by Mystic47

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Fiction Sex Story: When his sister damaged their father's car her brother told her he would take the blame if she fucked him.

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Blackmail   Coercion   Fiction   Incest   Brother   Sister   Cream Pie   Oral Sex   .

As he walked past her bedroom he heard the unmistakable sound of his sister sobbing, crying out “What am I going to do? He’ll see it as soon as he comes home!” He paused at her closed door, concern rose for his sister as he could hear she was truly distraught about something. Curiosity caused him to open her door, to see who she was talking to, to find out why she was crying. She was lying on her stomach on the bed, legs spread at a 45 degree angle, bent up at the knees swaying to and fro as she wailed into her phone. He briefly studied her denim covered butt, the long brunette hair that flowed over her shoulders in soft waves down the graceful curves of her back and the unbidden thought floated up from the more sinister parts of his psyche, for a fifteen year old she was pretty hot. “God Becky,” she cried, “he won’t let me near a car for years, I’ll be grounded until I die!”

He stepped around so she could see him, she looked up, her face was a ruin of tear stained makeup, grief filled her reddened eyes. She caught her breath when she saw him looking down on her, she lowered her phone and challenged, “What?”

“What’s going on Morgan, what’s wrong?”

His sister lifted the phone to her ear, “I’ll call you later Becky,” pause, sniffle, “Yeah, my brother is here.”

She sat up, cross-legged on her bed and wiped her nose with a wad of tissue, “I screwed up big time, Daddy is going to kill me.”

He sat on the side of her bed attentive. He liked his sister, they got on well, not like Mike or Ben who hated their younger sisters. They both swore those ‘bitchy cunts’ were the devil’s own spawn set on earth to ruin their brothers’ lives. Morgan wasn’t like that, they had a good sibling relationship and if she had a problem, he would do what he could to help. “What happened?”

“I took the ‘57 out.”

“You drove dad’s Chev? Your right, that’ll piss him off if he finds out but how could he if it’s back? I saw it when I came in. Can you even drive it, I mean do you know how to drive it? Where did you go?”

She lowered her eyes to her lap and wiped them dry, the tissue came away with a smear of mascara, “I didn’t go anywhere, I just wanted to go up and down the driveway a few times but when I backed up I bumped into that garden gnome by the driveway and scraped a big scratch on the fender.” She looked up at her older brother, “He’s gonna kill me Brad!”

“Oh shit” is all the encouragement he could offer just then. Morgan was right, their father had owned the 1957 two door Chevrolet Bel Air since high school and just two years earlier had it restored like new. It cost him a ton of money but to him it was worth it and he was hyper sensitive about its appearance and condition. “Come on, show me.”

It was a gouge about six inches long just behind the fender well, slightly above the bumper, the black paint was scraped away, bare metal glinted accusing at Morgan making her cry again. Brad inspected the damage knowing full well his sister was in deep shit. There was no way to cover up her crime, to hide the evidence. She led the way back into the house then fled for her sanctuary, leaving her brother alone.

Their father would be home in an hour.

He sat in his room thinking about what would happen to Morgan. Brad knew her life as a teenager was about to end, she was destined to be part of the house décor until she left for college. At 15½ she got her learner’s permit, but now she wouldn’t get her license to drive at 16. And it wasn’t even a big scratch; he felt sorry for her. He didn’t fault her for trying to drive the car, he knew exactly what was in her mind because he had taken it joy riding a few times himself before he was licensed. Since then his father had let him drive the car occasionally; on his 18th birthday he had even gotten to take Marlene on a date in it. He knew too that if he scratched the car their father would be majorly pissed but the punishment would be along the lines of ‘you pay to get it fixed then I might let you live’. As he pondered his sister’s gloomy future the solution to two problems, one his, and now Morgan’s, surged into his mind and formed as a single idea.

The first problem, Brad’s, was his sister. Over the last year or so Brad had been watching her mature into a pretty, well formed young woman and lately his fantasies about sex and girls included her. For the last few months he had been teetering on the edge of hitting on Morgan but was sure she would reject him, after all he was her brother. Well, if she accepted his solution to her problem, that minor objection could be overcome. He went to talk to Morgan.


