabin in a beautiful valley. There was a rough barn and a cow with a calf grazing nearby. When they got close there was whooping and hollering as six more guys came tumbling out of the cabin.

“Them’re my younger brothers,” was all Adam said. THAT had not been mentioned in the correspondence. As they circled the wagon he made a brief introduction. “This here’s Miss Flossie.” He pointed to the brothers one by one. “Billy is the oldest next to me, Charley, David, Ezra, Frank, George the youngest.” She had a bit of learning and noticed that their names were in alphabetical order. Their mother must have been somewhat literate or had a sense of humor, she observed.

Dinner was of local fare, of course, and reasonably good. David, the most social, explained that they grew their vegetables and hunted their meat. Fish from a stream in the hills was an occasional treat. They had chickens and milk. He did much of the cooking so would help her out.

She was very tired from the trip and told Adam so. “Where will I sleep?” He pointed to the double bed in the corner of the one room cabin. “It were our Maw and Paw’s. You and me will sleep there.”

She motioned for him to come outside with her. She knew she had to exert some control over this situation from the git-go. “I’ll share that bed with you but I ain’t taking no clothes off until we are hitched. I told you in the letter I’m a widow, but I ain’t no whore.” She thought to herself, “At least no more.”

So that’s how it was until two of the boys could fetch the preacher from the town that was a hard day’s ride away. They brung him back and he had dinner and did the ceremony and they brought out a jug of their best moonshine. That was one of their cash crops and they saved the best stuff for themselves. This jug had aged a whole month. Adam rigged up a blanket as a curtain around the bed and took his bride behind it after they all, bride included, had enjoyed at least a few sips.

When Flossie squealed all the others laughed and clapped. They didn’t know it wasn’t an orgasm but her discovery that her new husband had equipment proportional to his body size. It was one of, if not the, biggest she’d encountered, and that was saying quite a bit. She squealed twice more before he roared a huge load of seed deep inside her.

Later that night several of the brothers told the newlyweds they’d have to quit or go out to the barn because of the constant sex noises. The brothers and the preacher found it difficult to sleep with their own unrequited woodies. The cabin quieted down. When the boys went out to piss and do chores the newlyweds took their own pisses and jumped on each other again.

It had been many more days than usual since Flossie had a dick in her so she was really ready to fuck and she knew she’d done good. He was pretty considerate and even responded to her subtle or overt hints for doing things better. She asked him if he done it before and it was only with whores. She praised his performance and that made him feel so good he’d do anything for her. It looked like they could learn to love each other too.

The preacher was given a jug of the good stuff as payment and he gave them a piece of paper to take to the county seat whenever they could to get the marriage recorded.

A couple of weeks went by and Flossie was settling in to her new life. They had a special place in the hayloft that was good for screwing and it was visited twice a day. One time, after Adam had dumped his usual big load deep inside his bride and made her squeal, he looked thoughtful. Flossie was starting to read the thoughts of this somewhat uncommunicative, but goodhearted man. “What’s bothering you, my husband?”

He was hesitant, “There’s a problem with my brothers.”

Flossie knew she’d have to pull the details out of him. “What’s the problem?

“You’re the problem.”

Flossie was startled, “What do you mean. I get along with them boys just fine!”

“No, you BEING here is the problem. There ain’t no other wimmin around and we cain’t afford so many whores. Being boys, they want to do to you whut we just got done doin.”

Flossie understood completely. Of course! As she stroked her new husband’s pecker back to firmness she asked, “Well I should have thought of that. You know I’m no virgin and I do like being here with you and your brothers. Since it’s for the family good, how would you feel about sharing me with them? I think I could do that for you and the boys.”

Boy, was she a good actress. She’d often fucked more than that number of men on a Saturday night at the saloon. These men were nice and she’d seen enough of their parts at the swimming hole where they bathed to know that good peckers ran in the family. This would be win-win!

