Discoveries of Three

by aaaFantasy

Copyright© 2017 by aaaFantasy

Erotica Sex Story: A 14 year old boy is taught about sex by an older woman then she helps him get a girlfriend.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   mt/Fa   Fa/ft   Consensual   Exhibitionism   Masturbation   Oral Sex   .

The first time I saw her I was fourteen. I was cutting between two apartment buildings because I was late from coming back from playing baseball with some classmates at our school. The area between the two buildings is only three feet wide and is primarily only used for the large air-condition units for both apartment buildings. I liked running between these two buildings specifically because the AC units acted like an obstacle course. I would dodge around them as if they were football defenders and I was the hero running back or they were Roman soldiers and I was an enemy dodging through them, cutting them down as I passed.

On this day I spun, hand out to stiff arm the defender, when I tripped over a forgotten tricycle. I went down with a “shit“ and skinned my knee on pieces of broken brick. I took off my shirt and used it to hold against my knee to stop the slow rising beads of blood. It was a hot day and having my shirt off so the slight breeze cooled my chest was a bigger relief then pressing the shirt to the wound.

Then I looked up and could see right into the window of what I assumed was one of the apartment’s bedrooms. With the weird angled view I had by sitting on the ground I mostly could see just ceiling, but then I noticed I could see a portion of a mirror that was mounted on a dresser. At the time I could not see the dresser but only discovered at a later date there was even a dresser. What I did see though was the bare shoulder and long blonde hair of the apartment’s resident. Just a peek of chin and the corner of her red lips were seeable in the mirror because her bare arm blocked her face where she was combing or brushing her hair. My imagination told me she must be naked and I grew hard where only I have ever touched.

I slowly rose, trying to ignore the sting in my knee and trying to keep silent as not to alert her of my presence outside her window. Of course I was paying her more attention then my feet and I stepped on a wheel on the upturned tricycle and again went to the gravel, this time much louder, and skinned my other knee.

Above me I heard the window slide open and when I looked up I saw the most beautiful face I’ve ever seen; the sunlight behind her gave her an angelic halo, and I was in love. She cooed; “Oh, poor thing. Don’t move I’ll be out in a second.” I was so embarrassed that she saw me sprawled out below her window, but the stinging pain on my knees kept me from leaping up and fleeing like a rabbit from a fox.

When she came around the building she was wrapped in a teal housecoat, and I knew she didn’t have time to put on any other clothing and must be nude underneath. I was in a strange predicament; I needed to keep my legs slightly bent so that the injured knees hurt less, but the image of this goddess before me played through my mind overlaid with the bare flesh my friends and I have ogled over in Playboys stolen from our dads and my erection was too obvious and I could do nothing to hide it.

She squatted down beside me, which split open the housecoat up to her knees and I was given a wonderful view of her bare calves. They were well muscular in a feminine way, like a swimmer’s or a dancer’s. She made no show of seeing, or being upset by my erection, but instead looked over my two injuries.

She asked if I could stand and she stood back for me to try. It hurt, but macho-ism made me bite my tongue and bear it. She took my hand and slowly led me around the back of the building to the first sliding glass doors which must lead into her apartment. I was speechless from the touch of her soft hand on mine, and I just let her lead me where ever she willed. At least the soreness from walking made my erection disappear.

She sat me on the end of her frilly bed and told me she needed to disinfect my knees so they don’t get infected. I just nodded.

She entered the little bathroom which opened off the bedroom she brought me to. I was watching her open the medicine cabinet when I realized that I was alone in a beautiful woman’s bedroom; even sitting on her bed, and my erection returned. I quickly placed my hands over my lap which probably only brought more attention to the bulge, but I didn’t know better; I was only fourteen.

I guessed my nurse to be thirty, and I was in love.

I looked over at the window and realized it was the one I was just under. Then I looked over to the dresser and mirror that she was standing at when I first saw her and there laid the brush she was using. I wanted to run over and take some strands of hair, but realized that was just too creepy.