Sad blood shot eyes looked up at him, “What?”

“Do you have enough money to pay to get the paint fixed?”

“I don’t know, how much would it cost? Why?”

“I’m going to tell dad it was me, that I drove the car to pick up Marlene and I scratched it. He’ll blow a cork but I have my license and he won’t take it away. If he knows you did it, you’ll be walking until you need a wheelchair. I’ll have to pay to get it fixed, that’s why you need money.”

Morgan sat up, swung her legs over the edge of the bed, hope surged in her heart, “You’re going to take the blame for what I did?”

“Sure, why not, I haven’t made dad mad in four or five months, it’s time.”

Morgan launched herself from the bed and flew directly to her brother. She wrapped her arms around him and clutched to him as if he had just rescued her from a torturous hell. She was crying again and at that exact moment she would have done anything to reward her savior. Brad put his arms around his sister and enjoyed the press of her tits mashed against his chest, the feel of her thighs rubbing against his. His cock began to swell.

She tilted her head back and gushed “Thank you Brad! Thank you forever! I don’t know how I’ll ever be able to pay you back.”

“I do.”

She cocked her head, excited, “What? How? I’ll do anything.”

“Anything? Anything like let me fuck you?”

Morgan dropped her arms from him and backed off, her eyes wide with shock, savior or not she wouldn’t do that, “No! Anything but that you asshole!”

Brad looked at his watch then back at her, the rejection didn’t faze him, “Dad will be home in twenty minutes. In twenty-five minutes he’s gonna know one of us banged up his car. “That gives you twenty-four minutes to decide which one of us takes the blame.”

She was pale, stressed in another way, “I let you have sex with me and you tell daddy you did it? That’s blackmail you sick perv!”

“That’s the deal Morgan, him or me.” With that Brad left his sister to ponder her fate.

Twenty-two minutes later the house echoed with their father’s roar, “Brad! Morgan! Get the hell out here!”

They came from their rooms together, Brad was almost nonchalant, Morgan, panic stricken. Just before they entered the front room to face their father Morgan put a hand on her brother’s arm to halt him, she looked into his eyes and nodded. He wanted reassurance he read her right, “I did it to the car, you do it with me?” She nodded again as stress lines creased her pretty features. “Don’t nod, say it.”

Morgan looked into her brother’s eyes, anger flared in hers and it came out as an edgy hoarse whisper, “If you tell dad you scratched the car you can fuck me.”

Brad was on a roll, he felt in control, daring, so he pressed, “Promise? All the way, I cum in you?”

She snapped her head up and just as she was going to refuse their father yelled again, “Where the hell are you two?” The desperate decision was made, “Yesss!” she hissed hatefully, he could fuck her to the end.

Brad put on his guilty face and admitted to his parent he had taken the car to pick up his girlfriend and scratched it when he pulled in too close to the cement statue. Their father ranted and raged, grounded Brad from the Chev for the rest of his life and told him he had to pay to get it fixed. Even as he was getting yelled at his cock was half hard because his mind was dwelling on Morgan who was dismissed early. As for Morgan, she was relieved she wasn’t the one in trouble but was queasy from what she had promised Brad.

Morgan had a boyfriend, Eric, and just weeks earlier he took her to bed for the first time ever. They didn’t start a hot torrid romance so since that first time at Becky’s house he and she had fucked just nine times. In fact they had been totally naked only once, most of the times were quick encounters in his car, undressed from the waist down. The first time she had sex she was hot and eager but when he ruptured her maidenhead then ejaculated inside the experience became a night of pain and dread, the lingering ache in her vagina and the worry she could get pregnant kept her up all night. After that night Morgan made her boyfriend pull out or use a rubber and since she convinced him to use latex protection she was beginning to enjoy sex a lot more. Becky knew her secret (Becky had her own secrets with Lane) and the two of them were doing some internet sex education, mainly about how to prevent pregnancy. Morgan learned she could let Eric cum in her just before or after her cycle and was going to let him go all the way soon. But now she might have to give up that time to Brad? She felt like shit, she was going to prostitute herself to her own brother; she had to pay him with sex for taking the blame for the damage to the car. Morgan hated herself for putting herself in such a mess, she hated Brad for taking such horrendous advantage of her. As soon as she was alone her mind began to work, how could she undo the blackmail, how could she not let Brad screw her?