Adam pondered that as his pecker was engulfed by an expert mouth. Before he blew she got on it like a cowgirl and pulled his hands to her full breasts. She said as she posted on her “horse”, “This thing don’t wear out you know. You’ve been trying to be real good to me. The way I see it working is you would have me anytime you wanted whilst they would have to take turns. Of course I would enjoy it but not as much as with my husband. I’d always want you to be the last to claim me before we slept.”

He yelled, “OK!” as his nuts clenched and his big pecker spurted.

Flossie set up the rules for her twitchet. Each brother would get her one day a week in the morning so’s Adam would have her more like he was used to at night although he could dip his dick before them if’n he had a mind to. They would be in alphabetical order with Billy on Monday and so on. Sunday would be only Adam. Now some of the boys would be up at the still for a few days running or working for cash money at other places so if they missed a turn then she’d work them into the schedule as best she could. A VERY important thing was they had to be bathed and shaved when it was their turn!

That place in the barn got fixed up with a blanket so there would be some privacy and comfort. The spouses fucked more quietly in their bed too. At the end of the first week Flossie asked Adam what he thought of the new arrangement. He said the brothers were real happy but they wished there weren’t so many of them because they wanted turns more often. He said she was right, that their own screwing was every bit as good as ever. How did she feel?

She said she was having a good time. The brothers were respectful and appreciative and that was very important. She thought to herself that having a bunch of clean and eager and obedient young men with hard peckers was every woman’s dream. The variety of man meat felt so good between her legs and they made such a fuss over her tits she felt like a goddess. She knew they wouldn’t talk about any of the details among themselves, and especially to her husband. It was important to downplay how damn much fun this was.

She claimed they didn’t give her the pleasure that he did and she would try to train them so that they would be good husbands whenever that happened for them. He hadn’t thought of that and realized what a wise woman he had married. She also made him realize that twitchet (a name for pussy in that era) power was very strong and the brothers would do whatever she asked of them. He realized that she’d done that to him to get to fuck his brothers, but what’s done is done.

Winter out there was pretty brutal and the barn was NOT a place to get laid in that season so new arrangements had to be made. It was difficult for Flossie to be real quiet when her husband, or anyone else for that matter, was vigorously cleaving. She suggested that she do two a day with Sunday still his alone. That way they wouldn’t get so horny in between turns and it would be easier to hear her with whoever were getting in her that day. A big cheer went up when this was announced.

Flossie had always had a sensitive pussy. A reasonable number of strokes and a good shot of man cream usually got her off. At the saloon she usually ran out of real orgasms about the third customer and could then fake it quite well. With this number of men who she actually cared for, no problem having all she wanted.

With some logic, together with the aforementioned “pussy power”, she worked out a long-term solution. She’d discovered that Adam could neither read nor write. The preacher knew of the agency Flossie had used and had handled the pre-marital correspondence. He had been a key player in getting her to this new life and she vowed to offer the nice older man a thank-you gift he’d never forget when the opportunity presented itself.

Back to her plan. She asked Adam what had been the original problem with them screwing in the cabin. He remembered it was the envy it had created. That was better now but they still were only getting relief twice a week. Young men need it more often. What if they was getting her every other day?

Adam thought for a long minute, “Wouldn’t that wear you out and make you no good for me?”

Flossie was quite ready for that question, “Them saloon whores was doing more than that and they felt good to you didn’t they?”

“Well, yes but not as good as you.”

Flossie drove the nail home, “I’m no whore and I’m bettern any you’ve ever had. I can do it for the family good. I would stop if there is a problem.” [The reader knows that there was a lot between the lines here. Flossie was much smarter than her husband and could use words better to be truthful without saying everything]

Adam was horny with this talk about sex so he pulled up her dress and began pawing her hairy lips. She smiled at her success.

There were some really smiling brothers now. She’d do three each day when the others were out doing morning chores. All that cream had usually drained out or been absorbed by the time Adam wanted his. There were a few times when they were snowed in that he had to listen to three sets of bed squeakings behind the curtain and he just couldn’t wait until nightfall so she happily accommodated him right then when they finished. That did feel like her whoring days. He noticed her twitchet felt different but still damned good.

