Mistaken: Beach Showers

by Dread Mervin Roberts

Copyright© 2017 by Dread Mervin Roberts

Sex Story: A young girl tries to get relief in the beach, and when an opportunity for fun in the showers comes up, she takes it. She also creates some mischief between brother and sister.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Teenagers   Reluctant   Heterosexual   Incest   Brother   Sister   Exhibitionism   Oral Sex   Voyeurism   Public Sex   .

I reclined in the flimsy plastic chair, keeping most of my pale skin in the shadow of the beach umbrella. I loved being with my friends away from home, but the sun and I aren’t friends. When Tiffany told us we were going to go to the beach, of course I would be going. Just need my portable shade and SPF four million. If I would be lucky, a cloud bank might roll through and I would get to swim in the large lake for a while. Not Tiffany, though - since she got her car, she was up here every weekend it was warm, it seemed like, given the bronze tan she had been cultivating. My sister wouldn’t even risk her pale complexion in the shade, refusing any peer pressure with “do you even know how many weeks it takes for the freckles to fade from even one hour in the sun” and what ever other rebuttals she felt like.

Usually when I would give in to Tiff’s wheedling, I would just lounge with a book, people watching through my dark sunglasses. Between my big one piece suit, the book, and the fact that I had no curves on my body at all, most people, even the most flirty guys, would leave me alone. Usually, that was what I wanted, since the beach was swarmed with teenagers, most of whom were all oh so attentive to social cliques, who was dating with who, who put out for who ... it was exhausting to even think about, so generally I didn’t.

I’ve instead powered my way through our podunk town library’s tiny collections, often requesting stacks of books from nearby towns. I had worked my way through history, biographies, sci-fi/fantasy, horror, and was currently, in desperation, working my way through the absurdly large romance section. Most of them are garbage that the librarian once jokingly called “bodice rippers”. Cheaply contrived plots to let frumpy housewives imagine themselves being ravaged.

The thing is, if anyone had pressed me to answer, is that they were working on me lately too. I had started having dreams a couple months ago about being captured by pirates, sullied by warlords, and all sorts of inane scenarios. It bothered me that they affected me. If only I had dreamed so vividly when I was reading other books!

My musings were interrupted when Michelle came running over from playing volleyball to grab a cold drink from the cooler under the umbrella with me. She threw a “mwah” at me as she fixed in the ice for something she wanted. I could see her boyfriend Derek down the beach, staring at us. He blushed beet red, as he’d often been doing around me lately since that camping trip a month back. Thankfully, this time people would assume it was from the very big eye full Michelle was giving him, bent over like that.

I still quiver when I think of that night, when I let him fuck me thinking I was Michelle. I had been dreaming about being taken again when he had woken me, so I had been quite surprised when I woke with his finger inside of me.

Since then, I’ve been a horny mess. It’s been ridiculous how often I found my hands unconsciously wandering between my legs and had to stop myself. He’s been all sorts of awkward, super obviously too. I’m hoping he’ll calm down soon. Or maybe not. Maybe I could take advantage of his embarrassment to help me out again.

“Hey!” Michelle had flicked cold water across me. I guess she had been talking to me for a bit.

“Wow, you were out of it. What were you thinking so hard about?”

I blushed and stammered, “Nothing!”

She tried to gauge where I was gazing and thankfully thought I was staring a group of guys further up the beach. “Ohhh. I see. Well, enjoy the view!”

She ran off, anxious to be back to what she was doing. I noticed there was quite the specimen parked on the sand near Tiff. She was pretty close to the lonely life guard tower - she was probably fine, but I also wondered what the view was like for the young guy in the seat above.

I tried to stop thinking about all the different ways I could maybe get my hands on Derek again. It wasn’t working. I could feel myself getting moist again, so I glanced up at the sky and sighed in relief when I saw some clouds coming in. I hopped up, putting down my things, and ran into the cool water.