A week passed, then two. The car was fixed by money Brad would pay their father from his part-time job but he hadn’t approached Morgan for sex. After she gave her brother what money she could she began to relax, maybe he didn’t really mean she should screw him; maybe he didn’t want to fuck her, just fuck with her.

For his part her brother was patient. Brad hadn’t yet taken advantage of his sister was because he thought she was still a girl, he didn’t want to waste his one chance with her by hurting her. For some of his friends that’s what sex was all about, getting a virgin, but not Brad, it wouldn’t be fun or satisfying, he could wait; she would keep her promise when the time was right.

Five more weeks passed, Morgan was getting laid more frequently and passionately. She had even taken Eric to her room three times when the house was empty. When completely naked on her bed sex was great and the more she experienced, the more she climaxed, the more she liked it. It was one of those afternoons that Morgan brought her boyfriend home that Brad made the discovery. His sister was gone when he came home but he went to her room to find a music CD she had borrowed. Not only did he find his disc, he found a used condom lying on the floor next to the bed, the first evidence to him Morgan was having sex. After the initial shock of his discovery he picked it up gingerly then flushed it down the commode. He would have to caution her, their mother could have just as easily found the semen filled sheath.

Discovering the condom gave him the motivation to get her into bed. He wouldn’t be breaking her in so that final objection was overcome. He knew Morgan was repulsed by what he demanded, that she dreaded the moment when he would make her submit but the evidence that she wasn’t chaste deepened the urge to fuck his pretty petite sister, he knew she was ripe.

His opportunity came the next Saturday. Their parents were shopping for a new car for their mother then were going to have dinner with friends so they did not expect to be back before that evening. Brad saw Morgan go into the bathroom wearing her robe, she was preparing to bathe before her date. He waited until he heard the water stop flowing to the tub then gave her another minute to get settled in the bath. The entire time he was waiting his lust was building, his dick growing to it’s full potential. He stripped nude then went to reveal himself and his intent to the girl.

She started “Hey, I’m in here!” when he opened the door.

He stepped to the side of the tub, his erection on the same level as her eyes, pointed directly at her. She was lying back at the end of the tub, her breasts half visible, projecting through a layer of bubbles, hair balled up as a bun at the top of her head. She was incredibly cute. His cocked clenched as he said, “Yeah I know, that’s why I’m here.”

Morgan stared at his hard-on for several moments realizing Brad was going to force her to keep her promise. Her heart began to thud with dread as her mind filled with anger. The hope that she had built up over the past few weeks crashed to despair, she looked up at him, surrender set in her eyes “Right now?”

“Stand up, I’m getting in.”

Reluctantly, mostly because she was naked, she stood. While his sister cringed with embarrassment mixed with anger he stepped into the water at the back of the tub. As he sat he stretched his legs between hers and when he was in place he was looking at her sweet round butt cheeks, her legs straddled his. He reached up, held Morgan by the waist and pulled her down to sit on him, his erection jutted from the water at the junction of her thighs, pressed on the slit of her body.

Resigned to her fate and not needing to be told what to do Morgan lifted off her brother enough to hold his cock in place while she sat slowly, easing him into her. His erection was bigger than Eric’s, longer, thicker and she felt a moment of angst that it would hurt her. When her butt rested on his groin she realized that his size wouldn’t be a problem. Brad held her hips, rolled his ass and started fucking her. Morgan accepted that she had to do this but was glad he was behind her, she did not want to see who’s prick she was riding, the shame would have been unbearable.