She returned with a handful of tissue, gauze, and a small tube of medication cream. She sat it beside my leg and she again knelled down, this time in front of me so that her chest was even with my knees since I was sitting on her bed. The front of her housecoat was slightly open and I could just see her cleavage.

As she started to clean my knees she asked me my name. I squeaked out; Robert. She smiled up to me; “Please to meet you Robert; I’m Ruth. This may hurt a little, if so; I’m sorry.” Her hands felt so warm on my bare legs and even with the pain of her cleaning my skinned knees my erection was not going away.

She coated both knees with antibiotic and then covered each with large Band-Aids. The entire time I was just staring past her chin and into her slightly opened housecoat. All of the top of her breast was in view to me and I was hypnotized by her swollen nipples. I could not believe I was mere inches from a grown woman’s bare chest and it wasn’t some men’s magazine photo.

I was startled out of my daydream of touching them when she suddenly leaned forward so they were no longer in view and kissed each bandaged knee with a; “There, all better.”

She then stood and asked me if I’d like a cola or iced tea. I think I nodded because shortly I was sitting at her small fold-up kitchen table sipping cold tea from a sweating glass. She asked me if I would want to stop by after school and help clear out the trash in the alley so some other poor kid doesn’t hurt themselves like I did. Of course I agreed; anything to spend some more time with this goddess.

All the rest of that day I sleep-walked through my chores, homework and dinner. Then laying in bed I kept seeing images of her wonderful chest and imagined what they felt like while I masturbated. I never came as much as I did that time.

The next day it felt like school would never end, but finally it did and I quickly ran off without waiting to hang out with my friends. I had an alley to help clear out.

Ruth was waiting for me at her back, sliding glass door with trash bags and other items needed to clean the alley. I didn’t notice any of it because she was dressed in the tightest and shortest pair of shorts I’ve ever seen. I could not see how she could squat down to clean the alley without them ripping off her like some erotic Incredible Hulk. Her top was a tube-top just wide enough to hold in her breasts, but so tight her nipples were pushed out in perfect form. I was suddenly erect as was becoming usual around her.

Her smile was huge when she saw me and came out to great me with a hug; she smelled good, like fresh shampoo and just a hint of female sweat.

We worked hard for an hour during which I spent most of that time stealing peaks at her lovely chest or at how her ass cheeks pushed out of the bottom of her shorts teasingly. I don’t know if it was the hard work and sun or my hormones from watching her but either way I was sweating a lot and my shirt was soaked, so I took it off to be more comfortable.

After a couple of minutes I was startled by her hand running down my back; “Don’t you find it unfair that a boy can take off his shirt but us girls can’t?”

I stuttered out something about sorry for being hot. She just smiled and told me it was break time and we went into her kitchen for glasses of iced tea.

Sitting at the table, me with bare top, her in the tight tube-top, she brought up her previous observation. “What I meant was; isn’t it odd that society makes it taboo for a girl to wear no shirt but it is okay for a boy?”

I didn’t know what taboo meant, but I got her meaning, too embarrassed to speak, I just shrugged.

“There really isn’t much different between the two, only shape.” With that she walked around the table and ran her hand on my chest. “Where you are hard and muscular, I am soft, but we both have skin and nipples.”

I was frozen and excited. Her hand on my chest was obviously sexual, but I did not know how to react. I think I actually sighed in disappointment when she removed her hand and stepped back from me. My disappointment was short lived when she suddenly pulled her tube-top off over her head.

I was entranced by her lovely bare chest, and even more surprised when she took my hand and pressed my palm against one of her large breasts as she asked me; “See very similar, don’t you think.”

I didn’t know what was expected of me so I just answered the first thing that came to my mind; “I would rather touch yours.”

She smiled down at me and leaned forward; “You are so sweet, kid;” then she kissed me. I just sat there and let her push her tongue into my mouth while she held my hand to her breast. Then she stood up and told me; “It’s getting late; don’t want to piss the parents off, you better get home. Come back after school tomorrow so we can finish the alley.”