The family prospered with Flossie’s guidance and a request was made for a second wife through the agency. The young orphan girl who arrived was barely sixteen although not a virgin. She’d been used by the family that took her in as a domestic slave by the wife and a sex toy by their son.

Mildred was wed to Billy and became pregnant quickly. Although it was never discussed, when the minister visited to perform the ceremony Flossie gave him a big dose of hospitality in the barn. Even though he was unmarried, she could tell he knew his way around a female’s parts.

The new wife was eager to help with the other brothers once she’d experienced good sex. With Flossie’s guidance, she improved their twitchet ration and was very happy with married life. Adam now had an outlet when Flossie was in her monthly.

Flossie loved having female company and help with all of the domestic areas. They planned special celebrations for birthdays which you and I might call “orgies”. They called it “family fun”. What the hell else can you do out in the middle of nowhere?

She called a family meeting one day after Mildred gave birth. “Are any of you boys interested in having your own wife?” Five hands went up. “If you build another cabin I think I can get some more women out here and get a deal on them agency fees.” The plans and work started immediately. It was decided that this new one would be primarily for separate sleeping areas while the original cabin right next door would be used for cooking and dining and other such group functions.

Flossie wrote a letter to the girls at the saloon where she used to work. There were still three there that she knew and they were glad to hear from her and how well she had done.

One of the girls, Rachel, had been her best friend and she could be trusted. One of the three Flossie knew, was married. She hadn’t seen her husband for a while, but it was still legal, so she wouldn’t leave. There were two new girls that were younger but they were whoring out of necessity like Flossie had done. They were ready for a different life. Rachel later told Flossie that the saloonkeeper was madder than hell at her for stealing his best moneymakers.

The agency put four newly reformed whores on a train and this time the ranch wagon was quite full of females and luggage. There weren’t enough horses so they’d drawn lots to see who accompanied Adam to the station. Flossie couldn’t even go. One of the gals rode behind Frank on the horse. As it walked along her big tits kept pushing on his back and he soon had an extra saddle horn he hoped she’d grab. No such luck. They were trying to act like virtuous ladies for a change.

The men were under strict instruction that there was no screwing of the current wives except discreetly in the barn. They had to mind all the manners Flossie had painfully taught them under threat of no sex. There was going to be a whole week of getting acquainted and sorting out who belonged with whom before the preacher, anxious for another thank-you from Flossie, arrived to make them legal.

None of the women had ever had “legal” sex and wondered if they’d like it. Miss Flossie and Mildred seemed to, but they didn’t know the whole story yet. And the brothers would never know the backgrounds of their new spouses except noticing they were good in bed like Miss Flossie.

Here is how things worked out...

Adam & Flossie – married.

Billy & Mildred – married, with child.

Charley & Sarah – tall, slim, red haired, early teens.

David & Rachel – late twenties & older than David. Plump pretty blond.

Ezra - decided he wasn’t ready. Plus he hoped he’d get some of each wife.

Frank & Virginia – big-titted brunette who had ridden from the train with him. In her mid-twenties.

George – Sarah’s one-year older sister Carol. Also a redhead but shorter and curvier.

After the group ceremony the food and moonshine were brought on. To frequent hoots and hollers, the newlyweds kept disappearing into the barn or the bunkhouse, as they called the sleeping cabin. Everyone was smiling.

Flossie took Adam to their bed and the shine plus the thorough screwing he got put him into a deep sleep. The reverend was waiting to go to the barn and get the next installment of his heaven-on-earth reward. When they emerged a while later Mildred had figured out what was going on and she hated to be left out. The man of God responded quickly to the new gates to heaven that opened before him and made a triumphant entrance. He always left a copious love offering.

Later that night when he was settled in the barn, Rachel wanted to offer her thank you as well since she’d worn her new spouse out. The holy man’s recovered staff of life didn’t mind one bit that the prettiest of the wives was very well lubricated as it explored the pleasures of her body. The astute man of the cloth realized that these women were a long way from virgin brides so he frequently uttered “Oh my God” and other spiritual phrases to bless the extramarital unions.

