Alice - I Get Ganged

by Sailbad

Copyright© 2017 by Sailbad

Erotica Sex Story: Our happy heroine's narration of her experiences in bestiality finds her as a grown woman and still enjoying man's best friend as a reliable sex partner. This time with multiple partners.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fiction   Gang Bang   Bestiality   Public Sex   Porn Theatre   .

At the age of nineteen I left home for college and I really went out of control. I came out of the closet and immersed myself in the lesbian community. I was a big hit. There was a small lesbian tavern close to campus where I used to hang out. I was under age but I never drank anything so the management let me hang around.

One of my first lovers there used to call me Angel, it caught on, and to this day I still have old friends that call me Angel. I was real popular too - women even fought over me. It was a smorgasbord of sex and I took full advantage of it for some of the wildest times of my life. I could not get enough. I had practically everything imaginable shoved up my puss. I remember a time with one of my lovers; we were in her apartment enjoying some intense thigh riding and she stopped and asked if I want to really fly. She went into the bathroom and came back with some white powder in a baggie. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t talcum powder. She told me to relax and something incredible would happen. Man, did it ever. She smeared a bunch of the powder on her tongue and then went down on me. I was soon overtaken by orgasms that I thought were going to kill me. I lapsed into a semi-conscious state that was almost like a roller coaster nightmare. I don’t know how long it lasted but I came out of it with my lover shaking me and someone pounding on the door. I noticed I was screaming and my lover was babbling at me completely incoherently. Her face was too numb to talk and she needed me to persuade her frantic neighbor at the door that we were all right. Oh sure, I can laugh about it now but at the time it was a scary experience.

I was always hungry for more and it led me into some strange territory. One night, after being jilted by a beautiful sorority sister who said she would love me forever, I decided to give myself to a bunch of men. In my grieving mind I sought to punish her by befouling the body she would take for granted. When you’re broken hearted, self-destruction makes a lot of sense. So I oiled up, tied my hair back in a tight bun, put on a pair of horned rim glasses, put on a plain dress with nothing on underneath and I went to a porn theater. It was dark there and it had plenty of horny guys. I took a seat in the very back row and started watching the movie. I had a third degree black belt and I wasn’t too afraid of anything. The thought of being there for what I intended to do was more erotic to me than what was happening on the screen (by the way, those girl-on-girl scenes are so contrived).

My presence was making the other patrons pretty nervous but some of them just watched me. I slid down in the seat, pulled up my dress, and started to twiddle myself. A guy sitting in my row got up and came over to watch, finally asking me flat out if he could fuck that for me. I said yes, but no kissing (that would be sick). He knelt between my legs, unceremoniously entered me, and went to work. He didn’t last more than fifty strokes before he got off in me and by then we had a crowd around us. I became an amusement park ride; I took them between my thighs one after another and let them use my womanhood. They were mostly fat, old men who were just happy to have a natural, free sexual outlet. Some of them were younger and tried to either impress me or make the most out of the situation by hogging my pussy for a marathon fuck. One guy just liked to rub his dick on my thigh as I was being serviced.

There was this one man, though, with a short penis that had a huge cock-head like a big mushroom that I wouldn’t have minded seeing again. He was in his forties, gentle, polite, smelled good and the big head on his dick was rubbing me in just the right places. He worked real slow and talked to me while we fucked, saying intoxicatingly erotic (not dirty) things that really made me hot. I found myself lightly stroking his balls and just enjoying his cock. He pulled out and I held his weird shaped dick in my cupped hands as he came, smearing it all over him and me. I kept him close by and he whispered to me while the other guys took their turns. I worked him with my hand to make him ready for more and he gave me more. I lost him in the shuffle after his third ride and never saw him again.

What got me off wasn’t the sex so much but rather how slutty I was and, ironically, the power I had over those men. I think they would have killed for me if I’d asked them to. I had my rules and they all helped me enforce them: no kissing, keep your hands off my tits, cum only in or on my puss. It was far from romantic, I served them each quietly and for the most part unresponsively like a blow up sex toy until my cunt was too sore to use. By then there was a puddle of sperm on the seat and the floor in front of me. My pussy was soaked in it; it was running out of me like a festering wound. The hard part was getting out of there and to my car without them all following me, they all wanted to secure a future meeting or get some special favor. I declared it was time to go, pushed my way through them, and walked out to the lobby holding my skirt up out of the mess. The guy at the ticket counter gave me the strangest look as I stood there with my knees apart to let the last glob drain out, then smoothed down my dress and walked away. Luckily, I didn’t get pregnant, however one of them gave me, and for that matter all of us, chlamydia. From a lesbian’s standpoint it was pretty disgusting but the erotic notion of being the center of a small sexual universe and the target of so much raw lust was enough to give me plenty of masturbatory fuel for thought in the months that followed.