Without thinking I zombie-walked home, and ate dinner in silence. My mother was concerned, thought I was coming down with something, but I assured her I was fine. That night laying in bed I tried to imagine the feeling of her breast in my hand and the taste of her tongue in my mouth while I masturbated. This load of cum was easily double the night’s before.

The next day school dragged on and I was unable to pay attention so I skipped my last class and ran to Ruth’s apartment.

Not expecting me so early she was not waiting by the back sliding glass door so I knocked on the glass. After a few seconds she walked to the glass door from the bedroom. She was in a bathing suit top and a sun-skirt; she looked like a goddess.

When she opened the door she asked; “How are you here so early? Did you skip school?” All the excuses I had ready left me so my silence answered her instead. She tapped her foot; “hmmm; what should we do with our bad boy? Maybe spank you?”

She must have seen the fear that her disappointment did to me so she quickly amended with a big smile; “I’m just joking; come in so you don’t let all my cold air out.” As I walked pass her she patted me on my ass. “Of course, the spanking might be later.” I was instantly hard without a clue why.

“Come on, I’m folding laundry, you can help me.” Then she continued to her bedroom; I followed.

There was a basket of light color clothes sitting on the bed and several articles already folded behind the basket. She sat beside the basket so I sat on the other side of it. She pulled out a pink t-shirt and started folding; I watched her lovely hands deftly crease the garment. She looked over at me and told me to not just sit there, help.

I pulled out an item without looking and realized it was a skimpy pair of panties. I was so excited that I was holding her panties, but also embarrassed that I was holding them in front of her. I didn’t know what to do; put it back and carefully select something else, or act cool and fold it.

I picked the latter, but quickly found out I didn’t know how to fold female panties and was instead just molesting them. She laughed, not cruelly, and took them from me and showed me how to fold them then actually tossed them onto my face telling me to try. I think I moaned when they landed on my face; I know I almost squirted in my pants.

Ruth must have heard because she pulled me back to lay on the bed and asked me; “Does my panties excite you?” Then she used the pair she tossed at me and ran it along my chest and stomach. I was so excited causing my erection to push up a huge tent in my shorts. She took a hold of my erection and cooed; “Oh, I see they do.” Then she was kissing me as she did the day before; this time I tried to participate.

As she kissed me she unzipped my shorts and pulled my erection out and started stroking it much gentler than I do when I masturbate. Her way felt better. I lost tract of time and soon was squirting on her hand.

I was embarrassed and must have turned red because she reassured me; “Don’t worry, that was what was suppose to happen. Wait right here let me wash my hand; don’t you dare move.” Her smile told me to stay more than her command did.

She went into her bathroom and I heard the water running and shortly she returned, without any clothes on. She was wonderful. Unlike the girls in our dad’s really old Playboys, she was shaved bare between her legs and I was entranced by the swollen clit teasing at the top of her cleft.

She crawled back on to the bed and started kissing my ear; “You ever been with a girl sexually?”

I couldn’t lie, especially while she was kissing on my ear so I whispered out a no. She leaned up on one elbow and smiled down to me; “Well you got to come so I’m going to teach you how to make a girl come. With this skill you will never have to worry about not having a girlfriend.”

She laid on the bed and proceeded to teach me how to use my lips and tongue to give her an orgasm. I enjoyed every second of it, even the taste of her wetness excited me. When she thrashed and moaned in, what later she told me was, a large orgasm I was so full of pride.

Once she settled down she pulled my shorts off and told me it was only fair for her to return the favor and then suddenly took me into her mouth and did things to my erection I never knew could be done until I came a little more in her mouth.

We kissed, laying naked on the bed, for a while until she reminded me it was getting late to run home, but to visit the next day. It was Friday so there would be no school so I told her I’d be there after breakfast. She squeezed my crotch and teased; “Oh, my big boy thinks he can last all day huh?” God I was hoping so.

My parents commented on my great mode all evening and I was so sated that I didn’t masturbate at night for the first time since I discovered my erection at eleven.

