Springtime on the Farm

by Mystic47

Copyright© 2017 by Mystic47

True Sex Story: We lived on a farm, isolated from friends most of the time so my sister and I learned the facts with each other.

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   True Story   Incest   Brother   Sister   First   .

It’s been 29 years since this happened but I remember it as if it was yesterday. I changed her name but the incidents are true.

I knew what the ‘bird’ was, we used it at school to taunt and tease our friends, a greeting. We knew it had a sexual connotation but that wasn’t why we flipped each other off. I could stiff finger my friends and they would laugh and reply in kind, it was part of how we communicated. Once in a while though I would give my younger sister the finger because she irritated me, pissed me off and I wanted to show her how I felt. Sometimes she would return then gesture then stomp off in a huff cursing fifteen years of life with an older brother.

One evening I was sitting in front of the TV when my sister Celeste wandered into the room then stopped in front of me looking at the TV, “Hey, move,” I snarled, “your ugly butt is in the way.”

She turned her head slightly then lifted her left hand and insolently flipped me off. I wasn’t feeling all that friendly so I asked her “Do you even know what that means brat?”

As she turned slowly to face me her frown turned to a mischievous grin “Fuck you.”

“Yeah,” I challenged, “well why don’t you? Let’s go upstairs and do it.” She knew what I was talking about, we lived on a big Eastern Washington farm and we’d been watching bulls and cows and other animals mating since we could remember. I hadn’t begun to date and she was younger than me so neither of us had experienced intimate contact with someone of the opposite sex but I had a full flood of testosterone flowing in my veins and I knew my younger sister was feeling the effects of puberty too. In the last couple of years her sharp unisex lines had softened, her chest and butt were radically reshaping, she was being reformed by sensual curves and mounds and my testosterone soaked balls were noticing.

Celeste looked me directly in the eyes for two heart beats, offered “Maybe” then left the room. As I watched her denim wrapped ass my heart picked up its pace and I flushed hot; my cock announced its interest and began to hurt from swelling so fast.

The next day at school I was waiting for the bus home when Celeste came from class. She saw me across the school grounds and started my direction. On an impulse I showed her the finger, just a quick flip, one that she saw, nobody else noticed. I saw her eyes flicker left and right then she extended her middle finger across the back of the book she was carrying, again the signal was unseen by others. I had thrown a pass, she caught it then sent it back. My prick reacted, gaining weight as I boarded the bus. She climbed on board and ignored me as she sat with a friend.

Nothing was said, neither of us made any overt gestures or advances toward the other but the foundation of our sibling relationship was subtly changing. We both felt it, we both sensed it, we both tried to ignore it; up to a point. The hormonal upheaval raging in our bodies needed an outlet and since we lived almost isolated on the farm we had a lot of time alone together so we targeted each other. Our time in school was six hours a day five days a week so the rest of the time it was Celeste and me. Our parents didn’t count, they had each other. Only on weekends did we get away to be with friends.

In the days and weeks that followed our little school yard tease Celeste and I tossed middle finger signals at each other more often only the significance of the gestures was changing, there was no rancor. I flipped her off challenging her to intimacy, she responded with her own sign hinting at possibilities. Gradually I got bold enough to rub my middle finger over the bulge in my pants and she would flutter her eyelids coyly as she looked at my crotch then gingerly touch her midriff with her thumb and finger formed as a circle. Sometimes she initiated the intimate proposals, twice she reached out when she was near and stroked my middle finger with the tip of hers which cause my cock to solidify in seconds. She would lock her hazel eyes on mine while caressing my finger then look at the result of her little sport in my lap and pucker her lips in a soft soundless kiss. It was all silent communication, inviting the other to play the game. And it was a game, we were using each other to learn how to flirt, how to tease and arouse someone of the opposite gender. Every once in a while I would ask her outright if she was ready to go upstairs. Her only answer was a small whimsical smile and “Maybe.”

Shortly after she turned sixteen, on a Tuesday morning during spring break, my sister and I helped herd some cows into a large pasture to pair up with the resident bull. It only took him a few whiffs of the cows to get his interest. Our dad left for other business but wanted a report on if the bull was doing his job so we stayed and watched him mount two young heifers in the next hour. We talked openly about what we saw, she wondered how something that big could fit inside the cow, I questioned how often he could fuck before he wore out his balls. I noticed my sister shudder as we watched one cow walk away from the bull with long gooey strings of semen dripping from her. We didn’t talk about people screwing but it was on my mind and I think Celeste was running pictures in her head too.

For the rest of the day my sister and I worked the farm. We laughed, teased and romped as we did our chores. It was springtime and we were as fresh and playful as the season, we spent a lot of time surreptitiously practicing our flirting skills. She displayed delightfully for me while I pranced and preened for her.

As we left the dinner table I gave my sister the sign, she didn’t return it so I thought she had missed it. Minutes later she found me on the porch “You want to go to the barn?”

“Only if you let me this time.”

She blushed lightly and gave the answer I expected “Maybe.”