I was still finding excitement from woman’s best friend, too. My most daring in those days was with a neighbor’s cocker spaniels. The neighbor lived in a house directly behind my apartment building. They were a pair of males, always perky and playful. I would reach over the fence and pet them when I went to my car, they were always so happy to see me. One day I looked over into their yard and noticed one of them humping the other. Of course his partner would have none of that, but it made me feel kind of sad for them that they weren’t getting any. Seeing it kind of made me horny and it gave me the idea to offer myself as a sexual surrogate.

The idea turned me on immensely as I lay awake that night and planned it. I would need to go late at night so that I wouldn’t get caught. I would have to wear black so that I couldn’t be seen. And we would have to work quickly and quietly so as not to alert the neighbors or the boys in the frat house next door to them. The danger of it added an extra element of excitement I could not resist. I needed a moonless weeknight, and my long sleeve black dress with the wide skirt, and a pair of my old, dark, opaque tights with an access hole cut appropriately in the crotch.

I had everything ready on an ideal occasion and I took an afternoon nap in preparation. I was so excited that night I couldn’t stop shivering. They barked at me as I crossed the parking lot but I reached over the fence so they could identify my scent and they calmed down. I climbed over the fence and stood in front of them as they leapt all over me joyously welcoming me with licks and whines. I had scoped out a clean, dark, secluded spot in the corner of the yard behind a mulberry bush as the perfect spot for our tryst and I led the dogs over to it.

I knelt down on my knees and then sat back on my haunches. Of course they jumped on to my lap and started to lick my face. We needed to get to business. I pulled up my skirt, dipped my fingers into the copious musk sweating from my labia, and smeared it all over my pubes. I held my hand up to the dogs to entice them. They got a whiff and started sniffing around to see where there was more of that stuff. I just held my dress up and carefully scanned the area as they homed in on my puss. At first they just tentatively sniffed at it but one of them snaked out his tongue and the other followed suit. Once they got started there was practically nothing that would stop them. They were pushing and nudging each other to get a better vantage like two pigs fighting over last tit. It was heaven for me and I climaxed almost immediately. One deft dog tongue can do wonders but two are incredible.

My labia were puffed out further than I could ever remember them and those tongues tugging and gliding over them was almost too much to bear. They probed in between them too and not only found my vagina but my swollen clit as well. I knelt there in the darkness holding up my dress to feed my brood their musk feast. I felt like the filthiest slut on earth and I could have just gone on with their lapping alone until I swooned from weakness but I was there on a mission and it was time to set it in motion. Taking one last careful scan around the area, I pushed them aside and leaned forward onto my elbows. I knew my boys were short so I would have to spread my knees wide to keep my quim low enough for them to reach. I gathered up my skirt and pulled it over my butt but kept it bunched up around my waist so their dewclaws wouldn’t scratch me. I was set, now it was up to them to take the initiative.

At first they were confused, they just scampered around me as though they were waiting for me to do something. They eventually remembered where the cookie jar was and started back on their licking. This time they were really digging into my vagina and even my butt hole. They kept at it for quite a while and I was starting to get discouraged when I remembered one way to get my dog started at wrestling and climbing on me was to move around. I started twisting my butt back and forth and gyrating my hips, bumping them back or pushing them away. They started getting aggressive, growling, and mouthing my hips playfully. Finally, one of them jumped up on my ass from the side and started humping my hip. Excellent, I could work with that.

He thrusted at me as his feet jumped all over. He ground his pelvis against my extended thigh and found some promising resistance with his pecker. He launched into full tilt fuck mode as his rigid little dog meat peeked outside his hood, stabbed its way into the open, and started sliding wetly along my smooth, hosed leg. His buddy noticed there was fun to be had with this strange bitch and he mounted my other thigh and started his hump. There is something about the eroticism of their paws embracing me and their bow-backed, hip-thrusting dog-hump that always gets to me. The mere thought of them pumping those slick, pink fingers of fuck-tool near my naked snatch had me ready to come all by itself. After forty or fifty strokes the first dog slid off and proceeded to lick the wet spot he left on my thigh. Meanwhile, the second dog, obviously endowed with some form of canine scientific curiosity, had put two and two together and reasoned that humping combined with that musky hole between my legs would yield more furtive results. His feet jumped and shuffled their way over my calf as he alternated his grip on my butt and he was progressing toward the silky gates. He was nothing if not diligent. In my experience with dogs, if they don’t nestle themselves in something snug after a couple dozen pumps, they give up, but this guy seemed to know what he wanted. Nature was telling him it was time to make some puppies.

As his poker was jabbing into my ass cheek I knew I had the right height and angle for a successful coupling but I needed to line him up for takeoff. Resting my shoulders on the ground, I reached between my thighs with both hands and pulled his humping pelvis into position. That was all it took as my bloated labia did the rest and guided him home like a funnel. His thrusting weapon plunged into me and a new demeanor all at once seized him. His front legs encircled my waist and his paws pressed into the tops of my thighs. His chest pressed down over my butt to give him leverage. His humping took on a fierce urgency as with one extra push his doggy cock slid all the way out of his sheath and into me, knot and all.

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