Brad was living a fantasy. Ever since his sister started wearing makeup he had been thinking about this moment. The moment he could shove his hard cock into her as far as she could take him. He sat up straight which forced Morgan to bend forward, to keep from tipping too far she put her hands on the end of the tub. Brad’s hands moved from her hips to her breasts, rolling and pinching her nipples as he plunged up and in, pulled down and out of the tender trap between her thighs.

As the minutes passed Morgan became aware something was going on in her body, she felt her cunt warming, getting wetter, slicker than the water would cause. Her nipples stretched under her brother’s caresses, her breath came quicker. To her total chagrin and horror she realized she was getting turned on, Brad fucking her was starting to feel good. She tried to utter words of disgust but the sound that issued from her throat sounded more like a moan of pleasure. Just when she shuddered with an unwanted sexual thrill Brad pushed her off his cock and started clouding the water with jets of cum. When she saw the last milky stream surge from the end of his erection she stood then stepped out of the tub grabbing a towel to cover herself. She turned to Brad who was just standing from the water, her eyes magnetized to that part of him that had penetrated her and felt a shiver of pure sexual frustration that he had not brought her to peak. She looked from his still hard cock to his eyes then turned and fled, not from him, but from the thought she needed him to fuck her properly.

As Morgan ran he wasn’t only watching her, he was feeling her still. First was the feeling of how her sex accepted him then came the realization that she was getting turned on. The longer he screwed Morgan the more relaxed, warm and tender her body became. When she moaned and began to move with him he went into sensory overload and climaxed. And if he thought it may have been his imagination or ego, the final look from her before she turned away was a lust laden come on. Fucking had made her horny. Brad stepped out of the tub then followed his sister’s wet footprints to her bedroom.

She was standing nude by her bed facing the door poised expectantly, the towel a crumple of damp terrycloth on the floor. Brad came close, took her hand pulled her to sit beside him on the bed then asked “Are you okay?” He wasn’t really worried if she was okay, he needed to say something to break the ice.

Morgan confessed modestly, “It wasn’t as bad as I thought.”

Her brother smiled, “You kind of liked it didn’t you?”

She burned red in the face, the blush flowed from her cheeks, down her throat then across her breasts but she couldn’t admit what she had felt in the final moments. She locked her eyes on Brad’s and knew he knew what she was feeling.

He read her like a 1st grade book, she had the look, the same look Marlene wore before sex. His prick which hadn’t really diminished swelled and solidified again. He pulled his sister from her sitting position to her back on the bed. Brad rolled up and over between her legs then slid the thick head of his cock down and up her cunt three times. Morgan felt a fire start in her loins but had to protest, “Brad, no, not again.” Even as she said it she knew it was a token protest, an attempt to keep her honor but the strength of the desire that enveloped her caused her to widen the space between her legs; without thought she moved them apart giving Brad the freedom and permission to take her. The head of his erection slipped gently into Morgan then when his big balls pressed against her she gave in and started rolling her hips.

The two mated for several minutes, the entire time her body was amassing sexual tension. Total, 100%, acceptance that she liked what they were doing came when Brad pushed up on his arms so they were bonded only by his cock in her cunt. Morgan looked down and watched his stomach muscles ripple as his big hard-on thrust in and out and the lust that had been building boiled over. She gasped a deep breath and tried to fight off the cramps but she responded to Nature and convulsed, crying out her orgasm. She threw her arms around his chest, drew him down, then as their bellies slammed together she moaned in his ear “Oh-my-gawd, NOW!”

The entire time he was fucking her Brad expected Morgan to caution him against finishing inside but her final outburst of ecstasy gave him license to flood her hot cunt. By the time he was done pulsing his scrotum was so empty he thought his nuts had disintegrated. He was sweating and panting when he rolled off to her side. Morgan, who was floating on a cloud of rapture, stared wide eyed at the light fixture over the bed awestruck by the long tumultuous orgasm she had just lived through. Awestruck, but also mortified that she had climaxed so hard with her own brother. The conflicting feelings ended when a small sexual aftershock rippled through her loins causing her hips to flex, the mortification faded away leaving only her sated libido. She felt Brad reach between her legs and cover her cunt with his hand then rub her gently, she rolled to face him, pushed three fingers under his hand then dipped two into her hole. When she lifted her hand to inspect the semen coating her fingertips she didn’t worry, she had planned on letting Eric cum in her that night so her brother wasn’t a threat either. Morgan showed Brad her goo covered fingers, “This sure as hell should take me off the hook with you.”