It didn’t take me long to realize the lake water was just murky enough to hide anything past just under the surface. I swam around a bit, watching the people on the beach. I couldn’t believe Lisa’s tiny bikini was able to hang on to those mountains she called tits while she ran around with James, playing against Michelle and Derek. Tiffany was soaking up the sun, or was before the clouds rolled in, the guy she was talking to now sitting next to her, rather closely.

I bumped my foot against something and realized it was a large rock, shallow enough to stand on so I could relax in the water up to my shoulders without having to move. I watched the game going for a while, trying (and failing) not to watch Derek’s body as his trunks clung to his lower body, exposing his hips just a little, leading up to his smooth and firm abs. I furtively ran my hand along my labia under the water, which sent a pulse of a thrill up my spine. It occurred to me that, standing here, if it looked like my arms were moving, people would just assume I was swimming.

I nervously pushed my fingers under my suit bottom. I am sure I was soaking, but the lake water was washing it away. I carefully eased two fingers inside of me, then a third. I used to prefer just to play with my clit to get off, but since that night, I’ve felt almost a hunger to be filled up. It’s been getting out of hand - well, so to speak. I was easing the digits in and out slowly, letting the pressure build towards that glorious release, and I could feel it coming on.

“Hey,” I heard called from behind me, casually as a greeting. I froze for a moment, sinking slightly lower. I turned on my rock. Tiffany’s younger brother Kevin had swum up behind me and was treading water a short distance away. I had forgotten he was here today, since he had hopped in the water early on and swam off to explore the islands.

“Uh ... hey,” I stammered in response, hoping he’d go away, not wanting to stop when climax was so close.

“Tiffany said we’re going to go soon, since the clouds are killing her sun. She wanted me to let you know.”

“Oh, ok.” I was still slowly wiggling my fingers inside me, hoping to finish shortly.

After a still moment, with me quietly masturbating while he swam right there, watching me, he said “Well, c’mon. We have to shower off the lake before Tiffany will let us in her cherished car.”

With that he started swimming towards the beach. I turned to follow him, frustrated. I could see the volleyballers were still going, then I looked up and saw the cloudbank was almost passed. The stretch of clouds had apparently scared off almost all the other few people who were here earlier. I continued in, not wanting to get fried in the impending sun, but annoyed that I was interrupted for no reason.

As I was walking out of the water, I slipped a bit on some gravel, going sown to one knee. It didn’t hurt but my knee and both arms had sank through the soft top layer, so when I raised back up out of the water, I was kind of grimy from shore sand and soft dirt.

I went to go collect my towel and bathing supplies, stopping by Tiff. As I approached her, I saw that she was lying on her belly with her top undone. With the slight angle she was at, I had to wonder how much of an eyefull she was giving her new beach friend. Judging by a noticeable lump in his trunks, quite a bit.

“Hey,” I called so she’d notice me as I walked up, squinting from the now strong sunlight. She flattened down and turned her head to my side.

“Oh! Hey, sorry, didn’t know the clouds were going to break that fast. You ok staying a bit longer?” she asked me, her desire to do so obvious in the tone.

“Yeah, though I am going to go shower off the muck before I go back to reading. Hey,” I waved to the stranger. I leaned down close so I could whisper and hear a response. “You ok with this guy alone?”

She laughed. “I’m fine,” she replied in a quiet voice I could only just hear over the wind. “Oh, and the last shower stall always seems to have more hot water, so use that if you don’t want an ice cold rinse.” Raising her voice to include everyone “Wyatt, Chrissy; Chrissy, Wyatt. Now you can’t say you’re strangers,” she said with an odd smile.

“Hey,” he smiled at me. My heart fluttered, along with something else. I could see why she was wanting to stay longer with eye candy like him nearby. The desire to finish what I had started in the water came roaring back. I wandered to where my towel was resting, collecting that and my travel kit.

