Many Years Ago Something Bc

by HMS Warrior

Copyright© 2017 by HMS Warrior

Fantasy Sex Story: fertility temple priestesses witch doctor much sex pregnancys humour,

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual   .

Many years ago something BC in Roman Greek or Persian times a temple in the middle of a small town run by all women priestesses it was a fertility temple for women to pray and hope to be blessed with a child.

The high priestess decided to have some new up to date dildos made for the priestesses as the ones they had were there before she came. No man ever came to the temple and nearly all the priestesses there were Lesbians and joined the temple as very young girls as soon as they showed any signs of beauty. But there were two male servants if you could call them male young boys cock and balls cut off and had to sit to pee sold off when they got older.

Anyway one was sent with a message to the town’s top medicine man (Witchdoctor) to make 6 lifelike dildos for the temple the Doctor couldn’t believe his luck for years the temple had taken away his trade of women needing fertility potion’s now revenge was at hand. He made 6 and a spare, all 9 inch penises a scrotem with two very virile testicals in them and a small pair of wings fastened to the scrotem. He then got really diabolical two white, two black, two Asian the colours he had left he put in the spare when they were ready his daughter put them in a basket put a lid on them and made her way to the temple.

On her way there she slipped and tripped over, a small gap between lid and basket and one penis was out and away just as well it was the spare tri coloured one, Flying high in the sky I spy with my little eye (well its only got one) down below a person in a skirt had seen a coin on the ground and bent down to pick it up, down went tri under the skirt ready and able big mistake it was the local centurion ah! well one holes as good as another, rectum near killed him he ran down the street a 9 inch penis up his rectum legs spread screaming and howling till tri was finished the centurion was sore and leaked cum for days.

Off went Tri on the hunt again but more carful this time flying at second story window height he saw this young woman nude on her bed masturbating herself she had closed and locked her door but her window was just open enough for him to squeeze through in he went she was the young fourth wife of a wealthy but old Arab he had managed to bust her hymen night they married but had not touched her for 6 months. Tri lined her up she had her legs apart, lips of her cunt spread open with her fingers her clitoris sticking out, her juices running down the crack of her arse. Wham bam thank you mam Tri was in up to his hilt her eyes flew wide open, mouth sagged a gurgled scream her legs straight up in the air lifted her arse of the bed trying to get more in herself she had the full nine inches inside herself the wings had it backwards and forwards at speed she squealed as it opened her womb and deposited three kinds of coloured sperm into her womb.Her old husband was very proud thinking he was the father till it was born black. Tri escaped through the window just got going when bam he was taken by a Peregrine falcon thought he was a bird still he was meat and was soon eaten he was deep throated down a beak

The girl fastened the lid on tight on the basket the temple wanted six dildos she still had them she delivered the basket to the high priestess who kept them in the basket to surprise her acolytes with an orgy that night. It was some orgy lasted all night as there were only six dildos they all had to wait there turns to be serviced by them and more than once, they were busy satisfying each other till it was their turn. The high priestess took the lid of the basket out they flew she grabbed one said your mine first, it nodded its large coppers helmet in agreement gently massaged the top of her legs as she undressed she lay back on her bed opened her legs urged the penis to take her, the head was like a large purple plumb dripping precum as it rubbed its self between the engorged lips of her vagina, the shaft of the cock was a dark brown nearly black it was fully erect and the veins stood out, it rubbed its head up and down between the folds of her cunt tickled her clitoris till her juices were running between the crack of her arse eased its head in slowly then she got the full treatment all 9 inches in one lunge the cocks wing feathers got caught in her pubic hairs it struggled to free its self-causing the priestess to have multiple orgasm’s she came so did the penis sprayed her womb and tubes with its sperm little did she know her fate was sealed and anyone else who was inseminated by one of the cocks.

Two more swooped on a pair having a 69 first they knew was the full nine inches being pushed into them and their tongue being wedged into their partner’s vagina by a large cock the wings made the penises move back and forward at speed also vibrate at the same time they started Cumming and could not stop it felt like a belly full of jelly and the penises topped them up with living cream.

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