Morgan stood off the bed and cupped her pussy with the towel to keep from dripping to the floor, she asked him “Did you leave the bath water?” When he told her yes she replied calmly, “Good, I’m going to clean up.” Brad watched her ass as she left and fought off an impulse to grab her and throw her back on the bed. But he didn’t, her debt was settled so he let her go unmolested.

The siblings returned to normalcy. Brad and Morgan went their separate ways. Morgan felt relieved that she had paid her blackmailer and she was sure she wouldn’t have to fuck him again. For his part Brad had quieted his sister involved fantasies and was content to fuck Marlene every time she got hot, which was often. The relationship between brother and sister was as always, cordial and close with no sexual overtones. The only reference made to what that day was his questioning her safety and to warn her about leaving condoms on her floor. She was embarrassed but thanked him for flushing the evidence then assured him she started her period on time, she was fine.

Morgan turned sixteen. After she passed her driver’s ed class then passed her father’s rigid driving tests, she earned her license. She was allowed to use her mother’s new car but the ‘57 Chev was a prize withheld.

Weeks later school was out for the summer and Morgan had plans for a long Saturday with Becky and Rachael at Cherry Tree Point, a popular local beach. As she was packing her beach supplies her father approached her, “Morgan would you like to take the Chev today?”

She was stunned, “I can drive your car dad?”

“I don’t see why not, you’re a responsible young woman, I taught you how to drive it, I think you’ve earned the privilege.”

Morgan’s heart was thudding with joy, anticipation, dread and thrills when she turned the key which ignited the deep rumble of the strong V8 engine. When she backed out of the garage she was extremely careful to keep the car on the driveway. Excited to the core to be trusted with the classic car she wondered with a bit of irony if she should thank Brad for blackmailing her. Brad stood beside his father as Morgan pulled away, “I bet the car attracts more attention than she on the beach.”

“No, it makes a good accessory for your sister, it adds to her, not detracts from her.” Brad was startled that their father could make such an astute observation about his little girl and almost missed the next comment, “Well, you’re almost done paying for the touch up, then you can use it again too.” As he turned to go into the house Brad reflected on that day with Morgan and his cock twitched with the memory, it was money well spent.

Morgan and her two friends sunned, swam, flirted, and thoroughly savored the day on the beach. Much of the day was spent basking in the attention of the many young men attracted to the three alluring girls in the classic black car. After dropping off her friends it was normally a five minute drive to her home but she wasn’t ready to give up the day. The evening was warm, the sky clear so she lowered all four windows and left Becky’s house for a destination unknown. Eric was on vacation so she was destined to be alone unless she got picked up but she wasn’t in the mood for new beginnings that night. As she shifted up from 1st to 2nd she flashed back on the day she promised to screw her brother to keep her secret. If she hadn’t done that this perfect day would have never happened. When she pulled in at Burger Barn she knew who she wanted to end the day with.

“Hey, what are you doing?”

“Nothing really, just Mario Brothers.”

“Where’s Marlene?”

“Her house I guess, she had to go home after the movie.”

She liked Marlene and intended on inviting both but her brother alone was okay too, “Look, I’m at Burger Barn, can you come here? I don’t want to go home yet but I don’t want to be alone either. Come over and we can ride around in dad’s car, it’s such a pretty night I hate to waste it.”

It took Brad all of two seconds to reply, “Sure, give me 15.”

They had a burger and soda then left to cruise in the ‘57 Chev, leaving his car parked. At the street Morgan was poised to go but didn’t have a destination in mind so she asked her brother “Where can we go?”

“Depends, what do you want to do?”

“I don’t want to hang around with anybody or any place noisy, let’s just hang together.”