The brides were knowledgeable in the ways to prevent belly swelling so they could settle in to developing a relationship with their new family without adding to it. Mildred had been instructed by Flossie, of course, before she resumed servicing the single brothers after childbirth.

The two established wives were taking care of Ezra while the newlyweds got their fill of each other. No one minded the noises in the bunkhouse anymore and the barn sometimes held two screwing couples side by side. Chores had been parceled out among the new arrivals with a much larger garden put in. Lots of venison and rabbit was being dried for the winter. Many hands made for light work so there was time for some afternoon screwing once in a while.

A month after the weddings Flossie and Mildred put together a picnic lunch including a small jug of shine, grabbed some blankets, and took all the wives to the beaver pond. They bathed and enjoyed the sunshine. After lunch, Flossie got their attention and spoke to all of them.

“You know that I was the first wife and Mildred was the second among these seven men. A problem developed with Adam getting sex when none of the others were. I worked it out so Adam would share me with the other brothers and Mildred did the same when she arrived. We know all of your husbands quite intimately. Adam and Billy have seen all of you laying with your husbands and have asked if they might be with you like their wives were with your husbands. I know what you were doing before you came here so I would be surprised if any of you wouldn’t enjoy the variety. But it is your choice. Any objections?”

The acceptance of this new arrangement was unanimous. Flossie did warn them to keep the distribution of their favors roughly even so that no jealousy or other personal issues arose. She suggested that tonight they rotate to the next brother alphabetically. Two of them needed help figuring out who that would be. School had eluded them.

She would take care of Frank, in addition to George, since Ezra didn’t have a wife to share. They’d just double up like at the special parties in the past. Those could recommence too. Yippee!

Over time the wives, except for Flossie and Sarah, were quickened with at least one child due to the primitive birth control, and the motivation to use it being much less than when they were whores. Sarah received plenty of seed but none of them took root. None of the incipient mothers could tell you a specific father but it was all in the family so no one mentioned it. Sarah discontinued her preventative efforts and still did not conceive.

During the long winter months Flossie taught the other wives to read and write. The preacher had brought a McGuffy’s Reader, some writing paper, and a journal tablet. The men learned their own lessons in the woods and prairie and didn’t think much of the book stuff. In addition to the daily lessons, the senior wife began a journal of her life from her first marriage on. It was honest and complete as she best remembered it.

A small miracle occurred. Sarah was pregnant, to her surprise and delight. She brought forth a boy who, as he developed, didn’t resemble the others too much. Flossie, knowing more biology and arithmetic than any of the others, realized that nine months earlier had been one of the preacher’s visits and Sarah had been the first to receive his substantial love offering. She would watch how the child developed. This was not a bad thing since the preacher was a hellava lot smarter than Charley, Sarah’s husband, and most if not all of the other husbands as well.

The matriarch got the men busy building an addition to the bunkhouse and increasing the size of the garden. This family kept growing.

When Virginia learned to write one of the first things she did was send a letter to her mother telling her what had become of her daughter. Several months later she received a reply. That was pretty fast in those days considering the mail system where she lived. Her mother asked if her younger sister could come stay with them as she herself was very ill and couldn’t care for her. Virginia took the train home but her mother had died in the meantime. She and Mary, her sister, sold all the family belongings which gave them the money to return to Montana.

During the long trip the sisters got reacquainted. Mary was quite shy but curvy like her sister. She’d not been with a man because of her watchful and protective mother. Virginia knew there were going to be some issues to address. During the long train ride they had plenty of time to talk.

Virginia described their home and large family. She told how they were all pretty close but couldn’t figure out how to tell her just HOW close. Mary’s innocence was a problem. Mary had heard a little bit about sex and was very curious. That was a good sign so Virginia kept that topic alive by explaining how it was a very good and fun way to express love. What questions did she have? They were pretty basic and easily answered.

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