I headed into the women’s shower side of the long narrow building. It was a solid concrete building, built to last, with cubicle showers along the inside dividing wall, lined with tiles on the floor in the main room, and floor to ceiling inside the showers. Worn, wooden panel doors gave some privacy, while there were wooden benches affixed to the outer wall for people to wait if needed.

Knowing I didn’t want cold water to interrupt, I took Tiff’s advice and walked the length of the building to the back, and entered the last shower. Inside, the shower was straight across from the door, a wide grated drain on the floor. In the empty space to my right, there was a couple of hooks and a little shelf above it, onto which I put my things.

I went to lock the door, frustrated to find it had been partially broken and was difficult to get closed. After a moment’s effort, I got it shut, so I turned on the warm water and began to strip off my suit. I focused on getting things cleaned up first, trying to ignore my body’s anticipation. I rinsed my suit clean of lake water and hung it from a hook. Taking my slender bottle of soap from my kit, I lathered up, stepping out from under the water to the side and putting my soap down. As I started to scrub between my legs, I shuddered. Not having gotten off in the lake, I was craving the release. I eased two, then three fingers inside me, sighing in relief. As I started to work myself up, I found myself thinking about beach boy Wyatt’s lump, wondering if he was as big as Derek. That got me thinking about the feeling of Derek’s long cock stretching me out as he pounded me from behind and I whimpered, craving to feel that again.

I looked at my travel soap bottle on the floor and started to wonder if that might fit and give me that lovely stretched feeling. I pulled my hand away from my needy pussy and picked up the bottle, feeling it all over for any rough spots, anything that might hurt, not finding any. As I stroked it up and down like that, I knew I had to try it. I pressed the smooth bottom against my entrance and tried to ease it in gently. I had to spread my legs wider apart, and then it slid just a little in. I held still like that, feeling how it my stretching me open so deliciously. I tried to push it further in then, but my hands were slippery, so my tight channel pushed it back out. I wanted the bottle to stay slippery too, so I debated how I could get what I needed.

I wished I could stick it to the wall, and push myself against it, but other than one metal square to my right, the smooth tiles would not help me. I held the bottle then and carefully kneeled down, and as I sat back on my heels, the bottle hit the floor and pushed into me. I experimentally lifted myself up, and again the bottle slid out, just as I hoped. Now I could start to lift myself up and down slowly, playing my clit while I felt that glorious fullness.

As I sat back, pushing down and quietly letting a moan of relief slip from my mouth, there was suddenly a noise from the wall. Tap tap. Pause. Tap. From where I was, my head was near the metal plate I had assumed let them access the shower piping. The tapping had come from that. And it sounded like knocking. I froze, not sure what to do. Again it happened. Tap tap. Pause. Tap.

I balled a light fist and knocked the same pattern on the plate, curious what was going on. To my surprise, the plate slid to one side, apparently only held in place by one of the top corner bolts. Even as I was busy being puzzled by a little light coming through, I was almost poked in the face by a raging erection. I couldn’t believe it. I mean, yeah, here I was, with a soap bottle still sticking out of my nethers, but some random cock coming out from the wall? It was bigger than I expected it to be. It looked almost angry, being reddish with a helmet shape at the end. It was twitching up and down, like a heartbeat. I wanted to stroke along the smooth skin that looked so fragile, so soft.

“C’mon Tiff,” I heard some male voice say from seemingly far away. “I’ve missed your mouth.”

Did he? I filed that away for later, slouching a bit without thinking about it, causing the exposed end of the bottle to hit the floor and push back upwards into me quickly. The jolt of it embedding so deep surprised me, and I sat up quickly, which caused me to hit the side of my face against the awaiting hard-on. I reached up to push it away from my face, which meant now I had my hand wrapped around the shaft. I curiously ran my fingers up and down the length of it, feeling the throbs of need coursing through it. As I did that, a large clear drop was forming right at the tip, which I was only inches away from. I curiously eased my grip, which caused it to come closer to my face, practically right under my nose. I stuck my tongue out just enough to touch the droplet forming, and brought it back into my mouth. The light touch on the end must have startled the stranger on the other side of the wall, because he retreated a couple of inches. What I had captured on my tongue didn’t taste like much, just like a diluted but slick drop of sweat.