Even though she wanted to be alone Brad didn’t hear any sexual innuendo in her statement, he thought over her request then told her “Okay, go out Caspar Road then up into the hills behind Hollander, there’s one of those scenic overviews where we can sit quiet and talk if that’s what you want.”

The entire day on the beach then driving the car had created a pleasant level of sexual tension in the girl. When her brother proposed a quiet parking spot a potent buzz erupted in her loins then rippled down her thighs causing her left foot to slip off the clutch pedal. The engine died as the car jerked to a stop. Stunned by the feeling she barely managed to start the car then shift smoothly onto the street while her brother teased her about killing the engine.

It was an eight mile trip on a good two lane highway to the pullout. Brad had driven the road several times so when Morgan hit a long straight slope he urged her, “You can go pretty fast along here, pick it up.”

“How fast?” she wanted to know.

“You’re driving, you set the limit.”

He watched his sister, he watched the speedometer. As the speed dial moved from 50 rotating toward 80 Morgan’s eyes were alight with excitement. He’d never been over 80 in the Chev but his sister was quickly closing in on that and looked to be pressing further. He shivered with a small concern but the look on Morgan’s face calmed him, she was intent but relaxed, confident, he saw she could handle the deathly speed. The open windows created a chaos of windblown hair around his sister’s head, his eyes moved from her hair to her face, over her breasts to her legs which were covered only a couple of inches by the short summer dress. She looked sexy, she had an air around her that invited intimate thoughts. As it did earlier, his cocked twitched with the memory of how it felt to fuck her.

Morgan’s heart was pumping rapidly, the car was flying on the road at 85 miles per hour when she eased off the pedal. She slowed to an even pace at 62; the girl was exhilarated by the unbridled freedom, the wild carefree dash through the night. She began to feel the car and it became an extension of her, she bonded with the machine. It’s response to her touch, the deep vibrations of the powerful V8 engine, the rumble of the dual exhaust all combined to heighten the erotic aura she had been basking in all day. As they neared the turnout Morgan realized she was horny as hell.

She shut down the Chev, they heard the popping and snapping of a hot engine cooling after a hard run. Morgan turned to her brother and threw her arms around him, “God Brad, that was awesome!” She kissed him quickly on the cheek, his reward for letting her drive like that. She let go of him then got out, Brad followed. They moved to a large grassy lawn at the top of a hill, the view of the stars competed in brilliance with the town below.

They sat by side, she told him of her day then he began to talk. As her older brother talked Morgan studied him in the increasing moonlight. The more she watched his mouth move, his arms and hands as he gestured the more intrigued she got, she reflected on the time he fucked her and gave her the heart stopping orgasm. Already stimulated from the entire day her body warmed even more and as the moon rose through the field of stars their biological connection faded as an objection to having sex with him again.

Morgan told him, “Stay here, I’ll be right back.”

“Where are you going?”

“Well, first I have to pee then I want something from the car.” After his sister left he stood up to a tree and also relieved his bladder. Thinking about her squatted over a tuft of grass caused a slight tremor in the fingers holding his prick. He thought of making a pass at her but decided doing so might ruin her night.

Three minutes later Morgan came out of the dark carrying a beach blanket over her shoulders pulled closed across her stomach, he saw immediately that her feet were bare, the dress removed. She halted in front of him, her heart hammering, the words came almost as a forced wheeze when she told him, “I want to have sex.” She dropped the blanket to the lawn revealing that she wore only the bottom half of her bikini. Brad reacted to his sister in seconds and before he could strip his pants down his erection was jammed cruelly in his jeans. She spread the blanket then sat on the edge of it watching raptly as he pulled off his clothes. When the only thing between them was her briefs she held her hand up to him, an invitation to join her. As Brad went to the blanket she fell back and pulled her swim wear down and kicked her legs free. When she was nude she pushed him to his back then straddled his erection on her knees. The girl didn’t need any gradual buildup to sex, she didn’t need foreplay, she was fully aroused and ready to fuck. Morgan gripped him gently while adjusting it to enter her. When she felt the thick head of the shaft slip up and in she put her hands on his shoulders and started rocking on her totally surprised brother.

