Cheerleader's Training Day

by harry lime

Copyright© 2017 by harry lime

Erotica Sex Story: The new girl learns a valuable lesson.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Teenagers   Consensual   Fiction   .

Candy never thought she would ever be able to actually make it onto the varsity cheerleading squad. She looked into the full-length mirror critically at her almost perfect figure and felt certain her legs were not long enough, her pony-tail was not high enough and she was able to detect a slight sag in her twenty-something buttocks that was probably the cheesecake her mother insisted on feeding her even though she wanted a graham cracker instead.

Slowly, she donned the official uniform with the almost thong-like undies fully visible whenever she bent over at the slightest angle. It was fun to practice in front of the mirror because she wanted her backside to be easily seen from every direction because she knew instinctively that it was her greatest ASSET.

It was fun to do a dance routine in front of her silly brother Charlie because she was able to judge her presentation success by the hardness he displayed with guilt-free joy and obvious heterosexual inclinations. They had never done anything except look at each other, but in a way, she knew it was bad and always made sure to confess it to the embarrassed priest just to hear the slight tremble in his voice as he warned her of the sins of the flesh.

She did let Charlie fool around with her cheerleader panties when she went to take her shower and she saw him sniffing her essence like one of those silly perverts under the grandstand with his hand inside his trousers. Of course, she felt a little sorry for him, but she pretended not to see it and just smiled at him instead. It was at that moment that she decided to use her best friend Lucille to take Charlie’s edge off and reduce the sexual tension that flowed from him like a wave of electricity on a hot summer’s day. Lucille was not the prettiest girl in the class and she had no chance at all of making the cheerleading squad, but she had the right attitude to straighten Charlie out and Candy knew her friend would do anything she said because they were about as close as two girls could get to each other and not be considered in a lesbian relationship.

The next day, right after school, she dressed Lucille up in her purposely skimpy costume and told her that she needed to show Charlie how good her cheerleader routine was. The fact that her curves were spilling out of the bottoms and even the bra didn’t seem to reduce Lucille’s youthful appeal and Candy felt sure that her brother would lose his virginity and his sense of shyness once and for all after Lucille was finished with him.

She waited on the other side of the door and after the music ended, she heard some steady whispering much too low to make out and then the sound of the squeaking mattress springs on her bed confirmed the fact that Lucille and her brother were doing the “you know what” and she wondered if the enthusiastic girl had remembered to take her costume off so she could wear it for the evening’s performance.

There was a series of barking noises and she was not certain if it was her brother or Lucille in the throes of love-making and she couldn’t really get a good view through the tiny keyhole in the door. She knew Lucille would tell her every last detail so she didn’t worry about getting a good picture of the successful operation.

Finally, she heard Lucille’s pleading voice loud and clear.

“Oh, please, Charlie, leave it in a little bit longer.”

That told her what she needed to confirm “mission accomplished”.

Later, she discovered Lucille had undressed for Charlie and that her uniform was in pristine condition for the halftime activities at the game. She would be the last cheerleader in the lineup, but that was standard because she was the newest addition to the squad. Besides, she liked being last because she knew all eyes would be on her “Best Asset” when they made the final bend-over bow and bounced their pom-poms on the wooden floor. In fact, she had let Lucille wax her carefully toned cheeks to make her presentation as sparkling fresh and appealing as possible for the first appearance of the newest cheerleader on the varsity squad.

Veronica was the head cheerleader and she had a smile that Candy suspected was not entirely true to her internal emotions. It was the sort of smile that made Candy shudder when she was completely nude in the shower room and the supremely confident Veronica was still in full uniform. The other girls all seemed a bit overly obedient to the head cheerleader’s every little whim and Candy wondered if they all knew a secret she was not in on as yet.

Candy kept her gut instinct hidden from the others because she was the “new girl” and it would be inappropriate for her to say anything that sounded negative or paranoid. Saturday would be an all-day training session and she was certain she would find out all the ins and outs of the cheerleader squad operations. Hopefully, Veronica would approve a couple of the new moves that Candy had devised in the privacy of her pink themed bedroom with only Lucille as her sounding board. Now that Lucille and her brother was an item, she could add Charlie to her audience for such private shows and didn’t have to worry about him getting rambunctious over her skimpy costume. Lucille was in such a good mood ever since he had accepted her invitation to sample her favors that Candy fully expected the two of them to throw all caution to the wind and “do it” right in front of her knowing her silence was guaranteed.

The Saturday session started with simple exercises and quick sprints up and down the football field. Candy was surprised that some of the girls could actually run faster than her and she vowed that she would be doing some private training on her own to stay on top of the rest of the squad. In fact, in one sprint, she was the last one across the finish line. The other girls smiled at her and she knew with a spark of dread that any girl who finished last had to run the “gauntlet” between the entire squad with their arms on top of their head and their boobs and backsides bared for them to paddle to their heart’s content. The table tennis paddles were decorated with personal graffiti and made a horrible sound when they were slammed into bare skin with mean-spirited enthusiasm. Still, it was the way to get the girls to run faster and not be the last one across the finish line when they were aware of the consequences. One poor dark-skinned girl called Destiny had been unfortunate enough to finish last two times and she was in tears by the time she finished her second round of being paddled without mercy by the rest of the squad.

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