Right after breakfast I ran straight to Ruth’s house. She answered the door in a flimsy pink night gown. With the early morning sun shining through it I could see the perfect form of her nude body which oddly excited me more than seeing her naked.

She smiled and took my hand pulling me into the house. As soon as the door was closed she pinned me to the door and slid her tongue into my mouth in a deep kiss. As soon as she broke the kiss she told me to strip. I left my clothes in a pile by the door. She stood back and looked me over, head to toe. I was self conscious of her doing so, but I waited quietly, nervous and erect.

When she was done she let the loose fabric of her gown drop to the floor around her feet. Even though I’ve already seen her naked I could not help but gawk at her beauty. She took my hand and told me she wanted to take a bath with me. I was excited.

Her tub was small and we couldn’t find a comfortable position for a bath so she ran the shower instead. She had me stand under the spray of warm water and wet my hair then she had me step just out of the water and she washed my hair. I loved the sensation of her fingers messaging my scalp and I just watched the water settle in spray on her wonderful breasts until it built up enough gravity to bead down them.

After rinsing my hair she used her hands and the bar of lavender scented soap to wash my body. Though the act itself was in no way sexual I never lost my erection. Her cleaning of my testicles and erection was clinical but I nearly squirted to her caresses. I was falling deeper in love or lust.

After rinsing me clean of soap I got to return the favor. At first I was too fast but she made me slow down and told me to learn every inch of her body. When I tried to keep returning to her breasts or crotch she would tease me that, “it’s just like a man to not be able to control himself.”

I wanted to prove that I could so I spent equal time everywhere. I learned I love the soft but firm fullness of her rear; the firm muscle of her calf; the fleshiness of her thighs; the way she shivered a little when I played around her belly button; how my fingers easily fit with hers; the tenderness and sensitivity of her neck and ears; the soft swell of her labia; the form of her breasts in my hands; and the tightness of her nipples as they harden to my touch. I even enjoyed watching the rinsing soap run along the intricate curves and lines of her body. Through it all I never lost my erection.

I learned more about a woman’s body in the hour I washed her than I had from all the men’s magazines I’ve masturbated to.

As we both stood under the cooling water Ruth took my cheeks in my hands and kissed me deeply then told me I did good and deserved a reward. She slid to her knees in the tub before me and took my erection into her mouth. Where her previous oral sex on my penis was meant to quickly bring me to ejaculation this one was designed to explore every millimeter of my manhood. I was brought to the edge and hung there for what felt like hours; I didn’t even care that the water was getting cold.

Then I ejaculated in her mouth and she swallowed. She stood and turned off the water then she told me; “Come show me that you remembered how to lick a girl to orgasm.” I was glad to; anything to make Ruth feel good.

We went to her bed and she laid out. I crawled between her legs and did all the things she taught me, but just as she did in the shower to me, I took my time; no need to hurry we had all day.

After a while my mouth was hurting but she started to buck up against my tonguing and her moans became loud and excited. I was getting an erection from the idea that she was orgasming by me. My face was coated in her juices and she wailed in orgasm.

Panting she pulled me up to hug to her and we kissed aggressively, as if she wanted to taste herself on my lips and tongue.

We napped, laying together naked. She gently ran her fingers through my hair and I ran my fingers along her back and rear. She woke me gently, thankfully still naked, and asked if I wanted lunch. She must have opened me up because in the past I may have just nodded even if I didn’t, but that time I told her; “No, I want to have sex with you.”

She smiled big, looked down between my legs to see I was ready, and then she straddled me and slid down my erection. We had sex four different times before the sun started setting. That first time she sat on top of me, the second time classic missionary, the third she got on her knees and showed me how to do it in a way she called ‘doggie’, and the last she laid back on her kitchen table and I pushed in her, hard and deep, standing between her legs. She let me squirt inside her every time.

After she told me to get dress and she dressed. She told me she had to go to work but she could drop me off some where. I told her it was still light enough that I would go to the local swimming pond. She asked me if there were going to be any girls there. Of course, I told her.

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