The surprise quickly gave way to the sensation of screwing Morgan again. The first time was payback and he knew it would never have happened if he hadn’t have resorted to blackmail but this time she came on to him. With no hesitation his sister offered herself and he knew she was giving him everything, all the lust, all the excitement, all the stored passion her body had accumulated over the day. Morgan’s desire swiftly elevated from a low pressure imperative to a blood boiling climax. It took only four or five minutes of bouncing on Brad to set her off. She collapsed down to his chest and convulsed as the shocks of her orgasm forced sharp cries of release from her lungs. Brad managed to control his nuts as Morgan’s cunt swelled and warmed then dripped hot juices to his groin.

She lay quiet on him, rasping the cool night air, Brad flexed his erection in Morgan which caused her to moan with satisfaction. Gradually she lifted her head then surprised him again by kissing him, a full contact, open mouth kiss that send another surge of lust directly to his cock. He bumped his ass which drove him deeper into her, she huffed lightly, pulled her lips from him and explained needlessly, “I got horny” then rolled off to his side.

Morgan lie panting next to him then put a hand between her legs and drew back wet fingers which she studied carefully. She looked at Brad, “Did you?”

He shook his head, “No.”

She watched his face for several moments making up her mind. She knew what he might like but she had only done it three times with her boyfriend. Her heart began a drum roll when she sat up, laid across her brothers stomach then reached for the tall standing muscle. She bent down, kissed the heavy ball sack, licked the ooze from the end of his prick then slipped her mouth over it. Brad’s cock was longer and rounder than Eric’s so it took her a few moments before she adjusted. She cupped his balls then caressed them while performing on him. She stopped, jostled around until she could see his face then said “Don’t finish.” With that she returned to giving her brother head while watching his reaction.

Brad was once again astonished by his sister’s forwardness, her willingness to get so intimately involved with him. He reached down and swept her long brown hair from covering his groin and reveled in the sensations caused by her lips and tongue. He struggled against the urge to blow his load into her mouth and finally had to reach under her chin and lift her away, just one cramp from losing control.

When the impulse to cum ebbed Brad told his sister, “Turn around, put your knees over my head.” She hesitated, not sure what he wanted so he held her by the waist and pulled her around so she was on her knees, her pussy directly over his face. The scent of her musk caused his erection to strengthen even more then he kissed the soft flesh on the inside of her left thigh, from there he moved to the hood that covered her clit. Morgan gasped when her brother licked her cunt, her entire body shivered with a strong shudder then she bent to his hard-on and started fucking him with her mouth again while he took her on a new, unexplored sexual adventure.

Brad was lost in the excitement of wild, uninhibited sex with a hot aggressive female, that they were kin had no bearing on what he and she were doing. Morgan was focused on what he was doing between her thighs, the feel of his quick wet tongue caressing her while he pressed into her with a finger.

It started in her vagina where the tip of Brad’s long finger was, her orgasm swelled as a balloon, growing larger, stretching until it burst. The girl cried out as her body bowed, jamming her cunt down on her brother’s face. She lifted her head into air and sang a song of rapture to the moon as she convulsed. She lifted off Brad then fell to his side unable to do anything but heave for cooling air. As the afterglow of the orgasm faded she turned to face him, put her lips on his for a kiss filled with satisfaction and bliss.

Being a good boyfriend Brad was always prepared. Since Marlene had to go home early he still had a condom in his pocket so he fished it out and tore open the wrapping. Morgan watched with interest but took the package from his fingers and tossed it into the dark. She captured his erection and stroked it gently as she offered, “You won’t need that” then rolled to her stomach.

Brad went up and over her back, slid down until his head was over the crack of her butt then as she spread her legs impossibly wide he kissed her right butt cheek then again put his mouth between her thighs. He licked her from cunt to anus which forced a long low groan from Morgan. She pulled her knees up so her body rose from the blanket giving her new lover access to her pussy. After a few moments of heating her more with his mouth he told her to turn over, to her back.