She had changed before dinner so I watched the hem her loose skirt swish across the back of her knees as she led the way to the barn, the shape and curve of her calves and ankles fascinated me. My cock was doing its normal thing, getting frustrated as it grew. I switched on the single light that lit the lower stalls but she went to the ladder that ascended to the loft where the hay and feed was stored. As Celeste started up the ladder I stood at the bottom and watched.

She was not wearing underwear.

I caught sight of her butt and shadowy hints of her crack and my cock howled in pain as it instantly jammed against the zipper of my jeans. I scrambled up the ladder and when I got to the loft she had found some feed bags to sit on. She crooked her finger at me then laid back “Let’s try it” she whispered. Her eyes were glittering with permission in the dim light as she pulled her skirt high enough to reveal the junction of her legs. I started shaking so hard I was having a hard time pulling my pants open.

I dropped my pants to my ankles and stepped between her legs which she had opened wide enough to let me close. Her sex was covered with a light mat of soft brown curls but I could see the crack of her body, it looked soft; puffy. She propped herself back on her elbows and watched as I touched the end of my oaken hard-on to her pubic hair, just that brush against her body almost caused me to erupt. I heard myself grunt as the contact shot a sharp thrill directly to my balls. She giggled.

“We have to be quiet” I cautioned her.

“Okay” she whispered, her eyes brimming with amusement. My erection had grown thicker and harder than I ever remember it being, throbbing and twitching with anticipation. I gently pushed to her again and bending it down a little I pressed my cock between her legs.

“Ahh...” Celeste gulped then caught her breath “That tickles!” She scissored her legs against mine with an involuntary reflex while she moved a hand to cover her crotch. Her fingers brushed against my distended cock which sent shivers of pleasure shooting through me.

She reached for my right hand, pulled the middle finger straight then pressed it between her legs guiding my finger down her crack then back up. She moved her hand but I continued to rub the soft moist flesh. Her head fell back until she was looking up into the dark over us as her hips shivered.

I rubbed her body maybe eight or ten times then pulled my hand away and forced her thighs further apart with my knees. I tried again, only that time I held my erection and rubbed the slick head of it down the length of her pussy. As I pressed against her slit spreading the lips, she uttered sharply “Oh, uhhnn... “.

“Shhh --” I schussed her.

I leaned over my sister and heard her inhale quickly as my lower body pressed against her. She squirmed and spread her thighs even more adjusting herself to accommodate me. I twitched my hips back and forth rubbing against the crevice between her legs. Surges of pleasure raced through me like electrical currents causing my body to jump and vibrate with minor shocks. Driven by some timeless feral instinct I moved slowly, easing myself into the outer folds of her slit. I heard a soft sip of air again and felt heat radiating from her like a velvet flame warming my shaft. Her hands came up to hold my sides in a hesitant embrace as I began a natural motion of moving up and down, sliding my throbbing muscle along the wet swollen lips of her vagina.

At first she was still, raising her knees a bit and squeezing her legs against me and though I had not penetrated her the slippery slick sensations combined with the warmth of her body were indescribable. After a few moments she began to rock her hips, synchronizing her movements to mine, our pelvises grinding in our first natural dance.

I was in a state of euphoria where all my senses were sharply honed making me acutely aware of Celeste’s touch and the various sounds and scents emanating from her. I could feel her hot breath against my neck as she rasped in sync to the unpracticed thrusts of my cock as it caressed the tender folds of her body. I heard her soft mewling over the muffled rubbing of our stomachs, the sounds resonated with the sexual hum thrumming deep in my loins. Her hair smelled faintly of lilacs, I could feel her fingers digging into my sides as she reacted to the new sensations stirring in her.

I asked her “Do you like it; how does it feel?”

“Mmmyeah ... yes...” she panted in time to my thrusts “it feels ... nnunhh ... ohhh! ... keep going...”

I was pleasantly surprised by her growing excitement. In my ignorance I thought only boys would enjoy sex and girls participated in the process only to fulfill some vague indefinable duty to nature. The growing awareness of my sister’s obvious pleasure as my cock slid on the lips of her sex was a new revelation adding even more excitement to what we were doing. Celeste liked it and that made me even hotter, her moans and gasps added to the intensity of our first sexual contact.

The total sensory overload was all too much for me and I soon felt my climax building. My sister’s breathing in my ear, the indescribable feeling of her body against my erection set me off. I orgasmed between her legs with frantic thrusts of my ass, my stomach slapping against hers. I groaned as I squirted into her pubic hair, between her thighs and over the lips of her smoldering pussy coating her with a river of cum. Caught up in the feeling of my climax I was barely aware of her bucking against the pressure of my cock. Her stomach stiffened and her thighs squeezed tightly against me while she made unrecognizable noises and after a few seconds I felt her quiver one last time then sag back on the bags of feed.

I lifted off her and pulled my pants up then tucked my prick back in. Celeste watched me guardedly as I straightened my shirt then held a hand up to me. I took it and pulled her up, her skirt slid down her legs covering her cum smeared thighs. She shyly avoided eye contact as she put a hand under her skirt then pulled it back with globs of semen on her finger tips. She looked at the mess and said “That felt good but you made a big mess.” She wiped her fingers on my shirt.