Nervously, I gave a bigger lick to the bottom of the crown to catch the rest. This time, my man of mystery surged a couple inches forward, sliding between my open lips. I realized then that I was really doing it - I was sucking my first real cock. I tried to think of what I should do, and having read a lot of trashy romance novels lately had given me some ideas. I started sucking on the end, bobbing my head back and forth, while I tried to work the rest of his length with my hand. I kept worrying about if my teeth were going to graze him or if I was gripping wrong. I heard him groan in pleasure, which sent a pulse down my spine, making me tighten up, and I felt the bottle slip out of me and drop to the floor. I felt its absence with regret, but I could already feel my jaw getting a little tired, not used to this position, and my knees were not happy either. As my mouth made his cock slowly get more slick, I started to wonder what the soft wet skin would feel like against my pussy. I reached down with my other hand and found I was soaking wet.

I stood up, not letting go of him, wincing as my legs straightened from crouching on the hard floor. I turned my back to the wall and tried to gauge the height. Lifting up on my toes, I pressed myself back against the wall, and looking down, I could see just the end of his cock sticking out from between my legs. It was so warm, I could feel the heat on the inside of my upper thighs. I eased downwards and felt his length contact both sides of my thighs, so I spread my legs apart just a little and his cock sprang upwards, slapping astonishingly against my lower lips. I tentatively pushed my hips away from the wall, then back. I could feel his cockhead slide along my lips, getting slicker from me. I groaned as the head pushed against my clit, and I leaned forward from the hips, which put a delicious pressure right at our joining.

While I was still exploring how that felt, he pulled back and pushed forward just a little bit, then again. I felt my lower lips spreading wider open around his width and my legs were like jelly with how great it felt. I started moving back and forth, my backside pressing hard against the cold tile wall. I couldn’t help but think about the feeling of pressing back against Derek in the darkness. As my mystery man slowed sawed his cock between my legs, I groaned to think about being taken from behind again. I bounced faster back and forth, letting my asscheeks, small though they are, rebound me from the wall.

One time I was bounced far away from the wall and getting closer to climax, his movements and mine lined up just so, and I felt his cockhead slip just a little bit upwards. My body was already wet and open, so when he thrust forward and I back, he slid right inside me then, and I moaned hard at the unexpected penetration.

Unfortunately for me, the earlier activities and my tightness combined to set him off. I could feel he suddenly twitching inside of me, and I realized he was coming inside me then. But I wasn’t done! I started pushing back on him, trying to get myself over the edge I was so close to, but I could feel him softening. I whimpered as he withdrew from both me and the wall, the strange tile falling back into place like nothing had ever happened, like I had just dreamed it. But I was so close! Again! “Whyyy?” I complained aloud.

I rinsed off under the still running warm water quickly, shut it off, and tried to throw on my suit as quick as I could. My haste made it get tangled, and in frustration with trying to see who it was, I gave up, wrapping my towel around me, and grabbing my kit, then walked hurriedly a few steps out of the door, looking towards the beach (where most of my friends still were) and then the other way towards the parking lot. I could see Wyatt off in the distance getting into a beat up car, but no one else was nearby. Was Wyatt my mystery man? I shuddered.

Turning, I looked at the building in a new way. I started to wonder, and listening to confirm that no water was running in the men’s side, I ducked into the space. It was almost identical, though mirrored since the bathrooms were in a separate building. I quietly hurried to the last stall and popped in. There was a similar metal plate. When I put some pressure on it to slide it aside, it easily and quietly moved as the one on my side had. I could see by the light through the hole that it was a thinner wall than I thought. I giggled quietly as I realized I could see Tiffany hanging up her towel on the other side, and slid the panel closed.

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