She arched with another muscle seizure when he entered her with two fingers while suckling her button, she was helpless under his power, to what he was doing, she couldn’t do anything except soak up pleasure like a sponge until she erupted again. She gripped his hair with both hands holding his face against her body until the orgasm became an echo fading from her womb.

Brad lifted from her and urged her to her stomach again then slammed into her while she was still limp. They fucked like newlyweds. He took her from behind, his groin rolling over her firm round ass. He spooned against her back, then stomach to stomach. While face to face they necked passionately, he delightfully molested her tits. Morgan shook with another series of body clenching cramps while his cock pumped relentlessly. She was on her hands and knees when Brad couldn’t stall any longer. He blasted a series of injections deep into Morgan, filling her with seed.

They were both sweating, exhausted, lying side by side looking into the night sky. As her heart slowed, her breathing became normal she turned to her brother, sighed tenderly then laid her head on his shoulder. Being young and full of energy and hormones both were recovering quickly, she nuzzled his ear and cooed softly, “If we didn’t have to go home we could do it again.”

He tilted his head to her, took in her pretty features then teased, “Do what again?”

Morgan rolled up and over until her breasts were pressed on his chest, she leaned close then as her long brown hair cascaded over his shoulder she nipped his ear lobe and offered softly, “Fuck.”

Brad found his pants then pulled his phone from them, he checked the time, “It’s almost 10:30, wait.” He punched their home number then waited. “Dad, I’m here with Morgan and we want to get something to eat, can she stay out longer?” he paused, listening, then replied as his sister sat up behind him and began to kiss his back. She pressed her tits against him, put her arms around his chest and nuzzled his neck, “The car is fine and I’m with her so she’ll be okay.”

He listened again then handed the phone over his shoulder to Morgan, she answered “Daddy?” Pause, “Midnight? Okay, thanks dad, I love you.” She pulled Brad down until they were face to face on the blanket then asked with a hint of boldness, “I can stay out, what do you want to do?”

He didn’t hesitate to return her one word offer, “Fuck.”

Her eyes were glittering with an invitation when Morgan put the phone aside; she’d already had four potent climaxes but she could feel another, stronger, final crest growing in her womb, waiting for Brad to set it free. She put her mouth on his neck and reached between his legs. Brad put his arms around his sister and enjoyed the press of her tits mashed against his chest, the feel of her thighs rubbing on his.

Later that night, after the two returned to their own beds. Morgan lay under a thin blanket, she was nude and tired but sleep evaded her. She tried to miss Eric, she tried to remain faithful to him in her mind but as she fingered her brother’s dried cum on the inside of her thighs her mind returned to what she had done earlier. She seduced Brad. She wanted sex and since her brother was the only erection near she took everything she craved from him. He did not reject her so for over two hours Morgan used him to satisfy the hunger in her loins. But sexual satisfaction is fleeting, the feelings lust were slowly returning. The longer she thought about Brad, the stronger the urge became to have him again.

Morgan listened to the house, at 1:30 it was quiet, nothing, no one stirred. She was the only one awake so she eased from the bed then crept to the hall to stand next to Brad’s room. Her heart was thudding heavily, her knees barely strong enough to hold her upright as her mind raged with erotic thoughts. Her cunt warmed with heated blood, she began to seep. Morgan carefully opened the door, she wasn’t worried about waking her brother but she didn’t need her parents to hear. She slipped through the opened door as silent as a shadow then closed it softly. Morgan was shaking with fear of being caught naked in Brad’s room but that fear only enhanced her desire, she was being controlled by hormones, impelled by Nature, the risk was intoxicating. She stepped to Brad’s bed then lay next to him.

Sister studied brother in the diffused glow from a yard light. She pulled the light blanket off his body to see he too was wearing nothing. Her breath was coming as quick, short sips of air when she lifted Brad’s prick then slid down his body and took it in her mouth.

Brad rose from the depth’s of his dream to the feel of Marlene mouthing his cock. He was disoriented, confused, how did his girlfriend find her way to his room? When he opened eyes and saw the girl’s dark hair his cock grew rapidly. Marlene was blonde. Morgan was brunette.

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