Since neither of us had ever done anything like that before and since I wasn’t exactly sure what we had done I said “I don’t think I was inside you.”

She looked up at me “You weren’t, maybe if we try again” she offered as she went to the ladder. My cock regrew to a massive bulge in my pants when she hinted about doing it again.

Celeste went straight up to take a bath while I waited for my boner to shrink then I went back to the TV and my parents. I was afraid they would see the truth of what we’d done but they acted like always. We talked a little then I went to my room, they didn’t know or see that I had fucked around with their daughter in the barn just minutes earlier.

After breakfast the next morning our parents left for the distant town. I was standing in the kitchen looking out the window when Celeste crossed the yard into my view. She made sure I was watching then turned and made toward the barn. She was swinging her hips, exaggerated moves that rocked her butt, advertising her availability. Just before she stepped inside, she put her hands behind her back then pushed her stiff middle finger through the thumb and finger hole of the other. This time there could be no doubt, she was fully aware of the implication and without any hesitation she used the gesture as an invitation, not an insult, not a tease.

She was at the top of the ladder looking down when I came in. By the time I got to the loft two things had happened. My prick was hurting from being cruelly bent inside my pants and she had removed her jeans and panties.

“Take everything off” Celeste murmured as she pulled her shirt over her head. I’d never seen a naked girl before and I started shaking so violently I had a hard time keeping my balance while I pulled off my clothes. In moments she and I were standing inches apart facing each other, my erection pointed directly at her silky patch of pubic hair. We were both blushed from face to feet with modesty. I put my hands over the soft mounds of her breasts which caused her to sigh deeply and smile into my eyes. She reached between us and wrapped her fingers around my cock to pull me closer. I bent my knees slightly and she pushed up on her toes then slanted my pole down until it slid between her thighs. When the end of my erection touched the lips of her pussy she bumped her hips against me which caused the end of my cock to slide along her crack. We rocked our bodies slowly feeling the shaft of my erection slipping along the length of her hot tender slit. Neither of us said anything as we focused on the connection between our sexes. I put my hands around her waist and pulled her closer, her tits were soft and warm on my chest. She held my ass while we rubbed our groins together, building even more erotic tension.

After a few moments of building pressure in my balls I pulled away from her and led her to the stack of feed. She sat facing me and let me step between her legs, I held my hard-on then poked it against her body. She leaned back on the makeshift nest opened her legs wider then humped her hips causing her crack to rub on the end of my cock. I was overflowing with lubricating fluids which smeared on and in her slit. She put her hand over mine and helped me find the right place. I pushed into her gently until she grimaced and grunted “Oh stop! It won’t go any more.”

I looked at the connection between us and saw only half my stiffness was in her “I don’t think I’m all the way in.” I pulled out then squeezed the shaft of my prick to force more lube from it. I rubbed it around the head of my cock with a finger then eased back into Celeste. The second time she stopped me I didn’t pull out. I hesitated, waiting for her to get used to it. She put her hands on my arms then looked at me solemnly and nodded. I flexed my butt and thrust deep into her, through her childhood. She arched her back and tried to pull away but I stayed with her forcing in until my pelvis crushed against hers. She had tears welling in both eyes and bit her lower lip but didn’t cry out, both of us knew I had just obliterated her virginity. I stopped moving as she wiped her eyes with the back of her hand.

Celeste looked up, her voice shaky “It’s only supposed to hurt the first time. God I hope so, I don’t want to do that again.”

I asked her tentatively “Can we do it now?”

“Ye – Yes” she stammered and nodded.

I had never felt anything remotely close to the sensations coursing through me. We had entered into an ancient ritual, an instinctive act between male and female that transcended time and kinship as we mated in the loft of that barn. I watched her face as my strokes into her grew longer, stronger, more sure and steady. Her eyes were open but not focused on me, she was focused on the feelings blossoming in her. The harsh seams of pain across her forehead eased into softer lines of pleasure the longer I stayed with her. I felt Celeste transition from resistance to acceptance. We moved in an uncoordinated choreography of bodies slapping, groins bumping and hips undulating in newly discovered transport.

Being raised on a farm we both knew the purpose of sex, that the male ejaculation into the female womb was to impregnate but I wasn’t thinking about that outcome. My balls were rock hard, my erection swelling and I knew I was ready to cum. I shifted my feet for a firmer stance then pushed as deep into Celeste as I could when my cock started to convulse. I held myself against her and experienced cumming into a hot pussy for the first time in my life. She knew what was happening and her eyes lit up with delight when she realized that we had just kicked open the final door to adulthood.

I pulled out of her with a soft squish and watched my semen pink with her blood as it oozed from her. She sat up and grabbed my t-shirt to clean mess between her legs. I watched fascinated as she wiped herself clean, my cock refused to deflate, it remained hard and strong. She tossed the shirt over my erection “I want to try it again but we have to wait until it doesn’t hurt.” She slipped her pants up her legs then put on her shirt. Celeste laid her hand flat on my bare chest leaned to my ear and whispered intimately “I’ll let you know” then kissed my cheek. Being done with me she went down the ladder and out of the barn.

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